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18 Donaldson Pl, Linden, New Jersey 07036 USA

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About A1A Moving and Storage

18 Donaldson Pl
Linden, New Jersey

For years A1A is servicing Americans throughout the country with all their moving needs, Local or long distance, commercial or residential. Today there are multiple options, so many companies, local moving company, long distance moving company, and so many moving options. You want to make sure you choose a reliable moving company, with the professionals that will guide and assist you through each step, will tailor the best solutions for your particular needs and most importantly- will know how to execute each part of the process in the most meticulous uncompromising method!

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Michael Dougherty


0 stars for terrible awful service

Whenever they called me and I called them I told them I had stuff in storage and how much. The day of my move the movers were clueless and they weren't told. Packing supplies were suppose to be included but I was charged to cover my mattress and box spring. The cubic feet and space on the contract for the move was way off. the movers declined to take out furniture I needed curbed . My move was a complete mess. as soon as movers walked in man whined and complained with what I had. They only took what was in their list.




The agents when reserving were flexible and helpful. The actual movers were extremely professional, hardworking, and speedy. I've used A1A moving and storage twice now for moves and have had several friends and family use them as well based on my recommendation. I will continue to use and recommend to others as they are fairly and attractively priced and reliable.

Lorenzo Jefferson


Efficient people made me hire them one more time

Great job!

The move was perfectly timed and items were packed in the most appropriate manner.

I couldn’t complain about A1A moving and storage as I knew how good they were. I had a great experience with the company. The movers impressed me. I had to hire them again and had no second thoughts about it.

The booking was made at least ten days before. I particular asked for the crew led by a guy named Alex as they had so much expertise in moving stuff and packing them. If you need such custom requests, make sure to book your slot weeks ago which is the only way to go about it.

Gregory W


Faultless relocation

A1A moving and storage is such an amazing moving company and I can vouch for that. They took such great care of my valuables while moving them. I originally hired them only because their quote seemed amazingly reasonable to me. I wasn’t expecting much but their performance turned out to be very satisfactory. The movers arrived right on time with all their tools. They wasted no time while packing everything. They were extra careful while packing my breakables. They neatly finished packing and loading everything shortly. The delivery was made the next day and nothing went missing or damaged. It was then I realized how perfect this move really was.

Kapri Gebbie



I have learnt that it is wrong to judge people by appearance. I scorned and disdained these great movers when they showed up in front of my house for the move but when they began work, I realized that they were truly experts. The move took few hours but it was altogether excellent. I am truly thankful to A1A Moving and Storage for such a wonderful move and the excellent attitudes of the movers. My family had become so used to our old apartment because we had lived there for quite a long time that they became sick when we needed to move to another location. My kids in particular were nervous for the move and while I had to take care of them, the movers assured me that they would handle the move excellently. They did and we moved. In the end of the day, we all were happy for the excellent move.

Vice Locke


Pleased customer

When I first thought of associating with a relocation company I expected very little from them. It was until A1A Moving and Storage disapproved my thoughts. Not only did they offer a spacious van for my relocation but also they arranged my stuff in reaching Ohio. I can never thank them enough on what they did to me. Their service helped me wake up fresh in the morning and prepare for work. I will always stand with A1A Moving and Storage and defend them in any negative critics since I did not see any negativity in their work.

Aileen Delgado


Fantastic encounter

It was a fantastic experience, I must admit. Everyone saw it, not only me. A1A Moving and Storage staged a spectacular performance when they came over to my former residential house to conduct movement services. It is like they had rehearsed the whole thing. How they moved everything so fast and yet so diligently remains something, I will keep wondering for the rest of my life. They were fast and they did it passionately. It was like their life depended on it. It is with the same passion that I love their reliable relocation company. Keep it up guys! I pray that A1A Moving and Storage may continue with the good work they have been doing. I hope that they will relent on the good work that they have continued to show over the years. I have seen their crew work several times and they have never failed my expectations. Every time I watch them discharge their duties, I get inspired. The experience with them is always perfect and every customer would always want to have more of them after the first trial. Try them out and you will have a tale to tell your friends.



Movers from H**ll./ Do not trust this company!!!!

