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1620 N Ellwood Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21213 USA

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About I&A Moving and Storage

1620 N Ellwood Ave
Baltimore, Maryland

Whether you are moving down the street or across the country moving can be a stressful experience for you and your family. Trying to find a new place to live, packing up all your possession, changing your mailing address, and doing all of the other 101 necessary chores to get done is difficult and time consuming..

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Larson Fedrick


Such A Great Service

Most of the furniture I own is really heavy and old, so naturally I was concerned for how they would travel. But the movers from I&A moving and storage took great care of them while moving them from Buffalo, NY to Augusta, ME. The movers really paid attention to the old pieces and packed them so delicately. They made sure they stacked everything properly inside the van so nothing damages during the journey. They made the delivery right on time. The movers unpacked everything and put them where they belonged. I did not see the men complaining even for once. It was a great relocation only for these strong men.

Lance Farr


Avoid at all cost

DO NOT USE I&A is my advice. They rewrote the contract, added $500 dollars without telling me about the increase. They took my property and refused to unload without the additional $500. I refused to pay and the driver drove off with my goods. What I could see of my boxes they were pretty well smashed as well. The office person, Dave, kept interrupting me when I was trying to explain the situation. He actually said "I don't care about the contract." (Yes that is a quote.)

Ashish Jefferson


Pet friendly moving company

Honestly, they didn’t offer any package to move pets because I am supposed to keep them in my SUV. However, I&A moving and storage crew ensured they took good care of my pet cat throughout the move. I would say they were really friendly and patient even though it took more than five hours to load them all.

I was living in my home for more than ten years. So, there were too many items to pack and load. Besides, it was a four-bedroom house. My family members packed their own items but it still took time. I remember Robert being really open to suggestions and guided his entire team until the job was done.



Very Professional

I'd definitely recommend this company to anyone moving. These guys were timely and accommodating. Very professional, open to request and flexible. You get a tremendous value for what you pay in using this company. I have no complains. I would definitely recommend them.



Great service for a great price

This was my first time using professional movers. And I would use I&A moving and storage again. Even though there were a few hiccups, they took care of them in a very timely manner.




The entire crew was terrific. They were communicative, polite, careful, and incredibly efficient. The extensive art was very well packaged and boxed. All items arrived in perfect condition and were unwrapped and placed in the location. They asked questions when in doubt and were extremely accommodating. The moving experience was quite pleasant.




Thank you Mike for all the help and support you provided us. You are an amazing person and truly an asset to I&A moving and storage. You were always willing to help us throughout this entire process and that meant a lot to us. Moving is not fun especially under the circumstances we had to move and thanks for listening and caring. When our friends and family are looking to move I will definitely give them your contact information so you can help them as well. Thanks again.



Thank you!!

We've moved too many times in the past 3 years and have too much experience with moving companies.
The Manager and his crew were the best we've had. They were very efficient, very careful and personable. They maintained a good amount of energy throughout the day and that must be hard to do in this business. I would recommend them without hesitation.



Thank you so much

These guys are spectacular. They are super communicative from the second you make the appointment.

The guys are also really sweet and work their butts off. Do anything you can to work with these guys on your move.



Amazing experience with these movers!

I heard about this place from a friend of mine when I asked her if any professional moving company exists in this area.
He recommended that I call this place.
I called and he answered. He told me about his services and pricing and it was affordable to me.
Asked him to help me today and he was quick about it!
Came thru within 30 minutes with his truck, and his crew packed everything for me and moved everything so carefully!
Got everything in place at my new home and i'm so happy about it!

Olivia Nicol


Wonderful services

This company really came through for me. I had to move out of state for work, and no one was around to help me. I had heard about them from others, but was still skeptical about utilizing their services. I wasn't sure I could trust anyone with my belongings.
Boy was I wrong. They were friendly, polite and punctual. The manager was very nice.
They worked very fast, but amazingly, didn't damage anything.
Everything arrived in a decent amount of time. They kept me updated the whole way, and answered any questions I had.
I'm very glad that I used their services, and I'm sure you will be to.
They are a good, reputable company and great to do business with. Definitely worth the 5 stars.




