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12203 NE 109th Pl, Kirkland, Washington 98033 USA

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About Allstate Moving LLC

12203 NE 109th Pl
Kirkland, Washington

Every day has its adventure. When it’s moving day the excitement and stress compound even the most hardened residents. No reason to worry Seattle as Allstate Moving makes moving easy. We can transport your household belongings across town from Pinewood Park to Parker Ridge. Or get on board for an out-of-state move. If you need long or short term storage space then we can assist. The most important range of our services is our customer care which extends from our hearts to yours. Call us for a free quote and see how easy and affordable moving services can be from ALLSTATE Moving!

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David Bret Ridge


disnonest movers

Totally dishonest. They play this gaslighting game and theyre practiced at it. Theyll give a quote and say its for everything you asked for and then when the movers arrive and they start charging you extra for things you understood were in the contract, they gaslight. "We're charging you for packing because packing wasnt in the contract. Pull up the contract. Does it say packing?" No. "Then youre going to have to pay" My response, "We agreed on full packing" Allstate, "Have you packed any boxes?" Me, "yes." Allstate, "Then you obviously didnt discuss packing with us because youre packing your own boxes." This happend twice with the manager a "coast guard vet," maybe Ed, and Michael. Their responses were identical word/ word obviously a schtick. Their gaslighting was rehearsed.

So i tried to cancel the move at the door, because i know what was discussed was not in the contract, which they blamed me for for not reading. So, they threatened to put a lien on my house i was moving out of in california and the house i was moving into in Wyoming. And they threatened to sue. They told me not only would they sue but that I would have to go up to Kirkland Washington for the lawsuit because thats where they're located. So, after all the lies, i let them move me. The movers got to home three days after promised and again they said "read the contract, we can take up to 21 days."

While moving my stuff they dropped two items and broke them. They left the hardware for my carport in California, so they couldnt put it together, and they promise, "everything will be assembled as it was." two other items were not assembled at all.

Allison Cederna


MISSING ITEMS -not to be trusted.

BEWARE. THEIVES! Complaint Details

I was asked when the mover was packing if I had anything valuable. It made me really uncomfortable. Long story short, the box with my jewlery box was clearly opened then resealed. I am missing several sterling silver rings (there are clearly gaps in the ring holder that were not there) as well as a 1200.00 white gold and diamond ring. Unacceptable. BBB can't do anything. It has to be a police report. They will never be able to find the jewlery. It is probably already pawned....

Dwain Galloway


No problem

If I could offer 10 stars, I would. This was a FANTASTIC experience, start to finish. The moving crew arrived at 8:45 am, efficiently loaded the truck and had all the items delivered to my new home shortly thereafter.

I hate moving...seriously. The next time I have to move I will definitely use this company again!

Jimmy Leavens


Clean and swift workers!

The very highest level of customer service, with great people, on time and fun to do business with.

Use their packing services, absolutely everything they packed arrived in perfect condition. The packing crew was amazing they brought all the materials and we didn't have to lift a finger.

The loading crew was all great guys, The Manager sent five men to get us loaded so it went quickly. Three of them drove the truck to Rockville, MD and had us unload it in no time. They were very careful and courteous, well worth every penny.

We hire around, not only were these guys competitive, they were a few dollars less and performed well beyond our expectations.

Don't even think about using a different moving company -- this is the one, I have checked it out for you and now you don't have to be concerned. Hire this company for your move.

Sandra Harris


Friendly, quick and most importantly

Unbelievable service!

There were incredibly professional, hardworking and prompt.
They really made my moving experience easy and stress-free. What a great team!

The owner of the company emailed me after the move to see how my move was. Great hands-on ownership!

Dispatch was very accommodating, friendly and on point.

Allstate Moving LLC was the ONLY place you should book your move with!



Great experience

The staff from Allstate moving llc were great. But the person throughout the whole ordeal who we dealt with after was really, really good. The moving crew was also excellent. They were a little older but they still managed to do stuff properly. They didn't speak any English, but they were extremely nice and they handled everything with care. The only issue is that I had a very big bedroom-sized mirror that was damaged, but everything else was fine. So, out of the whole move from Washington to FL, that wasn't bad. I would recommend them to a friend and I've already used them a second time. It was a great experience.



