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163 South Street, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601 USA
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About North Van Lines

163 South Street
Hackensack, New Jersey

We are professionals who are dedicated to customer satisfaction and focused on developing and nurturing our client relationships. We are in this with you for the long haul. Our goal is simple: Not only do we want to move you NOW -- we want to move you from NOW ON!

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The absolute worst experience with a company in my life

After putting all of my belongings in the truck they charged me $2000 over my quoted price. When they got to my new home they came it 2 separate trucks. They lost major pieces of furniture and scratched up my floors. If I would have know this would be such a horrible experience I would have moved my own belongings, unfortunately this was supposed to be the splurge of our move to make life easier. Do yourself a favor and use a different moving company.

James Demesvar


Do not use them they are scam call FMSCA immediately

Just had my move today from NYC to ATl .My original charged was suppose to be $1200 plus $302 deposit based on 343 cubic space. Until the driver charged me for an extra 257 cubic .Because I had a furniture with glass ,He claimed that it would take more spaced.He charged me for 600 cubic space instead of 343. And charged $225 dollars for each stair case which were only 2 because the first was free.Then another $27.45 for a small boxes extra. Which brought my total to $3,445 plus I gave them $200 gratuity. Worst company ever make sure you double checked be agree.



This company is a scam they dont do business with them.

Today I hired them for a move from NYC to ATl . The original charge was $1200 plus $302 deposit which is base on 343 cubic space on the truck.Before I paid $302 deposit customer service lady name Nadia told me there won't be anymore charges except the step flight which were suppose to be only 3
For $75 each. When they driver showed up added extra 257 cubic Because my tv stand had glass and it would take more space . Plus $330 for packing and wrapping. $225 for the stairs. $27.49 for a small extra box $500 for gas and 4 more extra charges for $340. And asked my gratuity which I gave them $120. My total became $2780 puls $883 once the stuff delivery.

Do not do it . its your lost



The worst people I've ever encountered.

I'm a resident in the building their moving job was at. They made so much noise at 7AM on a Saturday morning and woke me up, any reasonable human being would get upset. I don't know if people normally complain with a smile on their face and a jolly attitude but I tend to be bitchy when I complain.

The mover gave me major attitude, stared me down and argued with me that they're doing their job and who the hell am I to say anything. I'm a resident, and you're making noise! I live there, I have the right to complain when someone who is not a resident is making noise and disrespecting me! The guy even started recording video of me so I start making recording of my own.

I asked for the name of their company and he refused to give me their information, stating he "don't owe me anything". The confrontation were escalated and I honestly don't feel safe that they know where I live so I made a police complain and called the company directly. To my surprise, the woman who stated she's the COO of the company started arguing with me and threaten me that "We know where you live!" WHAT??? How are these people even legally running a company? They are straight thugs! I want people to know who these people really are! Protect yourself and don't get muscled or intimidated by these thugs!!! I will see you in court for harassment and intimidation!

A picture is worth a thousand words. You recorded me, so here are your recordings for the record.




My suggestion to anyone wanting a positive outcome with a moving experience is to DEFINITELY USE NORTH VAN LINES!!!
NORTH VAN LINES is a credit to the moving company industry. I admit I was nervous when I took a chance with the company. I can honestly say my move from NJ to Atlanta GA was done with great care and professional treatment by all involved. Thank you Mr Matthew and staff at North Van Lines!!!




A friend of mine in NYC and myself both happened to be moving from NYC to Dallas around the same time. A mutual friend had recommended this company because her cousin worked there - HUGE MISTAKE EVER EVEN CALLING! I called, received a quote from someone named Matt and he "needed my credit card" to secure the quote. I thought this sounded fishy but since the company came recommended by a trusted source I gave it. Next thing I knew I was charged hundreds of dollars before I ever even agreed to the terms of the quote/contact. Matt, the person who I spoke with of course took several calls and emails to get ahold of and when I said I had decided to to use another moving company he basically badgered me about my change of decision. They did finally refund the money for the quote I had never even signed or agreed to.

