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Nationwide Logistics, Northeast 140 Prospect Ave , Hackensack, New jersey 07601 USA

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About Lighthouse VanLines

Nationwide Logistics, Northeast 140 Prospect Ave
Hackensack, New jersey

Lighthouse Vanlines leads the industry in providing smooth household relocations, as a premier moving company we take great pride in providing a level of service unparalleled. Whether moving nearby or moving abroad, with over 30 years of cumulative moving experience, we have developed a seamless process from the initial phone call all the way to the delivery of your household items. We are able to lighten the load in more ways than one.

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Sandy Blevins



Do not hire this company! Horrible communication and misleading pricing. And 3 months after my move, I am still trying to get a box returned to me they delivered to someone else. Each time I check on it I’m told another lie.



We were satisfied

Lighthouse vanlines is an extremely efficient moving company. I was surprised at how quickly they got everything done. On the day of our move, they asked very specifically what we did and didn't want pack. They placed the belongings very carefully. They didn’t spend much time to pack my belongings. The info on the website of this company was very helpful in planning my move. Overall, I was very impressed with the service. It was very easy to communicate with them. They were very efficient movers. They moved me out with a well organized way. I would highly recommend them and want to use them again.

Sheila G.



Lighthouse Vanlines made my move painless. They are professional and got things packed in the truck and unloaded quickly and with care. Abraham was efficient and offered great customer service. I've moved a couple of times in the past with help of family and friends, but it took all day and we all ended up with back pain and exhausted. Hiring good movers is the way to go! From now on I will have Lighthouse Vanlines help me with any move! No more stress when moving.

John Gable



Jill and I moved recently and I had a really really great experience ! Light house Van lines were completely Awesome!! They made us feel like family they took excellent care of everything from our questions, packing and the move itself. They were very timely. We will highly recommend them!!



Sincere and Skilled

We hired Lighthouse vanlines for our move a few weeks ago. They were just amazing. When I called them for a quote, they seemed very sincere and gave me a very reasonable quote. Their crew arrived on time. The movers were very sincere and skilled. I had some heavy belongings but they didn’t take a long time to finish packing everything. They were very careful while carrying and loading them into the truck. Thankfully, all my belongings arrived safely and the delivery was made right on the scheduled date.

Anthony C.


No-fuss move

Last month, I hired them to help with my move. After hearing so many bad things about moving companies, I was very close to doing this move by myself. I did call multiple companies but felt more comfortable after speaking to a representative at this company. Unlike other companies, I was given a fixed price estimate that was fair and guaranteed. On the day of the move, the movers came and wrapped and disassembled my furniture. Very soon they left for my new place. Once they arrived, they unloaded and reassembled my furniture. Nothing was broken, the delivery was on time and at a flat rate, and the crew was courteous. They really care about their customers and value what they do.

Damian G.


Excellent Move

My first time moving couldn't have gone any smoother. Total professionals will for sure use them again and refer my friends. EXCELLENT customer service always pick up the phone. That's huge for me



Hassle Free Move

We were hesitant when we were ready to do our move. We weren't sure who to use thank God we found lighthouse Van lines they were terrific and answered all our questions made us feel very comfortable and at ease would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a trouble-free hasslefree move



Personal Touch

From the starting to the finish, I was very impressed with the service of Lighthouse vanlines. They were both extremely helpful from the outset and answered all my questions and queries. We really got a great service with a personal touch. They wrapped our delicate glassware with their special soft poly bags. They didn’t make any mistake. We were satisfied and comfortable enough. They were really friendly and were behaving like family member.

Steven B.


Happy Move

Great group of guys ... my relatives were finally coming down from NJ and while caught with so many things I decided to help and find the moving company ... very great full we got these guys because we had a goodbye party that was out of this world and overslept the day of the move ... the guys were there at 10 am and helped with all we slacked on ... took a little longer than I thought but realize that we would still be there had it not been for these guys and there expertise ... I give them a well deserved 5 star rating and am definitely keeping there number in my contacts for the future



Safely moved by them

The team of Lighthouse vanlines tried their best to secure our movement as smooth as possible. Nothing was lost or damaged at all. Everything was packed safely. They were nice, sincere and on time. Overall our experience was good. They didn’t charge any extra for my fragile items. Experience means a lot in this type of moving business. I really have no complaints against them. They wrapped our belongings one by one and picked them up in their truck. No hesitation to recommend them and want to use them again.



