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406 S Boulder Ave Suite 400, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103 USA

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About Northern Moving Systems

406 S Boulder Ave Suite 400
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Since opening our doors, we’ve been committed to providing service of the highest quality, paying particular attention to working efficiently while keeping the lines of communication with our clients clear and concise. Our mission at Northern Bartlesville Moving Systems is simple: to provide high-quality services in a timely manner. Our team caters to each project’s specific needs to ensure excellence. We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. For more information or general inquiries, feel free to get in touch today.

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Alan Rencher


Do Not Trust!

TLDR: Northern hired a different company to do the actual move, and that company charged us MUCH more than what was in our contract.

We hired Northern, which told us to over estimate our cubic footage to avoid overages. They didn't follow up with us until two days before the move, and when they did, the estimate went WAY up. They assured us that we shouldn't worry as it was safe to overestimate.

They promised us that we would only be charged for the actual cubic footage we used. When the sub-contracted movers showed up (A-1), they packed our stuff, and only after packing the truck told us that the overestimated cost was the MINIMUM cost. They said we needed to pay that amount and refused to contact Northern.

After talking with Northern, they said that there was really nothing that they could do, and we had to pay a HUGE some (twice what our original estimate was) to get A-1 from holding our belongings hostage with the hope that Northern would reimburse the added cost.

It was crazy that the two companies could not fix the miscommunication! Do not trust this company. They are a broker, which means they do not actually move you! They hire other companies to move you, but if that company decides they want to charge you something else, Northern has no way to help you.

Tyler Freeman


Terrible customer service

Don't believe all the 5 star reviews. They must have their employees write reviews for them. I had a simple move from New York to Chicago and these guys provided the worst customer experience I've ever had (And that includes moving within NYC several times). This company advertises excellent customer services and how they support you during the move from beginning to end so you don't have to stress about it. This was false. Once I paid they could care less about me or my furniture. I had to call them several times to find out when my pickup would be. The movers finally arrived at 7pm. This is despite me having made the reservation almost a month ahead. I was given a 3-5 day delivery window. It is now 10 days later and I still have not received my furniture. I've called them several times and was told the same thing each time- "We'll contact your dispatch and let you know right away". Today I called and was finally told it will be delivered in 2 days (not holding my breath). I would suggest avoid Northern as they're nothing more than a 3rd party broker that will charge you a fee for no value added service. Go directly with a mover.



As for me, if I could, I would give negative stars.

I don't want to say this will be your experience with them but here are some facts from my move.
As for me, if I could, I would give negative stars. My specialist was James Pearce, the office representative was Lynn, and manager was Chris.
Here are answers to some of my questions I had for James prior to the contract, what actually happened, and my interaction with the manager.
-James said I would be able to contact him whenever throughout the move until I was happy with my belongings in my new place.
After signing the contract, he was nowhere to be found. I did speak to him one time after signing when he said he never received my emails and that the extension stamped in his email signature wasn't correct. He gave me his cell phone number - never answered or called back.
-James said no, they do not hire third party contractors to move our belongings. From pickup to drop off, it would be their movers in their Northern Star Moving trucks.
Upon pickup, yes, it was their movers and truck but upon dropoff it was a third party mover.
-James said our belongings would not be mixed with other people's belongings on the truck. Our belongings were stickered with pink tags upon pickup to avoid the mixing of other people's belongings. Upon drop off, our things were mixed with another person's belongings who also had pink stickers, so at one point the movers were giving us another person's bike and boxes. We totally could have taken them. Also, we are missing a bin.
-James said the quote given to me would not change unless I requested that they hold my belongings longer than the free 30 days or if I added way more to my belongings. When going over the contract, he said the long haul and elevator fees would not apply to me because my things were being picked up from a storage unit on the 2nd floor and those fees were more for people in tall high-rise buildings. For pickup, I was charged $300 for the long haul fee ($75/50ft). So for dropoff I had to move my belongings myself to avoid the fees again, even though it was being moved into another storage unit.