However, here's where the story really gets bad. My friend did decide to use them. They charged her literally hundreds extra because she lived on the 3rd floor (no elevator) despite the fact she disclosed this at this time she booked the move and because her inventory "took up more cubic feet" than the moving company anticipated! So essentially she was scammed into paying almost $400 extra dollars. Then, when her belongings arrived in Dallas, they arrived after 9PM in the dark and demanded several hundred extra dollars because to unload everything was considered a far walk. Mind you her new apartment had a loading dock and a freight elevator to simplify things for movers and she moved from a small studio apartment in NYC and didn't have a lot of belongings to start with. To put in perspective, a local moving company charges around $75-80 per hour of moving and these jerks wanted $300 to unload her belongings. So it was 3 big men holding my single female friend's stuff hostage until she agreed to go to an ATM at 10 PM at night to get them cash! Of course, no one was available to help from North Van Lines at this hour and even when she spoke with them, it was basically like sorry, there's nothing we can do. Also, several of her glasses were broken, a leather ottoman had a hole poked in it and her entertainment stand was broken. These people are absolute crooks and should be disgusted at how they treat people. Do not use them, ESPECIALLY if you are a single female.



long distance moving

This was just too easy. I didn’t think that long distance moving would be so simple and so stress free. Thank you John and all at North van lines who made this possible.



Best moving company there is!

Out of many deliberately confusing promotional websites on the internet, it was really tough job finding a good moving company like North Van Lines. They called me and sought permission to send an estimator for making quotation. The next day a gentleman came in the very early morning. We received an economical rate that was bearable for us. The moving guys blew my socks off by the diligence, time sense and well behavior. All my belongings were moved without a single glitch. It was one day ahead of schedule, we got our consignment! The phenomenal moving task would never be possible without their honesty and dedication. They are the best moving company for me.



Moving expenses

This outfit is full of liars and thieves
From the first time we talked to them.
They delivered our furniture with damages and late than keep telling us it not there fault.
When you call them they laugh at you and hang up on you

Lucinda Carrasquillo


Excelente compañia de mudanza

Mi familia se an mudado desde Scranton, PA hasta Orlando, FL. La mudanza fue un proceso muy facil y efectivo todo fue muy bien explicado y caulquier pregunta y duda que tenia fue contestada sin rodeos ningunos. El equipo que llego a mi hogar fue muy Profecional y sabia que mis pertenencias eras mas del estimado y me dejaron saver antes de empezar a trabajar que el precio hiba a cambiar lo cual me encanto. El delivery se tomo un poco mas tiempo en llegar a mi destino lo cual me preocupe y contacte la compañia y me explicaron que el cual se toma un poco mas de tiempo por que viaja en un camión mas grande con otras paradas y reglas en transito lo cual fue entendido. Si vuelvo a mudarme vuelvo a user a North Van Lines y hablan español lo cual mi ingles no es bueno. Muchísimas gracias!



professional movers

This company moved my furniture from Manhattan to California and I couldn't be happier! They got the job done and did what they said they were going to do. Called a day prior, showed up the next day early got everything wrapped and secured properly took them about 14 days to get my stuff across the country and now I'm moved in and happy. I usually don't write reviews but my rep Robert mentioned how everybody always complains and nobody really writes good so I'm taking the time out of my day to write good.



very professionall

I purchased a new home, so I had to move. When I talked to the sales representative from North van lines, the gentleman was very helpful and friendly. He had very good customer service skills and I was impressed. The moving crew was awesome and did everything that I needed them to do. The communication they provided, it was priceless. They work very professionally and efficiently and did not damage anything. These guys are a good enough reason to hire this company. I was absolutely impressed by this company at every level of this move.



Reasonably priced excellent service

This is the best moving service I have tried. They took great care of my property while loading, transporting and unloading. Paying exceptional close attention to my fragile items.

