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About Cross Country Moving & Storage

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Welcome to Cross Country Moving & Storage, a state-of-the-art moving company that specializes in long-distance moving. We are the nation’s most recommended mover and have been in this industry for many years now. We work with only the best in the business, and that’s why our work often speaks for itself. If you are looking for a reliable moving company that can assist you with moving across the country, we are the people to call! We understand that moving across the country or switching states is a massive headache for most people. Not only do you have to deal with a change of environment and people, but you also have to make sure that your belongings don’t get damaged. At Cross Country Moving & Storage, we can take care of that problem for you. We promise that we will make it easy for you to relocate without much of a fuss and that you will be completely satisfied in the end.

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Chelsea Meehan


God Awful - Please Avoid

This company will give you a low estimate, and then triple that before they deliver your broken goods. They also lose and break about a quarter of everything you own. Their claims process is a total joke. They don't care at all and are rude to boot. Please don't go with them and go through the hell we went through with goods held hostage, lost, damaged, etc. Go with a more reputable vendor...



Worse moving company in USA

Worse moving company ever!They have me a great estimate,but when I left town,because they should pick up my stuff 2 days before charge extra 1k for packing furniture!Guy who was contact with me asked for a tips!They picked up my stuff 9 days ago,but my stuff still in Chicago!So they make you feel very stressful!Nikki is a operating all calls said it will be take 3-12 business days to get your stuff!But when I paid 90% of deposit they said it will be 21 business day!So they liers deceivers !

Tse Yang Lim


Complete Scam

This was my worst experience with any company ever, hands down, and I've dealt with some pretty awful companies (credit rating agencies, student loan lenders).

FIRST and most importantly, they'll rip you off and arm and a leg. They do this in a few main ways:

1) Shuttle service fees - both at pickup and delivery, they'll claim they need a so-called 'shuttle truck' to get to your address, and charge an extra $1/cu ft EACH WAY for that. They'll do this regardless of anything you might've discussed or been promised beforehand. The sales rep I spoke with (Greg Johnson) promised me on multiple occasions that I wouldn't need a shuttle - I even had him check out the specific addresses - all to no avail. After I called the company at least 3-4 times during the pickup to protest this, they said they'd do an investigation but that I'd have to pay the fee up front anyway, and possibly get it refunded later. It's now been over a month since pickup and two weeks since delivery, and needless to say I haven't heard a word from them about the investigation.

2) Inventory overage rate - you'll get quoted an attractive rate per cubic foot (mine was $2.52/cu ft), but beware. Buried in the small print of the very long contract they pressure you to sign is one single mention of a "full tariff rate, seven dollars p/cf". This means any volume on the day over the estimated volume in your quote - not items, volume, which is harder for you to measure - will cost you SEVEN DOLLARS, $7 per cubic foot, nearly three times the quoted rate. At no point did the sales rep ever mention this at all. In fact, you may be tempted to try to negotiate down the quoted volume (I certainly did) because you think that means you'll get charged less - but they're more than happy to let you do that because they'll simply charge you for overage instead at a far steeper rate. It's a blatant lie of intentional omission.

3) Additional fees - they may charge you a 'long carry' fee if your door is far from the road. Okay, that's not too unreasonable, carrying items further takes more effort. They'll also charge a fee for additional floors above the 2nd. That seems fair too - but wait. They define each floor as SEVEN STEPS. So if the 2nd floor of your house is more than 7 steps up from the first, they'll consider that an extra floor and charge you for it. If your 3rd floor is 14 steps above your 2nd, they'll consider that another two extra floors. This is ridiculous - I challenge you to find a building that has a floor 7 normal steps or less above the one below it!

Between all the extra charges, I paid about $3500 on an initial quote of $1500 - more than double what I expected, and about what I'd been quoted by more reputable moving companies, which would at least have been a much more professional and less stressful experience.

SECOND, they will treat your stuff like garbage and likely damage or wreck a lot of it. I had several boxes very clearly marked FRAGILE (complete with real 'Fragile!' stickers) that were nonetheless stacked sideways, or under loads of other boxes - that resulted in a lot of broken glassware and some damaged books. I had a bookshelf and laptop tables wrecked completely, a desk with legs bent beyond repair, a bedframe with a leg and wheel missing, and even an ironing board somehow busted. Plus damaged boxes - I have a lot of moving boxes that I've reused for multiple moves to avoid waste that were somehow just torn up. And not a word of apology for any of the damage at all.

