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1658 N Milwaukee Ave Ste 100-4754, Chicago, Illinois 60647 USA

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About Alliance Movers Inc

1658 N Milwaukee Ave Ste 100-4754
Chicago, Illinois

Are you in need of a moving company? Alliance Movers offers local, long distance, international & commercial moving, as well as storage & packing services. With over 20 years of service and staffed with a team of experts, Alliance Movers is ready to provide you with a stress-free and hassle-free moving experience. Contact us today or visit our website to obtain a free quote!

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Bhavin Mehta


Lies and terrible customer service

I had to move for work. From Missouri to California. When I started the process, I talked to Ruth Steinberg. After the sales pitch, We talked about the inventory to be transported. I talked to Ruth, and decided that we should over estimate the amount of space need. We went from 500 cu ft, to 1001 cu ft. In conversation with Ruth, I was advised that, if I came in below the number, I would only be charged for the amount moved. I paid the deposit, and was advised by Ruth, that she was the contact point for the entire move. After giving her the deposit, I have not heard from Ruth. After multiple attempts at calling her and emailing her, no response was given. The movers came and the total load came to 875 cu ft. At $6 a cu ft, the left over space was a substantial cost change. I asked the movers to note the total space used on the revised estimate form that was provided by the company. He had advised me that he talked to his supervisor Ben, who told him not to write that any where. I was advised by the movers that Ben would be calling to talk to me. I attempted to contact Ruth, and never heard from her. Finally was able to convince the movers on site to do a revised estimate. The next day, Ben contacted me, and advised me, that he will be there when my stuff arrives in Chicago, and will let me know. Especially since "the space in loading the stuff on to the trailer, may be more." I am not exactly sure how that works. I am fairly certain that 875 cu ft is 875 cu ft, regardless of if it is loaded on to a moving truck or on to a tractor-trailer.
After all of this, I did not hear from Ben. Ruth and Ben were contacted multiple times and never received a call or an email from either of them.
Two weeks after the stuff was picked up I got a call from the dispatch center. A person named Tyler, stated that it will be at least another 5 days till they can get the items loaded. Tyler was advised of the issues with contacting Ben, and Ruth, and stated that he would get in touch with Ben and have him call me. Another week went by I got a voicemail from Tyler stating that it will be another 5 days, at the least till the items are loaded. However, he cannot be certain. Again an attempt to contact Ben was make and failure resulted. As of today, we are now approaching 21 days since the items were picked up. Except of Tyler calling to tell me the constant delay, I have not heard from Ben or Ruth. When customer service was contacted, the initial conversation was that "estimates, are exact, and we are only allowed to increase from that point. We are never to decrease. I still do not have my stuff. I still do not have a possible date for when my stuff will be here.

I still do not have my items.



Never use this company

We choose Alliance to move our belongings. We packed what we could and had zero issues. Alliance packed and loaded what we prepackaged plus 28 pieces of furniture. They managed to damage 21 out of 28. That’s a failure rate of 75%. When we called we were told we owned this. I guess Alliance is correct. We choose them so we do own it. Never use this company. Criminal is being very kind!



The best

These guys are the best. They came half an hour ahead of time and finished earlier. Very professional, quick and tactful. I strongly suggest you used them.



Very poor customer service. Overall, terrible company

Do not use this company! If you do, don't bother expediting your shipment, all they do is take your money and hopefully deliver at around the original estimated time. Once they take hold of your furniture, they relay it to a warehouse facility for however long they want before shipping it to your destination. The entire process took 17 business days when I was originally told it would only take 3-5. Very poor customer service. Overall, terrible company.



Perfect move

In the past, I have always moved myself and didn't know what to expect. We were extremely please with the service we received from Alliance movers inc! The communication before and after the move was outstanding. The move itself went very smooth. The movers were courteous and HARD working, going above and beyond what was required. We couldn't have been more pleased with the whole experience!