The price was great and the service that I got was outstanding. I have tried other movers in the past and didn't have the experience that I had with them.

I would recommend this service to anyone that needs to move and needs help doing so. I am very happy that I chose North Van Lines.



Perfect Move

First, I would like to point out that the move was different in 3 ways: Time, Price, and Professionalism. The move was quick, clean, and respectful. The movers were people who obviously have experience in this business and were very careful with my Items. I appreciate how quickly they were able to move my things with such precision. Second is the price. The low base price of $2,000 was just perfect for me. $2,000 for what I was moving was very reasonable and was good to my budget. Other companies were charging me too much. Last but not least was professionalism. The staff was extremely nice and outgoing, always with smiles on their faces, providing a happy, exciting, and positive environment. I would definitely recommend this company to anybody wanting to move their things for a low price, quick move, and nice environment.



Sincere and Skilled

Moving has always been stressful for me every moving company I used always was below my standards. Then I used North Van Lines they were great the customer service was top notch. The prices were very reasonable and all of my belongings arrived in perfect condition. They kept me in the loop of where my belongings were and they arrived on time. They moved in my stuff quickly and didn't damage my wooden floors the movers were awesome. I highly recommend using these guys you won't be disappointed all around a great experience.



The best of the best

North Van Lines seemed to me more affordable and reliable so I decided on them and I feel so lucky for choosing them. It was our first move with a happy end and great memories. The crew which came over seemed so young, but you have to watch them working! Oh, gosh, they are so energetic and the stuff is just flying in their hands when loading! In one word, they moved us fast and with great care. They accept almost any kind of payment which is convenient too



Best mover

North Van Lines are the most professional and efficient moving company i have ever hear about. My friends recommended me to use it. And it was a good decision to go with North Van Lines. First of all i requested the quote and the price was the most adequate on the market. I had a lot of heavy stuff in my 3 bedrooms house. Thanks to Atlantic Coast Movers there was not damages, no losses and i'm so happy that we did it together. It was my first move, and i do recommend North Van Lines.



No damages

I should say I had no issues with North Van Lines.
These people impressed us by their excellent services.
I personally was really exhausted with this search of moving companies to be able complete our huge move and I could say these guys gave us a good help.! Georgia to DC is a considerably big trip and North Van Lines made it happen and pretty well.

They wrapped our stuff in three layers (so, spared no packaging material) including our sofas and all the stuff. They are careful with flooring and took a very good care of stuff.
For me the most important was that were no any delays. That I appreciate the most. Referring to the prices they're really good, even better than other companies offer




I hate moving but these guys made it so easy for me . They were fast and didn't break or scratch any of my belongings . They arrived 20 minutes early ! Very laid back , cool staff - respectful , professional . They made me feel comfortable and confident that my stuff was in good hands . I recommend this company for big moves . I never used a moving company before but this was a good experience for my first time



No Hassle

My family had to move my mom from Florida to Mexico for health reasons. We didnt't know what to do. We found North Van Lines. They were sympathy and very patient. They helped us through out the whole process. Their prices were reasonable and they were very efficient. They were on time, very curteous and generally helpful. Call North van lines if you need help.



Extremely affordable

This was beyond the best moving service that I have ever used! with a moving company. Matthew and his crew were all done in a very timely manner, very professional crew and they did everything with ease, not much noise or commotion. At first I was unsure because I've never used this company but after all of the referrals I've read it was a no brainer!! My total amount of moving expenses with this company was just $5000 which was Extremely affordable compared to other moving company rates! We are currently on a budget so this was really like a life saving moment.

Normally I don’t leave reviews but I just had to let people know how great North van lines really is!! I can tell by the way his worker's worked when they thought I wasn’t looking that my stuff will be moved safely, very cautious! Thank you North van lines, it means a lot.

