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3651 West Ali Baba Lane 105, Las Vegas, Nevada 89118 USA

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About Executive Moving and Storage

3651 West Ali Baba Lane 105
Las Vegas, Nevada

We are committed to customer satisfaction. Our relocation specialists are trained to customize your move. We will design the move to fit your schedule and your budget. Our movers are full time employees that have been trained in packing, crating, loading and unloading procedures to ensure your belongings are handled with care. Our trucks are fully maintained, clean and are equipped with the latest technology.

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Jo Ellen Miller


Moving-Do Not Use

The worst they quote a price that nearly doubles once they get you. They said they would have my 90 year old mother's belongings in her assisted living on the 21st. They said they would call her on the 20th. No call so I called them customer service is awful (Ashley and Tiffany) They could care less . Said they have up to 30 days according to contract so please do not believe anything they verbally tell you. Very dishonest. They take advantage of senior citizens. DO NOT USE DO NOT USE! Have reported them to BBB. Will keep you updated once my Mom has her belongings. She now has a place and no belongings. DO NOT USE

Al Rantel



Lied about pick up date. Lied about delivery date. Took a month. Items badly handled in their Las Vegas warehouse. Damage to 55 inch TV. BIKE broken. Cement table top smashed in corners. Leather on bed ripped and dented from weight on it. Driver was incompetent had to get a more expensive u haul to deliver. They are liars and thugs only in Vegas should never be in
Business. And I only got them through a broker called MOVING PROS US. ASK if you being brokered before you sign up so you don’t get unprofessional lying thugs like executive moving out of Las Vegas. My cost ended up doubled to repair or replace their mess.



Moving service was good

Executive moving and storage reps were very prompt and answered all my questions, and the follow up was there, so their service was good. The rate was governed by the interstate transportation rules for pricing, but their prices were fair and competitive. It was good with the moving consultant who was helpful in planning the details of my move.



Bad customer service

Recovering from a hysterectomy was easier than dealing with these amateurs. They didn’t show up when they were supposed to, they took my furniture from Eastern Utah 500 miles west to Las Vegas where it sat for three weeks and then when my stuff finally did come, I’ve found three boxes of broken dishes. I’ve only unpacked six boxes. These people are liars and cheats. When you try to call customer service, they put you on hold for upwards of 10 minutes and then hang up on the call when you hit the 10 minute mark. They don’t return phone calls and tell you what they think you want to hear. Not the truth, but whatever gets you off the phone. And then to have my belongings treated like garbage is just the icing on the cake. You know the first scene in Ace Ventura when he’s “delivering” the package? That’s how my stuff got treated.
If you like being treated like garbage and like being lied to, by all means, go with these guys. They excel at really bad customer service.



Long distance move

After finding out my Daughter had found a job in FL i had to find a mover fast, i also wanted someone reliable so i did a online research for long distance movers. I saw Executive moving and storage on a few different websites so i decided to give them a call. I spoke with a young man name Adam who gave me all the ins and outs and what i should expect for this move. I felt really comfortable talking with him, so i decided to choose them. Everything they said that would happen happened and Some. All the furniture was wrapped in Blanket Wrap , Pad Wrap and Stretch wrap and all glass was crated . The main thing was the price and it was the price quoted over the phone. Thanks Again Adam and Executive moving and storage