THIRD, they're not at all punctual. For my pickup, I was given an initial arrival window of 10 am to noon, and after many phone calls and a lot of waiting, they ended up coming at 5.30 pm. So that was a lot of unnecessary stress and rushing in the morning. But that's nothing on what happened with delivery. I called a few times before my delivery date to check on the status and was told they couldn't confirm anything until the day before. The day before, I called again and was told they'd get in touch later in the day. (They didn't.) The next day, Tuesday - the date my delivery had been agreed for - I called several times, increasingly exasperated, and kept getting stonewalled. They said they couldn't tell me when my stuff would be delivered, and it could take as long as 21 days. Since I was sitting in a completely empty house with barely the shirt on my back, this wasn't welcome news. After a lot more back-and-forth they told me it would likely be delivered sometime on the weekend, but they still couldn't say when. You get the picture. Eventually, out of the blue, I got a call on Wednesday saying my items would be delivered on Thursday - neither the day I'd asked, nor the day they eventually told me the delivery would be. In the end I spent three days sitting in an empty house with nothing but increasingly exasperating phone calls for company.

FOURTH, they're not really 'full service' as they claim. I'd meticulously labelled every single item and box with the room in my house that it was destined for. (For reference, this was just five rooms - nothing complicated.) During delivery, I was told that they were supposed to put all of my ~100 boxes into one single room, regardless of the labels. The company and driver both blamed it on each other and said I'd need to pay extra fees to have things put where they were supposed to be. The company custserv rep even accused me of wanting the driver "to design my home" for me, which is absurd. Which brings me to the last point.

FINALLY, they're simply shady, rude, evasive, and stressful to work with. Throughout the entire process, from sales to pickup to delivery (not to mention my complaints), it took me multiple phone calls each time to even get in touch with them, a lot of time on hold, and a lot of getting bounced around different people, who kept trying to pull the old trick of my-colleague-next-to-me-is-my-manager. They refused to put anything in writing until I demanded it (and even then were still reticent). The only times they were proactive and prompt were when they were trying to make me sign the contract (without reading it first) and when they wanted me to pay them.

I've submitted multiple complaints (Better Business Bureau, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, etc.) and encourage anyone else who's been similarly ripped off to do the same. Overall an utterly miserable experience. Save yourself the exasperation and awful treatment and get a reputable moving company instead, or just do it yourself. I should have.

P.S. in case you're thinking, there are lots of good reviews and only a few bad ones, surely I won't be that unlucky - don't make that mistake. I thought the same thing, thought I could be careful and avoid getting too ripped off. I suspect the good reviews may be fake - the bad reviews are much more consistent with my experience.

Domingo Dennis


Good Work

These guys are great! I was left hanging by another moving company and needed someone quick. Cross Country Moving & Storage saved that day and were able to move me the very next day. They were reliable, quick and very nice guys. I would definitely recommend them for your next move. Price was very reasonable as well.



Mover Beware

I have done extensive research and have talked to numerous companies receiving estimate about my move from Miami to Chicago. The agent from Cross Country Moving & Storage, Micheal Anderson, was very convincing about their business practices and their estimates. The reviews online show a company that does an excellent job, but all this is misleading. So based on these reviews and on the estimate, I decided to go with this company for my move. Mr Anderson affirmed me that they don't broker off their moves since they are carriers. I initially wanted to move on Tuesday after Memorial day knowing that the company doesn't do pick-ups on national holidays. He was very convincing that the company operates 7 days a week, and he gave me a great deal for Memorial Day. Since he was so convincing and insistent, I accepted the offer, signed the contract, and paid the deposit. A few days before my scheduled move Mr Anderson calls me back and informs me that because it's high season the price went up and my move from $1176.82 now is going to be $1523.74 even though I have already signed a binding contract and paid the deposit. Knowing that I only have a few days until my move I decided to stay with this company and signed another contract after the agent assured me that the price won't go higher and I won't be paying more than this. The day before my pick-up I was supposed to receive a phone call with my pick-up time. After waiting until late in the afternoon I called the company just to be told that I won't be picked up until Tuesday because of the holiday. On Tuesday I received a call from the movers of another company informing me that they are coming to pick-up my stuff and they told me that they don't have my inventory. I called Cross Country to confirm that I'm being picked up by the right company and they told me they will send the movers the list of my inventory. The movers loaded the truck and ended up having 75 cuft more than the estimated volume even though I had smaller boxes. Thus my moving jumped another $600. The agent never told me that if I have more volume I might end up paying much more than the initial amount. Knowing this, I would have given up my spring boxes or at least one of them and would have saved hundreds of dollars. I have tried contacting the company to dispute the charges, but nobody returned my calls. Since they brokered off my contract (even though they claim they are carriers and never broker off contracts) I have to deal with the Apex now, they are the one holding my stuff. When I talked to them about my charges, I was told to wait until after the move to receive any credit because if I have any damage to my stuff they won't reimburse me for it. I was told by Mr Anderson that there won't be any 18 wheeler delivering my possessions, but since Apex kept asking me if an 18 wheeler can get into my neighborhood I have a feeling they are going to charge a shuttle fee for delivery.
Just be careful how you believe everything this company claims, and don't trust all the positive reviews because I believe they remove all the negative reviews to increase their demand.

