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123 Brooklyn Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11000 USA
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About Mubers Moving

123 Brooklyn Ave
Brooklyn, New York

Mubers moving company was built from the ground up to provide reliability, value, and simplicity to all of our customers while boasting the lowest prices in the area. We understand that moving used to be exhausting and frustrating. With Mubers, the stress of moving is a thing of the past. We wake up every morning with one mission in mind. Serve the customer. That means we guarantee honest quotes and a fixed pricing rate. Once we learn about your move and what you need from us, we give you one low quote and it stays low. It’s that simple.

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Fei Jia


Avoid Mubers, particularly for long distance moves

Do not use Mubers Moving, particularly for long distance moves.
Mubers moved me from New Jersey to Florida. It has been over a month and I still don’t have a bed to sleep on.

I made the mistake of falling for Nicole’s (sales rep) seemingly great and quick communication in the beginning and the reasonable price quote. All of that changed after the movers picked up my belongings. After pickup, I strongly suspect Nicole started to screen my calls since I was only able to get a response from her through texts. The only time I was able to speak with her on the phone was when I used a different phone number to call.

The move cost almost two times what I was quoted, despite mentioning the dimensions of all my belongings when getting the quote. I would have accepted that had I received my belongings on time and undamaged (or at all, in the case of my missing furniture).

Mubers drastically underestimated the amount of time for delivery. I had been told 7-10 days for delivery, which was on the longer end for moving estimates I received. I figured that meant this estimate was reasonable and that they would actually deliver within the timeframe. Nicole had not mentioned that this was 7-10 business days, and their contract did not state so either. Despite the already long delivery time estimate, Mubers managed to take even longer, avoiding my inquiry calls regarding when I could expect delivery. Nicole would only text and promised several false dates. Like other reviewers have mentioned, the reason given for the delayed delivery was the truck breaking down (two times for my move per their driver). This seems like something that happens consistently with Mubers.

Mubers finally delivered after 3 weeks of picking up my things, with just one mover. I will give it to Larry (the driver/mover) that he was able to handle moving everything inside himself and was professional and courteous. The move, however, would have been a lot faster if they had provided a second person. Perhaps saving on costs and sending one mover is the reason they are greatly behind schedule.

I had just one piece of furniture that Mubers disassembled and I needed reassembled – my bed frame. Reassembly was not possible, however, because Mubers lost the 12 steel slats of my platform bed. Again, I was not able to reach Nicole or anyone at Mubers by phone. Nicole had once again chosen to text, citing that she had bad phone signal, and promised to look for my bed frame slats first thing in the morning or send me replacements. Just like trying to get a time estimate for delivery, I had to follow-up in order to get more false promises as to when they will actually look for my missing bed frame. At this point, I have given up. It has been over a week and a half since Mubers delivered and the last I heard a week ago is “we are currently working on finding your slats hopefully [the warehouse] will give me a definite today. Since we already delivered you the timing for 21 days is done if we have the slats in the warehouse I will get them out to you immediately if I do not I have to put a claim in for them which takes 30 to 60 Business days I have to follow protocol.”

Almost all my metal pieces had some kind of scratch or dent. I will give them credit for wrapping my wood pieces. I’m still waiting on how their claims work out. I’m not holding my breath.

Mubers claims to be a full service moving company, responsible for disassembling and reassembling. Yet, they have not accepted any responsibility for not being able to reassemble my one piece of furniture. They don’t have the professionalism to answer calls after they have your things and money.

For the price you’ll end up paying, despite a lower quote, go with a professional moving company. Avoid Mubers!

shawn thomas


Great Moving company

great moving company guys were excellent from the start to finish. Thank you xavier for providing best cost for our move