Damage free move

Moving from one state to another is never an easy job. I knew that I had to book my move with a reputed and affordable company. So, I started looking for the best option for my needs and finally ended up hiring Lighthouse van lines. They displayed great combination of skills and experience and completed the task within the schedule. I was happy to have a timely move and when I saw the inventory I was happy like anything because for the first time I got a move without any damage and within the estimated amount. Thanks a lot guys. I am going to recommend you to all my friends.



We hired Lighthouse vanlines for our move a few weeks ago. They were just amazing. When I called them for a quote, they seemed very sincere and gave me a very reasonable quote. Their crew arrived on time. The movers were very sincere and skilled. I had some heavy belongings but they didnt take a long time to finish packing everything. They were very careful while carrying and loading them into the truck. Thankfully, all my belongings arrived safely and the delivery was made right on the scheduled date.



Lighthouse vanlines is an extremely efficient moving company. I was surprised at how quickly they got everything done. On the day of our move, they asked very specifically what we did and didnt want pack. They placed the belongings very carefully. They didnt spend much time to pack my belongings. The info on the website of this company was very helpful in planning my move. Overall, I was very impressed with the service. It was very easy to communicate with them. They were very efficient movers. They moved me out with a well organized way. I would highly recommend them and want to use them again.



From the starting to the finish, I was very impressed with the service of Lighthouse vanlines. They were both extremely helpful from the outset and answered all my questions and queries. We really got a great service with a personal touch. They wrapped our delicate glassware with their special soft poly bags. They didnt make any mistake. We were satisfied and comfortable enough. They were really friendly and were behaving like family member.



The team of Lighthouse vanlines tried their best to secure our movement as smooth as possible. Nothing was lost or damaged at all. Everything was packed safely. They were nice, sincere and on time. Overall our experience was good. They didnt charge any extra for my fragile items. Experience means a lot in this type of moving business. I really have no complaints against them. They wrapped our belongings one by one and picked them up in their truck. No hesitation to recommend them and want to use them again.



I hired Lighthouse vanlines after a recommendation I got from my best friend. I didnt have any idea about them. I read all their reviews. I have to confess, they turned out to be just amazing. They took such a great care of all my belongings. I had some expensive and antique furniture. These were quite important to me. Thats why I needed a very reliable, efficient and experienced moving company. The movers had all the qualities. They arrived on time. They packed everything carefully with their responsibility. They delivered my belongings on the right time. Truly it was an awesome move.



I really appreciate how the team of lighthouse vanlines worked hard just to meet the very requirements I had set for my move. They helped me from start to finish. They never left me until we are fully satisfied with their job. Their packing skills were really praiseworthy. They kept all of my things secure during the travel. Their excellent packing system gave me a complete peace of mind. Not a single damage was caused. They just did their work perfectly. I am really satisfied with their work.



We had many furniture and other household chores. I never thought that it could store in one truck at all but the movers of Lighthouse vanlines made it possible. They wrapped my furniture in an innovative way and set all the furniture perfectly. They also dropped off my goods nicely. They were very expert movers. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this company to my friends, family and colleagues.



I hired lighthouse vanlines on the internet. I saw many good reviews of this company and I was almost impressed. Their service was really praiseworthy. They managed everything carefully. They carefully packed our kitchen belongings and wrapped our family photos and furniture pieces. Their communication was very good, supportive and reliable. Their customer service was noticeable. I loved their service.



Lighthouse vanlines was truly professional and friendly. They arrived on time as we had asked them to and our house was cleared within two hours. We were too much annoyed with the whole moving thing but they turned it into an easy and smooth one. Everything was moved, stored and settled carefully. There was no damage to any of our items! Some of our antique pieces were almost fragile but they didnt ignore those things. They packed them carefully too. I was impressed.