The worst experience so far

The worst experience so far! Never on time, not reliable, ok customer service until they get your money. After that is just rudeness and arrogance. They quote you and promise one thing and do the opposite, end up giving you other rates. For sure looking forward to start a complaint with FMCSA and BBB. With such horrible customer service and experience I am not sure how they are still in business. Totally dissatisfied and disappointed. And Marley “who claim to be one of the owners” completely disrespectful and 0 training in customer service. Every call with him is a nightmare. Benjamin and Bridget (employees) you are kind and great people. I’m sorry you have to work for this company. I hope they value you and treat you well at least.




Driver Frank was excellent! Martin, our coordinator, also very responsive to our needs. There was an initial issue getting the pickup date on time but after a phone call to Victor, this was quickly resolved! Price not too bad.



Super-efficient moving company!

Yes they are super-efficient! The way they handled the furniture’s and my old piano was amazing! Not a single scratch on anything! It seemed a bit new because they were kind enough to clean it while loading. It was a great experience overall. No damages were found and their team stayed behind to help me out for a while. They are not just professional, they are very friendly too. Who else would hang back like this?? Anyway, it was an excellent move. I will hire them again and I shall recommend Alliance movers inc to all.



Happily surprised!

I was happily surprised with my experience with Alliance Movers Inc! They showed up before they were supposed to, so they were early to the appointment. They were all uniformed, and they were all polite. They were all respectful, and they were all nice. They were careful, and they were respectful of my things and wishes. I had some special items I asked to be treated gingerly, and they understood and listened to my requests for items that were old and antiques.

They were outstanding! Don't go with a cheaper bid because you won't be happy. Pay a little more and get everything you pay for!



long distance move

I like the moving service provided by this company. The movers were very nice and effective. They helped me move my apartment from Chicago, Illinois to San Mateo, CA. They also helped me pack some of my stuff, and they protected my furniture with some plastic.




If anyone is missing boxes labeled, “More baby stuff", please respond to **. I unfortunately may have it due to the unprofessional and incompetent individuals who run this company. I know you are probably having a hard time with stuff for your baby missing. I don’t have enough room on this page to tell you how horrible they are.



Worst moving company

This is the worst and most unorganized moving company ever. I felt like a hostage dealing with them. They completely messed up our inventory in the quote and failed to answer my questions truthfully. It resulted in me, ON MOVING DAY, having to pay 1800.00 more than recently established. Do not buy the extra insurance, it is a waste of money. On pick up the movers were 2 days late. Delivery took almost a month and every time I called to inquire I got a different answer every time and at one point I was told "your stuff is on a truck. I don't know where it is or when it will you will get it."



Real pros

I like Alliance movers inc for its flexible scheduling and friendly service. My family was moving because my son got a new job. As it was first job and first moving also he was so excited. He bought a lot of new furniture and a baby giant piano. Believe me when I say that my family got the fastest move so far. This company moved us for a lower price and didn’t make my service horrible. Their service was really amazing.

Eigan Thompson


I love their swiftness…

My house had two rooms and some items in the garage. It should have easily taken at least four hours but these guys got it done in just two hours.

Surprising and kind of unbelievable! But, they pulled it off somehow. There were three people in the crew.

And, most importantly none of my goods were damaged in the move. Packing materials were supplied by me and they used the ones required to load them. Alliance movers inc showed me great team work and how it makes any task easier than it is.

Swift, reliable and most importantly careful with my goods. Couldn’t ask for more.



Reputable company

I've had good moving experiences and I've had some pretty bad ones. Simply put...Alliance movers does a great job. Punctual, professional, and most importantly, the best price I could find for an insured, reputable company. I highly recommend them.




If you are in the market for a moving company stay clear of Alliance Movers Inc Inc. Please read the other comments as they are so true. This is the most unethical company I have ever dealt with in my 54 years of life. They do not hear anything about your items, about your belongings or about how you have to live in your new home. The telephone communication is non-existent after they get payment from you. You are at their Mercy once they have your items. You have no idea when your delivery will actually take place. I say this to you as I sit and wait for a delivery that should have come weeks ago. I have no idea when I'm going to receive my items.

