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164 Grant Ave. East, Newark, New Jersey 07029 USA

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About Old Country Van Lines

164 Grant Ave. East
Newark, New Jersey

Old Country Van Lines is founded on the principle that people need to feel they can fully trust their moving company. Established in 2005, our expert movers are committed to your satisfaction and move, understanding that each move is unique and demands a unique combination of services.

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Elaina Peyton


Old Country Van Lines

STAY AWAY! Theives and dishonest! Moved in May was quoted $3k! When all my stuff was loaded and gone they handed me a bill for $9k!!! Then went back on their word with payment arrangements and threatened to keep my furniture, hung up on me ( sales manager)...then finally my stuff delivered! 14 pieces damaged! Scratched, chips dents, mattress folded in half, adjustable base sliced and motor broken! Gets worse - 21 missing boxes that padded my costs for cubes! And the extra care wrapping that they simply just added to my bill totaled another $700! But was WORTHLESS because they ruined all my furniture...after several emails and photos galore with no response and Charlie finally saying the owner offer me $500!!!! I said no less than $3k refunded to me- unacceptable! Now it’s October and still not settled!
I WANT MY MONEY YOU CROOKED COMPANY!!!!! You ruined my antiques, my new furniture, my bed and adj base! Total value of bed and base alone is $6k!!!! To replace / repair would cost over $9k! This company is rude, nasty, hostile, the male employees ( sales manager and logistics mgr) treat females beyond disrespectfully and borderline abusively! My dad wants me to sue!!! The owners need to know what kind of excrement works for them and that they are deliberately padding the manifests to charge you more - then holding your furniture hostage until you pay!
Worst experience ever & it’s still not resolved!!!! 1week goes by and no response - then 2 weeks, then phone tag, then zero response! Unprofessional, dishonest and terrible treatment of you and your possessions! (But, at lest the lead mover on the delivery - clued me in on the missing boxes and the overcharge and that I was cheated! He was disgusted with the amount I was charged and said I should get 1/2 of my money back on overcharges! ) maybe I should get him to testify if this ends up in court!



Beware this Company will scam you!!!

What the advertise on their website is all lies , they are not a legit Moving Company . Had 3 Mexicans show up on moving day telling me it would cost me double of what I had agreed to originally . I refused to give them any cash and was told to go F...myself by a so called supervisor over the phone. I have reported this company to the BBB ,news and credit card company . They use dirty intimation tasks to get scam you , was told I lost my down payment . I will take them to court and I hope so do does everyone else who was scammed by these liars . They don't own their moving trucks as they claim on their website and the people who show up aren't professional movers .

Taniesha Conley



They knocked down my phone line and pulled the other from the house. These guys have been impossible to contact. I called and got the run around from some rude man on the phone and then when I called back with a job number from our neighbors after calling 2-3 times the guy answered and started cussing me out immediately because I was calling and threatened to block my call after swearing at me. Over an hour later and I had to call them back, but used a different phone. All I needed from this guy was to give him the information so I can have the insurance from this company cover the damage because we aren't paying for it. The guy knew they knocked it out. The passenger got out of the truck to tell the guy he was stuck and watched them fall and then instead of letting us know and giving us info he ran to the truck and climbed in and they drove off leaving it on the ground. I obviously wouldn't go out and confront strangers. It is total crap and I am very angry. It wouldn't have mattered if they were polite and said hey we are sorry we knocked these down by mistake and gave us the company insurance. Mistakes happen and we aren't angry about the mistake but the way they handled it is wrong. My neighbor also told me they have been having issues as well with them. They were two days late to even show up to move their stuff and showed up at 8pm and was there till 1am. Its been one thing after the next with these people. I don't think these people are responsible nor do they care. Its a headache not needed!! I myself didn't even hire them. My neighbors did!

Jaime Flores


amazing moving service

I have used Old Country Van lines a few times and was very happy with their service. I trust them so much that I had them move my family from NJ to NH. All my friends that have used this company reported back to me that they were very happy and thankful that I referred this amazing moving service to them.