I called LIGHTHOUSE VANLINES the day before I moved out. I didnt expect but they really did an awesome job within a short notice. Their moves were smooth and planned. I was surprised that how they managed everything within that short span of time. Surely their work was praiseworthy. They tried to complete all in a fitted way. Amazing job done!



I heard a lot about Lighthouse vanlines. Only for their good reputation I used them for my move out and they didnt disappoint me. They were beyond friendly and helpful. I told them to pack my violin carefully as it was very precious to me and they exactly did that. I was satisfied with their service. They valued my instruction and asked me again and again what they didnt understand.



I was so much happy when I bought my new apartment. I had to depend on Lighthouse vanlines because I was not expert to move alone. So, I hired them. On that day, the movers came and they had enough necessary packing and wrapping materials with them. They wrapped my belongings and my fragile belongings with great care. I would like to give thanks to the company because they really did superb job. I highly recommend them.



Thanks to lighthouse vanlines for their service. I even today dont imagine how they help me out to move. My special thanks to their sales guy Jake for offering me the best possible deal. The way he supported me, I had nothing to worry about from first contact to last meeting, from bidding price to payment nothing went wrong with them, their work is really admirable. I think no moving company can match with them. I have strong positive reference for them.



I was truly blessed to have Lighthouse vanlines by my side while relocating. They were super-fast without any single problem. The driver was very expert. I just want to take the time to write this review for such a great company. Wonderful people! I was absolutely excited with the service they gave. The staffs were nice and helpful. Nothing at all was damaged. Everything was in their place. They are all very professional and its really good!



The movers from Lighthouse vanlines arrived on time and were ready to start right after they arrived. They made the move easy. I had some broken items and their expert helped me to fix those and the items are likely better than ever before! I owe this company for this job. The guys were not only careful for my belongings rather they were extremely alert about the walls and floors. So generally what happens, when a mover finishes works they leave behind a lot of signs of broken items or walls but here these guys were absolutely successful. There was no damage. This was wonderful.



This is the first time I have used a moving company, Lighthouse vanlines was quick to respond after my initial contact and happily made the changes I needed. On one of the hottest days of the year the crew did a wonderful job. They called and communicated their arrival time, they never stopped working from the moment they started until everything was unloaded and set up at the new house. They took their time in making sure everything was put in the correct place and clearly communicated anything they saw prior to them loading so there wouldnt be any misunderstanding later. I would definitely use these guys again.



Lighthouse vanlines sent a foreman and his two helpers who were absolutely hilarious and very efficient for this job! They used pads on the feet of all our furniture which we really appreciate because our new home had new floors. These guys had the absolute best attitudes and were incredibly hard working. We really appreciate it. I hope we never need to pack and move again, but if we do, we will call Lighthouse vanlines.



I had a great and wonderful time with Lighthouse vanlines. They were more than helpful. They are so friendly, its like I have known them for years! On the day of the move, they arrived 5 minutes early and began packing all of my things. They carefully packed all of the fragile items and loaded the furniture into their truck without bumping anything on the walls or stairs. They did an excellent job. No damages when I received my things. All was well! I had a superb move!



If you want a perfect move, I highly recommend Lighthouse vanlines. They do care! If you watch them do their job, you can also tell that they care. They were careful about everything. Packing, wrapping, carrying it up and down the stairs, loading and unloading. I truly believe my belongings were in good hands. I could not find a single scratch on my belongings. They were efficient, hardworking and caring. I would like to recommend them to all!



I decided to go with lighthouse vanlines after reading their great reviews. I requested an estimate. The onsite estimate was very precise. They had great attitudes, were extremely friendly and polite, and most importantly, moved my belongings with the utmost care. It was a bit of a pain Im sure as I kept telling them how careful they need to be with this one item and they were SO careful. I havent opened all of my boxes yet but so far I havent found any casualties of the move so YAY! Ill definitely be recommending them to my friends and family. Moving was so much easier than I thought it would be. And when I need to move again - I wont hesitate to call them.



