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4000 W Montrose Ave 598, Chicago, Illinois 60641 USA

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About AllStates Moving and Storage LLC

4000 W Montrose Ave 598
Chicago, Illinois

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J Leight


Really poor performance

Don't use them. They were late, overcharged me at the last minute, wouldn't answer my calls, and broke a valuable television. I was impressed with them while booking, but that was just because they wanted to get my business.



5 Star experience

Excellent service from start to finish. I could not have asked for a better crew! From the initial customer service over the phone to the follow-up call the day after my move it was a 5-star experience. I was thoroughly impressed and will continue to recommend this company. Thank you!

Jerry Warren


Never Use this company for your move!S

We obtained a quote from Manny Lopez for our move from Austin, Texas to Missouri. They gave me a quote of $5,000. Which actually ended up to be $8,000 after they loaded it. We told Manny (Sales Rep) that we had a furnished 2 bedroom 1700 sqft townhouse to move. It was supposed to be a "White Glove Move". We were never told of additional insurance availability. He also guaranteed as that we would have our furniture delivered within 10 days. Every piece of our furniture was purchased brand new within the last 3 or 4 months. High End heavy furniture. They packed up our townhome on Apr 12, 2019. It was not delivered until April 27, 2019. The driver told us that if we were not home on that day, then our furniture would continue on to Chicago, and he didn't know when we would get it. We had to cancel our trip to accommodate the delivery. It was delivered in a 18wheeler Mayflower semi. They could barely get the huge rig in the residential streets, The driver then told us because it had to be parked out on the street that they would not bring in our furniture until I paid him an additional $140 because of the distance and steps. He wanted this in "Cash". I told him I would not pay him in cash, but instead I wrote a check. Once our items were in the house, we noticed none of the boxes were labeled to even which room they had came out of, or any detailed list as to what was in these huge boxes. Then once the items were all in the house, we took inventory of the items they delivered. Our brand new Master bedroom $3,500 bed was missing. The entire bed. Also, every single piece of furniture they delivered was either scarred, busted, gouged and scratched. I asked the driver about this. He simply repeated over and over to file a claim, and would say no more. Once he left we took deeper inventory. Oil canvas paintings were packed in between metal tv wall mounts. Heavy objects were packed on top of fragile lamps.
I finally got hold of claims and they sent me a claim form. The spaces to write were insufficient for the information requested. So I filled out the top of form with shipment information and in the description area I said to see spreadsheet and pictures of damages, and receipts. I created a spreadsheet with detailed purchase dates and the cost of the furniture, damage to each item. It was cross referenced with the inventory numbers and back referenced to the picture number.
They rejected the information, and told me to put on his form only or it would not be accepted. I then called their customer service number and explained to the Customer Service of the claim form. He asked me to send him the pictures and the information to examine. I sent it to him. He responded with telling me that it was more than they asked for and was more than sufficient to process and that he would send it to the claims department. I never heard from him again. I tried calling about 10 times over the next 3 weeks, and he was always on the phone. Whoever answered the phone said they would give him the message. But he will not return the calls or repeated emails
So I filled out the form they wanted and attached the photos zip file. I asked many times for a claim representative to call me or give me a phone number. To this day, they will not give me a contact phone number.
I sent the file and form to the claim department exactly 1 week ago today. I had to send another email for them to even confirm that they have received my information. Just to get a response of (Yes and Thanks for your patience).
I was told by customer service that they are not responsible for missing or damaged property and that I should re-read the contract. He was extremely rude. I asked why they can't find the missing furniture. Everything had numbers on it from the moving company. This bed that is lost or "Stolen" is a Cortina Sleigh Bed. Very massive and heavy. He told me they move millionaires and don't have anything stolen. And that they are not responsible for damaged or "stolen property". I asked how the pay .60 cents on weight. He informed me they go by average weight of items.
I have the weight of every single piece of furniture.
This company is a no-brainer. "DON"T TRUST THIS COMPANY" They have been extremely negligent. They have damaged or lost nearly $18,000 worth of furniture. Many items simply never showed up at all. Communication is next to nill. STAY AWAY! THIS COMPANY WILL rope you in like a used car salesman, then hit you up with all these extra fees once they have already loaded up your belongings. Such as extra stairs, fuel surcharge, extra manpower needed, etc.



Satisfied again

I really can’t thank the team enough. AllStates moving and storage llc guys did their work with utmost perfection and it’s tough to find fault with these people.

Loved how the crew were on time. I always prefer whoever it is to be punctual and at the venue where they are supposed to be. Like many other customers, I have had my fair share of disappointments and irritating experiences in the past.

Once I came across these people, there was no looking back. I hired them once and now again. Service quality is top notch. Packing is stiff, and they took time to load them stuff. Nothing got broken or damaged which is a saving grace. After all, why would I want to keep buying them all over again.



relationship-driven company

Absolutely, the best. Steve, Peter and Jameson are top professionals and the nicest people. They first moved us out of our apartment and into storage and then squeezed us in on a Sunday afternoon to move us into our new place. They are perfectly punctual, absolutely professional and fast. They honestly took the stress out of moving. And perhaps my favorite part is that it's a socially conscious business. They're starting collecting any of your clothing/housewares and taking that to Goodwill. But that's just the start. This is an incredibly relationship-driven company.



fast help

If you want reliable communicative, professional and fast help - these guys are it. In one day they helped us move out of our storage unit. We went from stressed to relieved in just a few hours. I'd hire then again.



Third time's a charm

This is the third time I've used these guys from Allstates moving and storage llc and I keep going back to them because they always provide great service. I moved from a house to apartment this time, and the experience has been consistent. These guys are quick, efficient and I've never had any issues with damaged property. I chose to pack most of my stuff, but they took the additional measures to make sure items were securely taped or furniture covered with protective sheets to ensure nothing got scratched or damaged. The guys themselves are also super courteous (I was reminded several times that I wouldn't be charged for any idle time). Rates are really reasonable, too. I highly recommend these guys for your long distance or even local move!

Merlin C


Everything was great - start to finish!

We hired Allstates moving and storage when we realized we were overwhelmed with our commercial move. I came across this company through a quick google search and it was very soon after that I already had my move scheduled. The service I received was excellent from the beginning; I was treated very well over the phone by the representative I spoke to. When the day of the move came, they arrived 10 minutes early and they finished the job early, too! They were very careful with our boxes and materials - we had absolutely no issues. The cost of their service was fair for the excellent treatment we received. I would absolutely recommend this service to friends and family looking for moving help. Everything was great - start to finish!

Eric Voss


Great company

Absolutely the best company that i have ever used to move from state to state. I am very very happy with the service from start to finish.

Jimmy Usan


Thank you

By far this was the easiest and best move that I have ever experienced. I was very scared and very skeptical to relocate my family and I. I was reassured numerous times by numerous people that this move would go stress-free and be very easy. Truth be told they were exactly on point and phenomenal. The movers were kind professional and very respectful. The price was very fair and I highly recommend using them. They definitely deserve way way way more than five stars.

Doug Pald



This company is wonderful. I must admit that in my life and my career in the military I have utilized many many movers. This time I made the best decision to go with Allstates. I am so happy and brag to my family and friends about the grande experience that my wife and I just had. Thank you Allstates!!!

Lilian Daly



The move went so smooth and I am very pleased that I was able to get moved in just in time for the holidays. I am thrilled that we chose to use Allstates to move us across country.

I have moved many times before and there was always an issue. This time NO issues and no complaints. I can't explain how great they were other than giving them 5 stars.

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