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About Long Distance Van Lines

COLUMBIA, Maryland

Long Distance Van Lines is one of the most reputable interstate moving companies around and are trusted by countless families and businesses every year to handle their interstate move. Even the simplest long distance move can be stressful for a family or business. By choosing Long Distance Van Lines as your interstate movers, you can rest assured knowing that you will be receiving the highest degree of service available when it comes to your interstate move.

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Never use Long Distance Van Lines.

I regret the moment I asked for a quote. I received a call from one of their sales people and he was an incredibly pushy liar. Told me he was giving me a great deal and that I should trust him because they're not a brokerage, they do everything in company. He also told me that the company's insurance would cover my TV, which is really the only thing I was worried about. I asked him multiple times about it. He essentially bullied me into accepting, saying that he would just match the price if I found a cheaper company that wasn't a brokerage but I had to sign right now.

Fast forward to when I'm about to move, I still haven't heard back from them about when the exact date is. I tried to call the person back because I was freaking out, only to find out that he doesn't even work there anymore. I tried talking with customer service but they were incredibly rude and unhelpful. I asked them when the van was coming, and even the day before the potential move, I was still waiting for a confirmation. They told me that they had to contact this other place so they couldn't tell me yet. If they weren't a brokerage, why was it such a process to confirm the time? To make matters worse, they told me that their insurance would only cover .60 cents per pound and that definitely wasn't enough to cover my TV so I had to rush buy additional insurance.

In the end, I felt so unsafe about giving them my stuff because this first part alone was so draining of my energy. It gave me too much anxiety feeling like I was being lied the whole time and none of them cared so I had decided to not use them anymore. It seemed like everyone that I would have to deal with at this company was really unpleasant and I just wanted to be rid of them. I lost my deposit and regret that but to be honest, I feel so much better with the company I ended up going with.



Very happy with results

A week ago I moved. Nothing bad or stressful happened on moving day. I was a bit surprised how this can happen in this era considering the distance. Then I checked my moving company online and they had all this great review and I knew I wasn’t mistaken.



Great work guys

I work with an Long Distance Van Lines and I am always moving all around the country. Ever since this company became my movers, I have nothing to worry about completely. Great work guys, hope you won’t lose track. Great!

Tammy Clark


My dad was happy

My old man wanted to go back to his hometown upstate Carolina, and I was responsible for his relocation. I knew his household was big so I had to find a mover that would handle the relocation conveniently. I did my research and found Long Distance Van Lines. After a background check and such, I gave them the job, and it was splendid. They showed up early with tools and equipment to set the ball rolling. They had finished packing in no time and ensured that everything was okay. By the end of the day, my dad was happily relocated in his new house.



Unmatched quality

I have seen my relatives and friend relocating, both long distance and in-state relocations but I have never seen any other mover offering services like Long Distance Van Lines. I moved to Long Island early this month, and I had them stewarding the relocation. They made my relocation one of its kind. You should have been there when they got the ball rolling. Their organization was evident from the time they started packing to the time they were off-loading from their heavy trucks.

John Borderman


great job

Long distance did a great job. I moved from new york to florida and had them pack it all for me because i couldnt be there for pickup. It was so well organized it was almost as if i did it myself. Thank you guys. Job very well done.

Lana Ste


budget move

I moved last week from Indiana to Florida and I used Long Distance Van Lines for my move. The guys came on time and delivered everything on time. That was my biggest fear. All was done beautifully as well and thankfully they stayed within my budget. I said it once and ill say it again.. Thank you Long Distance.



money hungry crooks

Long Distance Van Lines is a terrible company. The first people you speak with seem awesome and seem to be giving you a great deal. What they don’t tell you is that they low ball you and if your cubic footage goes over their estimate, you pay double for certain things (ex: packing materials. Price doubles once you go over their estimate). Let’s not forget that they do their estimates verbally rather than sending someone out. Initially the person I spoke with did my estimate incorrectly and 4 business days before Long Distance was scheduled to come out someone else did a second inventory, charged me a $250 fee to make the changes to my inventory, then charged an additional $1000+. I was annoyed but figured whatever...I can’t do anything about this because conveniently enough you can’t cancel and get a full refund unless it’s 7+ business days before your move. I see what you guys did there. Anyway, they came out the day of and informed me that they can’t take any liquids or l



Long Distance Van Lines exhibited high sense of maturity and cooperation during the relocation. They wanted to see me relocate in such a nice way. I am glad that they succeeded in doing so. Their relocation services were effective and took a shorter time than expected. I really appreciate everything.