These guys were great!

Respectful, careful and highly efficient. The manager and his crew took great care while moving the contents of our homes. Our happiness with the move and their service truly mattered. We were very impressed.
Thank you!



Long distance move

Brad is a pro and very easy to deal with in business. He is quite knowledgeable and patiently answers questions from the customer; and I certainly had a lot of questions as to this cross country move. His price was right in there and his presentation was educational to say the least. We were really bombarded with calls from many movers and Brad was one of two reps we spoke with that we were comfortable with. If I have any problems I'm calling Brad right back.

David Salah


Had A Great Experience

I was completely panicked given how hastily I had to move. But they made my moving experience very pleasant. They are not your average moving company that is made up of inexperienced yet strong looking men. Their movers were very professional and knew exactly how to do their job. They were done packing and loading everything from my apartment in just 2 hours. The delivery was made on time and there were no damages. I really appreciate the high standards this company maintains.




My wife and I would like to extend our very warmest thanks to Allstate Moving LLC, and the guys that moved us out and in throughout this time. It was very easy, they were all very professional and helpful and it was actually a pleasure to move for once. If it wasn't for these guys, I'm sure this wouldn't have been possible. So we pass our sincerest gratitude onto the two groups of guys that moved our things for us.



Definitely recommended

Thank you Allstate moving llc for making the moving process so easy!! In the beginning, I was very worried about the length of time that it would take to move out of my two bedrooms apt to a studio. However, Allstate moving llc did the moving within three hours!! One hour loading from the old place, one hour to travel, and one hour to unload my things to my new place, which was on the third floor!! I had about 40boxes of stuffs and several large items, which they covered with blankets to protect it from scratches. The movers were nice and friendly even though they were moving up and down the stairs carrying heavy items. I would definitely recommend Allstate moving llc and I would contact them again for my next move :)



It turned out to be true

My wife and I decided to seek advice from our friends and colleagues on the right mover to use for our relocation, and Allstate moving llc came up so many times we thought it was being oversold. Going online; the story was the same, positive reviews, and we thought that some were just fabricated, but we were wrong. Upon hiring them, they were the exact match of what we had heard about them. They ensured that all our belongings were safe and nothing was broken during the relocation. Everything turned out to be true after all.

Michael Corbin


Office Relocation!

Allstate moving llc was hired by me for transferring all my companies equipment from NC to NJ. I currently have 15 employees and many partitions and office furniture. I considered renting a truck and relocating myself to save money but with my schedule i simply did not have the time or the resources. I spoke to the manager over at Allstate moving llc and he told me they handle many corporate relocations. I was concerned that a mover that typically moves homes would not have the experience in this field but Allstate moving llc did a knock out job. The movers were scheduled to come on a Monday morning and called me as they were in route. They showed up on time and immediately started breaking down the furniture. All the pieces were labled and placed in the truck very organized in a way that on the delivery end I was able to place them in the rooms I needed them. Im very pleased with how fast and swift the transition was. I would absolutely recommend them to any company looking for professional corporate relocations. As a result I was able to keep my company running and not miss a single appointment. Job well done from start to finish and I was given a great price as well as a military discount. Down to earth company that understands the value of money. 5 stars



Very Good Service

These guys are awesome. They've moved me twice and I would use them every time. They are always on time and they are hard working! They get it done. They handled my possessions with great care but they're also efficient.



Perfect move

I was relocating for work and got Allstate moving LLC for my move. Initially, the services and expectations were not very accurate. But after we got through our estimates, they were very close and worked just fine. Everything went just as planned and overall, my experience has been simple and effective.



Hard Workers

I would like to commend Allstate Moving LLC for making my move from Colorado to Montana nearly seamless. I had to be back to work within days of my scheduled move and was very worried about the "window" that I was given for delivery of my belongings to Montana. It worked out FABULOUSLY! I was packed and on a van on Friday evening - thanks to 3 very hard workers! I was to meet the moving van on Sunday at 2 pm so left Denver early to make sure I was at my new place to receive my "home". The driver was delayed due to another customer in another city, but it worked out great!