My interaction with Chris (the manager) about this $300 fee - These are some of his responses.
"$300 is not a surprise, I could understand if it was over $1000 but it's only $300. Just pay it." - (when telling him that James said there would be no surprise fees)
"I am not going to argue with a customer over a small job" - (guess we were considered a small job since we were only moving a 1 bedroom apt).
"I am the manager. I am not in customer service so I do not need to speak to you in any kind of way so either pay the $300 or remove your things from our truck yourself" - (when I mentioned how stressful moving is and asked why he was speaking to me aggressively)

Note: Insurance is a third party so if you are missing anything or it's damaged you do not contact Northern Star Moving Company and apparently this third party company is not great. Still waiting to hear back about our missing bin.

If you still want to move forward with them, be sure to get everything in writing, in DETAIL and do not sign the contract if you do not agree with something. Even though I did all of that and it didn’t help much, maybe it'll help you somehow. Also, take your own DETAILED inventory of your belongings. Their version of inventory is writing "some boxes, some bins" and when dropping off asking YOU if you think that's everything.





BEWARE of "reserving" your move date with Northern Moving Systems -- they require a deposit equal to about 20% of the quote. And, unlike UHaul, Pods, 1-800-Got-Junk etc., this company will NOT REFUND YOUR DEPOSIT, even if you cancel 6 weeks prior to your move. Good luck trying to get a return call from the company!




Jude moved me in 4 hours - I was thrilled. Also he only charged a flat by the hour rate vs some other quotes which I got prior to hiring him. He had five guys and boy did they move!!! They even had to move my very heavy bedroom set up one flight of stairs. They were great. On-time and professional. Highly recommended.



Thanks to them

I would like to thank Northern moving systems and its team for making my move smooth and stress-free. They are very professional, courteous, hard-working, easy to work with, caused no damage to my furniture. Their charge was reasonable and much better than the other quotes that I received. As mentioned in other posts, you get quick response from their in-house employees and you directly deal with the manager. The movers were on time and helped me with both packing and unpacking. They also went above and beyond and helped me with assembling my new furniture. Initially I had apprehension in hiring them based on just some reviews but I'm glad I trusted my fellow movers. I would highly recommend their services for a stress-free move.



Excellent job

Everyone showed up on time, worked in a professional manner and were willing to go beyond what was expected.




The movers I had worked with in the past were so lazy and disobedient- they only made my move more troublesome. This time I was looking for some professional movers who were experienced and more focused on their jobs than wasting my time. I was determined to pay more for this. I found Northern Moving Systems through a trusted friend who moves around a lot. They gave me a reasonable quote but their movers were awesome. They were careful about my furniture and took great care of all my belongings. They were polite and obedient just how I expected them to be. They always asked me before doing anything extra. The happiness in my heart knows no bounds. I was able to move the same way I wanted and I thank these guys from the bottom of my heart for making it a seamless move.

Hyle Bathurst


Very Helpful!

I took a big step and moved me and my family out of Michigan and to Ohio. I was referred to the Northen Moving Systems by my new boss who had an excellent experience with this company.
They were right on time and immediately began moving out furniture and belongings onto the truck. They listened to my instructions and did as I asked without question.
I felt better knowing that there were men I could trust to get my things across state lines and to my new home without another worry. I was quoted $4,300 and that is exactly what I paid.
If I ever have to move again, I would use Northern Moving Systems.

Jeremy Lee


i owe my marriage to them

I am not one to trust people with my things. but when I had to pack and move from east Tennessee to Redding in Northern California my wife begged me to hire someone to help. The previous move with our company had been a nightmare. We did it by ourselves and I'm surprised our marriage had lasted through it. So when she mentioned hiring someone this time I decided to look into it. I came across Northen Moving Systems and read through their helpful tips. and decided to get a quote. They gave me a quote of 11,647 to move the contents of my 3 bedroom house and garage, along with my broken down jeep more 2000 plus miles. I didn't agree to it right away and continued to shop around. After speaking with a few more of the other "major" companies and found out how much of a "major" hassle it was dealing with them. I called Northern Moving systems back and quickly set up the move. My wife was never happier.

Hailee Bartling


Great movers

I moved for work last month due to a work relocation. I found Northern Moving Systems online and gave them a call! From the start they were awesome. Being a single girl, I did not have much to move besides furniture and a few boxes, but gave them a list of my items and a truck showed up the morning of my move. The movers were great and were careful with all of my belongings. I have had nightmare after nightmare with pervious moves, so it was nice to finally have a stress free move. I would highly recommend Northern Moving Systems to anyone with a long distance move. They truly care about their customers and do their best to make your move as smooth as possible.

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