The four-man crew from Long Distance Van Lines was professional, yet very friendly and they were very courteous with my belongings. They moved my belongings from the second floor in my previous apartment from Newark, NJ to the third floor in my new place at Illinois without any complain. They were super efficient and highly talented in this work. Their skills and experience in the relocation business showed as they were able to offer protection to my furniture and nothing was scratched.



Moving is almost always stressful, but I have now used Long Distance Van Lines two times and they made the process so much less of a hassle. I am a satisfied returning customer of Long Distance Van Lines and I will use them again and again.



So far, Long Distance Van Linesis the best choice of movers for me. They really know how to treat customers during relocation. Even more, they understand how best to handle customer properties. I did not have to follow them around to ensure my properties were intact during the relocation. They did it all willingly. I am so happy that things turned out exactly as I had wanted to. It was something worth appreciating.



I contacted some moving companies before I finally settled for Long Distance Van Lines. This was one of my best decisions in 2016. The contact center representatives of Long Distance Van Lines were diligent and insightful as they ensured that everything was set before the move. With such knowledgeable guys, I had a deserved peace of mind and did not stress over the little things. The moving crew showed up moments before 8.00 am and assessed everything to be carried before embarking on the disassembling of what needed to be disassembled, packing and loading. The diligence of the crew ensured that they delivered everything in superb condition. I cannot hesitate to recommend Long Distance Van Lines to others.



I had no serious issues hiring out these movers. I simply made a call, spoke to one of their sales agent, and that was it. The rest of the processes were easy and fascinating. I love that. I am so happy they were there for me when I needed them most. The relocation services were so ideal. I ended up relocating within a shorter time than I had expected. Even more, the services were carried out without any mistakes. I am so proud of Long Distance Van Lines crew. They are so adorable!



I decided to contract Long Distance Van Lines due to their reputation as one of the very few reliable movers we have in MD and the country as a whole. I am now happily settled in my new Baltimore home, and I am proud of my decision to use Long Distance Van Lines. They did not damage any of my valuables, and all my stuff were intact.



I had no clue the relocation services were that amazing. I felt safer moving to Baltimore under their watch. I did not have to carry out thorough supervision to ensure all was ok. I do appreciate their dedication and self-motivation. They should keep it up.



There is a reason why Long Distance Van Lines are regarded as one of the best movers in Lyndeborough. The company gave me a very talented crew. The three guys I worked with were amazing. They made the packing and loading seem so simple and easy. Once they brought the things to my new place, they unloaded the boxes and placed them where I requested them to, in a room on the second floor. They did everything without feeling frustrated. I will work them again in the future.



When I was planning to move from Frankfort, KY to Pittsburgh, PA I talked to different moving companies and Long Distance Van Lines gave me the best price. Everyone we worked with at Long Distance Van Lines was friendly, customer-oriented and helpful. Moving crew showed up on time. They were extremely careful with our items. Everything was wrapped and packed very, very well. No missing goods. No damage. I definitely recommend Long Distance Van Lines.



My familys relocation from August, GA to North Las Vegas, Nevada, was somewhat complicated because we had to pick furniture and other household goods in three different places before moving to one family house. I just have to thank Long Distance Van Lines as they were superb in every way. They handled everything like pros and were in complete control of the process. The movers were very motivated, which made things very easy. Thanks guys.



It was such a simple relocation. Every aspect of it was handled with uttermost professionalism. The movers came a few minutes after seven in the morning. They found when I had started packing my properties and joined. The loading process proved even easier for them. I enjoyed every bit of that relocation service. I cannot just wait to have them relocate me again. I am sure it will be another amazing and wonderful experience.



Before the relocations, I was a worried. Two days after the historic move to Georgia, I cant stop smiling. I am so happy because Long Distance Van Lines team did a good job. The entire team was cooperative enough. I had an easy time talking to them. They were so obedient in receiving instructions. I am so happy it all worked out.



The movers from Long Distance Van Lines were awesome. The movers I had signed with earlier on canceled the move very late and so I needed to move within a very short notice. I contacted Long Distance Van Lines at the last minute, and they came to my rescue. There is a hassle-free service, very professional, fast and effective. I totally recommend Long Distance Van Lines.