Cam Cacer


Friendly Service Smooth Move

The moving company vwas beyond Friendly, Persistent, and Hardworking. Was only 3200 dollars, everything was more organized then it's ever been, and the service was top notch. Would recommend to everyone. Nothing was stolen, damaged, or wet. Seriously made moving hasslefree. Glad I decided not to be so stubborn and finally pay somebody. They all had good communication skills, a Personable, professional appearance and attitude.

Phillip Jefferson


Highly Recommend Them

Not only was the price reasonable, but the service was above and beyond my expectations. Staff was extremely helpful and professional, I would definitely recommend this company.

Deberry Jose


Great and cheap!

This company really saved me a headache! The staffs were super reliable and prompt, not to mention knowledgeable. I called several other moving companies with a lot of run-around and no flexibility in pricing at all. From start to finish, the move was easy and took a lot off my plate. Nice staff imaginable would definitely recommend. I was more than pleased



Recommend Them

I always told my wife that we would eventually use a moving company and I am glad that we finally did. We called and called trying to find a place that was affordable and seemed very reliable and I think we did Best ending up choosing North van lines no complaints and served very kindly and all went as planned. We will recommend them to others looking to move as well.



Happy Move

I moved from Georgia to California and I'm very pleased with the moving service they provided so far. The staff were very professional and polite. I paid about $3000 for the move but it was well worth it.



wonderful job

Wonderful, wonderful. Richard was very upfront and went into deep detail to make sure that I understood everything that was going to happen for my first long distance move. I couldn't be any happier with the service that was provided prior to the move and on move day itself. I will always recommend North Van Lines to anyone and everyone that I know. Thank you Richard for being patient and working with me, especially how difficult I can be. Always, Susan B.

Louis Dawson


Happy Move

I am very happy that I spoke with Richard and he was upfront and honest about what to expect. The price was very fair and the service when the crew showed up was flawless. Thank you North van lines.



Good job.

The pick up was very good. They scheduled a pick-up day and a back up day the next day. The went to the back-up day which was OK with us. The men (3) who came were very careful of everything. The lead man was very good at directing the other two men and took special care of some delicate china closets. They accommodated all of our stuff and packed it so as to be safe but as compact as possible to help keep costs low. When we checked with dispatch for delivery, however, at first they indicated it would be up to two weeks after we expected which would have been after we would have left our destination. When I called the person I first booked with, Cheryl, she assured me that there would be a delivery sooner. Sure enough, I called the dispatch the next day and they indicated that delivery would take place about three days later than we had anticipated but that still fit our schedule. The delivery (2 men) went well enough, though not as careful as the pick-up, nothing was damaged and every



Amazing job

We moved from Astoria, NY to Atlanta, GA so easily only because of North van lines. These guys were just amazing. They were punctual and responsive. They listened to all our instructions and requests. All our furniture was wrapped in shrinking tapes and other stuffs were packed into boxed. It sometimes seemed like they were using too much packing materials. But it only helped safeguarding our valuables. I received the delivery on time and in great condition. I just dont know how to properly thank these guys for the amazing job they did.

Vincent Vega


A great day

You guys were very helpful and professional. I have the upmost respect for movers, especially warching the back breaking work first hand. I highly recommend North Van Lines.



Friendly Service Smooth Move

I've never hired movers before, but I'll never hire anyone else. A move-in that took me two days with a crew of friends two years ago was reduced to just a few hours by Matthew and James, who barely broke a sweat. It was a tricky move, a hundred yards down a narrow, windy, uneven path to the street, and two drop-offs. All smooth, no damage, friendly and prompt service, and under my anticipated budget.

Richard Haggins


Will Recommend

I was treated like family at North. Both Cheryl and Matthew took ample amount of time to make sure the picture was painted for me. I am a very visual person and I am very happy I chose to go with a Cubic foot company instead of the weight based companies. Thank you north, Cheryl, and Matthew.