Efficient Movers

Most of my furniture were pretty big and heavy, but talk about my mother's antique grand piano. They moved it just like that, up a long staircase. Not a scratch on it. I'm very impressed at how they handled my things and do it so efficiently.



Smooth move

I am very pleased with Martin and his co- worker that moved me. All my furniture and boxes etc were taken care of with care and efficiency-- my move went very smoothly due to their professionalism. I appreciate it very much as this was my final move-- Thank you. Also the delivery and setup was equally done in a timely manner and with care.



My move went well

David, Tony and the whole moving crew went out of their way to make sure my move went well. The crew was professional, fast and accommodating. I would certainly use the company again and recommend anyone needing to move to do the same.




Allstate Moving LLC estimated a way lower weight and because of that and the location we were at, it cost us several thousands of dollars additional that we weren't anticipating. If we would’ve known up front, it wouldn't have been such a shock. We had to get two shuttles with the 18-wheeler. The actual moving people were excellent and took care of everything but the communications people needed assistance and could have been better. They underestimated by around $4,000. I wasn't sure if that was a bait-hook tactic. They didn't come out to inspect and it was all done over the phone where they had standard weights for certain things. If it was a visual check, it would have been more appropriate.



Moving team was quick

I moved from WA to Florida and I had a very good experience with Allstate Moving LLC. They were very efficient and the time window they gave me was pretty accurate. Their moving team was quick, very cautious, and very professional.



Excellent movers

We were moving to a location closer to my work. A gentleman from Allstate Moving LLC came by and gave us a quote. From there, we met three other movers. We picked Allstate Moving mostly based on pricing and the quality of the meeting that my wife had with their guy. Their moving team was excellent, too. We couldn’t have asked for a better one.



Amazing job

I had booked with Allstate Moving LLC to move me from WA up to FL. I have moved a few times before but never have I experienced such professionalism and service. My sales rep and customer service rep had made sure I understood how the moving process would go. When my driver arrived he did an amazing job and delivered my items quickly. I would definitely use Allstate Moving LLC again and recommend to anyone who is moving.



Absolutely recommend them

I went online and searched for long-distance movers. I looked at the reviews and it was between Allstate moving LLC and another company. The reviews for Allstate Moving LLC were excellent. I went with them and both the moving coordinator and the moving consultant were very good. The moving crew was excellent, too. The way Allstate Moving LLC put things together was very professional. It was an enjoyable experience and I'll absolutely recommend them.



Satisfied with this company

I recommend this company! Moving is always stressful, but if you entrust this case to specialists, you may not worry. We ordered the service, the truck arrived on time and quickly transported all our stuff to a new apartment. Very satisfied with the work of the company!




I recently relocated from WA to North Carolina. Although the relocation process was something I was dreading, Allstate Moving LLC made this transition easy for me. Albon was the salesman who was honest and friendly; he assured me that I would have no problems and he was more than accurate. Allstate Moving LLC showed up on time and moved everything as if it were their own, everything arrived in the same condition it left. Ironically the only thing I was dreading was the actual move, and the move itself was the easy part of me relocating thanks to Allstate Moving LLC.



I’m so impressed

What to say about these guys from Allstate moving LLC - the price was right, and as my mom and I struggled to get all of our stuff together, the four movers were super-fast and had our things all packed up quicker than we had planned, with lots of room to spare. They're fast, efficient, great at what they do, are a lot of fun to talk to, and nice to look at as well. Thanks, boys! We'll definitely be calling you again next move we need!



Great customer service

My last "professional" movers many years ago lost or stole some things of ours, so it was a relief to have a company like Allstate moving LLC. They arrived in time, assessed and came prepared with packing tools like boxes, tapes, trolleys, wooden stands, bubble wraps etc. And they finished the work finished promptly. All was fine except damaged wall in the old house when the headboard had to come out- obviously it wasn’t their fault because the headboard was wall mounted. This company is flawless in every way- from pricing to friendliness to efficiency. I must say I am going to use them again.



Truly reliable

We wanted to move our stuff into storage at my parents’ house till we got our place sorted and we hired All state moving for the job. The movers were very professional and they definitely looked strong and up for the job. They arrived on time and took care with all our items. They made the moving process so much easier by providing excellent customer service and hardworking movers. Every little detail was taken care of absolutely amazingly! The pickup and delivery were timely, efficient, quick and organized. These guys are professional movers, not some college boys trying to make a few bucks. This company was flawless and I’m happily recommending them.



