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8200 Fischer Rd Suite A, Dundalk, Maryland 21222 USA

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About One Way Van Lines

8200 Fischer Rd Suite A
Dundalk, Maryland

We help people move their goods from one place to another. We offer all inclusive services for relocations like packing, loading and moving. Whether you’re moving down the street or across the country, we’ll help you. We pack for people every day, so we’re quick, efficient and careful.

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Kirsten Jones


No reply. No refund

When I first called One Way Vanlines, I was quickly given information, a quote and very friendly service. I made a $220 deposit immediately. The next day, I had to cancel services and everything with the company changed. I was spoken to rudely on the phone, hung up on and my e-mails were ignored. My cancellation fell within their cancellation criteria and I was/am 100% entitled to a refund without question. I finally received a text message over a week later stating that my "refund was approved" and it would take "3-5 business days" to receive... this was in June 2019. It is now nearing the end of September 2019, and I still NEVER received the refund. I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau in June 2019 and this company lied in their response and said a refund was given. My bank has also confirmed this was not true. I have since filed a chargeback with my bank, sent continuous e-mails and made several phone calls. No reply. No refund. I have now had to hire a lawyer to rectify this matter.

This company also had my previous Yelp review deleted in July 2019.

Don't take my word for it... just take a look at most of the reviews on Yelp or on other websites about this company and see for yourself...

Helen Lin


My move from NJ to VA

First, they underestimate the charge so I would give them the business. The total charge ended up to be 2X of what they estimated. When I reported to them that they damaged my wood floor when they came to pick up the furniture, they said for me to get two estimates; which were $1800 and $2000. They said they would only give me $250.00 for the repair.
When they delivered my furniture, I found that they damaged my piano, mahogany table, tea cart..... When I reported all the damage, they referred me to their insurance company. But after I file the claim, the insurance company said that they could not process the claim because One Way Van Line would not open the port for they to process the claim. When I talked to OWVL, they claimed that this insurance company was not good, and told me to file it through another insurance company. When I filed it, OWVl claimed that I signed a settlement not to hold them responsible for anything. So the insurance company will not pay anything. Remember the $250.00 that they were going to give me for the damaged floor, they asked me to sign a settlement not to make any more claim for it. In the settlement, there was an "intent" for this settlement, and it specifically said it was "for the damaged floor only". But they told the insurance company that it was for everything. The insurance company will listen to them only, even though I forwarded the paper that I signed to them.
OWVL has been very dishonest at every step of this move. I want everyone who considered using them to be aware of what this company is like.



Check out their page on BBB


VERY responsive when trying to make a reservation and get my deposit $$. They responded in minutes to my initial email inquiries. But when I needed to cancel and get my refund: SILENCE.

I made a reservation within 5 days before my move. The next morning after I made the reservation and put a deposit down of $220.00, I found out I will no longer be able to move forward. As per their cancellation policy, your full deposit will be returned if you cancel with written notice by 5pm the next day after your reservation when booking within 5 days of your move...

I did exactly that.

I've sent 4 e-mails since to "Regina Pink", "Deena Chavis" and owner "Zeke Miller" to follow-up. My e-mails have been ignored and I've been HUNG UP ON when I called.

I now have to file a chargeback and have also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau since this is stealing. Check out their page on BBB...BBB has noted this company's heavy pattern of poor customer service complaints.

I move a lot, and would have moved forward with them when I was ready, but after this, NO WAY, especially after reading these horrible reviews (which i should have done first!)



Polite people

The customer service was amazingly polite. I was really happy with the staff. Being so courteous, polite and ready to answer your questions is something every company needs. I had some papers to be readied so as to move the items to another state. One way van lines helped me throughout this job. It showed their dedication to customer satisfaction. I even had a situation where storage was required for a week. While they did charge as any company should, it was quite minimal and there were some special discounts because the same movers helped me relocate. Definitely worth the cost and a highly recommended company.



Definitely recommend these guys!

I used One way van lines for a recent local move - they were incredibly responsive and made everything super easy. They set me up with a three man team, packed up my studio, and moved essentially my entire life incredibly quickly.

Definitely recommend these guys!

Stacy Hernandez


An outstanding experience!

Only challenge we had with the movers was an added service charge to our bills, it all looked like they were correct though. They transported 2 large closets from one more location which they explained weren't in the listing of inventory. Alright, we fully grasp!!!

The process was much easier than we presumed. Asked to get a quote, and plenty was being gotten. We called them on the phone, the response ended up being extremely quick. They showed up promptly on the date of the move. They professionally covered, packed everything in the truck and also unloaded them as it has to be. They that was sent to us were incredibly polite and industrious. They did not rest until the task finished. Utkur, the foreman understands the job...He carefully monitored each and every section of the assignment. Everything was an outstanding experience!