A1A Movers 500 NE 190th St Miami, FL 33179 Phone number (877) 212-6682 The prices quoted with you will never the same. They like to surprise people with different rates. The manager came to my house a week before and I was quoted for moving 1 bedroom 2 bathroom apt for the amount of $1150 But… when they come and pick up my furniture, they just pack and load n did not say anything . Later when everything got loaded to inside the truck. The driver came up to me with $5200 new rate, I was speechless. Fortunately for me I have a copy of the contract signed by the manager a week before with the price of $1150. They refuse and they argue for almost an hour with the manager. Finally after arguing with the manager, he told us in a speaker phone that they a broker company or third party company and managed by a bigger company on the east coast. My flight to LA was the following and I just agree to $3200. Took one month to deliver my furniture to California. When they downlowed my furniture from the truck I noticed the damages of most of my furniture. They two guys downlowing my furniture took 10 hours to put the furniture in my one bedroom apt. At the end we had to help them to carrier my furniture and my damaged boxes. I had a total of $2500 in damages. I contacted the company and they told me that I have to contact their insurance company. I spoke with CS- Francie(Anthem Claim Management) and after of three months of waiting for answer. I received a letter saying: A1A will settle for $99 USD, I was speechless ones again for third time. I call and call many times and A1A avoided my calls. Finally one day I was lucky and I coughed the supervisor Jenifer and she was so rude, unprofessional and with a terrible bad attitude toward me, the customer.

Samara Lovering


Excellent, diligent and hard working

I am always keen on identifying useful services when I am accorded one. My last relocation from Alabama to Virginia is one such experience. It was characterised by excellence, diligence, commitment and hard work. All went down as planned and everyone was happy at the end of the gruesome of process. I won’t mind working with them in the near future. To anyone who isn’t sure of a moving company out, try A1A Movers. You will like the experience. I have no doubt of hiring them out next time I am in need of relocation services. What I was accorded was more than what I paid for. I had expected average services considering the low-cost charges they quoted. That was all wrong. What they gave me were exclusive relocation services that I haven’t seen elsewhere? The team was punctual enough, creating ample time for the resettlement process. There wasn’t any loss incurred during the procedure. I will always remember the move from Alabama to Virginia.



Best Relocation service

It was undoubtedly the best relocation ever. I enjoyed every bit of it right from the start to the very last end. Everything was well executed with due diligence and professionalism. Their services were honestly extraordinary. The sense of organisation I observed amongst their foremen is not evident in even some of the high profile cooperate bodies. The friendly nature of the crew that was sent to help me move from North Carolina to Pennsylvania thrilled me more. They did not make a single mistake; something that took me by surprise. If I have to hire out movers in the future, they will have to be A1A Movers. If there is one service company I will always be grateful for, trust it to be A1A Movers. I will not forget the undaunted relocation services they offered me from North Carolina to Pennsylvania. For one, the charges were quite favourable; I ended up remaining with a few dollars to spare in the process. The relocation services were also great. So far, I did not lose any property in the process. A1A Moving and Storage’ work is commendable.

John Sorrell


very reliable moving company

After researching for a reliable moving company for moving services from the complete list on the web, I came across A1A Movers and selected them. This company is the best for moving and packing services. They were very attentive and careful while wrapping my possessions. Satisfactory services.



Moving from Orlando to San Diego ????

Alicia from A1A is super efficient, considerate & helpful throughout the entire move. The movers wrapped & took care of my belongings with care & paid full attention as if they were their own. Nice & friendly staff. I am truly grateful for their assistance & I wouldn’t have chosen any other movers. Thank you A1A! ????



bad service

I’m basically just going around the internet now to destroy their reputation when I have nothing else to do to save someone else from their rude customer service. Essentially, I believe the marketplace sorts itself out and the weak go out of business which leads to better service. These guys are weak and need to go out of business because they are the epitome of bad service. They emailed me consistently and when I unsubscribed it continued so I told them not to email me again or I would file a complaint with the FTC. I received a text immediately after of them rudely in all Caps saying I just had to say I wasn’t interested... I did that when I sent the opt out email and they continued. So I did file my complaint and now on every review site I see their name I’m filing one too. Totally trashy. If that’s how they treat people just look at the other reviews to see how they’re going to treat your things after you do fall for their bs. Those reviews you see recently are fake timed

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