Thank you guys

Thank you Robert for being so patient and polite. You were honest and so were your workers that came to move my mom. I really appreciate honest people and hard working individuals who treat you with respect. 5 STARS all the way around.

Lizanne Smith


good move

Out of all the companies i called for a state to state move estimate North Van Lines offered the best one. The staff was kind and answered all my question curtiously no matter how many times i called. Matthew was very kind and helpful and took into consideration how stressful moving is. I appreciate the kindness an consideration that i was show. To Matthew an staff thank u for everything. I would recommend North Van Lines to anyone if they needed moving or other services.



My All Time Mover

My search for the right mover has ended almost six months ago when I managed to find North Van lines among plenty of other companies. And, when I hired them again today for a quick move, they proved that they are the best in the industry. I picked them for a friend of mine and it was so seamless right from the start. As they always do, the quote was provided earlier after analyzing through the items in the venue. The end job was perfect and not so surprisingly, the costs were very close to the proposed quote. It is something budget conscious people will always look for and I am one of them.



reliable moving company

We engaged North van lines recently for a move.
To start with, their sales executive Matthew was very informative and helpful too, over the phone. A day before the schedule move they also confirmed.

The team arrived on-time. They did an efficient & thorough job at starting location
Then reached destination in good time and moved-in at destination equally well.
They followed the rule-book - paperwork, walk-through, feedback etc.
I really appreciate their focus on the job-at-hand and not engaging in loose conversations.

Overall, very satisfied with their services.
Will gladly recommend them to friends and family.
Will surely engage them in the future.

Linda Mcbrown


Good Job

These guys rock. Matthew and Kennet did such a phenomenal job that the move this time too was pretty painless. I started using North Van Lines in 2012 and have used them since for two more moves and will continue to use them in the future.

Alton Hayes


Best Moving Company

Matthew and the team at North Van Lines made our move easy once again. This was the second time we have used them in the last year and never thought twice about giving them repeat business. They are straightforward, friendly, and considerate. They may not be the least expensive option in town, but why would you want to trust the cheap guys with your possessions? If you want a professional move for a competitive price, call Matthew.

Nathan Cuncan


Very good moving services

I havent used this company services but wanted to commend its owner, Kenny, for providing excellent customer service to someone who was not even a customer. I called him today for a quote on a cross-country move and he promptly called me back. He let me know that his company does not do cross-country moves (rather than just failing to return my call, as many companies would do), and also advised me to look for companies with license numbers beginning with "ICC," indicating that they are licensed to do inter-state moves; as I have found in my search, many movers are only licensed to move within NJ. Thank you, Kenny, for your professionalism!

Kevin Sullivan


Highly Recommend Them

The best movers--I interviewed 3 companies, not expecting to choose the one I found on Google! (vs personal recommendations.) But the professionalism and concern for what our family needed came through upon my initial interview with Matthew. His amazingly polite and careful crew moved my 800+ lb piano up 27 stairs; they moved a lemon tree, they unbuilt the gazillon piece Ikea bunk bed and then re-rebuilt it in a slightly different configuration at our new place. They did all of it with a smile and under budget. WOW. Hire them...

Dean Waller


Great Experience

Although they moved us 2 months ago, I just became a Google member so I could write a review. This moving company was so good we actually used them twice! They are extremely professional, prompt, clean, courteous, and nice! Nothing was damaged in the move and they also cleaned up meticulously after themselves. Although the move actually took a few more hours than they budgeted for, they stuck to their estimate and only charged us the previously agreed upon amount. My family has moved several times over the past decade and this moving company was by far the best we have ever seen! I also recommended them to a friend who used them and also had a great experience.

Sergio Royster


great service

Matthew and Sam were terrific! They worked hard and fast - I was amazed at how much stuff they could take down three flights of stairs in one go. Everything was well taken care of, and their estimate was right on. It was my first time using movers, and now I am wondering why I waited so long to use them. It was the best moving experience I have ever had. Thank you Matthew and Sam!!

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