Perry Lee


Tough Customer Service Experience

Old Country Van Lines seems to have reviews that are 5 stars or 1 star. From our recent moving experience with them, here is the reason: expectations are not sufficiently explained. We were originally told, during the sales process, that our belongings would arrive in 3-10 days. The movers packed a very important box in their van that was supposed to be loaded into my car. When I inquired how quickly the box would make it to my new address, since they refused to find the mis-packed box, I was informed that there was an 80% chance it would arrive in 3 days. It took 15 days. During that time, we had an extremely difficult time speaking with anyone who was willing to give us any solid information. Bill, a supervisor, was the first to do so and the first to explain the moving system to us (after 9 days of getting the runaround). Here’s the thing... don’t expect your belongings until they have enough moves in your area of the country to dispatch a truck. If we had realized that ourselves, we would have been more patient and would have made arrangements to bring more clothing and cookware with us in our vehicle. I am only giving OCVL three stars because of the multiple people who were useless in providing information to us and flat-out lied to us during the process (IE. “I’ll have my supervisor call you.” and “I’ll see if dispatch can give you a call.”) Thank you, Bill, for making this move at all tolerable. I also will add that our belongings were delivered in good condition; only a few broken things (which is fairly normal in a move).

Dustin Mayberry


No regrets

My first time to know about Old Country Van Lines was through a review. I was randomly going through relocation company reviews. I read a few of them and got impressed by what I saw in the column of this relocation company. It’s like everyone was praising them. Nearly every customer was saying how diligent, hardworking and compassionate they were. I ended up hiring them out the next time I was in need. The experience I had was marvellous and I have never lived to regret even the slightest bit of it.

Elisabeth Piel


So exciting it was

Every time I hear about Old Country Van Lines, I get excited. I cannot even tell why their very name sparks so much excitement in me. Maybe it is because they gave me an experience that no one has ever given me. The relocation from Rhode Island to New Jersey was conducted professionally and diligently. The crew that ensured that also turned out to be so lively. Two of them have van become very good friends to me and I am so glad it turned out so. Old Country Van Lines crew is one of the best I have met in several years. I get inspired by the work they do. Personally, they have helped me relocate just once. However, I have seen them in action more than four times. I do like seeing them work so I am always there when my close friends or relatives hire them out for relocation services. They never cease to amaze me each day and I am so grateful for that.

Ansa Taifun


Guys were on time

Guys were on time, professional, polite, and made sure that all the items were safely delivered. There was a lot of awkward furniture to get through the flat and stairs and everything was done very carefully. Very reasonable prices. I will be using the again. Thank you,Thank you ,Thank you

Robert Hochman


Horrible. Do not use

They are the worst. Do not hire this company to move your furniture. We actually had to get the police involved in order for them to deliver our furniture. When they did come they didn't put it all back together again. Told me that was my problem. Had two pieces broken. Very rude and they overcharged us. Made us pay extra because we filed a complaint with the US DOT. Poor customer service. When you call to find out when they are coming to deliver your furniture, they tell you they will look into it and then don't call you back or answer their phones. I don't know how they stay in business.

Carmel Foreman


Knowledgeable, dependable and recommendable

Old Country Van Lines are not like the usual money hungry relocation companies that we used to relocate here in Virginia. The crew that was sent to me demonstrated great skills and keenness to details, they knew exactly what to do at the right time and in the right way. They are aware of the regulations governing the moving industry, which was helpful because they adapted well to remain on the safe side of the heavy truck loading regulations. They are very dependable and always do a commendable job.

Chris Thomas



Thank you once again for helping me out with my cross country move. Without your help this move would have been a disaster. My kids were not feeling well and I had to take care of them. The original plan was to move on our own, but the situation changed. On a very short notice I hired Old country van lines. They were very professional from the beginning. They had low rates and also good reviews. Their foreman and his team were experienced, caring and helpful. They moved us out very quickly and very nicely. There were no damages that I know of and they really made this move less stressful. Thank you once again.