Megan Parikka


Executive Moving & Storage

My move was brokered out to Executive Moving & Storage. If I had a choice in the matter, I would have never selected them, especially after seeing what horrible experiences other people have had. Here's what my fiance and I dealt with.
I confirmed my pick-up for Thursday, May 9th or Friday, May 10th and got to packing up our apartment. As planned, I received a confirmation call the day before the pick-up window confirming their pick-up for Friday, the 10th. Less than 3 hours later, I received another call saying they would be picking up our shipment on Thursday the 9th. When I sounded surprised and asked the customer service rep if that was the true pick-up window, she was extremely rude and said “Well, the truck is leaving Phoenix tomorrow night so you better have your stuff ready if you want it shipped.” Hmm…
I wrapped up packing our apartment for the pick-up Thursday morning. Our pick-up window was from 9am – 11am. At 10:30 am, our driver knocked on our door. He said he called and left me a message that he was on his way but as it turns out, he called someone else. He wasn’t given my correct phone number. He then asked if I “knew anyone” that he could pay to help load up the truck because he came alone. I was tempted to help simply to save some money. He ended up finding a helper from a local staffing agency who he had to go pick up which took an extra hour.
My fiancé and I left the next day and drove our cars from Phoenix to Chicago. On Sunday, 5/12, I received a call from one of their reps saying our stuff would be delivered in 3-7 days. That would be perfect – we would have our stuff nearly right after move in. The confirmation email I received had our address listed incorrectly so I had to email them back to make sure they knew where they were supposed to deliver to.
We arrived in Chicago on 5/15. By the time Sunday, 5/17 rolled around (7 days after the phone call where they stated our goods would be delivered within that 3-7 day window) we had not received any call or notice of where our shipment was or when it would be delivered. I emailed our service rep and she looked into it. I then received a follow up email from another person saying our shipment left wherever it was on “Wednesday the 17th”; Wednesday was the 15th. Absolutely clueless.
When our shipment was finally confirmed for delivery, we were informed they had to shuttle our shipment in on a smaller truck because we were within city of Chicago limits. In my opinion, this is something that should have been included in the original estimate when our job was quoted. If you know a delivery is being made to an urban location, you should be checking what the transportation restrictions are!
Our stuff was finally delivered 15 days after it was picked up. Furniture was broken. Every single plastic tote/tub we used was destroyed. Boxes had busted and been taped to hold them together. When the crew arrived to deliver our items, the lead audibly complained about the distance they had to carry our items from the truck to the apartment elevator.
In the end, we paid nearly double what we were quoted. $4,000 vs. $2,300. We did have some additional inventory that was added to the list but we were charged on top of those items upon pick-up, the driver saying they estimated cubic feet incorrectly on the quote. They also charged for the shuttle fee as well as the long carry. Now, this was all part of the terms so we knew it could happen. However, I would have certainly chosen another company that would have estimated our job more accurately.
A few other odd things – every email correspondence I had with a customer service rep never had an actual company name listed in it which is super sketchy. Just their name, title and contact information. On our paperwork, there was another trucking company listed that didn’t sound any bit familiar so my guess is that there was another company involved with handling our stuff. I don’t know how common this is but just be warned.

Bob B


Going to place a lawsuit against this company

I moved from California to North Carolina, My Belongings Were picked up on Apr 5 all ready a day late for pick up. I had a binding contract for $2,083 . I made three payments of $400,$ 381 and as the truck arrived $800. I would call and send emails with no response. They would avoid me and call my daughter! I was sent a email with how long it would take! It said 21 to 25 business days! Well 35 business days later and 47 calendar days after two weeks of trying to get someone in the office [ ie] Chris and the rest of the bunch from pushing us around. The truck shows up in the rain on a Sunday afternoon! The driver opened the door of the truck and my Sofa wasn't there surfboards were missing my flat screen TV was just thrown on top of the pile and some other poor guys stuff was mixed in with mine! I took my paddle board off and it was crushed on the back end the foot pad was ripped up with big scrapes all over it! Then the driver hands me a bill for $2,338 additional charges!! So the whole move would cost me $4,400 over double the signed estimate! Plus they were 10 business days late! So it took them over 6 weeks to move me. Then I talked with a woman who had total attitude and said that since I wasn't going to pay the price that was over double the estimate price that she was sending the truck to storage and I would have to pay them also! I said I was contacting a Lawyer and she said go ahead! So in the long run half my stuff was not delivered and what stuff that I did see and get was damaged 7 weeks to receive my stuff than only to have some bozo which her phone number is (503) 432-5045! Tell me to go to a lawyer! So that's what I am going to do to get my stuff back and place a lawsuit against this company so they will not do this to anyone else!!! I will keep this page posted on what's going on! An if you have any questions I will be glad to answer them!!! I have plenty of pictures and the contract as proof if you need to see!