Matthew Campbell


Good Work

Cross Country Moving & Storage when I moved last week was awesome! The main person and everyone else was awesome!
I moved from a third floor walk to a fifth-floor walkup!
Not only did they not complain they added a guy for no extra charge. If I ever move again I will definitely use them again!
Keep up the good work.

Shon Orosco


Parfect Experience

I had a perfect experience with Cross Country Moving & Storage. I called the day before and was able to get a Sunday appointment. The movers were on time, careful with all the belongings, really nice, and the most affordable quote I got.

I would use them again and again and recommend to anyone I know.
Strongly recommend this company.



Awlful premove

I have been trying to contact Johnathan about my upcoming move and he dies not return emails or phone calls. Is this is a bad sign



Easy process.

Best move yet, and I'm speaking from experience. Ms. Verna Werner quoted us a reasonable rate (entirely by email, which was a big plus for us!). The crew showed up on time, moved a thousand heavy boxes at lightning speed, kept a positive attitude throughout the whole day, and finished up on time. I can't recommend these guys highly enough. Six thumbs up!



Possible Scam Occurring

To make sure folks access the most important information first, I will begin by saying I believe the people currently doing business as “Cross Country Moving and Storage” are running a SCAM and, possibly, are shamelessly utilizing the solid reputation of a previous business known as Cross Country Moving and Storage. When I looked at the reviews on the Better Business Bureau, I was impressed by how many positive reviews there were. However, for reasons I will describe below, I have reason to believe the positive reviews are not of the company currently posing as Cross Country Moving and Storage. DO NOT BE FOOLED!

My first interactions with Cross Country Moving and Storage began in early April 2018 when I began to gather quotes for a move that would occur in mid- to late-May 2018. My communication with the company primarily was with a customer representative to identified himself as James Harris. He and I spoke on the phone and also communicated by email. He was quite personable in his interactions with me, and he assured me verbally that Cross Country Moving and Storage was a “family-owned and -operated company” and that they were not out to “nickel-and-dime” me. Mr. Harris conducted an inventory over the phone with me to create an estimate of the moving cost. I was worried that the estimate would be low and that I would be charged extra money upon pickup (one of the few negative reviews I had seen online), so I asked another moving professional to come to my house and conduct an extremely thorough in-person inventory of everything I planned to move. I sent a written copy of this to Mr. Harris. He told me that they could not use the inventory of another company but that the cubic footage on my estimate would be sufficient.

Everything seemed fine until the day before my scheduled move. On Thursday, May 17, 2018, a representative who identified herself as Paige called me to inform me that they would not be picking up my belongings until May 21, 2018. While this window was in my contract, I had been informed by Mr. Harris verbally that my belongings would be picked up on Friday, May 18, 2018 unless there was some sort of natural disaster preventing their pick up. In that case, they would arrange a pick up for Monday, May 21st. This created substantial hardship on my part, as I was returning from an out-of-state trip on May 17, 2018 and needed to move to my new home on Saturday, May 19, 2018 and begin work on Monday, May 21st. When I attempted to resolve this situation on May 17th, I was informed that my customer representative, Mr. James Harris, would no longer be available to assist me. The customer service representatives with whom I was allowed to interact were rude, flippant, and unhelpful, to say the least. I did end up getting a $100 credit to my move once the company tried to change my move date once again (to Tuesday, May 22nd) because I repeatedly articulated that their last-minute changes required me to ask another person to be at my house in my absence (as I already would be at my new house by that time).

When the moving crew arrived at my house on Monday, May 21, 2018, they arrived in Penske Truck (New Jersey license plate XFL K64, USDOT 327574, Penske #322357), and the crew consisted of two men (one who barely spoke English (Paul) and one who apparently spoke no English at all (Jason)). They informed my representative that there would be an extra charge for stairs and an overage charge for belongings over the agreed upon cubic feet. When completing my estimate, Mr. James Harris knew that I was moving out of a two-story home and into a two-story home, and the contract did not include any extra fee for a two-story home. After much back-and-forth communication with the main office, the extra charge was removed and the moving crew began moving my belongings into the truck. To avoid extra charges with respect to cubic feet, many of my belongings (including a mattress, box spring, all of my clothes, etc.) were left behind and I was forced to figure out another way to move them to my new home. My representative took pictures of the truck during and after packing.