The inventory list that the driver alleges he picked up from my old house does not list major items such as my stainless steel refrigerator, my two 65 inch flat screen TVs, nor any of my other electronics. They never left an inventory list when they pick the items up. They are without doubt professional con artists that need to be shut down. I will not stop until there is a class action lawsuit brought against Alliance Movers Inc. They have already been dropped by the Better Business Bureau. Now they're got needs to be rescinded based on the unethical nature in which they conduct business. Do not under any circumstances pay them one dime. It will be a nightmare. And you will surely surely regret it.



top notch moving company

The team at Alliance Movers inc operate a top notch moving company, very professional, courteous and have serious sense of urgency!




Professional crooks. They will promise you whatever you want to hear before you pay your deposit. Once they have your deposit everything changes, a driver will come to load your stuff and immediately tell you that your cubic feet are much more than your quote and in my case tripled the overall cost. Then they will take your goods and you are at their mercy of when they will deliver. I am in a new apartment now for two weeks and all they can tell me is that they will load my goods next week. They really bring the art of “con artist” to a new level. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.



Very efficient

It’s a long way from where I was living apart from my family and finally decided to move in with me after securing a bigger house. My wife was worried sick thinking how we would manage to relocate so far with all our hoarded belongings. Luckily, we hired Alliance movers inc which did the job for us and did so excellently. The movers arrived on time and they were all very efficient. They took minimum amount of time to finish packing everything. Then the loading process also went smoothly and they were on their way to the new house. They told me that they would delivery everything in 4-7 days. The delivery was made on the 4th day. That is amazing efficiency. It was a very time and cost efficient move.



I would never recommend this company to anyone

So I booked my move months in advance and believe I documented my items very clearly. I paid my deposit and was due to pay the second portion once my items were picked up and the third payment after delivery. The driver comes to my home to pick up my items and "eyeballed" my belongings and told us we were over 500 square feet than our original estimate and asked us to pay them over $3000 for the second payment.

I immediately looked at my inventory list and noted the items I listed were the same but per the operations manager Benjamin when I listed "2- BED, QUEEN WITH MATTRESS, 1- BED, FULL WITH MATTRESS" this did not include my bed frames?! So being that we have to move because we are selling this house we had to either pay the new balance, forfeit our $1500.00 deposit or leave items behind. We were totally at their mercy and held hostage; I dont know anyone who could afford to forfeit $1500. But even if we agreed to pay the extra $3000.00 the truck was unable to hold all of our belongings. So now we have to desperately sell items left behind or give them away. I feel so stupid and like I was completely taken advantage of. I would never recommend this company to anyone. Do not do it.

Valentina Lund


0 stars

Their price started out $$ and ended up 3+ times
more. I cancelled the moved, still don't have my deposit back and NO ONE WILL ANSWER THE PHONE. THIS WILL BE REPORTED TO AS MANY PLACES AS I CAN DO! I WILL NOT STOP!



professional moving company

I was referred Alliance movers inc by a colleague of mine. The process was very easy and it started with an online request. I received a call and an email within the first 20 minutes granted I had requested information on a Saturday. During the initial request I had thought that we were only going to move our apartment to our new home. We had just sold our apartment and bought a larger place for us and our growing family. I had two schedule changes 1. adding another location 2. changing the start dates. Edgar and his team arrived on time and worked very hard to get our storage and apartment emptied and into our new home. They were also kind enough to unpack our beds and items. I would highly recommend their services and would guarantee that you would have an amazing experience if you are looking for a professional moving company. Thank you Alliance Movers Inc!




I called Alliance Movers to get a price to move my mother. This was one of the biggest mistake! Everything that was told to me was a lie. From the price changing, to delivery times, to the claim refund and even down to them not having workers to unload the truck and placing an add on Craigslist for strangers to come into my home and paying them under the table. This is just a quick review to help anyone else from making the same mistake I did in dealing with this company. My advice DO NOT EVEN CALL THEM.

