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6542A Lower York Road, Newhope, Pennsylvania 07036 USA

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About US National Van Lines

6542A Lower York Road
Newhope, Pennsylvania

At US National Van Lines, we believe that the only way to manage a relocation is to plan it the right way. If you are thinking about moving your home or your office, hiring our moving services can ease up the entire process. Whether you need professional help for transporting your belongings, our relocation assistance is there to help you organize the entire move.

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Bettco Furniture


Delivery Never Made and No Refund Provided

Re: Order A5767076

To whom it may concern:

On May 25, 2019, we engaged US National Van Lines to deliver a furniture shipment to our customer, Ahmad Sultani, in Nebraska. US Van took possession of the furniture, accepted payment in the amount of $1,785 and represented to us that the furniture would be delivered in a timely manner. Unfortunately, US Van did not live up to its agreement and never delivered the furniture as agreed to.

US Van held the furniture for nearly three months without the goods so much as even leaving the warehouse, promising over and over again that our delivery to Mr. Sultani was next on the schedule. In turn, we promised Mr. Sultani that delivery was on the way and there was nothing to be concerned about. Little did we know that US Van had no intention of ever making this delivery, but rather only had designs on stealing our $1,785 fee. On August 10, 2019, without notice or explanation, US Van returned the furniture to us undelivered. We have pictures of the furniture being dropped off and contemporaneous notes documenting the drop off. Upon receiving the goods back, the driver assured us that we would receive a refund for the shipping charge — after all, nothing was ever shipped. No work was performed. No services were rendered. The agreement was breached. We ultimately had to refund Mr. Sultani his purchase price, causing us to lose a major sale and income, not to mention suffering reputational damage.

After not receiving a refund as promised, we contacted Chase to reverse the charge that was processed by US Van. Chase reversed the charge, but it now appears that US Van objected to this reversal even though US Van knew that it never made the agreed upon delivery and thus failed to perform under the agreement. US Van is not entitled to a dollar, let alone $1,785. US Van has no right to payment.

We demand an immediate refund, failing which we will be forced to resort to litigation. And please note that we will not only sue you for the stolen $1,785 and our court costs, but we will also pursue you for the damages suffered as a result of lost profits. For good measure, you will also be reported to the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, the NYS Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau. Of course, we will also post on Yelp and other consumer sites a copy of this letter and the pictures of your driver surreptitiously dropping the furniture back to our store.

Please be guided accordingly.


Bettco & Son Furniture
4717 Church Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11203

veni kodali


Fraudulent company

There is more nightmare to than this. Move was from Philadelphia PA to Houston TX.
Amber and Aaron Cohen from US National Van Lines sent me an estimation of $2242.01 after I sent them the list of large items as per their request (for a student living in a 1 bedroom apartment) which included packing/unpacking, packing materials, and climate controlled storage until end of the September. I paid a deposit of $498.00. Our move was on July 8th, 2019. Amber and Aaron Cohen both informed me that we would get a call 2 days prior, which we never did. Even despite us calling them numerous times, they essentially disappeared.

Finally, when the movers showed up, the driver Marcel, doubled the quote. We tried to reason with Aaron and Arthur over the phone but they were so rude and not willing to honor their original quote. So, after witnessing their dishonesty practices we decided to purchase $650.00 full protection liability insurance from them. Now the total cost was $4995.76.

I called US National Van Lines on Sept.11 and talked to Mark to schedule our furniture delivery on Sept. 24, 2019. He said "okay" and nothing else and was so nonchalant. I asked him to send an email confirmation, he said "we do not send email confirmations". After that, we called a couple more times and talked with Mark and Richard too to make sure that they would deliver the furniture on Sept. 24th. Early the following week, we were getting calls everyday from multiple drivers telling us that our furniture was ready to be delivered and we needed to be there despite our repeated replies that our apartment would not be ready until the date we had originally stated and had agreed upon. Lewis from US National Van Lines (dispatch department) was falsely accusing us that we had agreed to receive the delivery prior to the originally agreed upon date and threatened that he does not know when they can deliver unless we receive the delivery that day itself.

On Sep. 24, 2019 the day of the delivery, Traditional Express Van Lines came to deliver, but the men Bob Hor & Nazar Mihailov (I doubt these are their real names) demanded that we pay them before they unloaded the furniture and on top of that, also pay an additional $350.00 in cash for transporting furniture from the apartment loading dock to the elevator (never gave us a receipt for the cash as we had requested). They are scammers all around. Prior to the delivery, they also instructed us that we either pay them with cash or with a postal money order check and to leave the recipient name blank. Seriously??? Finally, the men were willing to deliver the furniture before they got the check, but Lewis wouldn't let them. He was so rude, screaming and threatening to leave with our furniture. At the end, they could not assemble the bed because they had lost our bed frame. Our mattress was totally ruined, stained, and dampened with a foul smell. Our dresser was damaged on all sides, the couch was completely covered in dust and stained, and a few other items were missing. They also delivered someone else's clothing and bed sheets in a white laundry basket and 3 rectangular pieces of glass top.