Long distance move was a success!

This is the first time in my life that a long distance move was a success. Usually so many things go wrong that I always need to yell at the team in the end, but with Allstate moving llc I did not have to say a single thing. From the very beginning they knew what to do and how to do it. They moved me with care and a lot of dedication. They did not damage a single thing and they managed to deliver a day early! They are very good! The price was also low and reasonable and it did not change in the end. Their service is worth it!



All beautifully packed

The guys who came to help packed beautifully! They knew exactly how to pack and how well they need to pack it to be protected. It was so well packed that none of my belongings were damaged. It was great move. Not only the moving team, but their sales rep and customer service was very good too. They always called me back immediately and they didn’t mind that I had a lot of questions. They were very helpful. I highly recommend Allstate moving to all.



One of the best in town

I usually don’t write a review, however, I would like to thank Allstate moving for all of their help. Moving is an extremely stressful thing and I was a little weary of hiring movers, but from the girl who took my phone call, to the crew who helped with the actual move, everyone was incredibly nice, professional and took the stress out of my move for a very reasonable price. They made me remember what it means to “provide customer service”, I wish more business were like them. I would like to recommend them to anyone about to move. Thanks again guys.



Very Satisfactory!

I was very happy with Allstate Moving LLC. We hired them to transport our belongings during a move and they were very good. They were very efficient and very careful. They were very personable and respectful of our belongings and how they loaded it up. They took care with everything and they took their time in the work they did. Everything arrived as we had expected and nothing was broken or damaged. Their pricing was very competitive. This was our first time using them but I would call them again if we ever needed.



Professional And Helpful Movers

I had a great experience working with them. We have a small office of five separate offices, and we packed some stuff to move to our new location. The staff at Allstate Moving LLC did the rest of the move to and from the new location, and it went very well. Their movers arrived right on time the day of the move, and they even finished earlier than I expected. They were very professional and helpful throughout the process, which I really appreciated. I definitely recommend them, and I'd be happy to use their services again.




We were doing a move with a lot of antique and expensive items. The movers worked hard and were careful for the most part, but I think the move should have been split between two days. By the time they had finished moving everything to the new home it was dark, and I believe they were tired when some of my items were broken. Their manager was super awesome, and he has tried his best to make everything great. I have spoken with him about the last move and he has been very accommodating with future specifications. We plan on using them again.



We would also recommend them

Allstate Moving LLC came highly recommended to us. They worked with us on the move date scheduling, then showed up with excellent equipment and people.



Wouldn't hesitate to recommend

Allstate Moving LLC moved a large crate for me that was close to 100 pounds. They were very professional. I dealt with Mike and he was very courteous and responsible. I thought the price was a little high but the service was great and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. It is a good operation .



It was a pain free experience at a very stressful time.

When I contacted Allstate moving llc, it was kind of a last minute thing where I needed to do a move and storage. We sold the house quicker than we anticipated and we had one month to move in to our new place. We needed something quickly, and everyone else had trouble so I got a recommendation off of a radio station for Allstate Moving. When I called them, a guy named James answered and he said to come on down so we can discuss things further. He took care of me without any hassle.

The people who came to unload were awesome. They explained everything that they were doing, and there appeared to be a husband and wife team along with other workers. The people were very good and I was very satisfied with the work.



Satisfactory Experience.

I have used Allstate Moving LLC several times for commercial moves. They always did a good job, so I decided to enlist them for a residential move. They packed one day, delivered the next, and then unpacked a day later. I was satisfied with the quality of all three crews. There was one item damaged, a crack to a lamp, but that wasn't a big deal. I would recommend their services.



Would highly recommend

Professional, hard working and got the job done in a timely manner. I usual don't write reviews but these guys were by far the best movers we used. I will highly recommend this company. Thank you.



Above and beyond. Excellent customer service.

Allstate Moving LLC went above and beyond the call of duty. They made sure that I had to do nothing. They ensured that I could just stand back and let them take care of everything, and then they did extra just out of kindness. They just did more than the scope of what was asked of them. Their crew was extremely polite, friendly, and made sure that anything I needed help with was done.