Long Distance Van Lines gave me a painless service as I moved from St Louis to Minneapolis, MN. The guys were on time at either end and so I had no time to start stressing about the move or the safety of my things. Their packing and loading was tightly efficient, which lowered my cost and ended up feeling very proud for using Long Distance Van Lines. I recommend them 100%



I love people who understand and appreciate their job. These movers definitely knew what they were doing. Office staff was very nice and helpful. Movers took extra care to protect the furniture. There was no single item broken or missing. I would happy to use them again.



Long Distance Van lines is a relocation expert. I appreciate the services of these movers. I must acknowledge that I was able to relocate in such a perfect way. Their services were ideal. The movers tried hard enough not to let me down. They were careful when handling my belongings, especially the electronics. As a result, there were no damages. I am so happy with them..



Very professional company. The crew was quick, knowledgeable, prepared and efficient. They relocated everything without wasting my time. They were very approachable and cracked jokes throughout the process. Use them and get to enjoy their friendly service.



Long Distance Van Lines are really great! They helped us to move from Chicago, IL to Ballwin, MO. Movers were very friendly and professional. All our goods were packed very carefully and delivered on time. No damage. And all of the furnitures were accounted for. Great work at a reasonable price. I highly recommended Long Distance Van Lines.



What was amazing about it is that it was simple. They packed my properties in the relocation box before loading them on the waiting truck. They were careful enough not to make petty mistakes during this time. I love Long Distances efficiency in carrying this out. Everything seemed to have worked out so wonderfully. I was so impressed seeing them relocate me in such an incredible way.



I embarked on a search for a capable mover to handle my relocation from Cleveland to Pittsburgh. I needed to use the best service I could particularly because my previous experience with a mover left so much to be desired. I asked my friends and my colleagues at the workplace for recommendations. When two people separately recommended Long Distance Van Lines, I knew they were the right guys. As it turned out, they didnt let me down, and thats why I am recommending to everyone else. They did the job without any fuss and honored the set timelines, and it was a job well done.



I recently moved from Maryland to Massachusetts and was very happy about finding the right movers. "Long Distance Van Lines" was a professional, punctual company and I got an accurate quote from them. They answered all of my questions prior to the move day, and called to confirm a night before. They did a great job by moving my 2 bedroom apartment, tagged and inventoried everything, and made sure everything was exactly where I wanted to be in my new place. They did an excellent job by wrapping the furniture and every piece arrived in perfect condition. I would definitely recommend "Long Distance Van Lines" to anyone !



I am really happy because Long Distance van Lines gave me the very best out of my hard earned money. When I booked them for an office move I had high hopes for them because of their reputation. Their sales guy and the movers did not let me down. They managed my move with great efficiency and showed great responsibility. I hardly felt the heat of the move. Movers were highly skilled and vastly experienced. It was clear that they have accomplished similar tasks many times before. After the quick completion of the move I checked the office inventory and as expected did not find a reason to feel undone. Thanks a for the wonderful service. It was a pleasure.



I was planning a move from Vermont to Florida as I had received a new job offer and was overwhelmed with the moving process. I called up Long Distance Van Lines and they were amazing and assured me that they would be there every step in helping get my physical belongings to my new home in Florida. When you are in the process of moving the last thing you want to worry about is actually getting your things there!! These guys were professional and polite the entire time I was dealing with them and I must recommend them to anyone looking to make that big move!



Fantastic service! Every thing went smoothly, or at least as smoothly as the stressful endeavor of moving could possibly go. The movers were wonderful and efficient at packing away my fragile possessions, and not a single thing was damaged or broken during the move. Everyone was so nice and reassuring through the whole process. If I ever need to move again, I definitely hop to use this company again!



On our move from Maryland to Vermont this mover gave us excellent customer service. Pick up and delivery went great. Moving is always a challenge and the movers were great to work with. Would refer our friends and family to this company to help with moving. No matter if your move is a short distance or a long distance they will give you a quote. It is nice to know that when it comes to handling your belongings that they arrive in the same condition as they were shipped. We had no problems with any of the job from pick up to delivery.



I had alot of moves in my army career. This one i had to pay for myself though. I was nervous but Long Distance made it easy. I never had any problems reaching my coordinator Ray. Start to finish I was made to feel in control of my move. Good feeling. I recieved my goods in 4 days snd everything was perfect. Not a chip! Thank u guys. Rock on!



