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2303 W Morehead, St Suite 200, Charlotte, North Carolina 28208 USA
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About Global Moving LLC

2303 W Morehead, St Suite 200
Charlotte, North Carolina

Global Moving, LLC is one of the most reputable interstate moving companies around to deliver excellent customer service along with precision and are trusted by countless families and businesses every year to handle their interstate move. Even the simplest long distance move can be stressful for a family or business. We are one of the most popular small cross country moving companies because of our long distance movers who put extra loving care into every job. By choosing Global Moving, LLC your interstate movers, you can rest assured knowing that you will be receiving the highest degree of service available when it comes to your interstate move.

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Excellent communication, careful with my things and very, very, nice.

Moved fast, careful...omg they were so careful just did great. They were on time, costs were what was agreed. They read the notes on the boxes and placed in the proper rooms. I just can't say enough about the great service. I wish all vendors did what they say they will like Global moving llc.

Mathew Mike


WARNING!!!!! I would not use Global Moving LLC again.

This whole experience was disappointing and disheartening (short of the promises that were made when I agreed to hire this company). I've waited over a month for a call back from John, the person that sold me on their company, but I have not received a single call, email or text back from him. I even left him a voice mail on his personal cell phone. All of their promises are lies and you have to look over the movers shoulders the whole time to make sure they're doing their jobs correctly. So much disregard. It's disheartening.

Bisa Cunningham


I do not recommend them

I am pretty flabbergasted at so many positive reviews of this company on google. It was based on these numerous positive reviews that I booked this company. I made a huge mistake! They charged me $2600 above the estimate to move me from a 2 bedroom apartment in MD to a 2bedroom apartment in GA. While I had very little breakage, I have missing items, the movers did not put back together all of the stuff they took apart, in one instance, kicking some of the extra parts under the bed. They packed my stuff in a haphazard illogical manner that made my next day unpacking feel like a evil game of hide and seek. They left me and my 68 year old disabled mother to lift a 50 inch flatscreen and a 32 inch old style box TV. I ended up having to hire someone to lift or for me. The mover were unprofessional, using frat boy humor in front of me and my mom. Communication both before and after the move was nonexistent. When you complain, they.point to the contract they have you sign which says you are required to move with them once you make your deposit or you forfeit. I do not recommend them.



Rude guys

Went 44 days without furniture and possessions. Up charged me because they never saw my house. Went from 9,000 to 17,000 plus!! It’s a scam for sure. Wait on Atlas or any other company.. Movers can not pack. My desk is crushed and my personal item were treated like garbage. Several items crushed or broken! Wadded up items. They just don’t care. Also check put the first form the packers give you.. they put damaged in all your stuff. This covered them but not you.. again bad group!! They were rude and smelled bad. Soap and water. Second day they had same clothes on. Nick is a really rude guy. Expensive items had very little protection where cheap stuff was bubble wrapped. The customer service department is rude and will hang up on you if you ask when you will get your stuff. They will not answer your call but if you have so someone else call they do. Please listen to me! Do not use this company, you will be ripped off.. if they say 7 to 17 days to get your goods. They do not count weekends. And it will be on the17th working day!! Delivery guys said everyone complains when the finally get their goods!!



Good Experience

We had a very good experience from start to finish. The driver & loaders were very careful loading & unloading our belongings. They took their time to do things right. Did not rush to get the job done.



Couldn't have been more pleased

Global Moving LLC was extremely professional. As a military brat and a military officer, I've moved in excess of 20 times. My wife has also moved numerous times, so we know our movers. We know the good, the bad, and the ugly. As far as the quality of being careful with our items, as well as their timeliness and professional advice, they made the move just seamless.

The individual that came to our home was very professional. He provided a fairly accurate review of what our needs would be and promptly gave us a quote. The movers said they would arrive between 8-9 am, and they were there at 8:01.

You're used to the estimator showing up with a smile and nice outfit, and when the actual movers arrive it's usually a different story. That wasn't the case with Global Moving LLC, and I was surprised to say the least! They were very attentive good people who were willing to work. They were very helpful in giving advice or an extra box to make things easier. I couldn't have been more pleased.




Mario and Erik are really helpful! They helped me to move as fast as they can. They were really polite too. I will definitely use the service of Global Moving LLC next time.



I am satisfied

For the most part, the experience of moving with Global moving llc has been very pleasant and stress less. From my first phone call with Nancy to Moving Day I have been a satisfied customer.



great movers

These guys are amazing! I have never had such a seamless move. They were on time, efficient, incredibly nice, and very accommodating. And, when I forgot to have them move out a piece of furniture I kept in my closet, they came back free of charge to get it from me.

After the move, I kept my stuff in their storage units. They were always available for questions, and they facilitated all day of logistics for my move across country as I couldn't be in NY for the pick up. I can't say enough good things about Global Moving LLC and I highly recommend them!

Naomi Richardson


From VA to NC

We moved from Virginia to North Caroline and my husband choose Global Moving, LLC to be our movers. We gave a rough estimate over the phone of things we were moving and how many boxes etc we would need. (They packed us also.) They gave us a quote that was binding and we paid our deposit. We were moving in 8 days so we couldn’t back out without losing our 1900.00 deposit. So we were set. I then went online and read many reviews of them. Some were horrible and it scared me to death. They said things about them demanding more money, breaking things, stealing things, not delivering as promised etc. I was terrified. I asked my husband what had he gotten us into.

Well the packers and movers came on the day we asked them to. They sent 3 guys that had heavy accents but communication was never an issue. They were VERY respectful of us, our property and were conscientious of the job they were doing. When they were just about finished packing and loading it came time to sign the contract. We were informed we owed like 2000 or so more than estimated. I blew my fuse and demanded to know why and they must be wrong. The guy quietly explained how he had arrived at his figure. I then counted the boxes myself and he was right. I had underestimated our things. So yes they wanted more money but it was a legitimate thing.

We then part ways with the understanding that they would deliver our things in Charlotte NC on the day we indicated was the first date we could accept or within 7 to 14 days of that date. They delivered 2 days after the first date we could accept. The guys who brought our things to us were just as respectful and dedicated to doing a good job. The driver arrived 2 hours earlier than expected to make sure he could get the Semi truck into the parking lot and to the loading dock. No extra money other than what we had agreed on at the day of packing and loading was asked for. I received all of my items with none missing. What also surprised me was the fact they packed and moved many antique glass and china with nothing really being damaged or broken. Yeah there were a couple of things that had a chip but nothing major or costly.

These folks are great. I appreciate the job they did and highly recommend them. I believe the disgruntled folks are those looking for free services or something. Bottom line don’t be scared off by what you might read. These guys are inexpensive and deliver a service with integrity. Give them a chance. You won’t be sorry!!!



Best moving experience

I’ve had to move interstate a couple of times in my lifetime and it is not an easy process. The last time however, I hired Global Moving LLC. I was absolutely amazed with their level of professionalism. Their team arrived on time and got to work immediately. Everything was packed and later unloaded without any damage. This was the first time I was worry free during a moving process. They were being very careful when handling my belongings. They communicated with me throughout the whole process so that I was always updated. Now, I want to recommend them to anyone looking for a moving company.

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