Bajo R


Polite, courteous friendly and very professional

We had to move from Kentucky to Maryland and got One way van lines number from our Broker. We called and the Communication was very easy and clear via email and phone, On the day of deliver they were there on time, Polite, courteous friendly and very professional. My items were wrapped and protected and they put everything were I had asked them to. They removed the wrappings from the furniture that they wrapped. All around just a top-notch business, They were fast, friendly, and not a single glass was broken in the process. And I'm so thankful for having found these guys. totally worth it, I'd hire them again for sure and will be recommending them to friends in the area!!Awesome mover! Thank you One way van lines Great price! Will go with this company again!

Vanessa O


Thumbs up.

I had to move out of my NYC crib to Lake Shore MD, I had good experience and these guys were helpful with all my heavy stuff. They came to my home and gave me a quote and the price seemed reasonable. I am glad I used one way as the guys who came to pack and load everything were great at handling everything with care. Delivery time was also reasonable although I was told one date at the beginning and it slightly changed over time but anyways the guys on the phone were very kind and explained the reasons. So basically everything was taken care of and delivered to me undamaged. It was such a good experience for a first time move. If I have to move again in future I'll call them again.
Thumbs Up.

Mehmet Ozkemah


My moving experience from Richmond, VA to Brooklyn, NY

It was great moving experience from beginning to end. Thank you One Way Van Lines for eliminating my concerns about moving. I haven’t faced any problem at all like some hidden cost or else. Special thanks to Kaha and Beka who picked up my stuffs very carefully in Richmond and Djamshed and Hurshid who delivered my stuffs in Brooklyn. They all were very kindly and friendly.



Use another company

I am reposting this review from my BBB compliant.

I should first say that I thought the service and business practices were so poor that I opened a BBB complaint. If that's not enough to stop you from purchasing their services, then keep reading (or just look at the photos and save yourself a few minutes. My favorite is the one with the bird feces on the box. Imagine sitting that on your carpet. Very happy to have a balcony.)

Short version: It took about 4 weeks and $1641 at least 20% more than I was quoted after adjusting for the additional cu. ft. from my estimate.

Long version:
In late February, I began doing an cursory search for moving companies and came across a site that sent all my contact information to companies (One Way Van Lines "OWVL" included). This was a bit premature so I held off on all correspondence. On Mar. 20, I emailed Gary to get an updated quote on my moving estimate that he had sent in 2/26. The original quote was 375 cf for $1250.

Gary and I corresponded again on 3/22 as I was awaiting final approval on the apartment and I inquired about price to which he said "the price is more dictated by the amount of cubic feet the inventory takes up). 3/24 I contacted Gary to confirm service as I received approval and lease . 3/26 Gary replied and indicated he was out of the office over the weekend, indicated a 20% upfront deposit and that "delivery is 2 to 5 business days to FL."

In a following call and email, Gary and "the scheduler" indicated the price went up from $935 to $1200 for 200cf because "considering the last week of any month fills up very quickly". When I asked initially about a price change, there was no mention of this.

I confirmed & paid on $240 (CC) 3/26. Pickup was 3/27. The truck was empty, even though they said they were "squeezing me in". He asked when I wanted delivery and I paid the $720 (check) due at pick-up and said ASAP. I would be in FL 3/28.

After 3/26 I heard nothing until 4/2 7:54am a non-descript email from George Darsel for the delivery window. I replied at 8:42am with availability of Wed 4/4. By close of business on 4/3 I received no reply nor any new invoices or procedures. I contacted George & Gary again at 7:59pm on 4/3 to inquire when the window was. No reply. I waited until Thur, 4/5 at 9am. I was put on hold by Zeke, then told dispatch was not available and that I would receive an email response in a few hours. By 4pm, I still had no response. I called again & was finally told by Ramon that my shipment was being loaded either 4/5 or 4/6 and I would receive an email as soon as it was done. 4/6 came and went with no communication again.

On Sat. 4/7 at 11:58am I received a call saying that he was confirming my delivery for 4/8 between 2-5pm. I told him I did not know my delivery had been scheduled, but that 2-5pm was fine. An hour later I got 3 calls (1:08pm no voicemail-VM, 1:09pm left VM, and 1:13pm no VM.) saying she was confirming my delivery for between 11a-2pm. I had to ask the woman to find out the actual time (she wasn't going to at first). Later got a call from another person saying the balance was $606. $606 + $240 deposit + $720 a pickup is NOT the quoted $1200. I called OWVL, had a long conversation w/ Ramone who informed me that my shipment was larger than the 200cf quote (250cf) and that was the primary reason for the $300 increase. I was not told about a new invoice until 4/7. Ramone even confirmed they should've told me that day (3/27). He did not initially take any consideration to the issues I presented and indeed belittled them. At the end, he offered a minor discount bringing the balance to $438. An hour later, I got a call that I would have to pay another $350 to use a "shuttle" to bring my delivery.

Sunday I don't hear anything until 1:11pm that they supposedly looked and still wants to use a shuttle, but they didn't have one that day so they held the delivery. $1641 and 4 weeks later, I received boxes they literally taped together. (These were brand new boxes with heavy duty scotch packing tape on them.)

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