Pianos are highly sensitive instruments which requires exceptional care and attention when moving. Most home owners will be inclined to do it on their own but you may not have the necessary straps or furniture dolly that is mandatory to move them. Most importantly, it requires multiple persons to bear the weight and load it to the trucks, especially if your piano is located in the first floor or has many stairs on the way.


Moving is a stressful task by itself even without a piano and if you are going to do them all by yourself, it can become extremely annoying towards the end. It is also tough to gather the necessary tools to move them and you are more likely to damage it when loading it. Instead, hiring a professional mover will allow you to rest without having to worry about these things. They will do it on their own after completely assessing the location. Besides, with years of experience, they will handle the task much better than when you do it by yourself.


The cost for moving your piano will drastically differ based on the size and type you own. If you are going for a local move, a studio upright model will cost anywhere between $200 and $310. An upright piano is much bigger in size and easily weighs up to 800 pounds. It measures 45 inches in height and a professional mover may charge you $195 at the lowest while it could go as high as $320.

When the model becomes bigger, it is obvious that more men are required to lift it and load it in the truck. The upright player piano is similar to its earlier model and may cost the same. Then comes the big models that fall under the grand series. There are baby grand, studio grand and parlor grand models. While acquiring the moving company quote, make sure to specify the model to get an accurate quote. A parlor grand is the biggest of them all which may cost up to $600 while baby and study grand costs somewhere around $250 to $400.

The local moving quotes are the ones specified above but if you have a requirement to move to another state or go for long distance moving, the cost may easily vary from $700 to $2000 based on the distance covered. Talk to the service provider so that they can come up with customized solutions to match your requirement. The best way to move a piano is to remove it and load it earlier before your actual move takes place because big, grand pianos often occupy a lot of space in the truck. Besides, it helps reduce stress on moving day. Finding a good mover is easy. Just go through the reviews, check with your friends and shortlist from the options available in your locality. A company that specializes in this particular area is the one you should opt for.