My moving experience

I have a hard time trusting just any moving company with all my valuables. That’s why I entrusted Allstate Moving LLC as they were highly referred by one of my closest friends. I do not have a lot of stuffs but the pieces I have are very special to me. I asked the movers to be very careful with them. I have to say, they were very sincere. They were extra careful while maneuvering my furniture through my tiny house not to leave marks anywhere. Everything arrived in good condition and I couldn’t be happier.



Awesome moving company

I would most definitely recommend using Allstate Moving LLC. I booked a few weeks before and asked for 3 movers who could show up at 1 pm and load a truck I provide myself. They showed up 10 minutes early ready to work. The team handled themselves well and the process was really simple and easy. They arrived to the new apartment separately and unloaded the truck in an hour. There were no extra fees like a stairs charge or something else equally ridiculous. I paid for exactly what I got which was awesome. It is definitely worth the money.



I am really happy with the quality of service

My family consists of seven and that’s really a big family. We had so much of stuff to pack. There were a group of 6 guys from Allstate Moving LLC as we requested more people than usual. Our house had five different bedrooms and it took almost five hours to just pack and load them. Another couple more hours to unload them in the venue.

I am really happy with the quality of service rendered and the team for doing such a good job. They were dedicated to the task and worked ever since they arrived at my home. The entire family helped them but the big items were not an easy move. Really recommended for anyone.



Successful local move

Allstate Moving LLC showed up on time and had all the right protective equipment. They did everything within the quote given. The guys were very pleasant to work with, and it was a good experience overall. Especially since during the previous move we had a rather disappointing experience with another firm, this was a good move. I would have no reservations in recommending them.



Best Movers

My husband and I were transferred cross country. Brad and Ed gave me a price than was lower than I expected. I was skeptical about doing a list of furniture over the phone. It was easy and went smoothly. I worked with Hillary on some changes and Sara kept me up to date on my delivery schedule. They even stored my belongings for free for 5 weeks! I rarely ever give a review but these guys deserve it! My move went well and I will recommend their services to my family and friends.

Pat Guerrisi


Moving Help

Was really unsure of what to expect because I've never done this before but I couldn't have asked for a better experience, I will def be using these guys again.




This company was very professional. There was someone available to help me anytime I had a question or concern. I moved from California to Florida and the move went flawless. I highly recommend this company! Thank you Allstate moving!



Interstate Move

Punctuality is something I expect from any service provider. The team which was supposed to be on time at my doorstep arrived without a fuss and started packing the items. When I hired Allstate Moving LLC, I wasn't really sure if I am doing the right thing. After all, all I have is the reviews and their customer care assurance. But, now I guess I will recommend the company to anyone. They were reliable. I had an issue with the papers because it was an interstate move. The people back in the office were quick to react and they sent me the necessary documents through e-mail. I am thankful to them for their quick response and action.



Moving out of state

Very accommodating company since we called them. They did not have any problems moving our furniture. They moved everything with ease and nothing was broken or scratched. I greatly appreciate that because movers are usually careless and just want to get the job over with. My husband usually says "once they get the money they're all the same." Looks like we second guessed Allstate Moving LLC. If you are moving out of State I definitely recommend these guys seeing as how everything made it in one piece without incident.



Would use again in the future

Overall, we had a lot of things to move, so I expected a complicated, drawn out moving process, but what I got was the opposite. Allstate Moving LLC performed at a high level and delivered a top notch service. They moved the furniture, paintings, fragile items, and much MUCH more in less than 24 hours. I was very pleased with the results of my move and would use again in the future.



Perfect move

I am very meticulous with who I work with and it is usually because the company has hidden fees and "unfine print" but these guys were a pleasant surprise. They were completely competent and they stayed true to their word. They were competent because they were able to arrive on time first of all. They were able to deliver everything that I requested within my move and they did not charge me any extra money than what we were originally quoted. That's something rare. A business that doesn't pull the wool over your eyes at the last second. They were all gentleman and the owner called me to make sure my expectations were met. I do not believe in any move being perfect, but these guys definitely earned a 4.7 at least. I'll round up for the community.