There are some service providers who ought to be hired out over and over again because your satisfaction as a client is always guaranteed. A relocation company like Long Distance Van Lines seem never to disappoint anyone. Personally, I have contacted them to relocate twice. Two of my close friends have also been relocated by these same people. All of them were successful. There was no single point that we were disappointed l. In fact, they keep on getting better with each growing day and I am so happy because of that!



I had to move from SC to TX and it was such a hard decision what moving company I have got to hire. I have been moving a lot of times, but this one with Long distance Van Lines was the best one! The movers were super helpful and efficient. They packed all my stuff and not once I had to tell them to be careful of damaging my stuff. The charges were very reasonable and very transparent. My stuff was in great condition and I did not have a single breakage or damage incidence at all. I am very impressed with the work and I have since recommended many of my friends to use Long Distance Van Lines. I will, hands down, be using them every time I need moving!



Thanks LONG DISTANCE VAN LINES! I had to reIocate for my job from GA to FL. I was excited at first, but when I realised WHAT I have to do I got frustrated. I went online, filled out couple of forms and start receiving the phone calls. Some of them were ok, some were rude but when I received the call from Long Distance Van Lines I got on ease. He was knowledgeable, informative, let me know what to do and where to go. And I realised that the whole "moving disaster" is not that complicated. He gave me a quote that was not far away from the actual price, which was amazing considering that everything was done over the phone. My delivery arrived in Jacksonville in 7 days, which totally blew me away and NO DAMAGE!! !Fantastic job!!! I definitely recommend them!!! Thank yo very much again.



I would like highly recommend Long Distance Van Lines moving company! I was really happy to see that the team works fast, professionally and most important with care to my staff! I got delivery on time and ALL my staff at same condition as the company picked it up! They use professional equipment and packing material! I would like say Thanks to Forman Val for great job and service!!! I will recommend this moving company to friends!



I want to say thanks to the "Long Distance Van Lines". Higher quality of service. Fast delivery of your furniture. I moved from Lost Angeles to Chatlotte. I have a lot of Furniture, Boxes, garage stuff, but in spite of this, a team of workers packed my boxes and furniture for 5 hours:) Most importantly, all my furniture arrived in perfect condition. No scratches, broken furniture. In Long Distance has all the necessary equipment for the professional packaging, storage and transportation. Thank foreman Val and his team.



Hi, Long Distance:) My move was fantastic! Your company moved me from Arlington to San Francisco. Everybody, from the boy who answered the phone to the crew who moved my stuff, was awesome. Moved an extremely heavy treadmill up from the basement. Everything arrived in the same condition in which it left. Definitely will use them again and refer them to my friends. So... THANKS guys again!!!



Rarely do I feel comfortable recommending this company based on my experience with them. I can however honestly and without hesitation recommend American Van Lines. My experience starting with my initial phone call, to the final delivery of my furniture was top notch. American Van Lines employees were professional, courteous, punctual, reliable, and dedicated to customer satisfaction. It was a pleasure to do business with them.I have moved my house hold goods from Washington,DC to Denver,CO



Last time I have been moved by Long Distance Van Lines and it was one of my great experience. The team was so fast and nice. All my boxes was packed with care and the furniture is in great condition, no scratches and cracks. The Foreman and customers service was so helpful and they explain me how to save the space and the money. Im not going to change my moving guys and Ill suggest to all my friends. Thanks for easy move



This Company had moved me from Columbia, MD to New York, NY. Honestly the beginning was pretty stressful . They did show up a little late , and only with 3 guys for my big move. i was really nervous at the beginning ( wasnt sure they will do everything on promised 1 day) but as the move started , i was amazed with the speed of movers. Two helpers , spoke poor English , but the crew leader was excellent in everything. They filled up the whole truck in less than 4 hours ( this guys work like ants lol) and left my place . I have received my stuff a day later than i was promised , but Thanks God everything was delivered with some little scratches on my dresser. This is my 5th move , and i have never seen anybody moving that fast. I recommend this company



My move was great. I setup my move with Roy, in October for November 14. The crew arrive at 10 am and start to work , they was very friendly and nice, the head of the crew was explaining everything for that I will get charge, I order full pack service because I didnt have to much time to pack by myself. They finish my 4 bdr house in 10 hours. I was really concern about delivery day because my window was between 7 and 21 days but the truck arrived at my new house in Oregon on 22nd November, the truck driver and his helper unload and unpack everything. Now we can celebrate Thanksgiving Day in our new House.