On Thursday, May 24, 2018, I received a call from Cross Country Moving and Storage informing me that the moving truck would be delivering my belongings to my new home on Friday, May 25, 2018 and that I would be required to pay an extra $869 in cash upon delivery because my neighborhood “necessitated” the use of a shuttle. Throughout the afternoon, I engaged in extremely heated conversations with a customer service manager who identified herself as Ashley Rodriguez. I explained—repeatedly —that my neighborhood did not require a shuttle. The streets are wide and there are no low power lines. She cited various factors such as a fire hydrant, a no parking sign, and the fact that the moving truck apparently was towing an extra trailer as reasons why a shuttle was needed. She offered to take $200 of the extra cost and stated that this was a deal because a shuttle actually was needed for my old neighborhood as well. This also was not true; in my old neighborhood, large 18-wheeled trucks with trailers often parked on the street with no problem. When I repeatedly asked to speak to her supervisor, I was told that she was the highest manager on site. I asked for contact information for the owner of the business (still believing this to be a family-owned and-operated organization) and was told that he was out of the country and no one could contact him. Given that I vehemently disagreed with her claims, I went to the police department of my new town and the community liaison officer for my neighborhood confirmed that a moving truck was welcome in my neighborhood. He called Ms. Rodriguez to advise her of this fact. She reported to him that it was “in my contract” and I would need to pay the extra $600 in cash upon deliver or my belongings would be put in storage at a cost to me. The officer told me that, unfortunately, there was not much he could do and that I probably would need to pay the money and then look into civil actions.

At this point, I began to become extremely suspicious of the company, so I began digging into their background. Here are the red flags I uncovered as well as a few facts about the company that, in retrospect SHOULD have been red flags from the beginning:

1. One of their two phone numbers ( 207-560-4289 ) is listed as non-fixed VoIP (e.g., Skype or Google Voice). The other number is a toll free number ( 1-800-755-6581 )
2. The US DOT number listed on their paperwork ( USDOT 829126 ) is listed to Maney Enterprises, LLC, which is listed in some databases as doing business as Cross Country Moving and Storage.
a. I located the name and phone number of the CEO of Maney Enterprises, Mr. Bobby Maney, and called him. He reported to me on the phone that he had no knowledge of Cross Country Moving and Storage and that he had sold his USDOT numbers “about six months ago.”
3. A Google Maps streeview of all of the addresses associated with Cross Country Moving and Storage shows nothing that looks like a legitimate business, especially a moving or trucking business. They are as follows:
a. 520 N 9th Street, Lebanon, PA 17046
b. 11810 Grand Park Avenue, Suite 500, Rockville, MD 20852
c. 13905 Flint Rock Road, Rockville, MD 20853
d. 125 Smoke Rise Drive, Baldwin, GA 30511
4. Cross Country Moving and Storage is not listed as a legitimate business in Maryland. In fact, the report for Cross Country Moving and Storage from Maryland Business Express states that Cross Country Moving and Storage (Department ID: D10156396 ) is “not in good standing” and its status is listed as “dissolved.” The resident agent is listed as Ella Bar Moshe, but I could not find any information about that person or entity.
5. A search for Cross Country Moving and Storage on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration database yields no results. A search for Maney Enterprises identifies the USDOT number listed on the Cross Country Moving and Storage paperwork as well as the addresses listed for Cross Country Moving and Storage. Their fleet size indicates that they have 1 truck and 45 trailers. Also, the company appears to be very new (no data before 2018) and three complaints already have been filed against the company in 2018.
6. A search of insurance information for Maney Enterprises as a FMCSA Motor Carrier yielded bizarre-looking results, though I do not know enough to know exactly whether the dates and policies point to shady activity.
7. A logo for ( ) is listed on Cross Country Moving and Storage’s website ( . However, neither Cross Country Moving and Storage nor Maney Enterprises is listed as a company with which does business.
8. The company does not accept normal forms of payments (e.g., credit cards). All payments had to be made in the form of wire transfers or cash.

After uncovering these concerning details, I spoke with my lawyer. He advised me to inform them that they should bring the regular moving truck and that I would be paying the original balance that I owed ($378.17), not the extra $600. I called the company, but my call was not answered. I left a message stating this.