Sandy Decker


One in million

If it wasn’t for companies like Alliance Moving the moving industry would be in terrible shape. They told us everything we needed to know and should know as consumers spending thousands of dollars. Gave us advice and plenty of reading material to protect ourself during a interstate move which no other company provided. Price wise they were the best and offered the most value. Great staff,very easy to work with and simple enough for everyday people to understand. Really at the end of the day that’s all we wanted. Great job

Allie Yun


So kind

This move was absolutely amazing. When I spoke with 10 on the phone he made sure that I was going to be fully aware of what was going to happen in the very beginning the middle and the end. I couldn't be any happier because nothing was damaged nothing was missing and the price was very reasonable. I highly recommend using them if you are moving and I must say that no matter what they deserve more than five stars from me.



Big move

Alliance movers inc is one of the best companies I have ever used to make a big move like this, and I've used a few companies in my life...they managed to successfully complete a cross country move in their guaranteed window of time, and all of my stuff showed up to my house on time and in perfect condition, just the way I left it with them, the way it is supposed to be! I received a significant discount from booking with them on their piggyback deal. They had a truck taking that route that I needed anyway, and they managed to carefully fit my stuff with another families stuff. I was surprised that they could pull this off so easily! It was so professional the way they were able to disassemble, reassemble carefully package and place all of my items perfectly. Not to mention very important aspect of the move is the price, and they managed to be the lowest binding quote I received out of all four of the companies I originally spoke with. The sales people and the customer service and dispatch team were super helpful and friendly as well. The only complaint I have with them is that I didn't know about them sooner! Thank you so so much Alliance movers inc!



please, please, please do not use this company!

Called them and received a quote and a pick-up date. Paid 1/3rd price as a deposit. They changed my pick-up date and time several times at the last minute. When they showed up they said I had more things than quoted (which it was actually less) and would cost me an extra $1,300. I told them to only put on the truck what they quoted me so then I had to find a place to put the rest of my things. They only take postal money orders or cash (Shady??? When asked why answer was "it's just our policy").

Then after it was loaded there was an "extra" charge because it was more than 50ft for them to load it... What??? Was not told that initially. I was told then at that time if an 18 wheeler could not get into the place of delivery it would be an extra $700-$800 to put it into a smaller truck to be delivered. I called several times to set up a delivery date so I could coordinate with time off work and they could not give me a specific date and then they kept changing it to later.

The driver finally called me late on a Saturday night to say they would be there in the morning (not even 12 hours notice) and if I couldn't do it then there would be a redelivery charge. Where am I going to get a postal money order on a Sunday or get that much cash when there are no banks open? And they do not provide you with a receipt so I took a picture of it on my phone or I would have no record of giving them that much cash. Very, very, very bad experience with this company: hidden costs, not truthful, hard to get a hold of, misleading. Once again please, please, please do not use this company!

Sim Thuns


Great people

This company is by far way above par. They made sure I knew just what to expect. The price was fair and the sales team was so kind and knowledgeable.

I am so pleased that I put my information online and found Alliance. They made it so worth weeding through all the other companies.

Pickup went great delivery was great as well and I had no complaints. Highly recommend Alliance to the entire web!!!




We were charged over $16,000 to move from Connecticut to Virginia. There was no professional moving staff just a driver who was asking my 19 daughter for sexual favors. Most of our stuff was broken, and some of it never even showed up. It was horrible. We feel helpless and traumatized. How can they call themselves professional. They had our stuff 48 days. Wouldn't return our calls and didn't even care. PLEASE DON'T USE THIS COMPANY. THEY GO THROUGH AND STEAL YOUR STUFF.




We signed a BINDING moving contract at $4800... Movers loaded our furniture and moved it to their warehouse then claimed we had more cubic footage than expected (we actually had less)... Ended up costing $8300 with the last payment of $1600 paid to the driver in our driveway or they threatened to turn the truck around and head back to Georgia (from New Hampshire) and charge us a redelivery fee. They held our possessions hostage until we paid their completely fabricated “extra” charges. Their customer service is a complete joke... rude, aggressive and dismissive. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. AWFUL... HIGHWAY ROBBERY. Their BBB certification was revoked on 8/31/18. No way to leave a review on their website but according to reviews left on YELP they do this to everyone. COMPLETELY UNETHICAL... I can’t believe they continue to be in business.



