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174 9th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11215 USA

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About Olympus Moving and Storage

174 9th Street
Brooklyn, New York

We are committed to our customers’ satisfaction and take pride in providing quality service. Our highly trained professionals will make your moving experience pleasant and as hassle-free as possible. With Olympus Moving managing your move, you will have peace of mind knowing your valuables are regarded with care and your home with respect. We take the time to fully understand your moving needs and work hard to earn your trust before ever lifting that first box. Four generations of moving experience has prepared us to fully anticipate all your moving needs.

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Nancy Carpenter



Although we read all of the reviews of Olympus as well as those for several other moving companies, and we knew that they all had some good and some bad reviews, we chose Olympus for our long distance move based on two in-person, verbal assurances of their on-site appraiser, Adam Levy. Those assurances were (1) that the move was based on cubic feet and not on any inventory list, whether the first, emailed list or a revised once items had been packed or even on the one created on the day of the move; thus, it was our understanding that the cost would never go above the outside figure of $2,630 unless we exceeded the 600 cubic feet allotted to us in the truck; and (2) that our items would be placed on the same truck that would be the delivery truck – we were assured that Olympus, unlike all the rest of the movers we interviewed, would not be storing our items elsewhere until the time of the move or would be sub-contracting our move and therefore our items to another company and its truck. Both assurances were LIES! Not only did the cost of the move increase by an excessive amount but we were told by the foreman as well as workers in the office with whom we spoke by phone on the day of the move, that the cost was based on the inventory items. None of these people could tell us if we had actually exceeded the 600 cubic feet – in fact, all of them, bar none, would never even address our question and concern about the cubic feet as opposed to the inventory. They just all glossed over our question and continually argued their point that there were more items in the inventory on the day of the move than was anticipated. But that should NOT have mattered because we were assured that the cost would only increase if we exceeded the 600 cubic feet! We asked the foreman several times if we had in fact exceeded the 600 cubic feet and he could not or would not answer – he just kept referring to the inventory list. In addition, we were told by the foreman on the day of the move that the truck our items had been loaded on would NOT be the truck delivering to Colorado! So, once again, let buyers beware! Olympus, like all the others, cannot be trusted, would not stand by a good faith verbal assurance and are just in it for the money and the ability to scam people who, by all accounts, don’t want to cancel their move at the last minute and remove their own items from the truck. This was the ridiculous, but truly scam-worthy, alternative they offered to us since we were arguing with the foreman and did not want to accept and sign the agreement with the additional and much larger amount due. Failing a resolution about the cost and the cubic feet we acquiesced and signed the agreement, hoping to be able to take our complaints and concerns up at a later date with the manager/owner of Olympus. Thus began a serious but fruitless back and forth with the manager and several other employees of Olympus in an attempt to get them to see why we felt scammed. To no avail. DO NOT believe them when they say your move is based on cubic feet! DO NOT believe them when they say your outside cost will never be higher! They LIE!

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