This company is great. They made a stressful day far less so. I was moving from one third-floor apartment to another third floor apartment with no elevator! Drew and Mike did the job professionally and courteously without complaining at all. I highly recommend.



Stress-free move

We had to hire a moving company to remain stress-free. I&A moving and storage provided us that comfort. They took on the responsibility of moving our belongings and did a brilliant job at it. The movers were punctual, organized and skillful. They paid attention to what we were saying and making suggestions. It really was a collaborative effort between them and us. I was so glad to be able to have some contribution in the process. The delivery was made in Wyoming on the scheduled date and most of our things traveled well. We highly recommend I&A moving and storage.



Happy with their service

A friend recommend I use I&A moving and storage when I moved from my apt in Rockville to Elkton. I was so happy with their service; the movers came on time and helped me with the whole move from packing and loading to unloading in the new house. There is no other company that I trust more with my delicate high valued household items.



Affordable movers

I needed a mover to take me from MD to Florida. I searched the Internet and came across I&A moving and storage. They we're a local company that gave me a fair price. On move date they were on time and everything went as planned. They movers were great. I just got my delivery and everything was the same as when they picked it up. I'm so happy I found an affordable mover that preformed great service. I would recommend them. And would use them again. Thanks again. If you need a good mover on the east coast use I&A moving and storage. The full pack in service was a dream come true.



Great service, awesome price

We hired I&A MOVING AND STORAGE Relocations in a pinch to help move my mom just a few blocks. They took so much care to wrap everything so that nothing was damaged. They were prompt, fast and very professional. Would hire again.



You are safe with them

Had a great experience with I&A MOVING AND STORAGE Relocations! The guys were polite, friendly, hard workers, efficient and took care of my things. I will use them again if I need to move!



Mighty movers

These guys were super professional and on time even though they said they may be late. Definitely under promised and over delivered. I'm super happy with their service and would recommend them to anyone in need.



Thanks for the good work

I was really pleased with this company. Everyone I spoke to was very helpful and professional. They unloaded two big Uhaul u-boxes for me. They were really polite, friendly and hard workers. Would happily recommend this company.



Unmatched skills

My friends referred us to I&A Moving and Storage and our experience was wonderful. They sent 3 men who showed up on time, worked very hard, efficient and took great care to make sure nothing was broken or damaged.



A different experience

They arrived at both locations when they said they were going to. Even before they got to my houses the called me the day before to make sure I was home when they got there. I never felt alone during my move at all. I always had someone to call and answer any of my questions. Thanks, guys



Amazing crew

Amazing service from these guys! The manager and his crew were extremely professional and got the job done quick. Will definitely be using this company again in the future.



It was a pleasant experience

I used I&A Moving and Storage for my move from Austin to Long Beach and I was extremely pleased with them. The movers showed up on time and were very professional and efficient. Plus, you really can't beat the price. Believe me, I called just about every moving service in town before I found I&A Moving and Storage - they are definitely the best deal around. Great experience overall!



You did a great job

I am certain to seek your services in future. I do not have doubts about hiring you if the need arises. You did everything that I have always longed for in relocations. Your services were so cool and the whole relocation process turned out amazing. I did not lose a single property during the relocation process. That is enough reason for me to believe in I&A Moving and Storage. You are different from the rest and there is no doubt about that. I have never witnessed such a relocation process. Previously, I was used to being offered average or poor relocation services despite spending so much on movements.



We moved very comfortably

With I&A Moving and Storage, you will never be wrong. When you hire them, expect nothing but perfection. These were the exact words contained in the first I&A Moving and Storage review I saw. It was so moving and because of it, I found myself hiring them out. It was after they helped me relocate from Georgia to New York that I realised that everything in the review was true! You are great! It was not in vain that I hired out I&A Moving and Storage. I was right choosing you like the best mover. The work you did was extraordinary. The team was punctual and so much dedicated. Thanks for making the whole movement memorable.



Truly amazing

With a team like I&A Moving and Storage, you can hire them out, go for a vacation then come back to find your new house in order. When I hired them out, I was not available to supervise their relocation. My youngest son was the one available. They cooperated with him so well and granted him the respect he deserved. The reports he gave me were enough to make me believe in you.