James Milkie


Full of joy and gratitude

In the 21st century, it is not too obvious being accorded perfect services. You can part ways with lots of cash, but that is not a guarantee that whatever you will receive in return will be spectacular. Everyone knows it, and there is very little they can do to change that. As such, I am always full of joy and gratitude when I come across a service provider who is willing to help me out. Regardless of the amount they charge, I will still appreciate. It becomes even better when they charge affordable rates for perfect services like Old Country Van Lines. I truly appreciate this company. I just hope they will continue this way.

Kayla Herrick


Theft of services and extortion

TERRIBLE! Bunch of liars and scam artists. I was told a price, it conveniently went up by $900 even after telling them what I had. When I went to give the mover my 2nd payment he asked if he could take $150 of it out as a tip because of the good job they did. I felt pressured because how do I know my stuff wont disappear or end up broken otherwise?? When I told the company rep he said it was wrong and he would do something about it, never did. My date was also set for the 7th but I'm driving across the country and getting to California on the 7th and if my stuff wasnt there I was sleeping on a cement floor. He said he would change the date to the 1st to ensure it would get there for the 7th. Almost the 5th and my stuff hasn't left NJ yet. Plus when I talked to dispatch he was rude and told me "good luck with my move" and to "buy an airmatress and they would see me sometime in the next 3 weeks"!!! The next guy I spoke to called me a liar when I talked about the $150 stating they always use these subs and there has never been an issue...maybe not one people bring up. I dont even trust my stuff will make it there at this point and my own rep doesn't return my calls or keep promises made. Absolutely terrible communication and service. And that's not all, they are extorting someone else I know to pay them $9000 extra to get her stuff back from them and refused to provide the address for where our stuff Is located so we can get someone else to pick it up.

Johnny Gonzaez


Move went phenomenal

I am not easy to impress because I am a perfectionist. But the movers from Old Country Van Lines did the impossible. They impressed me like anything. I tried a lot but I couldn’t fault them at all. The rep was coordinating the entire process. The moving team arrived on time with his helpers. Nothing was damaged or dented, not even a spot on anything. They displayed the best use of skill and experience. I am recommending this company to everyone for all kind of moving services.

Cullen Moss


I enjoyed their services

I enjoy hiring out Old Country Van Lines movers. I have done so twice and I will do it again should an opportunity presents itself. What amazes me about this relocation company is the quality of work they guarantee. What they offer is not guaranteed elsewhere. The two times they have relocated me have been spectacular. The first one was from New York to Kentucky and I loved every bit of it. Two years later, I moved to Oklahoma with their help. I just want the entire fraternity to know that I am so grateful to them. It took me quite some time to come to the final decision of hiring them out. I had had my doubts about them. It was my first time assigning them such a duty and here I was, being convinced against all odds that they were the best ahead of the rest. The last thing I wanted was to come into confrontation with my wife so I actually decided to hire them out. I just realised how good a decision I had made a few days later when they were facilitating the relocation. It was all perfect and the crew carried out what they were paid to do.

Melinda Green


DO NOT do business with this company

I hope my review saves you the hassle and heartache I’ve experienced with this company! They will increase their cost before they deliver goods by the thousands and you pay or they threaten to not deliver your goods. Almost 60% of my goods arrived broken or completely damaged beyond repair. They packed, stored and delivered. All the damage was done while they had possession. I had a new wool rug that arrived damp and molded. When they arrived, they hired people off the street to unload. Put holes in the Sheetrock when delivering in our brand new construction. Not a professional or reputable company as they describe themselves. I have a lot more pictures of damage. Refrigerator dented (only a year old). Dining room table wood cracked. And so much more!!

Richard Copeland


Awesome experience

Good experiences are worth remembering. Good times are worth thinking about each and every moment. Experiences with Old Country Van Lines are worth remembering every single moment. I really enjoyed my recent relocation from New York to California, thanks to Old Country Van Lines. Their best was displayed and I liked it. I will definitely look for them next time I am in need of relocation services. It wasn’t really my first time working with professional movers although they made it appear so. It was a totally different experience and the whole crew displayed a different thing from what I had seen in the other relocation companies. Their work was just full of perfection, diligence and hard work. I really appreciate their efforts in ensuring that I relocated safely to my current residence. I recommend them.