From start to finish, I was totally mesmerized by the way 4 movers from Lighthouse vanlines handled my move. They quoted so low to begin with. I would have been glad enough if they did an okay job given the price tag. But they elevated it to another level. I got a call from the company on the moving day asking if the movers could come early. I have never heard of movers who show up on time. Let alone be early.They finished the whole packing and loading process within a blink of eye. It was a sensational performance.They delivered on time, didnt overcharge me and all my valuables were unharmed. God bless this company



We were worried as we were let down from a previous removal company. But when we hired lighthouse vanlines it was very much impressive that they did it perfectly. They carefully moved all furniture from old place to the new one. Everything was intact. I didnt find any unwrapped fragile things. Overall our experience was easier and less stressful. Their behavior was very sweet with us. Actually it was worth every penny of mine.



We are satisfied with the service we have received from lighthouse vanlines. They were on time. They delivered and stored all my furniture with no damage to any of my belongings. Nothing broke. This is what was so brilliant about their service. What can be an extremely stressful experience turned into the exact opposite! We are recommending them and would most definitely use this company again.



I chose Lighthouse vanlines because they were experienced and able to accommodate my budget better than one other company I checked. Their customer service was excellent and they moved smoothly. They were able to move my goods within a few hours which I didnt expect. I am highly recommending them and suggesting others to check them out.



This is the second time I have used Lighthouse vanlines. This time, as last time, they were quick and efficient, courteous and careful. I had a 10-year old 56" projection TV, the bulky kind that is actually two pieces bolted together. They loaded and moved it without taking it apart, and it worked as perfectly as it did before the move. Not even any loss of picture alignment, which can happen if it is handled too roughly. I also had a very heavy 50-year old Thomasville dresser; two pieces; held together by only three screws. I was really worried that something was going to happen to it, but as with the dresser it was delivered in exactly the same condition as before the move. The crew showed up and got down to business. They were focused and careful with everything they were moving. I would not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone.



I had a fantastic moving experience with lighthouse vanlines. Moving all those heavy furniture is not easy, but they managed to move everything without bumping it on any walls or staircase. They were so professional, efficient and coordinated. My move was completed without any damages or hidden fees. Its kind of like a dream. Never experienced a move without problems until now. Bravo guys and keep it up.



Lighthouse vanlines is very reasonable moving company and they are worth every penny. Due to past poor experiences with other moving companies, my family packed most of our belongings, but after witnessing how carefully the movers packed the remaining items, we will confidently have them pack the next time we use them if that ever happens. Even my dog was enjoying their company! Superb work



The moving crew did a super duper job with my move. They are well trained for sure. Moving all that furniture is not easy. They pulled off a great job with my move just a few weeks ago. They were punctual, respectful, hardworking and efficient. I suffered no damages and the price was just great. I highly recommend people to use Lighthouse vanlines.



My wife and I didnt want to take the stress of moving and that is why we decided to hire professional help. We called Lighthouse van lines based on good reviews and spoke with their sales rep. He was kind, supportive, friendly and polite. The pricing was competitive and reasonable. On the day of the move, their team arrived only 10 minutes late. They brought along boxes, pads, covers tape, bubble wrap and etc. They patiently packed all our belongings and loaded everything on to their van. They gave the same level of effort when they unloaded everything. We were happy to see that nothing was damaged or scratched. It was truly a stress free move!



God bless lighthouse vanlines! My daughter and I were devastated about our sudden cross country move. My daughter is the one who heard from a friend about you guys. Thanks to them our move was like a breeze. The three men crew who came to help was artists. They were enjoying their work seriously! They carefully moved all our belongings and labeled everything so its easier for us. They were simply wonderful. We will definitely use them again if ever needed.



My girlfriend and I needed a good mover but did not have much time in hand. Lighthouse vanlines was the first one who called back. They gave us a good deal and we decided to hire them. On moving day, a team of four arrived and started packing. They were efficient, caring, honest and helpful. Our move was executed just the way we wanted. All of our belongings were delivered to us safely and without any damages. We had a great experience!