Isaak Sverdlov




They were supposed to come at 3PM to move me. They showed up at 11 PM and no one got in touch with us about being late until 9 PM. We called the company multiple times and no one knew why they were late. After arriving at 11 PM, the drivers were tired and were ready to be done with us. They DIDN'T cover any of my property with protective covers and just took everything and threw it into the car. But don't worry, they ensured to ask for a cigarette before leaving. They then took 1.5 hours to get to the final destination, which is a 40 minute drive at 12 AM. Upon reaching the destination, they told me that the company charges $75 to lift stuff for every floor above the first, but didn't take money because they were trying to do me a "favor." After, speaking to Jeanette and Gilbert (Muber employees), I was told that this was not true. THEY WERE TRYING TO MAKE MORE MONEY. Also, halfway through the move then asked for the full check and rushed me to give them the money b/c they were tired, it was late, and they wanted to leave. They took the money and provided me with NO documentation about the move at all! I HAVE NO PAPERWORK!!! Also, as per Jeanette, the company doesn't take checks. So why did the drivers take it? They moved all of the furniture up into my apartment, and DESTROYED EVERYTHING!!!! The couch was torn, the wall of my apartment scratched, the table scratched, the chairs all terribly scratched, and THE WORST PART IS THAT THEY LEFT WITHOUT TAKING EVERYTHING OUT OF THE TRUCK!!!!!THEY HAD COVERS IN THE TRUCK BUT WERE TO LAZY TO COVER IT. After realizing that all of my property was not in my apartment, I spoke to Gilbert and Jeanette who told me that they would get it to me the next day. IT TOOK A MONTH TO GET EVERYTHING BACK. Gilbert also promised a $130 check to be returned for me as I payed for 3 hours of service but they worked less than 2. Also, the list of items to be moved, that they created,wasn't accurate. However, Gilbert and Jeanette stopped answering my calls after hundreds on phone calls. They were repeatedly telling me that the drivers were oN their way to return my property and money, but somehow the jobs they were working every day i called "went too long." They didn't want to give me my money!!! They are thieves! THEY ALSO SAID THAT THEY FILED AN INSURANCE CLAIM BUT DIDN'T SEND ANYONE OVER TO THE APARTMENT TO SEE THE DAMAGE. HOW CAN YOU FILE THE CLAIM W/O PICTURES?? JOHN TOLD ME THAT IT WAS FILED A DAY AFTER THE MOVE! REALLY?! Then I spoke to John, who called himself the "boss," but in reality isn't. He sent a driver to drop off my stuff and money 2 days ago. But guess what!! NO CHECK!!! THEY DIDN'T BRING MY MONEY!!! Then I called John and he said that he didn't know anything about money. They then blacklisted me and my wife, refused to answer the phone when we called, and called us back with blocked callerID. I just got married and they are refusing to return my money and just returned my property after a month of fighting with them! IT'S SCARY HOW THEY DON'T WANT TO WORK WITH ME. THEY WONT GIVE ME MY MONEY AND IM SURE THEY DIDN'T FILE AN INSURANCE CLAIM

Lynn Power


Terrible Experience

I had a terrible experience with this company. They quoted me a good rate to move a table and couch 2 hours from one house to another. They couldn't make my original delivery date and gave me another window of 4 days a week later. While I was waiting for a confirmation of which date they were going to make, I got a call from the driver that he was 45 minutes away from the drop off -- but they never confirmed the delivery date. I was over 2 hours away and my husband had to drop everything and rush up to meet them. They charged me an additional $450! in waiting time, which put them well over the pricing of the other bids I got. Really disappointing given they never confirmed the delivery date and I would never use them again.

Jackie Cohen


My move to Fort Campbell

I honestly have to say this business is the best I’ve dealt with. As a military wife dealing with constantly moving, I’ve had things destroyed lost , you name it. But with mubers, I was able to touch base with the workers and they kept me informed about my shipment and kept to their approximate times. It was absolutely appreciated. Thank you guys so much.

Jacob F


Horrible experience - fraud alert from all angles

Wallet stolen, upcharged, couldn't have been worse. Wasn't able to make the final payment because I had to close one of my accounts due to one of Mubers' craiglist movers stealing my check book + wallet.

For your own sake, go in another direction. Moving staff itself is fine, but company is horrible and should not be trusted.

Rachel Whiteside


Move from Nyc to fl

The process was organized and easy for pick up and payment was cash or card very easy. Best quote as well and addressed my concerns.

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