Tiffany Ray



Do NOT trust this company! They lie from the very first time you speak to them! I walked through every room in my house, they give you a great quote...soon as they get there give you another...randomly leave high dollar items behind and claim it won’t fit on their truck..say they will come back...then want to charge you a ton. Then tell you when they leave they are on their way to deliver. Never show...when you finally reach them...they won’t a ton of cash! Still waiting on my delivery and it’s been 17 days! This has been a nightmare!! If my things are still not here in 4 more days..I’m getting a lawyer!! Run from this company!!

Carol Stein


Always my movers

I will not hesitate to hire them out next time. They did quite a commendable job. Compared to the relocation company I sought its services previously, they are better off. In terms of dedication and full delivery of quality relocation services. They also have the manpower to carry out the work within a considerably shorter. I love speed and that gives me a reason to get in touch with them next time. So far, I have only relocated two times. The first one is when I was moving from my hometown to the city. I did not have that much luggage so the process wasn’t that complicated. I was there for a while and then decided to move out, just recently. I hired out Old Country Van Lines having heard how good they are. True to the words of my best friend, they did a good job.

Ernesto Jordan


Great Move

I'm so thankful to you guys! In the past my moving was horrible--this is the smoothest it ever been. Great services!

Carla Eden


review of old country van lines Please Beware!!!!

Started off ok, worked with Frank who assured me that it was a mom and pop operation, A+++rating on BBB, one driver start to finish, no add-ons ever, no subcontracting ever, no worries, quick turnaround once they picked would be the following week. Any questions just give a call. Turned out to be complete lies. Not a mom and pop operation, calls were to someone in NJ who then had to contact NJ dispatch. My mom's small load was in California. Was told that Frank died and then I ended up with Bill who was very rude and unresponsive. No A+ BBB rating, in fact, BBB says they are not accredited and are no longer in business. Different drivers. Pick up went OK but delivery was a nightmare. They took my mom's things to some warehouse and then held them there for more than a week and never would tell me if they had been loaded on the semi or if a driver had been assigned. Dispatch and the NJ people blocked my calls. I had to cancel tons of appts. just waiting around. Was told the driver would call the night before to let me know when they were coming. Was told driver would call about an hour before (I had asked them to use my cell number). No call the night before and the hour before they called my mom's empty apartment in Sacramento! We just happened to be at a care management meeting when the semi arrived. Had to pay an extra $75.00 because her door in the facility was more than 75 feet from the truck. (Frank had said not to worry about that in the contract, "that's only when they have to park down the street". Thankfully it is over, but seriously, check out the company better than I did. Lesson learned. I never think people will lie or be dishonest with me. I guess I am jaded now.

Leia Leanne


Very friendly, courteous and efficiently move

Old Country Van Lines provided a flat rate reasonably priced quote for my one-bedroom move. Although they arrived 1 hour early (without calling first) the guys were friendly, courteous and efficiently moved and wrapped all my large items, packed them into their truck and unpacked in 3 hours flat. Very impressed with their work.



professional movers and packers

Peter and Andrew were outstanding and Profesional in every way these 2 guys are smart strong and fast and they really do a good job If all goes well to my delivery destination I'm referring all my friends and family to there company great service great people

Clifford Bernard


Superb Service

What a superb service! The guys were incredible! Very courteous, caring and fast! The guys from Old Country Van Lines finished wrapping all my belongings in 4 hours only! They used pads to protect my floors and the front door. They had all tools to get the job done properly. I think it is important to inform I moved my belongings into a new home on the third floor with no elevator and the move was done quite professionally without any problem. I already recommended their service to my acquaintances and shall use them for my future moves!

