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266 Grand St, New Milford, New Jersey 07646 USA
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About Cobra Van Lines

266 Grand St
New Milford, New Jersey

Cobra Vanlines is one of the leading moving companies in the United States of America, catering to all your relocation needs by providing unrivaled residential moving, commercial moving, local moving, long distance moving, and international moving solutions – you can count on us to make your every move simple and stress-free. We are proud to be AMSA-certified – our services were carefully examined by American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), following which they included our name among a variety of other authentic movers across the country. This is a testament to the fact that we are a trustworthy moving company which deals with its customers in the most professional, honest, and reliable manner possible by providing them with safe and smooth moving and storage services.

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Shubha Mishra


Horrible experience. Stay away!

I purchased a full door-to-door assembling package for my furniture from Cross-country moving and they used Cobra Van lines for shipping.
Pickup was smooth with no issues. But, on drop-off the guy said he would come late in evening as I was the last one for that day. On arrival at 6:30PM, he said I have an 18-wheeler truck that cannot enter the community, so I will park on the street.
Then, he started measuring all this distance from my apartment to street and said as per company policy you will need to pay ~$375 extra. Later he said he could offer some discount to me if I am willing to work with him on the bargain. He said company will not know and I should give cash or venmo and he could come down to 200$ at max. I told him nothing of this sort was charged at pickup but he said I want atleast 200$ or I won't start the job. I called the company but since it was already 7PM no one picked.
He threatened that he will just leave all the items at wherever 75 feet ends from the truck and that you can keep it in your apartment from there. I was all alone and he kept on hassling with me for about 1 hour because I did not have cash and had a fixed deal which included entire package without any additional charges. He asked me to go to ATM at about 8PM to get cash. I needed my furniture in apartment because I live alone and had no help to carry it so, I finally agreed to pay him extra via cash (whatever I had total) and rest by venmo. After taking money only he and one more guy started keeping furniture. He did not give any receipt for the money he took (except venmo one I have) and said this is between us only (company need not know this!).
They disappeared for another half hour saying I have to close the truck. Finally, they started working at 9-9:30PM and finished around 11PM at night during which they asked me to start helping in unpacking things if I want to get things done faster.
They took more than 4 hours out of which 2.5 hours were just hassling for extra cash and arranging stuff in the truck before even starting the job. The individual took benefit of my necessity!



CRIMINAL MOVERS! No Accountability, Filed Civil Suit, SUE THEM!

PICK UP:He and the owner had personal racial arguments :police called. DROP OFF:Driver extremely irritated he had to drive so far, the company was having issues running my payment, it was very hot and humid and my furniture was heavy. My executive desk, he REFUSED to take upstairs was carried by the top, after I said that it would break it ,he told me to shut up and not tell him how to do his job. This was one of the last pieces brought in and was raging mad. He put this 500 pound desk on the side, making the insides crack he screamed at me asking me what the hell I wanted him to do. He ripped the top off one of my boxes to put under it to be able to slide it. He intentionally and maliciously, did not put a single screw in the supports (there are 6 screws), causing the bed to collapse! On page 3 of the inventory (3 pages) in remarks, he wrote "Refused packing!!! To be Determined" This is not on the original inventory sheet that mysteriously disappeared while he was unloading; it was on the counter. He intentionally manipulated and changed documents. I had seen broken pieces of clear purple plastic on the floor. I asked where my fan was, he said he had no fan. I said he had to, here is the broken top. He refused to let me look in the truck to be sure it was empty. Driver was beyond angry screaming to so hurry up and sign so that he could leave. I told him I did not want to sign before doing a quick look at least as I already noted several damaged items. He called me a “fu$%g bitch" and said I was lucky he didn't hit women but he had this crazy look in his eyes, was red and pacing, I was very scared, ,I did not say anything He ranted about having to drive, I was a true bitch and should watch it. He threatened to charge me thousands more and take my stuff if I did not sign. I kept my silence, signed stating items were not inspected due to time. He called me a f$#%ing bitch and tried to physically harm me by having my bed collapse, he knows I have a herniated disk. Cobra refuses to reimburse me for 25 lost boxes, replace the mattress cover intentionally destroyed by mover aka criminal destruction of property, replace other items the driver intentionally destroyed. They said, well he is fired, what do you want us to do? Well, I said, replace what he intentionally ruined? This falls outside the insurance coverage. I am suing them in Civil Court and encourage other to do the same. The more cases the courthouse sees against them, the more they will see a pattern. If you have a complaint that Cobra won’t resolve, and they need to replace items, take it to the legal system, they need to know they cannot rip people off and need to be held accountable! Also, f you have children, their drivers are aggressive, threatening and dangerous and hire helpers that Cobra does not even know. You could have a pedophile in your home!
Please feel free to contact me. Another person is filing a Civil Suit, let's not let Cobra continue their crimes!