It feels so awesome being served by the very best of service providers. The feeling is resounding and I got to experience it last weekend when I was moving from Colorado to California. I was relocated Long Distance Lines whom I realised were experts when it comes to relocations. They facilitated my relocations in an effective and admirable way. They took control of the situation and kept the tension low. They did a good work that is worth my praise!!!!!



I moved in August From Naples to San Diego. I hate moving like most people and was so stressed. Long distance van lines contacted me, gave me a fair quote, sent the nicest team of driver s to pick up my furniture. Andrei and his team. they helped me finish my last minute packing which I was positive I would finish myself. The customer serivce team was great, they advised me when my items would arrive, Everything that was told to me by my salesperson Benjamin came true, he made me one promise a stree free move



There was a lot of work to be done during my move to my new house in Milwaukee. I knew from a colleague that Long Distance Van Lines would do a perfect job while taking care of my possessions. They actually arrived at 8.00 am in my then apartments at Asheville, NC and undertook the work of parking and loading my things professionally and with the right moving tools. They made it look so easy and simple as I lost nothing during the entire process, but I thank them most for their top grade professionalism and diligence.



We have hired Long Distance Van Lines once and this is our second time. Last time, it was a quick move within the neighborhood and the items were of limited quantities. However, this was a large interstate move which the people handled with professional expertise. My husband suggested them because all of us were extremely satisfied with the service offered last time. The goods were in perfect condition when they delivered it to us and the movers took extra care of fragile items.Moving from Washington to Chicago is such a long trip but Long Distance Van Lines gave us some juicy discounts to ensure we stayed with them. Of course, we are going to continue hiring them every time. After all, its really tough to find a good mover to trust your goods with and when we have already found one. Theres no point in switching again. Thank you, guys!



The first thing that i want to say is THANK YOU guys. My previous company cancelled the move so I had to act quick. So I got that,whateverthey callPIGGY BAGmove. Pick up teamwas FAST and professional, they wrapped every single peace in my place. I had Full Pack Service, which is I think is awesome option that you can get and save your time also these people know how to do it better:)Everything went smooth and great, as promissed, got my stuff in 3 days in NC,separatethanks to Roy and Paula. Good Luck!



If you conduct a short search online, you will notice how much Long Distance Van Lines is revered by their former clients. Long Distance Van Lines has numerous top ratings and positive reviews as their former clients recommend them to other people. This is what made me use LDVL and I can say that they are very worthy of their ratings and commendations. They ensured that I was 100% satisfied by taking great care of my possessions, delivering on time and charging me very reasonably. I also recommend Long Distance Van Lines to others.



Long Distance Van Lines completed my move in a few days. They were prompt in their communication and very insightful on how to handle my things and the process in general. It was a long distance move from Gulf Shores, AL to Ocean City, MD, but Long Distance Van Lines are called as such for a reason. They proved that there is no distance that is too big for them. Wherever you want to go in the US, they can take you. Im glad they are also based here in Maryland and I will just call them if I need to move in the future.



I have worked with quite a large number of relocation companies but not one of them is comparable to Long Distance Van Lines. In less than five years, I have moved six times because of the kind of work that I do. In those separate relocations, I have used different movers. The last one was Long Distance Van Lines and what they did was such a nice job. Basically, they turned out to be everything that the others were not. They were faster, more competent and absolutely lively in their relocations. In just but a couple of hours, the entire relocation process was a gone case. No one would have imagined they could be that fast. I recommend this team of relocation experts to anyone in need of faster relocations.



My family was planning to move houses and thus I was tasked with the duty of finding a mover. I searched on reviews pages online and I was surprised by the positive remarks made by people regarding Long Distance Van Lines. I decided to contact them and they gave me a friendly quote which my family was happy with. They moved all our things and did not add any extra charges on top of the quoted amount. I love them and would recommend them to everybody searching for a professional mover.



I was already fed up with moving guys and their lackadaisical attitudes when I hired these guys. Each of my moves in the past was accompanied with troubles, ruins and damages but my last move with Long Distance Van Lines was different. The guys were not just experts in moving and packing stuffs but also they were wonderful and courteous people. Their courtesy and attitude to work is the reason why I will always choose them for my future moves.