Joey Edwards


Very fast-Amazing service

Most movers you will meet absolutely loathe their job. Of course, moving heavy things cannot be fun. But I felt like the movers from Old Country Van Lines enjoyed their job. They worked very fast and I mean very fast! They were really swift with the packing and loading process. The delivery was made on time and the men unpacked everything. They put all the boxes in the right rooms and they asked whenever they were in confusion. It didn’t even cost me that much for the amazing services I received. All in all, it was a perfect relocation for me.

Aurora G


Avoid Old Country Van Lines at all costs

My experience with this "company" was horrendous from beginning to end. This isn't an actual company; it's a phone line to a residential house in New Jersey. The same phone number can be traced to several other moving companies that have gone out of business. They claim to be accredited by the BBB but that is not accurate. The people who load, drive and unload are not employed or vetted by Old Country Van Lines. They are sub contractors who work for cash only. I had to learn all of this information the hard way and hope to save others from this predatory, dishonest and unprofessional individuals.
3/4-Movers scheduled to pick up at my house in CA. They are two hours late. The paperwork they show up with has different units of measure, different charge amounts than the binding estimate and they tried to upcharge me $200 for a "long carry" because they parked across the street. I got out my tape measure and had to prove to them it was less than 65 feet.
3/5, 3/6 and 3/7-Emailed and called the "moving consultant" identified on my estimate about the contract and measurement discrepancies for which I was owed a $256 credit. No return call or email.
3/9-Dispatch person calls and says my items will be delivered 3/12 or 3/13 and that the driver would call me 24 hours in advance with a time window.
3/12-Hear nothing so I call and leave a message with "Dispatch"
3/13-Dispatch calls me back and says driver has been trying to reach me....wrong. She says they will be there late afternoon on 3/13. Driver finally calls me and says they are 6 hours away but will be there around 4 pm. I call him at 4:30 and he tells me he hasn't left North Dakota but that he will arrive the next morning between 8 and 10 am. I have left work early on 3/13 and now will need to miss more work the following morning.
3/14-I sit at my new empty house from 8-11:30 am with no delivery, no phone calls and no emails. I called and left messages and emails with the driver, Old Country, Dispatch and Sales. None of my messages are returned.
Finally at 3 pm a person from Illinois who I have never dealt with calls me and says that the driver is stuck in South Dakota due to either a broken truck or inclement weather but they will be at my house between 5 and 9 pm the next night. The driver told me North Dakota and in looking at the weather map, nothing but sunshine and rainbows in all of the Dakotas.
3/15-Dispatch person calls in the morning to tell me that the drivers attempted delivery but couldn't complete it because I tried to pay in Canadian money......was I being punked? Wrong again. Then she said that the drivers are on their way from Idaho and will reach me later that night. Keep in mind that I am in MT. These folks must be using a map from 1860 or prior to the Louisiana Purchase being made.
I called the driver directly and he actually picked up only because I blocked my phone number. He said they were still in either North or South Dakota and were scheduled to get into my town at midnight. I'm a single mother and my youngest is a toddler so that didn't really work for me.
3/16-Miracle upon miracles they actually arrive at 8:30 in the morning; but I was so relieved that I didn't mind having to miss yet another day of work.
Piece of advice-pay the slightly higher amount to reputable nation wide movers such as North American, Bekins or Mayflower. The few dollars are well worth it to avoid these shysters. I would say they need to be put out of business but I'm sure they will be soon and then will just start a new one with a different name ; but same dirty playbook.

Fabian Elias


Everything was great

Everything was great. From the initial booking to the move itself. I had a lot of questions during the process, as I have never used movers before. Everything was answered in a timely manner and there were no surprises.Highly recommend Old Country Van Lines.



Excellent Service

I chose Old Country Van Lines for move and it really worked well. I got all my things much earlier than I expected. The company really beat our expectations and that one phone call from Rafael gave me the confidence to choose Old Country Van Lines for my move. He really went thru all my things over the call and provided an estimate quickly. My experience with this company went well and I will definitely recommend Old Country Van Lines to my friends.