I had a wonderful time with Lighthouse vanlines. My wife and I wanted a change in environment and thought we should move near our parents so that we can spend some more time with them. We called them for this job. It was easy to communicate with them. They sent over 4 nice guys who worked very hard all day. The guys were careful, polite, meticulous, and neat. Two weeks later on the delivery date, I received the same brilliant service. I thought the price was fair and reasonable. No difficulties faced! Smooth and easy move!



Moving with lighthouse vanlines was painless and fun. I enjoyed working with them because they have such cool attitudes. They made me laugh so hard after a long time. Such nice folks! They came on time, packed all my belongings with care, moved all the furniture nicely and did not waste any time. All my possessions were delivered properly and within the given time frame. I honestly cannot thank them enough. Nicely done!



My wife and I were very nervous as this was our first moving. Lighthouse vanlines has provided us with experienced and efficient people. They were cooperative and friendly. They not only placed the furniture but also changed it without complain if we didnt like the positioning. They kept on changing the placement until we were satisfied. The guys were hardworking and respectful. I am grateful to Lighthouse vanlines for making moving into our first home so enjoyable.



My wife and I needed to move because I got transferred to another state. We did not want to pack this time so we called for help. After doing a lot of research we decided to pick Lighthouse Vanlines. Reviews do help! Based on the reviews we called them and everything was smooth from there. The move was like a breeze. We did not have to stress about it. After 6 days we got our good and everything was perfectly fine. Well done Lighthouse Vanlines.



I am very impressed honestly! I did not know moving could be this easy. It was like ordering a pizza. You only have to wait until they arrive. Once they arrive, they take the load off you. Literally they did it all. I wasnt even there to monitor them! At the end, everything was as the way it was. No damages, nothing missing and no extra fees! And also the pricing was great. Not that high but not that cheap either. It was just what I wanted. I will surely use Lighthouse vanlines again.



We hired Lighthouse vanlines a few weeks back to do our long distance move. We had some very heavy furniture which needed to be brought down three floors and the work needed to be done carefully in order to avoid damaging a narrow corridor. I am sure that the movers of Lighthouse vanlines are highly trained, fast, professional and very committed. It was good to notice them willing to give their 100%. The move was perfect and arrived on time and damage free at my new address. I would recommend them to anyone.



My husband was out of the country and I badly needed to move. I gave calls to many companies and Lighthouse vanlines was the first one to approach. They sales rep knew how to convince me easily. And he also explained all the small details and sent a guy over to check the inventory. Though we did not have many things but they are precious to me. They managed to do the move completely flawlessly. I got what I needed.



I had moved once before and the movers I hired were just bad! This time I had to look through a million online reviews and websites to pick the right movers. The solution was named lighthouse vanlines. Their movers were nothing like the ones I got before. They came in on time, packed up everything very quickly and left. I received the delivery just two days later and all my belongings were safely transported by them. I was waiting for a monumental bill but I was handed a bill that was nothing short of cheap. Theres no doubt in my mind that these guys are worth hiring every time I need to move.



I have had some horrible experiences with moving companies in the past. Lighthouse vanlines definitely provided a different experience for me. These guys are really are as efficient as they claim to be. Honestly, I hired them because they quoted low. But the services they provided were outstanding. Everything was like clockwork with these guys. The movers arrived exactly on the clock. They were so experienced and it showed in the way they worked. They finished packing and loading all my things in such a small fraction of time. They made the delivery on time. All my valuables were intact and nothing suffered even the slightest of damage. It really never happened to me before.



If you want a hassle free move that wouldnt cost you too much, your only option is to hire Lighthouse vanlines. They were just wonderful with our last move. Their crew of 5 men arrived right on time on the moving day. The movers had more appointments that day and so they were very fast at the job. I imagined they would be quite tired but they showed no sign of fatigue whatsoever. They carried big pieces of furniture with ease and finished the whole task quite fast. The delivery was made the next day as requested. None of our items got lost or suffered the slightest damage. This move would have been absolutely impossible without these guys!



My last move couldnt have gone any easier. Lighthouse vanlines made sure of it. Their men are so well trained- it was beyond my imagination. Given the price they quoted, I was honestly expecting a mediocre job. I have to admit, these men were very well equipped and highly skilled. They made moving seem like too easy. All my valuables were timely delivered to my new house. Also, nothing suffered any damage! Hire them and see for yourself.