Cheap movers

We shopped around for about a week before we called Allstate Moving LLC. They came in at the cheapest price we found locally. We were moving from New York to California and had everything packed, wrapped, and ready to go for the most part. They were very responsive to my initial phone call and timely as well. I made sure I got a bottom line quote from them so there was no confusion there. They honored their quote and we had no problem with the finance side. They meticulously transported our belongings without an issue. Overall, was a smooth transition and I would recommend Allstate Moving LLC to anyone.



Smooth Move

We lived in New Jersey for over 12 years and it was finally time for us to move. We called Allstate Moving LLC and got an affordable quote from them to move from NJ to Dallas, Texas. My wife and I asked them questions on how long the entire process would take and what they needed from us to make this process go smoothly. They were helpful and transparent with us. That gave us a lot of encouragement to move forward. We had no issues with this company from start to finish. Would use in the future.



Fantastic Job

These guys did a fantastic job. They were cheaper than 3 other companies I found in the area. Hardworking, professional, trustworthy, and reliable. Delivered all my furniture, boxes, and fragile items quicker than they anticipated. Moved from NJ to Manassas in record time. Highly recommend.



Prompt Service

This was a simplistic move, as if I thought those were real. Allstate Moving LLC were about as close as I've ever gotten. I have little patience for moving companies because of how unprepared I was in the past and how I had to spend an excessive amount of money that I had not anticipated. Allstate Moving LLC made sure they explained everything very well and assured me I would be paying a set amount. They were able to move me from my residence in NJ to my new house in Augusta, GA in about a day or so.They had prompt service and they were like a well oiled machine when maneuvering through my home with my belongings. They arrived at my place and everything was unloaded properly. I didn't notice anything harmed or broken. I give this company my blessing for the price, the convenience, and the lack of a headache.



Top Notch

Their services were a top notch. No hidden cost. Great Customer services. I called them and they promptly responded. We had a little talk. Let me say that their customer care is awesome!!! The paperwork was done and right now my sister want to move and I have recommended her to Allstate Moving LLC! Kudos!



Local Move

Allstate Moving LLC pulled a magic trick out of a hat for us last minute! We had local movers give us the runaround the night before our move and cancel on us. We called Allstate Moving LLC the next morning and they told us they would be able to do it in the afternoon. We were overjoyed. They were highly credible, professional, timely, spiffy, and moved in a jiffy. My kind of company. Maybe it was for the best that the other company cancelled, because we were in pretty good hands with Allstate Moving LLC. They moved us from NJ to Pittsburgh in record time. I highly recommend these warriors!



Another SATISFIED client!

More words of praise to add to the collection! We can’t recommend Allstate Moving LLC enough. Every aspect of our move was handled with professionalism, tact, patience and a focus to attention to detail. There were no damages incurred and we have made friends that will stand the test of time. We will be using this company again to move a few items.



Affordable Movers

Each star I gave to Allstate Moving LLC broken down: 1. Exceedingly professional, kind, and plausible customer service from the time I called, until they completed our move, 2.Answered any and all questions me and my husband asked of them, 3.Gave us leniency when we did not have everything packed, wrapped, etc., 4. Cheapest and most responsive out of 5 other companies we called, 5.Everything made it in one piece! Thank you!




This was the third time we requested the services of Allstate Moving LLC and his team to help us move. I called them on a Monday and they were able to squeeze us in on a Thursday. They are professional, show up on time, and provide reasonable prices. They were very considerate of the items and worked very efficiently making sure all of the big items were covered with quilts in order to avoid any mishaps. I would definitely recommend them and will continue to request their services for any future moves.




We've used Allstate Moving LLC 3 times in the past 2 years. The first time was when we moved into the state and didn't know anyone. They unloaded the trucks and were great!

The second time we used them was for moving furniture around the house---up and down stairs. Again, great!

The third time was this past weekend for a local move. Marcus was very friendly and flexible. There were issues with the new house being ready in time and Allstate Moving LLC allowed us to change dates at the last minute. The actual guys, Larry, Damon, and Chris, were on time, dressed professionally, worked hard, and were very kind.

I can't say enough great things about Allstate Moving LLC. We will continue to use them and highly recommend them.