Stay away from Alliance Movers, Inc

Stay away from Alliance Movers, Inc. from Chicago. After being quoted an initial price of $1800, we have now been charged $8200 from 400 cubic feet from GA to NH. The company outsourced the services to PSE LLC, out of SC. The truck was a Penske rental, and they requested cash payment before unloading. They also wanted to charge $50 every time they were going up and down a flight of 7 stairs. 12 Medium boxes, a couple of large boxes and 4 or 5 pieces of furniture. Their license was rescinded from the Better Business Bureau in August. STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

Olga R


These guys made my move a very pleasant experience

These guys made my move a very pleasant experience, we had to stop also in our storage and everything was done stress free with a big smile. They actually took the time to call the storage facility that I was keeping my things at to make sure they had the right access for their truck, and what the hours were so they could be sure to arrive when it was open. They are the very best you can find in Illinois! Above and beyond excellent service! The crew of 5 guys moved us to our new house in Illinois. They are the hardest workers and very reassuring that everything was going to be okay, They were cheerful and work EFFICIENTLY from start to finish. I really appreciated that, it made me feel like they were genuinely concerned with making sure my move went smoothly. And in the end it did, no big problems and nothing broken Thanks, guys... did an outstanding job.



Beware of this ALLIANCE MOVERS

The following review is my own personal experience and belief. I am stating my experience and the experience may not be that of other users of this company's service; however, it is my personal opinion expressed under my First Amendment Rights: Beware of this ALLIANCE MOVERS, the company was booked with a 2-day window to move me from OR to FL. The company WILL PROMISE YOU EVERYTHING and not deliver. I had a move book weeks in advance, with a 2-day pick-up. They called 24 hours to change my move window to later dates. Unknowingly to me, they have 14 days from the 2-day move date to pick you up and 21 days to deliver you from the delivery date. Also, you have to cancel 24 hours before the window to get a refund on the deposit.

Please Read that THEY DO NOT TAKE CREDIT CARDS: Why do they not accept credit cards, as I learned the hard way today, to avoid having chargebacks on a dispute and they can keep your money at their leisure and you have little recourse. During the 24 hour window, they told me that they would pick me up during the 2-day window. Each day, they canceled. Each day, they told me that they would not be able to get to me for mechanical issues, routing issues, the story changes with each person and each hour.

Bottom line, the customer service managers will cancel your move if you disagree with them and keep your deposit. They will dictate what they are going to do and you have no say. If you argue with them or they will override the conversation and dictate to you what they are going to do and if you do not like it that you can cancel the move and lose your deposit. This is what happened to me and THEY WILL CANCEL YOUR MOVE AND TAKE YOUR DEPOSIT!

From a legal perspective, they will manipulate the contract to keep your deposit and not provide the service. Again, this is what happened to me. It is my opinion that you avoid them at all cost! This their contact address - Alliance Movers Inc. 1658 Milwaukee Ave., #100-4754 Chicago, IL 60647. 1-888-404-8707. Finally, be aware that they have mandatory arbitration where you have to pay a fee and any legal notices are out of Marion County, Indiana or at least this is the information that I found out after-the-fact.



Low-priced but experienced

We were nervous about the move since we have a lot of heavy items to move. The team of movers who came to help us demonstrated exceptional organization skill and teamwork. This helped in making the move a breeze and before we knew it we had moved. The move was seamless, free from stress and we truly have no complaint. We will hire you again Alliance Movers Inc. Since we owned a business and a home, we required the immense help of efficient moving guys during our move from Chicago, IL to Tennessee. We ended up hiring Alliance Movers Inc for the move. The four movers sent out for the job helped us in filling two regular sized trucks. They were expert movers and ensured that the stuff was moved fast and on time.