These people are flat out criminals

These people are flat out criminals. Nothing but fraud, and if you hire them, you will be screwed out of thousands of dollars- both in damaged/STOLEN/destroyed items and the additional charges they surprise you with AFTER they've loaded your items and have them held hostage. I hired a move with BAM Express. They told us they have their own trucks, own movers, own storage, and that they would show up on the day and time I specify and deliver on the day and time I specify. ALL LIES!! Come to pick-up day, and these guys show up, 8 hrs late, in an Enterprise rental truck. They provide no paperwork or anything, and just start loading. Then once the truck is loaded, they finally hand over paperwork, which to our surprise is a contract with Executive Moving and Storage. NOT the people we hired. They also charged us an additional $300 from our guaranteed cost that was given to us with a BAM Express Representative. At this point, they were holding all of my belongings hostage and it was almost 11pm at night. Angelo And Johnny are the names of the lead guys that moved us- both total crooks. Then cut to delivery, we were assured by BAM Express that we only needed to give a few days heads up (I gave several weeks heads up) to have our belongings delivered at the date and time of our choosing. This is when the real fun began. I was lied to nearly every day for 6 weeks that my belongings were on the next truck out and would be there in a few days. This went on for 6 weeks. 6 weeks I waited for my belongings, and 6 weeks I was lied to over and over. Jessica, Erica, Tiffany, Brittany, Kayla, and Karen- just to name a few- are horrible people who do nothing but lie to you and say all of the right things to make you think they care. Kayla outright refused all of my calls, Karen called me a b!tch, and the others are all just as useless and deceitful. Finally, these losers come to deliver my belonging. They called me at 8pm Saturday night and said they would be there the following Sunday and would only accept cash or money order. Ummmm, no. Not ok, fools. I called the awful women in customer support yet again, told them I would only pay with a credit card, they finally agreed. I was required to pay before these guys would even open the truck to let me see if my things were there. They unloaded carelessly, throwing my belongings, dropping them off the truck, bashing them into doors and walls. All boxes looked like they had been drop kicked down a mountain, boxes labeled "liquids: this side up" or "fragile" were beaten up and upside down. At least 30% of my belongings were missing, including dozen or more boxes and many pieces of furniture. Of the furniture that did arrive, all of it was damaged or completely destroyed to the point that I am needing to replace everything. I had thousands of dollars of personal belongings stolen or destroyed by these criminals. The next day, I noticed that my credit card was charged by Konami Moving and Storage- the company apparently owned by Angelo and Johnny- another company that I DID NOT hire! After everything these crooks did, I challenged the charge with my credit card company and after two attempts to challenge and explaining all of the fraud these criminals are practicing, I was finally credited back for half the cost of the move. I am waiting for my claim for the thousands of dollars of stolen and destroyed items, but expect to get next to nothing based on what others have experienced and based on their ridiculous and fraudulent contracts. If you want to be screwed over and be left with months upon months of negativity and dealing with slimy criminals, then go ahead and hire these crooks.




Our furniture was scheduled to be picked up on Dec. 24, but was picked up on Dec 28 - after numerous calls. The furniture was supposed to be delivered no later than January 5. Our furniture was finally delivered - most of it BROKEN and DAMAGED - late evening on January 15, 2018, however, none of it was reassembled and set up as Coastal Moving and Storage, (the company that hired Executive) promised it would all be in the binding agreement. The driver, Lorenzo, said he was "not contracted to set up, but only to deliver." He then demanded we sign and pay at least $250 extra. We had already been charged an extra $900+ after pickup or else they "would hold our furniture and we could rack up more fee." NUMEROUS THREATS. They finally adjusted the fee back down closer to the agreed price.

Numerous items are broken and damaged, and we have documented and taken pictures of everything.
This is all brand new furniture, just a few months old, and we have receipts.
We have filed a claim with the BBB, as well as directly with the company, both electronically, and by US mail.

Late pickups and deliveries - Extra charges - Broken & Damaged items - Numerous threats - Truly Scammers and Dishonest people!

Apparently they used to operate under West Coast Movers, then were shut down, but reopened under this name. We are not even sure they have a valid license to transport furniture at this point!




Positive experience with Eli, driver, Executive Moving

We recently contracted to have a large household items moved from Florida to Arizona with Moving Mania. Our experience with Moving Mania was at best a one star and that is being generous. Moving Mania subcontracted with Executive Moving. Eli from Executive Moving called to arrange delivery a day ahead of schedule. He did a fantastic job of getting the item to us timely, unloaded safely and set where we needed it. He was courteous, friendly, professional, skilled and went above and beyond to ensure it was done safely and correctly. We would recommend him personally.

D Bemis


Ditto- carbon copy everything everyone has said here

Angelo Perez and friends loaded up my household into an Enterprise rental truck...
Money order was to Konami Moving and Storage, LLC
DOT #2914575
MC# 982482
600 S Dayton St, Bldg 4, #301
Denver, CO 80247
Customer Svc. Tiffany: 855-330-6683 ext 1502

His receipt was from Revolution Moving Systems, which has a typed DOT# that does not exist: 2455655 and fake MC#8488008

Has ignored all of my attempts to have my belongings delivered at my new address until this week. He Was supposed to deliver today and was No-show.

The police reports are filed (in the pick up and drop off cities) and they recommend filing a complaint with the Attorney General against the three moving companies associated with Angelo Perez. Will do.

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