The first thing that would probably come to your mind when you watch movers from Long Distance Van Lines work is bees. They were so busy working from the time they got to my home until the move was completed. They were not just working but they worked excellently. I have never seen young guys worked with such diligence and commitment. I must commend their professional attitudes and work ethics. They are the movers to go with in your move.



Due to the lots of heavy electronics in my home, I was really nervous how I would move. I did not really know how to uninstall and reinstall these items. However, Long Distance Van Lines movers assured me that they can handle them and indeed they did. They uninstalled these equipments and moved them without any breakage nor damage to my new home and reinstalled them perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised as I watched these guys demonstrate their rare expertise in this move.



Nobody wants to miss events going on in the racing season over here but unfortunately for me, I had to move during this time. This was why I looked for a very fast moving and excellent moving company to help me with the job. Thankfully, I came across this one of a kind moving company, Long Distance Van Lines. I never thought they would deliver such an excellent result but they did. The move was superfast and I enjoyed every bit of it and also every moment of the racing events.



Most moving companies claim that they have a lot of trucks but by experience, I have learnt that in most cases, this is not always true. This was why I am very excited working with a genuine moving company, Long Distance Van Lines. The moving guys here are experts and with their excellent services, they delivered the work on time and I was happy working with them. I must acknowledge that even though the money they charged for this job was quite low, their service was remarkable.



Having sold my house due to an urgent financial need, I needed to pack out of the old house to a new apartment and then I needed a cheap but good moving company. This was why I scoured the internet in search for a good company. I was actually looking out for a company with cheap cost irrespective of the quality of their service. Thankfully, the company I got, Long Distance Van Lines, is not only an expert in moving service but also their charges were very affordable.



I have moved with a lot of moving company and that was why when I found Long Distance Van Lines and made use of their services, I ended my search. This is the best moving company I have ever had the pleasure to work with and that is why I keep recommending them to my friends and loved ones. The truth is that there is no need wasting your time and efforts searching from pillar to post for moving companies, when you can make the most of the services offered here for a great moving experience.



People say a lot of bad things about moving but in my opinion, moving could be interesting with the right movers. This is my first time moving and I guess I chose well. I choose Long Distance Van Lines after my searches online and believe me, I have never seen movers work like they did. These guys parked and moved the stuff, working energetically and they made my move excellent at record time. I recommend them to anyone seeking an excellent moving experience.



Our old house was a very large home comprising different rooms filled with lots of stuffs ranging from toys to accessories and furniture. This was why we were really nervous when we wanted to move. First we thought that the cost would be exorbitant as per the charges of moving companies and secondly we thought that moving companies would mess up with our stuffs. Thankfully, we got Long Distance Van Lines that handled our stuffs excellently and we enjoyed every bit of the move with them. We can never stop thanking you guys.



I like their sense of organisation. Everything about them is systematic. When they arrived at my home that morning, I sensed a difference in them. From the moment they highlighted from the van, I knew something big was going to happen. I knew something out of the ordinary was in store for me. I have never been wrong, and I wasnt in this case either. The relocation was a unique one and the period it took was considerably less. I had nothing more to say but just smile when they were done.



I fell in love with their services the first time they worked for me. First impression is always important, and its like they had figured all that out already. They worked to impress, and that was all I wanted. I will seek their services next time I wish to be relocated. I will also refer my friends if I get an opportunity of doing so. They deserve to enjoy the great benefits of associating with this fantastic relocation company. If they can improve their time of arrival during relocations, they will be the best movers ever in town.



It was nice having them around. I enjoyed every single bit of the relocation process. They knew which buttons to press on me, and it worked out. I dont know who told them I would have loved it that way. If they figured it out on their own, I would salute them. The entire crew was excellent especially the driver. He was so friendly. We kept talking and telling stories during the relocation. I was too much indulged in storytelling that I did not even notice them finish the packing and loading. When they told they were done, it came as a surprise!



In life, you will meet those who are average, good and the splendid ones. Long Distance Van Lines crew fall into that category, and there is no doubt about it. Nearly everyone in that team is exceptional. From the operator who received my phone to the service men who actually came to deliver the services, I was impressed. Their actions were beyond the ordinary right. The customer care were even better, and they explained in detail what to expect. They were not wrong because when they actually came, they delivered what they promised.



