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5824 Waltrip St, Houston, Texas 77087 USA

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About American Knights Moving and Storage Inc

5824 Waltrip St
Houston, Texas

American Knights Moving & Storage service is a U.S. based moving company which is offering the highest relocation service standards at the most competitive rates in domestic house moves and office moves - Local moves, National moves, International moves. As a customer satisfaction oriented business we are big enough to meet all your moving and storage needs, but small enough to care. With the experience and knowledge, American Knights Moving & Storage brings you a new level in home relocation, flat moving and office moving never before experienced. Whether it's temporary storage, local movings or even nationwide movings and packing, relax a little. Let us help reduce the stress of relocating your life or business. Every moving company claims that it's the best in the moving services, most expert and most reliable. After calling some movers, it is easy to get confused and not know what is realistic to expect. Moving is a risky thing to do, but selecting the right mover is all about finding professionals you can count on for your house or office move.

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James Forlenza


The worst moving company ever

To tell you everything that went wrong would take a novel. To summarize, this company (?) was late (by 2 days) with pick-up. Showed up to deliver unannounced, broke furniture, damaged walls, opened boxes and stole shoes!! The claims process took 180 days, then said they owed nothing. After a second review, and 60 more days, they sent a check for $54.

The absolute worst!!!! DO NOT USE THIS sham of a moving company

Bill Obrien


Helped me during my stressful move

American Knights moving and storage helped me through one of the more stressful times in my life by making the moving process a breeze. I’m happy i went with them and will certainly consider American Knights moving and storage in the future if i need to move again.



smooth move

The guys at American Knights Moving and Storage really did a great job for me on this move!!!! I could not have imagined this move to go smoother!! I have had some not so great experiences so I was very picky with who I chose to move me and my family. It was a lot easier having them pack up everything then renting a truck and doing it myself and honestly after all cost it was not that much more. It was really nice that American Knights Moving and Storage took the furniture apart then put it all back together on delivery.



Highly recommend

These guys were great. I'd highly recommend these guys for moves in the Houston area. They were on time and used it wisely. Thanks John and Mike!



absolutely amazing

All I can say is thank you. The entire process was absolutely amazing. Nothing less either. The movers were like family and so kind to my kids. I needed the laughter during a stressful time. I will be using you guys again for sure. Thanks American knights moving and storage inc.



Very flexible

We had moved to our new house last month. We hired American Knights moving and storage inc for our relocating purpose. When I hired them, I changed my decision to move into my new house a little bit late like one week later. I thought they would mind to hear about my decision but they gave me the impression that my ease was their ease, unbelievable. I was just glad that they were very flexible with customer’s willingness. Their service was just beyond my expectations.




Pasha and his crew helped to move our house. They were fast and careful and treated our belongings like they would their own. They were friendly, courteous and trustworthy. I would recommend this group to anyone.

Annie wilson


professional movers

Since I just returned from surgery and being a single mom with two young kids, I could not even move a pin. I needed the help of professional movers to handle everything perfectly in the move. Thus with a recommendation from someone, I ended up with American Knights moving & storage. I was very glad I chose them because they made the move a success and I relaxed while they took care of everything. I had hired storage unit for the move thinking that the moving company would come with a small truck and that there would be a need for the unit but in the end, I never needed any. I had to return the storage units and I had a great move with these movers from American Knights moving & storage.

Noah Dylan


movers were exemplary!

Our three movers were exemplary!! One of them wrote down their names for me but i lost it...please give them all due credit for making me so happy. The problem i had with the office is that you really need to walk through to access the numbers of boxes and stuff to move. Apparently, my guess was way off and realistically, how many people who move have the necessary experience to know how many boxes one will have in the end.



Very respectful and kind

They came on time and were very patient. They were very careful when packing. They worked very hard and were very responsive to all my questions. I was very satisfied. I would have them come again and would definitely recommend them to friends and family. Thank you so much.



American Knights

Used American Knights a third time to move a glass studio. They did a great job. Got an estimate from Kobi on Monday and moved on Tuesday. They were very efficient and a pleasure to work with. The move went smoothly and according to plan. Great job!



It just kept getting worse!

We did not have a pleasant experience with them. We were quoted the original amount with Joe at Northstar and then Bruce (northstar) got a more detailed inventory and our price went up which we totally understood. However, once it transferred over to American Knights we had one problem after another and felt held over a barrel and unable to do anything.
When the packers/movers showed up to pack, halfway through the day (half of our belongings were already packed and on the truck) we were informed that we had more belongings than they thought and not only did they not have a big enough truck (the truck they brought had other people’s belongings on it also) but our price was almost doubling! Since half of our stuff was on the truck there wasn’t a lot we could do about it. They came back two days later and picked up the rest of our belongings.
I called North Star 3 times to confirm our balance and each time I was told the original quoted price (from Bruce) and I thought great it was worked out. Then the driver called me and told me I had to pay the higher price or we would not receive our belongings. Again, over a barrel because they had our belongings.
When the driver arrived he stated he could not get his truck down our road. Which is not accurate because we live at a commercial location and have semis deliver things to our restaurant on a weekly basis (We live above the restaurant). The driver told us it would be $1,000 cash for him to put our belongings on a UHaul and bring them to us or we could pay him around $300 and rent the Uhaul ourselves and bring our belongings to our house and unload the truck ourselves. His cheaper option needed to be under the table though which didn’t sit right with me. At this point we are over 10K invested in this and I didn’t feel for that much we should have to unload the truck ourselves so we paid the additional $1,000.
When our belongings arrived they seemed inconvenienced with having to put back together our furniture and refused to reassemble our treadmill that they took apart in Texas. As we started unpacking I was heartbroken to find that they poorly wrapped, and in turn broke, almost my entire collection of music boxes. They used 4 sheets of wrapping paper to wrap a lid for a metal martini shaker but 1 piece of paper to wrap a Nightmare Before Christmas 10th anniversary music box that was placed at the bottom of a box with numerous heavy items on top of it.
The icing on the cake is when we filed a claim we were offered $115 but had to agree not to place any reviews online. I opted to lose the money so I could warn other people.

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