Thanks Guys

I called the company to remind them of a little adjustment that I had made for my moving as I was a bit sick so I needed to see my doctor. They really understood my situation and I am glad as I am writing this review they actually helped me move to my new home yesterday. Thanks guys. I will always use your services and refer you to my close friends and family. You are the best ever!




My wife and I moved recently. We have a lot of collectibles and antiques and were amazed at the thoroughness and the respect shown to both of us and our belongings by Allstate Moving LLC staff. You guys deserve a raise. You work hard, thorough and professional. Will definitely use you for our next move.



Magical move

I was just recently moving from our old house and I didn't feel like doing all of this hard work by myself and my friends and I are honestly just getting to old to be dealing with all that hassle and we work better as supervisors. I decided to contact the pros. The guy I spoke with at Allstate moving llc was very nice and based upon the measurements I gave him over the phone he quoted me a very low rate. I scheduled a time and day and all the movers showed up a little early. They have done such an amazing job that I ordered pizza for everyone. Once I got to my new home they brought everything in and it was all accounted for. Nothing was missing or damaged thankfully. The workers are all very professional. It really was like magic!



Very Happy

I am just grateful that after I went forward and emailed them using the email that they had provided on their website, their client service team got in touch and we arranged the logistics. I really wanted to move out fast and they agreed terms with me. As I am writing this I am at my home in Dallas and I am very happy they were there for me when I needed them.



Thank you

I definitely will use you guys for my second move. You were just too good and careful with me stuffs. You are all kind and full of respect. I am a bit old and the way you treated me was nice and kind of you. I just wish I met you guys earlier because I had other companies move me now 3 times but if I compare them to you, you are of high standards. Thank you.



Amazing service

Allstate Moving LLC provided us an amazing service. All the staffs were very hard working. They never complained about how much belongings we had and were willing to put the furniture where ever we wanted those. They packed all the fragile pieces carefully. They did all the packing within only three hours. Everything arrived in a good condition. I would like to thank them to give me a hassle free move. They unloaded the thing efficiently.



High Class services

I have to thank Allstate Moving LLC for their high class end services. I was a bit skeptical on whether to use their services or not. I really do not trust the business I find online easily because most of them are just full of reviews that I hear are bought. So I told my eldest son to contact Allstate Moving LLC so that we could seek their services. I was not disappointed because they arrived in time and accomplished their task in time.



Amazing moving

This was the most amazing, pleasing and wonderful period that I have ever moved. I am old and all my children are held up at work so my eldest daughter researched online for this company and arranged all the logistics. After that she notified me on the day I was supposed to be moved. The 4 guys showed up in time and they never even broke my toothpick which I appreciate.



They are the best around

I just want to recommend them on three accounts: They never broke anything. They arrived in time. They were very fast. I encourage all who would wish to move to give them a try. They are the best around and within. You will never regret because they are worth every penny you pay.



Book this moving company!!!

Allstate Moving LLC really know their stuff. They were really great movers who put up with a lot of curve balls. My move was relatively small, but parking on both sides of the move was a mess. Also there was a huge gardening project blocking the walkway from my apt to the moving truck that day. And also my apartment was really cluttered and disorganized when they arrived and they didn't complain about it once. I was kind of just organizing my stuff as they moved me. They were very friendly and patient every step of the way. I highly recommend that you book them. But I also highly recommend that you get yourself organized before you move because moving is hard and I don't want people to make all the same mistakes that I did. Cool. So in conclusion: this company is great and I am a slob. xo! Book this moving company!!!




I LOVE these guys. In January I needed to move my one-bedroom apartment into storage for a few months so I could stay with my parents in Ingleside to help my mom while my dad transitioned into home hospice care. I wish I could remember the names of the two men who moved all my things. They wrapped, taped, stacked, huffed, and puffed and worked tirelessly to assist me. They were both very strong and kind. This month, I called this company again to move into a new apartment in Hebron. Once again, five stars. I trusted them to do the work while I ran a few errands and they were prompt, efficient, and again VERY STRONG. I will recommend these guys any time. Thanks!!