Satisfied Customer

I was also terrified after Cobra Van Lines left with all of our household items and one item even got broke before it got onto the truck (The drive gave us a credit and It was not the money I wanted, but at least he was trying to make up for it). I was all prepared to write a bad review after seeing all of their reviews, but honestly it is good and a little bad. Miguel and his crew showed up on time, not in a semi as we were told, but two panels trucks, but it worked out. The reason for the four stars is because of one person on Miguel's team. He was not a good packer and as I am unpacking the boxes he packed there are several collectible boxes crushed and spines of collectible books bent because this one team member did not take the time to pack correctly. We had issues with this one packer the entire time he was at our home for one thing or another. They wrapped all the furniture and yes a few pieces got nicked or scratched, but we have moved several times and even when we did it ourselves things do get nicked and scratched and that is what Old English is for. I don't have cheap furniture, but it is only furniture and 90% of our items made it just fine. Our cost also went up when they came to pack up, but I was expecting that from everything I read because brokers always under estimate to us as customers to get the job. We put our items in storage and the broker did not hold up their end on what it would cost us, so Cobra had to charge us the full amount, but again we don't blame them, but wished they would have maybe worked with us a little more on the cost. Just make sure you have all the storage fees worked out with your broker before the movers come pack you up. The delivery was great for us. The driver "T" showed up when he said he would show up and called us way ahead of time to confirm and he hired local guys to help him unload 3600 hundred square fee of household items. They were very accommodating and finished without any mishaps. We did not have a small move either, our cost was over $22,000 not including the storage cost. We moved from the North to the way South and had our items in storage for 3 months. We dealt with Lacy in customer service at Cobra and she was very polite and helpful every time we had to call into Cobra Van Lines. Thank you for not making my nightmares come to life.

Robert Rudeau


Move from Indiana to Texas HORRIBLE!

We moved out of our house July 20th. actually the guys that packed the truck were decent guys. We used a broker called Cross Country however when the movers finally showed it was a company called COBRA! Our quote was 4600 and we spent well over 10k for the move. We didnt get our belongings until August 16th. We spoke to some guy named Charles at COBRA who immediately came unglued and started arguing with my wife! We just wanted our stuff. This guy even went as far stating I threatened him! This company is a joke! We finally got our stuff but god knows if we got it all. Advice, use the top movers in the country. No need to pay the extra money for a broker and if you do ask who the mover will be and check them out. COBRA has a lot of bad reviews, this idiot Charles has a lot of bad reviews, and they have a lot of bad reviews on the BBB! Also they want cash or postal money order at delivery....think its being reported to the IRS?



Interstate move

I was terrified when I found out that my broker has chosen this company for my interstate move after reading the reviews online. I even called them to see if another company could be used. It was last minute, so I was stuck. However, my experience was excellent. I couldn't be happier. My delivery driver was especially awesome and got here quickly after I said I was ready for my stuff (within a few days). I had no reason to fear. Would definitely use them again.



Good service

Awesome experience. On time, treated my items with care and respect, and moved with purpose. Good service for a fair price. I'll definitely hire them again if needed.




My moving experience with Cobra van lines is fantastic. They arrived on time. And you can use the link to track how soon will they arrive which is very convenient. Martin's team is very efficient and keep everything in its original status. I will definitely recommend Cobra van lines to anyone who is going to move.



Amazing team work

These guys are the BEST!! I have never witnessed movers who worked as hard or as fast, and incredibly smart and efficient. I've used them twice now and recommend them to everyone I know. I haven't always been the most organized or together, and they handled it nevertheless. They are not only intelligent, they are kind and thoughtful as well. The guys are as strong as bulls, and Harrison is my very favorite. Amazing team work, great communication and wonderful customer service!!

Johan Hemsworth


Easy to claim insurance

Each customer has a different requirement. Mine was the insurance because I hardly had much in my pocket and had to rely on the insurance claim to get the job done. Cobra Van lines had a very good claim policy and they also had packages that were custom made to suit the requirement. All I had to do was sign some forms, talk to the customer rep and get the move done. I just tipped them on the day of the move. No other expenses at all. Everything was taken care of the insurance company and the movers got paid later on after the bill was produced. I would really suggest them to anyone in a situation same as mine.



Definitely recommend

It was pretty tough for me finding out one out of many moving companies. This website helped me a lot to get this mover. I finally discovered, I was not wrong as I selected them. Employees of cobra van lines are also very supportive. There are many workers whose are professional but stern at behavior. Fortunately my interaction with the movers was friendly and simultaneously they were dynamic. There was absolutely no lost or damage items though I had few things of glasses. My TV, refrigerator, carpets etc were perfectly packed and boxed. I would definitely recommend them. Anyone can hire this expert mover.




When it comes to moving, always think about hiring "Cobra van lines". Mario and other team members were excellent and exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend for any distance moving.



Amazing experience

I had the most amazing experience with Parker and Sibin! They were prompt, kept me up to date as the move progressed, worked swiftly, and all around such a pleasure to hang out with. I'll definitely be using Cobra van lines again based on this experience.

They deserve an award



This moving company deserves an award! They are the best for long distance moves! They are the best way to move! My wife and I hired them recently and we did not expect this kind of excellent service. The moving people were very kind, caring, professional and experienced. All of my wife’s glassware, breakables and everything close to her were all moved without any harm. I loved that they did not charge anything extra in the end! Our move was great! We will use cobra van lines again.



Grandest move of my life

I can’t explain to you how wonderful my experience was with Cobra van lines! The movers were very careful and took great care of all my belongings. All my furniture arrived safely and they helped me to replace them. Though it was a cross-country move but all my furniture arrived in 2 days with no injury. There were no issues any delays. I just want to say thanks for making my move perfect! And their customer service was great.




Good experience. I found the movers to be incredibly friendly. Customer service was always very responsive and made planning simple.

I would use again.



Cobra Van Lines

It was an easy move thank you to cobra van lines there moving team was extremely nice. I got a great package deal which was a + they were very good. I would absolutely recommend them to everyone!

Stephen H


highly recommend using these guys

Moving has always been stressful for me every moving company I used always was below my standards. Then I used Cobra van lines they were great the customer service was top notch. The prices were very reasonable and all of my belongings arrived in perfect condition. They kept me in the loop of where my belongings were and they arrived on time. They moved in my stuff quickly and didn't damage my wooden floors the movers were awesome. I highly recommend using these guys you won't be disappointed all around a great experience.

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