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2800 Roosevelt Road, Broadview, Illinois 60155 USA

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About National Van Lines

2800 Roosevelt Road
Broadview, Illinois

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Ryan Walker


Terrible moving company that doesn't care about customers

Although National Van Lines was competitively priced, we would not recommend them based on a number of things that did not meet our expectations.
1. On move out day, they sent a truck that did not come close to fitting our 4 bedroom home, despite the fact that someone from National had previously done a walk through of our home to assess the truck space we would need. Within minutes of the driver arriving, he said there is no way they could fit all our stuff.
2. We had to quickly divide our things into essentials and non-essentials since a large portion of our stuff had to go on a second truck. The second arrived one week after our guaranteed delivery date. Although that truck had “non-essentials”, due to the length of time we were without some of that stuff (e.g., our mower), that did become an inconvenience.
3. The movers severely damaged our stairway on move out day number 2 due to carelessness. The movers clearly hadn’t moved a treadmill before, as they didn’t secure the base of the treadmill properly. This caused the treadmill to fold up while they were moving it, literally getting stuck in our stairway, which damaged the walls and railing in the process.
4. On move in day number 1, the movers nearly left without assembling one of our beds. When we stopped them as they were on their way out, they said they couldn’t find the parts even though they were the ones who disassembled them. After more searching, the pieces to the bed ended up being in the glove box on the truck, so had they left we wouldn’t have been able to assemble the beds ourselves.
5. On move in day number 2, the movers couldn’t find the pieces to assemble another bed. Unlike the first time around, these movers did not try to leave without telling us about the unassembled bed. They finally found the pieces wrapped up with our treadmill.
6. One of the truck drivers was unprofessional and offensive. For starters, he didn’t bring money with him to pay the movers when loading, so I had to drive him to the bank. He also yelled at and made mean comments to the movers several times throughout the day. To make matters worse, he also made homophobic comments, which we found to be very offensive.
7. We never received an arrival time for the truck on move in day number 1. We were even on the phone with National the night before the truck arrived and they said we would receive a call with a specific arrival time. The truck driver called us the morning of the move in, saying he had been at the house for 30 minutes and that they were unloading our things into the driveway and porch. We had to rush over to the house (from our hotel downtown, 30 minutes away), which was not the way we wanted to start our move into our new home.



They keep it real!

This moving company is the real deal! No extra fees, no damages and no disappointments! National van lines is the one you must use for your long distance moves. I hired them last month and it was a very smooth and easy relocation. The foreman and his two helpers were kind to me and they were very professional and efficient. One by one they loaded everything on to their truck it was so systematic and organized! I loved seeing them work. All arrived perfectly on the other side. Not a single damage! I will obviously use this moving company again.

Peter Laporte


Be Careful - Be Very Careful

Moving is a multidimensional project. At one level, NVL did an very good job moving us from Oregon to Maryland. But there are a couple of things to be on guard for.

First, their contracted packers in Portland were, to put it politely, lazy. After working slowly the day before the van showed up, they had to be called back the next day to finish a job that they should have finished the day before. This isn't necessarily NVL's direct fault but it is they whom we hired and were in job.

More problematical is making sure all your stuff gets loaded. After a walk through with the driver before loading and making specific reference to an extension ladder and stabilizer attachment, the ladder did not get loaded on the van. Okay - it was missed. But as it was missed, there was no inventory tag. So in NVL's eyes, it never existed.

We filed a claim for about $300 (note: we took the 100% insurance option). Our claim was denied despite my repeated comments to them that the driver and I had identified the ladder (which was in our backyard) and past which other items were brought to the truck.

The moral to this: do NOT sign off on any papers until you have personally ensured EVERYTHING is recorded and loaded. A corollary is when the goods are delivered, go through each line and cross-check it to the item(s) that are tagged. It is a hectic day, to be sure, but despite the 100% full insurance coverage, if initial something as received in the haste to get things done and later you realize it is missing, you're screwed. There is no negotiation, period.

Some years ago moving to Oregon, we used United Van Lines. This episode left such a bitter taste in my mouth, I wish we had used them instead of NVL.

Robert Carter


Horrible Service

Warning! Never, ever use Move Central or National Van Lines. My brother recently used National Van Lines to move from San Diego to Virginia. all seemed fine until he actually moved. Since by brother is disabled he paid extra to have them disassemble the furniture and pack everything. when they took to large captains bed apart the didn't pack the parts. so, when the furniture arrived in VA the bed couldn't put the bed together until he hired someone to buy the parts and put it together. The other option was to wait the following when the moving company could send someone. Now on to the damaged furniture. the bottom of the dresser was smashed in, the end table had a piece broken off and the wood was scratched.
Next the missing items. one box was missing. the one containing all his electronics, sound cancelling headphones, Alexa, E Reader, etc. When we filed a claim they came back saying that since it wasn't noted on delivery we are SOL. their own paperwork says we have 90 days from delivery.
Now this is what they say: Since we are at an impasse in this matter, you may wish to have a 3rd party arbiter review this. To have an independent third party review this matter, this program is available at a cost of $300.00 to you.

Thomas Sansevero


Move from NC to NJ

National Van Lines did a great job on my move. The estimate quoted on weight was within $2.00 of actual cost. The office staff was patient, knowledgeable and helpful. My driver was Steve. He was so skilled and energetic. Watching him pack a truck was like listening to a symphony. The move was a little complicated with two pick up points and two drop off points. It did not faze Steve. The furniture was individually wrapped. There were no problems or damage upon unpacking 550 miles away. I strongly would recommend National Van Lines to anyone needed to move




For as stressful an interstate move can be, the National team was everything I could have asked for. Aaron Bacon was my moving expert and was extremely flexible and took care of everything that I needed from a logistics perspective. Our driver Chris was outstanding! He is very good at what he does and understands his customers needs. Everything was picked up on time and all of our possessions arrived at our new location exactly when Chris said they would. I would highly recommend that you request both of these professionals for your move.

Will G.


Excellent Move

I recently moved from Chicago to Texas and everything went smoother than I expected. Aaron Bacon was the coordinator who sent me the quote and kept in contact to ensure all my questions were answered (he would reply with an hour). He would also periodically email me to keep me updated on the process and if I had any questions. The movers themselves were all very helpful. They arrived on time, packed quickly, and ensured everything was wrapped so that nothing would break.

This was my first cross country move and I would definitely use them again.

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