Following this inexcusable fiasco, we asked Lewis to send us a claim form. Remember that we also purchased $650.00 full protection liability insurance from them. He said he would but never did. Since then, we have repeatedly tried to call/email/text them but none of the numbers provided by US National Van Lines and the delivery men Bob Hor & Nazar Mihailov from Traditional Van Lines were working numbers.

Our final cost: $4995.76 plus $350.00 plus damages and cost of replacement.

U.S National Van lines and Traditional Express Van Lines are not two different companies, they are the same and total scam.

Service cost: $5,345
Order ID: UN2184355

Cori Boc


Never received the service requested or a refund of my deposit

I wish I would have done my research and avoided US National Van Lines.

My move from Ohio to PA was scheduled for the end of July. I was promised my things would be picked up on Friday, July 26th. Since my lease on my apartment in Ohio was ending on July 28th, it was crucial that my things were picked up when promised so I'd have time to vacate the unit. They never showed on July 26th and no one contacted me to even tell me they weren't going to show up. I called US National Van lines several times that morning and no one answered. Around 3pm, about 5 hours after they promised a mover would be there, Aaron finally answered and told me that the pickup had to be rescheduled for Saturday. I reluctantly agreed and still no one showed up all day Saturday. I had to make last minute arrangements to get my things out of my apartment and moved to a storage unit so I wouldn't have to pay for another month's rent. This was very expensive.

I then requested a refund from US National Van Lines and was told that I would be able to receive one. I've tried calling several times to check on the status of this refund and I've either gotten no reply or have been told that the refund would be processed. I still have not received the refund. I'm assuming they just decided to keep my deposit even though they did not deliver on the promised services, which is incredibly unprofessional.

Tim Townes


You Decide

I contracted US National Van Lines for my move across country. Pick up crew was almost 10 hours late arriving and charged extra for things I thought were part of the initial estimate practically doubling the price. The crew too great care in packing, but had to be reminded of things left behind. While I was told the delivery would occur within 14 days, they never showed. After almost 70 emails and texts and 4 separate promises for delivery, they showed up 53 days after pick up. The operations manager, although polite and understanding, either had no concept of where my furniture was (told me on more than one occasion it was on the way, then that it had left the warehouse only to find out he was wrong) or the tracking system used by the company is terrible. When the delivery was finally confirmed to be on a truck, I was told by the company that they had no idea why it took so long to deliver. I asked for a discount on the remainder and the operations manager told me he had to check with the owner, but that he thought that was a reasonable request. When the shipment arrived, the driver said he didn't know anything about the discount. I asked him to call the owner who said he never heard from the operations manager. So after 53 days we received our delivery...and some items that weren't ours. When I told the driver that some things were not ours he asked me just to throw the boxes away. I refused and he put them back on the truck and said he would just dump them at the truck stop. So if you are missing any items they are probably in a dumpster somewhere in the Western US. I sent a message to the company so they would know what their contract drivers were doing with people's property, but got no response. There is a lot more to this story, but you get the idea. Decide for yourself, but plan on at least 30% more than what they quote. Don't expect shipment on time. And hope that your items aren't stuck in a warehouse in New Jersey for two months because the delivery crew is on vacation in Puerto Rico for a month (the driver told me this was why it took 53 days). So decide for yourself if you have a few thousand extra to pay this company and if you are willing to wait an unbelievable amount of time for your belongings.

Shelia Bryant



THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD. THEY ARE NOT REGISTERED TO OPERATE AS MOVERS WITH THE DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION. But I didn't know that when I booked them. The move was scheduled for June 25th. The movers arrived at 6 pm and began to move my belongings but couldn't get the sofa out of the house. Shawn, a supervisor, told them to leave it there, but I insisted they continue to try to get it out. This went on for hours until they finally left, came back the next day and still were unable to get the sofa out. After several hours, Ray and his pal simply left my condo, with my belongings strewn on the sidewalk, did not provide me with an inventory, the contract, the bill f lading or any documents to show what they had taken. I called repeatedly and no one answered the phone, my number was blocked. I had to rent a U-haul and hire additional movers to transport the remaining furniture which was included in the original estimate. Using another phone, I called and talked to Shawn, Arthur and Aaron. I demanded a copy of the documents and was only provided with page 1 of the 2 page inventory, no estimate, no written documentation of what was taken.
I contacted the Police because, in my view, my items were STOLEN!!! I had no idea when my goods would be delivered and had no idea where they were located. I emailed and called repeatedly with no response. Finally, i was told that I had to pay ( by Zelle) the entire amount $1,500, payable to some mysterious "owner" This person shows up as Mike P. Davis on my bank records. Finally, a portion of my goods were delivered on July 11th - the table base, but not the table, 2 out of 4 chairs, a 6" dresser, boxes, TVs and many other things were NOT delivered. I tried to look up their DOT number and found out they are not actually registered with the Dept of Transportation, which is a violation of federal law. These guys should be shut down and rendered unable to defraud any other innocent people. The FBI, PA Secretary of State and Attorney General should take action.

Elvin Zhu


Do yourself a favor and stay away from this company

Please Please Please don't use this company. They didn't show up on the moving day and now we have to book another company at another day. Don't trust any words from their mouth if they say the truck is on its way. They are a fraud.

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