Just give them this one chance; if they mess up, you leave. My wife kept convincing me. A friend of hers had installed it in her mind that this was the best relocation company in town. She is an adventurous woman, and so she likes new experiences. She was not going to let this one slip by. Not at any cost. That is why she insisted on me hiring them out. I had to honour her wish, in the long run. I have never regretted doing so in as much as I was pressurised to do so. The relocation turned out to be so amazing and full of fun. The time taken was quite commendable. Within a short period, they were done.



This is a good relocation company. Their services are quite perfect. Their rates are not that bad. In addition, they know how to handle their clients. They are not the kind of people to bring in disappointments. For the three times they have worked for me; I have only encountered problems with them once. One of their service men mistakenly dropped a bowl during the relocation. He was so apologetic and even volunteered to repay it. I was touched and left everything to lie flat. The other two had no drama. That is why I have always insisted on them, and I will continue doing so for as long I know.



Everyone has a soft spot for something. That one thing that you like anytime regardless of the situation at hand. As for me, it is the perfect treatment. I like it when I am treated right. Even if we were not in agreement and you decide to give me a proper treatment, I will honour you. I dont know who gave them this idea, but it is all they deed. The way in which they treated me left me smiling. Right from their customer service people to those who came for the ground work, the treatment was fair. They only have to continue in a similar way for them to have me as their client.



It is good to know people. People who can be there for you when you need them most. People like the Long Distance Van Lines crew. This team consist of well-mannered staff who are also hardworking. They will always do anything just to see a smile on the face of their clients. I have observed this three times. The first time, they skipped lunch just to ensure that the job was done in time. On the second relocation, they sacrificed their good night sleep jus to ensure that they get to my former residence in good time. Last week when my sister was relocating, the driver opted to chip in and help the servicemen in order for us to clear in real time. All these show how good they are, and that is why I love them.



I will always prefer to hire out Long Distance Van Lines at the expense of the other movers. I have been relocated by three different movers, and I have finally settled on this one to be my ideal choice. I have no plans of changing my mind because all that I wanted is in them. They are the kind of people you can trust with your valuables even in your absence. You do not have to be physically present for them to do a commendable job. I was not there when they were moving my stuff from New Jersey to North Carolina yet they still did it perfectly well. They are superbly good; I recommend them.



I actually argued with my colleague when he brought in the subject of Long Distance Van Lines. I had only known one company that could move me with less stress and yet here he was trying to convince me to try out a new one. I was hesitant during the first few moments. However, he was not the person to give up that easily and soon enough I was in. I went ahead and requested them to help me with the relocations. They were eager and willing to help out and so I booked a date for the work. That day, they came early, and this actually assisted in ensuring that the work was done in due course. After they had been done, I saw why my colleague insisted on them. They were to be trusted for sure.



They are diligent. They are unique. They are entirely different. I have a couple of ways in which I can describe them. Considering what they did to me, I regard them as the best movers around. I have hired out a couple of relocation companies before, and I know the difference. They are far much above my previous encounters. The dedication they showed during my relocation from New York to Pennsylvania was actually amazing. If this relocation company continues this way, I will stick to them and even advise my close associates to go for them at the expense of the others.



Once in a while, you get served well. When such things happen, you should be grateful. I always insist on giving thanks where due, and this is one of the circumstances where I am compelled to do so. After the efficient relocation services I received last weekend courtesy of Long Distance Van Lines, I will be unfair not to be grateful. Many appreciations to them and may they continue with the good work. Be sure to have me in your list of loyal clienteles. You actually deserve more than appreciations. It was all perfect, and I will tell my friends about it. I recommend them; no doubts.



To be honest, it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I felt great. After being relocated by Long Distance Van Lines, felt honoured. They had done something that I did not think possible. They had relocated me safely and without any trouble. The crew that was sent over to help me turned out to be more diligent than I had actually expected. What inspired me most about them is the manner in which they arrived. They were all set; ready with their tools and equipment that they might have needed. They were well-dressed in uniform, and its like that presentable worked out perfectly well for me. I got so much thrilled that I did not even notice them winding up the job in a few hours. I could not believe my eyes when I walked in and realised that there was nothing left in the former house. They had all been arranged in the waiting vans. All I could was smile.