Elias Gabriel


I really appreciate these guys

My furniture and belongs were treated with care and consideration-which I really appreciate. The moving staff was much more efficient than I ever could have been! I had complete trust in them and I felt like my possessions were sincerely taken care of. I'm so grateful for this company and I plan to use them in the future, if I move again! I hate the chore of moving, and this process just streamlined everything and made it so much easier on me! I will recommend! Thank you.

James Zimmerman


They were awesome

Their seriousness on the job was clearly visible. They came in early, packed and wrapped my belongings with care and got me ready to go in 4 hours! I really did think that they will screw things up because it was a long distance move. But they proved me wrong! They protected every single item. No scratches on anything! They were so cool about everything! They even helped me with my car which wasn’t working properly! They were so kind and helpful and I highly recommend Old Country Van Lines!



Great service

What a great bunch of people! From the initial quote to the final box being put down, Old Country Van Lines was meticulous, careful, professional, and courteous. The salesman was very thorough throughout the quote and caught a bunch of items I had overlooked on my inventory. The movers were detailed, clean, uniformed, and amazing at their craft. Delivery came a day early, but we were informed early enough to make the proper arrangements and it actually worked out to our favor. All of our goods made it unscratched and undamaged to our new location. Unloading was quick and precise, and the crew had us in our favorite chairs watching TV just a few hours after they showed up. I HIGHLY recommend these guys!

Joshua Francis


Best movers in town!

I booked my families move to South Carolina with Chris at Old Country Van Lines, after checking with the BBB and reading the great reviews from past customers. This was no small feat, we moved from a 3 bedroom home, and we had accumulated a lot of stuff with 3 kids...Chris walked me through each step, and was there if I called to ask questions. This made me feel less stressed about the whole thing. The company called the day before and gave me a time frame that the movers would be there, and they were on time. They were professional, courteous and efficient. Packed and loaded everything in record time. Chris, our sales guy called the next day just to see if we needed anything. Very professional. The movers called 2 weeks later to deliver the next day, they were there on time and unloaded, put our things where we wanted and put the beds ect.. together, Our family was very impressed, I WILL USE OLD COUNTRY VAN LINES IF I EVER MOVE AGAIN

Haily Jane



They were excellent, courteous, kind and professional in moving our condo to another condo in the same building....and then moving other furniture to two different locations afterwards. We will definitely use this mover again. Wonderful!!

Joseph M


highly recommended

We had moved a few times quite recently. So you would think we must have known the best movers. The truth is we only got the best services from one company, who we hired for our last move, which was Old Country Van Lines. My sister-in-law referred them to us who she had hired before. My wife called them and they gave us a very nice estimate. There was something about the way Old Country Van Lines communicated with me that made me trust in them instantly. Turns out, my instincts were right! The movers sent from the company were very capable and friendly. They packed up my whole apartment so fast. Not only were they fast, but they were thorough too. They finished the job so efficiently. Their efficiency ensured that I didn’t have to pay a cent extra for this move. All my belongings were delivered safely and I just couldn’t be more thankful to these guys. I highly recommend these guys.




Record all phone conversations!

I was overcharged by nearly 500 cu ft! The loaders that packed up my house stacked things in a "secure fashion" which maximized square footage. When my belongings were delivered, by another company, they fit everything into a 400 cu ft space on their truck (billed 873 cu ft). Despite what they claim, they can subcontract your move out to other moving companies.

Somewhere along the way and shuffling it between trucks, they managed to lose and damage multiple items.

DO NOT gamble your belongings on this untrustworthy company! If your quote comes from a company using Old Country Van LInes in NJ, take your business elsewhere. When you call them you're really speaking to a 3rd party company!

They locked me in with a low rate, called me after my down payment was no longer refundable to revise my estimate to a "worst case" scenario, then raised the price again after loading the items on the truck. The Worst experience of MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! STAY AWAY!!!!

Jasmin Jolie


Responsive and reliable

They were very professional, responsive, and reliable. Team was on time, hard-working, and and overall awesome. Highly recommend!