This moving service is hard to find

I must admit that it was one of the most fantastic relocation experiences. The relocation was handled in such a perfect way. When the relocation team came, they fixed everything so fast. They started with sorting the books and furniture. They went ahead and packed all the remaining belongings. Additionally, they kept their prices within manageable levels. Because they facilitate the New-York Georgia relocation so wonderfully, I have plans of seeking their services. When I interacted with I&A Moving and Storage, everything changed. The costs were friendly enough and the services were extraordinary. I now have reasons to believe in movers.



I got lucky

If there is something I will not forget anytime soon, it is the kind of experience I obtained from I&A Moving and Storage. Instead of the normal boring relocation experience, these people gave me something extraordinary. I love their patience during the relocation time, also, I was thrilled by the fact that their charges were so manageable. Because of the exclusive experience I had with them, I am looking forward to future relocations.



Hire them

I would like to thank my former boss for referring me to these people. Knowing I&A Moving and Storage is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Their team did an amazing job relocating me from Colorado to Ohio. Everything was relocated perfectly. I thought they would have problems moving my large screen television but that was not the case. Looking at how they managed the packing and loading process, I can confidently say they are experienced. Keep up the good work.



Professional and Timely Services

The last thing on my mind was that the relocation could have turned out that way. My previous encounters were things to be proud of. Subsequently, I thought this crew would also give me a surprise disappointment. Luckily enough for me, it was the surprise. The relocation was a couple with lots of diligence and ultimate satisfaction. I found such an easy time moving from Georgia to Florida. I am looking forward to future relocations with vigour. The memories of that particular relocation are still fresh in mind. I cannot forget so easily how amazing the entire relocation process. Everyone who was involved in the relocation process was cooperative and willing to offer his best. I found myself rejoicing at the end of the relocation.




I will never forget what you did to me. Your relocation services were effective, so wonderful, and  timely. It was so much evident that the whole team was fully prepared for the relocation. The way you performed was so good. I will be glad if you keep up that spirit. I cannot take for granted what you did to me. Your services were extraordinary. The way you loaded each piece of furniture into the vehicle was amazing. I thought you were going to find trouble putting all the sofa sets in the van considering their nature. With your expertise, however, the whole exercise turned out to be such an easy one.



Best Experience

Thank you for making me feel this way. I enjoyed moving from Florida to Tennessee because of your crew. If not for you, the whole process would have been hectic and so much tiresome. Your expertise was so evident throughout the relocation. I could not help but notice your dedication and passion for the job. I would like to encourage the whole team to continue with the wonderful  job.




I will forever remain indebted to them. The kind of sacrifice you offered me is something I would not take for granted. The relocation notice was short yet you managed to deliver perfect services. What moved me is the fact that I was not charged extra money for the quick services. I am loyal. You gave me one of the most memorable relocation experiences and I do not take it for granted. You helped me move from Iowa to Wisconsin in such a nice way. The distance was so long. As such, I imagined the whole procedure would be hectic. Thanks to your team, it was possible for me to relocate so seamlessly without troubles. You are amazing!




I am grateful to James, my youngest brother, for referring me to I&A Moving and Storage. It turned out to be one of the most effective and lovely relocation services. You made it so interesting and adorable. I am looking forward to a more thrilling experience in future. It is worth seeking their services. You will have no regrets about it. My first time seeking their services was so awesome. They came at the right time and spent only a couple of hours loading and did the relocation duties. Because of their fascinating team, it was possible for me to relocate so easily without any issues.



Peaceful move

You offered me one relocation service that I will never forget about. I was able to relocate fast enough from North Carolina to New York in a peaceful way. In the course of the movement, there were no arguments. Instead, the relocation team was obedient. They made it so enjoyable and worth going back for!




Your team made it possible! My sincere appreciation goes to Michael, the relocation coordinator. He was in full control of his team right from the beginning. Because if his keen supervision, it was possible to my family and me to move from Virginia to Ohio in a stress-free manner. Thank you so much. You are reliable. I am certain about that one. When I sought your services, you kept your part of the bargain. The relocation quotes were favourable and there were no hidden charges. You relocated me within the agreed time and even managed to finish earlier than expected. I have all the reasons to trust you. In the subsequent relocation services, this will be my choice of the mover.



