Packing your perishable and fragile goods is an art that you should learn. The Phoenix movers will be there to assist you in getting this done but knowing some important techniques will help you go a long way in making your subsequent moves much easier. Every household, irrespective of its size will have a lot of perishable, fragile and antique goods that need extra care. They may be really valuable in the market or sometimes hold special emotional bonds. So, it is important that you don't let them break or get damaged during the move. Here are a bunch load of tips that should help you safeguard them.

1) Start by talking with your Phoenix moving company. The professionals have decades of experience in moving goods and they will definitely know how to pack them, handle them to make sure no damage occurs. Get valuable advice from them.

2) Gather the necessary supplies and ensure that they are not junk. Some people try to cut down costs by buying box cartons or rent them at cheap rates. When packing important items, don't be a miser and invest in good wooden boxes. They have higher resistance and will significantly reduce the risk of damaging your goods when being transported.

3) Packing method matters a lot when transporting fragile or antique goods. You can consider using different sized boxes to keep them separately. But, when it is not possible use different boxes and store them all inside a larger box to ensure their safety.

4) Be really generous with the tapes, bubble wraps and all types of materials that would help soften the sides. Most glassware and fragile items get damaged when they bump into hard surfaces. Double check that they are wrapped using bubble papers and doesn't come into contact with any hard surface.

5) Keep a bunch of labels and some markers ready. Whenever you are packing important, perishable goods inside a box, stick a label in it. Write handle with caution and fragile items in large fonts. You can also consider taking print outs of the text to make it easily legible.

Moving company quote is easy to get and can be issued within a matter of minutes from the official website. But, they are not precise and may not provide you all the necessary details. You can use it as a guidance to know the approximate cost for moving. But, to know more details including packing supplies and specific costs covering the move, you should consider visiting the company in person and talking to a representative.

One of the most suggested ways to secure antique and valuable goods is to ship them separately under the special moving services. These type of solutions are offered for goods like piano and home theater systems to make sure they are safe during long transits. Make use of them for any good that you think is valuable and that can't afford to be damaged at any point. Pack them individually and ship them for added safety.