I paid Long Distance Van lines for the service and they ensured the best service. The move went really smooth and fast and we never felt that we were in the middle of a long distance move. Sales rep, foreman, driver and the crew everyone gave their best and effortlessly completed the entire move within the given time. No complaints whatsoever. I move a lot due to my job, next time I move though I will not need to look for any movers. Long Distance will be my first call.



Im really impressed with these guys. They did a wonderful job on my move. Kevin (the foreman) showed up on time with three other very capable guys. . The prices were fair and the workers did their jobs with no dilly-dallying. I would recommend trying to pack as much as you can ahead, but if you have no time its nothing to worry about since you can bet that the team will show up with blankets and dollies galore. They initially told me 7-17 days and I told them i wanted it as close to 7 as possible... they took 11... I am just happy everything is all in one piece and their arent any damages. I really appreciated the price not going up as well, that was important to me as Ray assured me "no surprises." I can honestly recommend this company to anyone whos moving long distance.



The job done by Long Distance Van Lines when I hired them out was commendable. I like the way they handled my property from Georgia to Maryland. I do not remember ever getting into the quarrel with them over the handling of my valuables. The crew that was sent down carried everything as if it were they are own. The sense of dedication they displayed was also amazing. I am just glad they came my way, and I have no reason to reach out for them the next time I am in need of relocation services.



I have only good things to say about Long Distance Van Lines. I moved cross-country from DC to California and they did a marvelous job on my move. They were punctual, they knew what they were doing, the customer service was impeccable and I didnt feel robbed when it came time to pay the bill. I really appreciate that there were no surprises. A top-of-the-line company. I definitely recommend them.



I am a college student and so I am exceptionally broke. When I had to move I was really concerned about the price but I wasnt willing to sacrifice on the quality. My family had moved a few years ago and they went with the company that had given them the lowest price but half my stuff ended up being damaged in someway. I am glad I found Long Distance van lines because not only did they provide me with the service that was impeccable but they gave it to me at a completely honest and fair price. Its not the cheapest company out there but it is definitely one of the best. Book with them -- they are awesome.



I had a wonderful experience moving with Long Distance Van Lines. Everybody was super polite and I feel like I got treated as a human being and not a number. When I got snowed in and was unable to arrive in time for my delivery date, they went out of their way to work out the situation. it was truly great having such a professional team on my side for this move. I strongly recommend them.



This move was making me go halfway insane. Im so glad I found long Distance Van Lines which allowed me to take my mind off of packing plates and moving boxes and instead let me focus on the important things like making sure my new home was ready for our move. One thing is for sure; I will never ever try to move by myself again! Having someone do it for me I was just so much more efficient and the price I paid was well worth the peace of mind I received.



After a hectic week, Im finally settled into my new home. Im a military bride and move around a lot. I can honestly say that finding a moving company that wont rip you off or break all your things is near impossible, but nonetheless Long Distance Van Lines did a fabulous job. They were punctual, polite, and trustworthy. Nothing of mine is broken (there is a lot of dust though). I would recommend them and will use them again for my next move.



I just finished moving from D.C to Charleston and as much as I despise moving, being able to work with a dependable company made it much easier. I found the staff to be polite and helpful, the policies to be beneficial to the consumer, and most importantly the guys that came to my house were hard working and knowledgeable. I strongly recommend Long Distance Van Lines.



I have used this moving company 3 times in the past. The movers arrived on time, neatly packed all of my furniture & other valuable items. Each of my move went really smooth and stress free. These movers are very skilled and experienced and I would definitely use this company for all of my future moves. Highly recommended! Due to a positive experience, I have also referred this moving company to my family and friends and they were also very satisfied with their moves. What more can I say...You should definitely give Long distance van lines a call for your next move!



wearereally happy to have choosen long distancevan lines for our move.i want to thank this company for the service that we got. Their movers really took great care of our stuffs and also they were being really nice with my kid and pet. I quotd myself high so I know this price would not go up. I have move sereval timsso I am not new tothis situation.It was really good to have the suggestions from the movers, which saved our time and money. I am impressed with their dedication, punctuality and service.



Long Distance Van lines is the best moving company to work with. They did everything for me. Packing, moving and storing everything. They worked hard, packing and carrying, they were very careful with walls and stuff. They knew what they were doing and they had the clear idea about the move. I like their commitment, consistency on delivering well and willingness to help. This is a really good moving company. I was so impressed that I suggested my friends and family. Every one of them was equally satisfied. Highly recommend.

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