This company will take your money and disappear. I used them to move from CA to MI and paid a 700.00 dollar deposit and they showed up demanded another 1200.00 dollars and were verbally abusive and attempted to intimidate and extort my wife for the money. My wife had to yell for them to get out of the house and they left and haven’t been able to get ahold of anyone except a “ manager” named Andre who himself was rude and yelled and attempted to belittle and intimidate me on the phone. I informed him of our intention to file a complaint his response was and I quote “Go ahead nobody is gonna do nothing “ I asked for my deposit back since there were no services rendered. He laughed again and said that’s definitely not happening. Most unprofessional , rude and dishonest company I have ever encountered. No help they just took our money and ran STAY AWAY

George Rice



My wife and I had just recently gotten orders to our new duty station. Usually we do it ourselves but with having a new baby we decided to hire a company to do the move for us. We went with alliance on account of all of the good reviews we read. They gave us an accurate estimate the day they came and we were very happy with the price that was given. When they dropped off our things they were on time and we didn’t have to go too long without anything. The management was available to speak with us when we called to just check in and they weren’t annoyed at all. This company was a pleasure to work with and I am extremely happy we chose them.

Rachel Derrico


If I could give 0 stars, I would

I have moved many many times in my life and this was easily the WORST company I have ever used. This is actually the first review I have ever written about anything because this experience was just beyond horrible.

First of all, the quote given to us was not even close- off by more than $2000. We have a 2 bedroom apartment and the only pieces of large furniture we owned were a bed, 2 dressers, a couch and small end tables, medium TVs and TV stand (all of which we told them about). When the 2 movers arrived all they cared about was the money. They were not at all friendly and immediately started in on how much extra they were going to charge. How can your estimate be off by over $2000??

They didn't even bring the wardrobe boxes that were promised so we had to back our hanging clothes in the trunk of our cars. We were quoted to have about 30 medium sized boxes. We did not realized that that meant they could ONLY be medium size. We packed a total of 32 boxes- some small, medium and large. How does that equate to the estimate being off by $2000?

No receipts were given. They damaged our nice furniture, fragile boxes were upside-down and torn apart, and they complained the entire time. He also told us not to pay with a check when they picked up our stuff and weirdly had us take $5000 cash out to give to them when they would arrive with it in 2 days. They arrived 6 days later with no phone calls or updates.

I would NEVER book with this company again.

Joseph Lovelle


Great Scheduling

My move was a little bit different then the every day relocation. I had multiple pick ups in multiple drop off‘s as well as a car to be shipped. Working with alliance movers they coordinated everything and it went on without a problem. I also needed everything packed that every location and did not have time to be there. They came out the day before the pick up rabbits and packed all my boxes so on the actual move date they would just have to load and go. The dispatch department was in constant contact with me and gave me notification prior to every stage of the move. They wanted to make sure that I was ready so my furniture would arrive on the date that I requested. If I had more time it might’ve been smoother but in life things sometimes happen without notice. I’ve moved a few times in the past and I can honestly say that the work that they’ve done is the best I’ve ever seen personally. I’m happy to recommend them to anyone personally and professionally they are the real deal.



Just say No!

We chose this company to ease our stress in moving, when in reality it did just the opposite. They promised everything and delivered on nothing. Our furniture was late, broken and lost. Calls to customer service never get answered. If your considering them, just say no.

Doug Terrell


Run Away As Fast As You Can!!!

If you love stress, being lied to on a daily basis, have your movers never answer the phone or return messages, want to over-pay for your move, and live in a hotel for 2 weeks while your furniture takes a vacation in Mexico, THIS is the company for you!

They will tell you everything you want to hear in the sales process, and every word of it is BS.

"We own all of our trucks and do not use 3rd party movers". BS! A "contracted agent" hired yet a 3rd company to do the pick-up - as a shuttle - after I paid extra for "last on/first off" service to California.

"We can shorten the move from 21 days to 7-12 with an expedited move". BS! Today is day 15 and they can't even tell me where my furniture is, much less when it's going to arrive.

Don't bother even talking to Justin, the CS Manager and Partner. He will lie to your face about every aspect of your move and not even care if you're living on the street in a box.

I could writ 10,000 words here on what a horrible process this has been and how Alliance has dropped the ball at every turn but I think you get the point.

Mary Ann


delightful movers

I hired Alliance Movers Inc. I got three quotes and they were the lowest. My husband was worried the low quote might mean poor service, but nothing could be further from the truth. Three aspects of the move stood out as positive to me. They showed up on time, something I really appreciated because I worked to be on time knowing it was going to be a long day. They worked exceeding hard, starting at 8:00 am and working tirelessly till after 6:00pm. Finally, they were very delightful, personable people who made me feel they really cared about my things.