The news came suddenly that my dream job was secure and I had to move there as soon as possible. I had to quickly arrange a moving company to take all my belongings. I hired lighthouse vanlines because of the reputation they have. They really delivered on every aspect. They were extremely professional at their job, their wrapping was immaculate and they loaded everything safely out of my apartment to their van waiting downstairs. I am forever grateful to them for the awesome services they provided me at a very reasonable cost.



The new job was taking me very far away. I asked my friends to suggest me a moving company as there was too many of my things to transport. Most of them suggested me Lighthouse vanlines and they were right! These guys are total professionals. They are punctual, calculative and very efficient. They managed to timely show up during both packing and delivery. Everything arrived in the exact condition they were loaded. I just cant fault their services.



I cannot complain about anything my movers did. These guys are very talented in the job and their dedication and meticulousness handling my things was impressive. They did everything that needed to be done without wasting my time. They came on time and they completed the process when they said they would. Above all, these guys did not damage my belongings which are so precious to me. Lighthouse vanlines showed that they care about their customers. I must say that this is the company everyone should be using for stress-free relocations.



Thank goodness for companies like Lighthouse vanlines those are there to help you out. They were just amazing during my move. I have a lot of delicate belongings and old furniture. The crew of 3 men was absolutely brilliant while handling them. They packed everything properly and carried them carefully out of my apartment. I was very excited to see all my belongings turning up at my new house right on scheduled time. Everything was in its original condition.



I hired Lighthouse vanlines just when I decided to move. They had the responsibility of transferring my valuable belongings, and I have a lot of them. All the men were so well trained that I just knew all my goods would be safe in their hands. They wrapped everything perfectly and carried them downstairs from the 3rd storied apartment with ease. I didnt even have to wait till the last day of delivery. They delivered everything 2 days before the latest date I had provided. I feel so much at ease with these guys.



I have just moved with the help from Lighthouse vanlines and everything went flawless indeed. I am writing this review for all those who are about to relocate and who have already read enough horror stories on movers you could give a chance to these fantastic movers and they wont disappoint you. Before I scheduled these guys, I read a lot of testimonials and reviews on movers and I even asked for a recommendation on moving-related forums. Then I called some companies, but the guy on the phone at this company was the most helpful and answered all my questions. He sent me an all-out estimate with all the costs explained. Then everything went smoothly. Movers came on time, packed and loaded everything professionally and a week later all my belongings was delivered.



It was an inevitable move. My daughter just finished college and asked me to move into her apartment. I had sold most of my furniture at my old house but as my daughter needed some furniture for her apartment, I decided to take some with me. I hired Lighthouse vanlines to do the job. They quoted me very reasonably and their men arrived on time. Most of my furniture was quite old but the men took very good care of them. They were very efficient and thorough. I received the delivery on time and they brought everything inside the apartment as I asked them. It was a very easy move.



We had a very good experience with Lighthouse vanlines from start to finish. Everyone was very nice, easy to work with and professional state side. My experience at my old place, with the movers sent from the company, was also very good. I felt informed about the process along the way via email and everything arrived here in good condition, with nothing broken. The movers from the company were nice, helpful and efficient. The price was very reasonable. All in all a very good experience and we would use this company again.



Lighthouse Vanlines did a great job while handling my last move. They moved our possessions with care and precision. From the beginning to the end, they were flaunting their efficiency. The movers were well organized. Before arriving at my home on the moving day, their driver called me to remind me. The crew brought enough boxes with them. I had tons of fragile items and there were some breakable art sculptures. They packed those important valuables in crates. I want to thank them once again for taking special care on these particular items. I am looking forward for my next relocation with these guys.



Lighthouse Vanlines is possibly the best moving company out there. They were reasonably priced, and there were no hidden charges when they handled my last move. I filled out their online form and got reply within a few hours. I requested them to be at my apartment at 8 am, and they actually appeared at 8 am on the clock. They managed to prepare all moving items in an organized way, wrapped and packed them thoroughly and moved through narrow staircases without any damage. I received no grumbling or complaint from the courteous movers. Overall, I am happy with my selection and will certainly hire them again.