Value for money

You gave me real value for my money during the relocations. When I sought the services of I&A Moving and Storage, I experienced a wonderful relocation. They came very early that morning and started working immediately. Except for a few corrections, there were no major issues during the relocation. As a result, I felt happy and contented after the relocations. I am willing to seek their services again. I know there is someone I can always look up to when in need of relocation services. Previously, I used to be so worried whenever I am relocating. After my encounter with I&A Moving and Storage crew last week, I feel safer and contented. These people are trustworthy and reliable enough to be trusted with all forms of relocations. Thanks you so much for the job well done.



perfect move

I know I can always count on you. You make promises and deliver them. During my relocation to California, you did a wonderful job. All my properties were safe before and after the relocations. I feared for my souvenirs including carefully chosen clay model. You were very careful with all of them during the relocations. You handled each one of them with the care it deserved. The entire relocation was perfect and I am grateful.



Wonderful relocation

I&A Moving and Storage were amazing during our move. I strongly recommend them. It was an excellent service by excellent guys from an excellent company – I&A Moving and Storage. We were using them for the third time and with such meticulousness and professionalism, I am not going to stop using them. I have already suggested the company to my friends and colleagues here in MD, as well as VA and NJ where the company has also set bases. Use them and take advantage of their skilled movers to have an awe-inspiring relocation experience.



Strongly recommend them

My church had so many books and other stationery to carry. A member recommended that we use I&A Moving and Storage, and they transported everything without overcharging us. They did not just deliver on time, but they were also very polite and professional. The service by I&A Moving and Storage movers was excellent and their pricing very competitive.



Reasonable price

The pricing was very reasonable, and their work cannot be faulted. I&A Moving and Storage are awesome. I don’t know what I could have done without the service of I&A Moving and Storage. No mover was willing to move my gym machine and other items to Mckinney, Texas from Brooklyn, New York unless I paid more, yet I was on a fix, financially speaking. A friend suggested that I contact I&A Moving and Storage, and the guys gave me a quote that I could afford. It was so inexpensive that I was able to save! It isn’t that I&A Moving and Storage are giving cheap service, it is only that they are giving quality service at very affordable rates.



Stress-free move

The crew was punctual and came with their truck plus their set of moving equipment that made the exercise so smooth and stress-free. The guys were very cooperative and I had issues with them from the start of the process to the end. They also delivered on time and fulfilled their part of the contract so professionally. Previously I had not used I&A Moving and Storage, but definitely, I will call upon them to handle my future transportation should there be a need. I&A Moving and Storage gave me professional and experienced guys. Nothing went wrong during my relocation. It is better if you can contact them and experience the greatness of I&A Moving and Storage in moving.




I had already used I&A Moving and Storage six months before the recent move. Both experiences have been awesome and surpassed my expectations. The first time was moving, not literally, as the crew was totally professional and really good communicators. Co-incidentally, I got to use the same crew during my second move. I thank the supervisor for his help and ensuring that I was treated well and that my things received the care they deserve. It was a smooth experience moving with I&A Moving and Storage. Thank you guys.



Great Experience

It was a great moving experience by a great mover. My friends are also full of praise for what I&A Moving and Storage did. The foreman was awesome. We have used I&A Moving and Storage severally, and we will continue giving them business. From the first instance, I contacted I&A Moving and Storage, I knew I had the right kind of mover. The sales person was kind and helpful throughout our interaction and did everything to ensure I was booked in the day I was available. The movers were professional and timely on either end, I thank them for everything.




I am a very happy returning customer of I&A Moving and Storage. For the 3rd time now they have given me outstanding moving service. Their movers are always there to help and this time, they offered to carry some additional items, and they didn’t charge me extra. You can never go wrong when you trust I&A Moving and Storage to handle your stuff. My collaboration with I&A Moving and Storage was fabulous, from the sales persons to the movers. They brought my things as scheduled and without damaging anything.

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