Cody Joel


Excellent Service

Everything was wrapped, dis-assembled and secured. Transported. Then carefully re-assembled, unwrapped and put where it was supposed to go. The guys did a great job. I will be using them again.

Colin Marius


Quick and professional

Got my place moved professionally and quickly. I have a king size bed, huge dresser, large mirror, night stand, desk, chairs, and many boxes and suit cases. All of them arrived at my new place without any scratches. Everything went extremely smooth. The price is a bit lower than other movers too. I'd use Old Country Van Lines again in the future and recommend them.

Donald Gordon


Lies, stress and overcharging

I was quoted after a physical inventory $6450 for 1700 cu ft. They loaded and told me it was 2450 cu ft. I got my measuring tape and proved to the movers it was far less - 1900 cu ft (also confirmed on delivery - with photos of where stuff came to on truck. They lied to me about dimensions of the truck and I have photos that show the proper measured dimensions. They came down to 2150 cu ft at $8487 but no lower. Contract said 2nd location was included within 15 miles, on delivery - movers refused unless I paid an add'l $450 when it was already $2000 over what they quoted. The wold process has been the biggest headache and most stressful thing I've probably ever done.

In addition, the movers who loaded us showed up during the only window I told them I would't be there and then argued and were rude to my wife when I wasn't there.

They lied on paperwork and because they hadn't gotten appropriate signatures at the right times (at loading), they made me sign scanned copies of inventory and bill of lading with forged dates or they wouldn't deliver my items.

There's so much more - but all I can say is this was the most unimaginably terrible experience I can imagine it could have been. I guess so far only a couple of things were damaged and nothing that we have found yet that was super important to us.



Highly recommend

Best moving experience I have ever had. They gave me a great price and had amazing service. All I had to do was open the door and they took care of the rest. Would Highly recommend this company for anyone trying to move!



smooth move

I used Old Country Van Lines to move from an apartment into storage and then from storage into a house. They were quick, clean, careful and friendly. Price also was substantially lower than another quote I'd received. Wouldn't hesitate to use them again, but hopefully, I won't have to!

Richie Triton


Highly recommended

These guys are pros.

I needed a mover last minute as I work for the Philadelphia Eagles and I was just transferred to work for the Jacksonville Jaguars.. it was an easy scheduling process and everything that Joshua told me was going to happen, happened.

The guys gave me a 3 hour window to show up for the pick up 9am-12pm and they were at my house at 9:15am! The delivery took 6 days and they promised within 10. Not one thing was damaged and this was the first move that I had a flawless service.

Highly recommended and I will pass this on to the next family moving so you know where to look when relocating. Old country vans is the way to go. These guys packed up my stuff without breaking a sweat. I can truly say I do have a mover for life, thanks Joshua for talking me into it as you know I was a little skeptical in the beginning. You proved me wrong and I’m happy to share this experience with you all!!

Julian P


definitely recommend this company

I normally try to background check companies before taking a decision to eat, visit or use a service, that's why I leave reviews on companies that offer an above customer experience to myself and this was this case.

My family and I moved, everything went well and smooth in every step of the way, the goods came in good shape and under the time I was expecting them, even earlier, so honestly nothing wrong to say about this guys.

I can definitely recommend this company to someone moving.

Rolando Hammer


Thank you

From start to finish i was treated with respect . I make music happen and what that means is that people smile for a living its not easy but it has great rewards . I do sound and lighting for some of the best local bands in my hometown. When I got the call that I was going to change where I had been living for 10 years move to the big leagues of the sound industry. I was to say the least at little freaked out. I was not going to be able to be there for my wife ,my three children and my best good four legged friend "Izzy"golden lab by the way softest dog you ever pet . I would have to Trust that someone would be the man power and take the same care of my stuff that i would . To make sure of this I took lots of phone calls and talked to many different companies about how they operate . i had to make sure that this move was perfect . Finally got to talk to someone that was not just looking for a Sale they were looking customer . I mean these people really made it hard not to want to choos

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