Despite being incoming hurricane, the movers from Lighthouse vanlines dared to move my belongings. The guys went extra miles to make sure that everything went easily. Their foreman was a delight to work with. They took so many proactive steps to make a stress free move. Everything was in perfect condition when they were delivered. I owe my gratitude to these movers. I will always remember how they moved my belongings with care when no other moving company would even take my calls.



We had an awesome moving experience with Lighthouse Vanlines. They were recommended by one of our family friends. All our belongings were well taken care of during the move. They impressed us throughout the entire process with their expertise. The team members were very polite and skilled. Everything was delivered as promised- nothing damaged. They smoothly completed the entire move- no surprises, no hassle. There is no question that this was the best service we have ever had and I would definitely recommend these guys.



I am very impressed with how Lighthouse Vanlines handled every aspect of my move! They are obviously experienced, took great care of my furniture and did so quickly, professionally and at a great price! Thank you for making my move so easy! I will definitely hire them again.



Lighthouse vanlines did everything correctly during my last move. I expected perfection and they delivered. They moved my belongings with great care and efforts. They sent over four very friendly and reliable movers who worked very efficiently to make sure that my belongings travel safely. It was such a pleasure seeing these men at their element. They were just so organized in every aspect. The foreman led the men very well. The delivery was made right on time and all our belongings had travelled very well. I usually criticize everything but these guys made it impossible for me to say anything negative about them.



I had a really good conversation with Lighthouse Vanlines. I had so many questions about their process. They willingly answered my all questionnaire on the spot. I must confess they have a brilliant customer service. They fixed a date. I warned them not to make any delay. Four movers arrived with all their tools at least half an hour early on the moving day. They got to work immediately. I can remember the weather was very poor but despite having so many impediments, they managed to deliver with all my things without any damages. Their service is truly appreciated.



To be honest, I am trying to think of something negative but the truth is that everything went like clockwork and we couldnt ask for more from Lighthouse Vanlines. The local packers and loaders were amazing, hard-working, and diligent and although we werent convinced everything was going to fit into the van they brought, they did manage it! The delivery was exactly as scheduled (I didnt realize there are now many apps which will track progress and locations which is useful). The delivery/unloading agents here were also excellent and although we still have a few boxes to go, everything is in great condition due in no small part to the diligence of the packers. Although they were not the cheapest, they also werent the most expensive so all in all, it was a five star experience.



We hired Lighthouse Vanlines for a short move. The movers I got were fantastic. Moving belongings out of a 4 floor walkup isnt easy but these guys handled everything with professionalism and courtesy. Everything was wrapped and stored in the truck very neatly and with care. They were also great at keeping me informed and their quote is very reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone looking to move.



I hired Lighthouse Vanlines to move me simply because the customer service was remarkable. The representative that I spoke to assured me that my furniture would arrive at its destination in time and she was right. The movers handled my household goods in a respectful manner. The movers who handled my move were very efficient and professional. I will definitely recommend these guys to everyone.



I loved the way I was able to relocate with the help of Lighthouse vanlines. The services were so smooth and free of common errors. When the movers came, they ensured that all was perfect. During the relocation, they started by packaging the things properly. They were very careful not to make any silly mistakes. Most noticeably, they were keen on the electronics especially my television. They handled and packaged it carefully in the best possible way. I am so proud of their relocation services.



everything perfect

I hired lighthouse van lines to move my one bedroom apartment. They were on time, packed everything perfectly and everything was delivered correctly (unbroken etc.) The customer service was above and beyond- they called before, during, and after the move to make sure everything was going well. It all went well. Next time I move I will use them again! Perfection!



They did a good job

I was going to use another mover but lighthouse van lines gave me the best deal. This is the first time I went with full-service and I am glad I chose them, I didn’t have to break my back loading the truck and they did a good job. I did not have to monitor, they knew what to do. At the end no broken items found. If I have to move again I will definitely use lighthouse vanlines, no more doing it myself!

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