Fantastic moving experience

Big shout out to Allstate Moving LLC! These guys are superstars. Called last minute on a Saturday requesting help moving appliances on Sunday. Allstate Moving LLC responded promptly with a "no problem". Their team would be at my residence on Sunday. The team showed up on time and executed the move flawlessly!! They are very polite, professional, customer centric and very respectful, ensuring that my appliances remained in mint condition during the moving process. I would highly recommend Allstate Moving LLC for all of your moving needs. Thanks again guys for a fantastic moving experience.



They were extremely professional

They showed up right on time, not a minute late, and got to work right away. They were extremely professional, efficient, and thoughtful with all of my personal belongings. Everything arrived at my new location intact. They even made a quick stop for me that was not scheduled. I could not be happier with this moving company!! I will definitely use them again in the future and will recommend to all my friends. Thank you for making such a stressful day manageable. Thanks!!!



Great customer service

Excellent movers from the beginning till the end. This is the second time I have used Allstate Moving LLC and once again have been impressed with the high quality and professionalism shown through the experience. For the second move, the team leader was he was very smart and efficient. This time I requested full service packing and great care was shown to all items and furniture. I would highly recommend them if anyone is looking for moving services. Great customer service all around once again!!! Looks like my lifetime moving company!!!

Johny John


Truly outstanding

Allstate Moving LLC is an exceptional company with an energetic, committed guy. He directed his crew professionally and the move was flawless. Having moved several times before, this experience was my best and I am most grateful. I will certainly use this firm in the future and encourage all others to do so. Truly outstanding in every way!



I would recommend them

It went very well. There was a crew of 5 and we needed it! This included the Lead person who really kept things running smoothly. We moved 2.5 miles and they filled one truck, unloaded and delivered the next truck. The timing was excellent and they took care of our things. Still unpacking but nothing broken. We had everything marked and for the most part everything was put in the correct room. I would recommend them completely.



Better moving experience

Tony and his guys were incredible, made multiple trips for me, everything was delivered in perfect condition. I could not have asked for a better moving experience. I couldn't possibly recommend them anymore.



Hard working

These guys were great. Martin, Sam and Lewis worked so hard and took good care of my belongings. I had pretty much everything boxed up but they wrapped my furniture and handled everything with care.
I was moving out of a somewhat awkward situation and they were supportive and considerate... and equally important; they work quickly! Having 3 people cost a bit more per hour but I am confident that it was way more efficient to have the extra help.
Originally I had booked an afternoon time slot but they called ahead and were able to get started earlier and finished in less time than the estimate.
Moving is no fun, but they handled the job with a positive attitude and were courteous and extremely hard working.




Really great job Allstate moving llc. It was nice to speak to a mover that was willing to speak in a way we understood. You made it very easy to follow by being down to earth and patient with us as first time customers. We finalized a list of items that was exactly what was picked up. Nothing changed on our move date and we were never asked for additional money. We felt Allstate moving llc were completely honest with us the whole time. It was a joy working with your company. The moving men did an excellent job securing our furniture and placing it throughout our home. We wanted to take a minute to personally thank you for a job well done.



Highly recommended

Edwin, Brendan and Josue where great. No damage. They where super fast and friendly.
Thanks a lot. Highly recommended



Very Fast

I was skeptical hiring them but the experience of my move was pretty much fine. I made an online reservation seven days ahead on schedule. The foremen came to my house, looked around for what to move and quoted the cost to move all items of house hold along with some large boxes at competitive price. When their team came to pick up my belongings, they were very fast to work. I was quite unable to arise any question on their professionalism. I will easily believe them on my next move if anything happens in short time!



Best customer service

The only thing i can say about Allstate moving LLC is that they are the BEST in the business! The guys they sent to move us were quick, efficient and friendly. NOTHING was broken or even scratched and they loaded that truck to the very top. I would, and have, recommended them to everyone that i know.

Amy L


Appreciate the customer service

Had a move within the city from studio to studio and it was one of the most straightforward and painless moves I've had. Tomas, Mike, and Josue were fantastic and very quick. Thanks so much guys!

Appreciate the customer service and flexibility when finding a time that worked for me on the administrative side too. All around great experience!



Thanks guys

I highly recommend going with Allstate moving LLC. They were professional and efficient with the whole process from start to finish. Ivan William and Augustine made sure we had our furniture arranged for us at our new place. Thanks guys! I will definitely use you guys again when I move out!

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