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245 4th Street, Building A, Passaic, New Jersey 07055 USA

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About American Pro Movers

245 4th Street, Building A
Passaic, New Jersey

Most moving companies claim they are the best, most experts, most reliable, and offer the best deal. After calling some movers, you get confused and don’t know what is realistic to expect. Although moving is a risky thing to do, selecting the right moving company is all about finding professionals you can count on. We, at American Pro Movers, believe that every good and smart move starts with professional and accurate information on what you can expect to find when you shop around for a moving company. Our website has valuable information on how to choose the best moving company for your needs, what to expect in a bid, how to plan for your move, tips on packing, and much more. And when you’re ready for an estimate or to book a date for your move, our friendly and professional staff will be there for you.

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Lawrence Bates


The Worst Most Unprofessional Company

This company is a total rip off. They quoted a small price then doubled it. They showed up with a truck almost full. And two movers. Was informed that they put a ad on Craigslist to get more help to move our stuff. I called and complained about total strangers not affiliated with the company just showing up randomly. So at about 8pm after they moved somethings around on the truck to try to fit the furniture on ,they started moving. They didn't finish until about 3am. Where they were supposed to be at the house at 10 am that morning. They damaged my wooden flooring by dragging furniture across it and knocked a hole in the a wall. Then because of the space I was informed that they will have to make a second trip which in turn doubled the cost. The second day they showed up to get the last 15 items. Which could have fit on the first truck if it was packed correctly. We asked for proof of how much space was used and weight of our things only. None was provided. When we spoke to the owner Alex he was very rude and insulting to my wife. Then stated he didn't want to do the move any more after they were already gone with our things. We continued to ask for a weight and measurements of how much space was used it was never provided. Then he said that we didn't pay him on pick up. Luckily we paid by money order. Then we could not get a estimate delivery date. And finally the day before they said they will deliver by 10 am the next morning but they showed up at 7pm that night. And said they were told we had to pay another 5500 dollars. After going back and forth he said we still owe 3600 dollars. We asked for proof of of the weight and measurements and was informed that if we wanted our stuff we had to pay the money first. They only had two movers again and one of them was injured. Then some strange fellows showed up and informed my wife that they were responding to an ad on Craigslist. She asked them to leave and they refused. This Alex fellow told the movers that they were going to move our stuff anyway whether we liked it or not. She had to call the police to get them to leave. 90 percent of our stuff had been opened and crushed. Furniture was broken and damaged. They dropped our dryer and broke the glass door. Some of the furniture got broken while they were taking it off the truck. They left some in the rain. Some boxes were left in the edge of the truck while it was raining and got soaked. The guys dropping off were politer than the first crew. They finished about 1:30 am unloading. They were supposed to put things together but they had no tools to do so. Then they had items that didn't even belong to us mixed in with our things.I do not recommend this company to anyone. If you care about your things and your saftey do your research first. This is the worst experience with moving I have ever had. I have moved around the world and back and have never run into a company like this one.

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