On Friday, May 25, 2018, the same Penske truck that picked up my belongings at my old home arrived at my new home (same license plate; again, I have pictures of everything) with the same moving crew. The driver, Paul, informed me that this was the shuttle and that I owed him an extra $600 in cash. He, quite clearly, was not in a position to change the amount due. I called the office and spoke to Ms. Rodriguez again. She was exceptionally rude, aggressive, and told me that if I did not pay the $600 ransom payment, then Paul was going to drive away with my belongings and put them into storage at a cost to me. I repeatedly tried to explain that the shuttle was completely unnecessary and that I believed I was being scammed and robbed. I strongly believe that this “shuttle” is a farce, and I took pictures showing where and how my belongings were packed in the Penske truck. Ms. Rodriguez threatened to begin charging me an hourly rate of waiting for the crew while I was trying to work this out on the phone with her. I explained all of the red flags that I had uncovered the day before and that I would be reporting the company. Before she hung up on me, I asked for the owner’s name. I was told his name was “ Michael Burbaum “ (though she could not spell it for me). I cannot find that name or variations of that name linked anywhere with Cross Country Moving and Storage.

Given that I was scared that my belongings were going to be stolen, I paid $978.17 in cash to have them released. I now am doing my due diligence to warn others of the scam that is referring to themselves as Cross Country Moving and Storage to help others avoid being put in such a horrific situation during an already stressful time. I already have called Mr. Bobby Maney (apparent CEO of Maney Enterprises) and Penske Truck Rental to inform them that their names are being used in combination with apparent nefarious activity, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. I will be submitting this report to the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and Google,, and and filing claims with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Better Business Bureau. I have pictures of the delivery process, including the truck, truck details, packing organization, and a picture of the truck in my driveway with a school bus in the background (driving just fine along my neighborhood streets).

If any representative (above the level of Ms. Ashely Rodriguez) from Cross Country Moving and Storage would like to reach out to me to discuss and/or resolve my concerns and complaints, I would be happy to field your call or letter in an attempt to identify an amicable solution before I explore other legal options. I have provided enough information in this narrative for someone within the company to be able to determine my identity through the move dates and my interactions with your representative.

A Victim of “Cross Country Moving and Storage”

Shawn Harris


The move quickly and efficiently with kindness

The person who answered the phone was courteous and informative. Setting up a time for the move was quick and easy. The movers arrived within the window of time allotted and performed the move quickly and efficiently with kindness. I would definitely recommend this company for a move!

Suzanne Wilson


Fast and pretty responsive.

These guys were great, the name says it all. they were fast, efficient and got all my items from Ohio to Texas in one piece. The entire move took less than 7hrs which was great, as I was expecting this to turn into an entire day. I definitely recommend these guys or move with them again if ever needed.

Victor Coleman


Worry Free

The only thing I wanted to worry about during my move was sorting the right things and placing them into the properly labeled boxes. That’s what I made clear when I ordered the services of Cross Country Moving & Storage and they took care of the rest. They helped me move and I got to relax.

Johnny Price


They are the definition of great

Cross Country Moving & Storage was the company my new apartment complex said I should go with, after other residents went with them in the past. I decided to use them when I got back to my home state, and a few states and days later, all of my things were in their new location safe and sound.

Samuel Gray


Easy Choice To Go With In The Future

Each company is as different as the states they operate in. But Cross Country Moving & Storage has such a great set of business ethics that can be translated to any and all of the 48 states they deliver to. Such a pleasure doing business with them.

Nicola Colton


Great work, will use again.

If I could do it any differently, I would have gone with Cross Country Moving & Storage instead of some of the other brands and companies I’ve used in the past. They didn’t me through the ringer like some of the other companies I’ve dealt with have.

Sandra Anderson


Amazing Job!

My family and I moved two weeks ago with them and I am really pleased with the service. They were punctual and organized. They packed all of our furniture and kitchenware, also disassembled our furniture, and nothing got damaged. Everything was perfect!

Sam Feddersen


Such a Small Task For Them

My friends told me that making such a large move from New Jersey to Maine was a large task, but I don’t even call it a move anymore. Cross Country Moving and Storage did all of the work for me. They took care of all my problems without making me micro manage.

Tyler P


Reviews Speak The Truth

I’ve seen countless moving company advertisements that claimed great service, or that the movers were friendly. Yet when I looked into them when I was deciding on a moving service, customer reviews spoke otherwise. Cross Country Moving was the company i found which had reviews speak for themselves. If they provided such good service for others, I knew they’d provide it for me. And they did!

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