Citywide Movers

4600 W Palmer St. Suite 100, Chicago, Illinois 60639 USA
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About Citywide Movers

4600 W Palmer St. Suite 100
Chicago, Illinois

At City Wide Movers, we have over 23 years of experience as professional movers. That means that we really know what works and what doesn’t. We know how many people it will take to move a pool table or piano and how to do so in a way that helps keep those items safe.

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Scott Dell


late pickup, late delivery, did not honor contract, held goods hostage

If you are looking for a company that cannot keep its commitments repetitively, underestimates costs, has subcontractors that overcharge (or appear to make things up), picks up later than promised and delivers even later than that (3½ weeks from pickup), treats your things worse than the stuff you were going to drop off at Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity, damages your furnishings, crushes boxes in transit, doesn’t finish putting together furniture because they lost parts in transit, and holds your goods hostage for a cash payment on a Sunday (when delivery was supposed to be Monday or Tuesday, or at the latest Wednesday) after a Friday night phone call confirming that Sunday delivery, one that promises the moon and delivers table salt (late), than this is the company for you.

I reduced the furniture to be picked up including elimination of a queen bedroom set (headboard, footboard, dresser, night stand), removed the treadmill and exercise bike, removed the big screen TV (unwrapped), removed the lawn mower, removed the recliner chair, removed ALL 15 pieces of art (5 large, 10 medium) that they wanted to charge an additional $30-$50 just for wrapping, reduced the box count originally at 60, removed the commercial oven – the size of a fridge, had them NOT include the shelves of our refrigerator – again a $30-$50 wrapping charge per shelf because they were glass, and the original $3,500 quote still ended up over $4,600, including an $800 charge in supplies (my contract specifically says packing tape was included, but I was still charged by the folks picking up with no compromise, and if I paid in cash, they would somehow waive the Chicago/IL sales tax - not sure how they get away with that). I signed an agreement to pay another $1,700 upon delivery to South Carolina (cash or postal money order).

They subcontractor continued to report delays in getting my stuff loaded, and then said the billing I signed was wrong, and that an extra $700 would be due upon delivery – now totaling over $5,000 including a fuel surcharge never preciously communicated and a higher rate for the ”binding fee” of $1,258 that I originally was charged $1,100. I have been severely taken advantage of.

I went back to AM, back and forth with CW, and they refused to budge, holding our furniture hostage. Delivery was promised for a Monday or Tuesday, or at the latest Wednesday. I then get a call on a Friday night that they were coming Sunday morning with cash due of $2,400. I had the $1,700 in postal money orders on the agreement I had signed, but with banks closed, and me out of town until Monday, the earliest original promised delivery (3½ weeks after original pickup), they could not take a debit or credit card or compromise on the overcharges. We had to ask (new) friends in our neighborhood to borrow cash as the delivery folks had our furniture hostage and were starting to take off if we could not come up with the overcharged balance.

The delivery was also not smooth. We are missing parts whereas our three-section couch will not stay together due to missing pins. Our other two-section couch was not put together. One mattress/box spring bed was left on the floor without a bedframe underneath as they did not put together one of our beds properly. A hutch was broken. My wife saw boxes being “thrown” off the truck which damaged two tall hanging boxes containing suits, blazers, and other dress clothes (I hate to see what my dry-cleaning bill will be to get rid of the wrinkles/damages). Yes, I have pictures of all the challenged goods. Why my wife tipped the two guys $100 (or I tipped the pickup crew $120) I really need to ask myself.



Never Trust these Guys.

Recently moved from Chicago to Cary. First Nate quoted my inventory for $1450 but on the day of pickup, after my furniture is wrapped the driver gave us the new estimation of ~$2800 even I dint packed any single item other than inventory listed. After about 45 mins of argument, they came down to $2050.As I don't have time to go with the other movers, I accepted the quote and signed all the documents. Till today it's been 35 days, they have taken my household items and didn't yet delivered. We are calling them every single week and they are saying the same reason that they didn't find the driver to deliver my goods. We have kids who are sleeping all these days on the floor and complaining of back pain and they didn't even have nothing to play with.
These are the disgusting people I have ever met in my life. I don't know how they got so many reviews on google. I should have trusted the Yelp. Please, don't go with these people. They are not trustworthy. First, they will attract you by quoting the lowest price and then they will increase it without your notice and lastly, they will cheat you by holding your goods.



Im really impressed with Citywide movers

They did a fantastic job with my move and got everything done quickly and efficiently. I moved my stuff into a storage facility any they packed everything into the unit neatly. In fact, I was concerned that everything would not fit, but they made it fit perfectly with a little bit of room to spare. I highly recommend them and I will be using them again for my next move.

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