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About Touch of Class Movers

Why is Touch of Class Movers the best choice available to you for your move? Easy, it is the lowest legitimate priced move with all the benefits that other movers can not provide. Let’s break down the top 10 ways that we add an extra Touch of Class that other movers can’t!

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Bin An



They were supposed to do move on Aug 31. They never showed. Then sept 1 8:00am-11:00am. They didn’t show. Finally showed up Sunday 1:30. They reviewed my stuff with inventory. They told me that I had more boxes than the 40 I paid for. I asked them to revise the amount. We had a contract for $3118 for the move. The revised amount was for $13,000!!! I told him no. I just told him to take only the furniture and leave everything else including all the boxes. I said I would rent a uhaul and load it myself and drive it myself to Cali. He said it wasn’t worth the drive from AZ to Cali for only $3100. He said he would do it for $6000 more in cash. I told him he knew the amount and the inventory before showing up. Simply take only the furniture. He said my furniture was nice and I had to pay the higher amount cause I had nice furniture. He said the original price was a quote for shitty ikea furniture. I told him no one asked me if I have nice furniture or shitty furniture. He said it was Sunday afternoon on Labor Day weekend. If I didn’t pay him then no one would do the move. I paid them a deposit of $1321.99!!! I want my money back! They refused the move! Cause they were holding me hostage for more $$$.



Touch of Class Movers Scam

This company is the biggest scam artists in the business. I worked with Sandy and Natalie, and they charmed me from the start telling me my move from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA would be flawless. They gave me a good estimate, and told me my stuff would be there within 5-10 business days from the time of my delivery date. On the day of the move, another company came to pick up my stuff, and estimated I had more stuff then what my estimate said and charged me more which I had anticipated. Then the guy tells me the that the amount of gratuity is usually 10-15%. Follow up 8 business days, and Touch of Class Movers tell me that I should wait the 2 more days. I call the second company that actually picked up our stuff, and they tell me our stuff is still in a warehouse in Chicago, and will not leave for another week! My wife and I have been sleeping on an air mattress with no furniture, and my infant's stuff had to all be bought as I could not wait any longer for his things. I called Touch of Class, and tried to get my money back and tell them that I will have another company move my stuff. This company is a scam so please please if you have any other company use them instead! DO NOT GET SCAMMED BY TOUCH OF CLASS MOVERS as I did!



Touch of Trash

DON’T DO IT! These ppl canceled our move before our flight and left our young children out on the street
Touch of Trash movers is the WORST moving company i have ever worked with, and that says a lot since i’ve moved 5 times in the past 10 years (across country and overseas). When i first contacted them i spoke to Suzie who was so overly sweet and helpful. I listed my items and she quoted me at 1500$ (it was a small move), then a few days later i called her and asked to make the move even smaller since we decided to donate some needed items to our church. She then quoted me at 1200$ The items were 10 medium boxes, 4 large boxes, two coaches, two tables, a bed, dresser and 2 mattress. I asked her the following questions before paying. 1) Can i put pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals on the couch (yes). 2) Can the movers come Thursday morning before our flight so our kids have somewhere to sleep the night before (yes) 3. Can i opt out of putting my mattress in a box and just have

Tobias K


Please please pay extra attention to your inventory list

Be super careful with their estimate and pay extra attention to your inventory list, be over accurate. My estimate grew from $4.1k to $23.5k, because I added a TV, two arm chairs, a lamp, 10 picture frames, 3 small cubes, a big box and app 20 more medium boxes - in total not more than 20% more in volume. I could not agree on the phone with their customer manager, who send them back home without our stuff. Very disappointing experience, after having really good experiences with other international moving companies for several job relocations.

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