Will use Alliance movers again

This year I transferred to a college much farther away from my home. When I moved in I tried to take all of my things in my car and my parents car, and it ended up being a disaster. I chose Alliance Movers to transport my things home and the experience was amazing. I didn't have to stress about transporting my things myself, and they arrived back to my home when Alliance said they would, and with no damage. I will be using Alliance movers again.



In-state move

I am a recent graduate and, like most students, budgeting is important! I contacted Alliance Movers and other companies to ensure I was getting great service for a reasonable price. I chose this team since their offer excelled those from company’s quotes for my in-state move. Alliance Movers was able to offer me with a good deal. Their price could not be beaten. I am satisfied with the cost of the relocation and their outstanding service. Their low-cost service allowed me to save my overall moving budget for other necessary expenses. I highly recommend this company.



They are awesome

I am a college student and so I am exceptionally broke. When I had to move I was really concerned about the price but I wasn't willing to sacrifice on the quality. My family had moved a few years ago and they went with the company that had given them the lowest price but half my stuff ended up being damaged in someway. I am glad I found Alliance Movers Inc because not only did they provide me with the service that was impeccable but they gave it to me at a completely honest and fair price. Its not the cheapest company out there but it is definitely one of the best. Book with them -- they are awesome.

Patrick jean


amazingly efficient

The alliance movers inc team was absolutely wonderful! They made my move so easy. They showed up right on time and were amazingly efficient. The care they took with my furniture and belongings was outstanding. I highly recommend using them for your move - you will not be disappointed!

Whitney Perry


Will definitely be using this company in the future!

My experience with this company was exceptional all around. The service rep that I spoke to initially when inquiring about services was cordial and very helpful with providing information about their services. My possessions arrived just in time for me to move in to my new condo and all in perfect condition. Additionally, I received updates on their progress while transporting the items. This company was very professional and thorough and I will definitely be utilizing their services should the need ever arise again. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional, thorough, and reasonably priced moving services.



professional moving company

They were professional and very diligent. I called around to a lot of different companies and got a lot of quotes. Alliance Movers inc was by far the best and they were great to deal with. The crew was very personable and friendly when it came to the quote and then confirming the job. The crews that moved our furniture in were outstanding. Say it again "They were very professional and super friendly." All of our items arrived in time. I was very happy with the service from Alliance Movers Inc at every level and would easily recommend Alliance movers inc to friends. Thank you so much again.



Thank you Alliance!

We moved our family from Michigan to California seamlessly thanks to Alliance. When I first contacted them for more information, they carefully listened to my needs. I could tell right away that this is an honest company that offers very professional services. They did not disappoint. Our furniture, boxes, TVs and all items arrived in perfect condition, and they updated us every step of the way during transportation. They took a lot of stress out of a normally stressful process. I would definitely recommend their moving services!

John roddick


Amazing movers

I was really surprised with how low the quote was provided by Alliance movers inc. Luckily, they backed up that quote with four amazing movers. The boys arrived on time and packed everything carefully. They worked tirelessly around my house packing everything. It took 3 hours to finish loading everything onto the truck. The delivery was made on time and nothing was missing. I couldn't find any new scratches on my pieces while they were in their custody. I really got an amazing service from them at a very low cost.

Nancy christina


stress free move

I have to relocate every now and then. So I know how terrible the moving companies. The only exception for me was Alliance Movers INC. I hired them last year when I was moving. They performed exceedingly well. The crew arrived on time, was made of very strong men who knew how to do their job and they were done with everything in just under 3 hours which never happened before. I am at awe with their level of efficiency displayed. My belongings were delivered on the first scheduled day of delivery and everything was in perfect condition. I have never had a more stress-free move before, and I have had many.



Great packing, nothing broken

Just had a great move from downtown Seattle to Chicago. Alliance did a great job estimating and planning the pickup, packed perfectly. They took one day to pack and one to move into the truck - I initially thought that was more than needed but they worked efficiently both days and getting things out of the apartment was more tedious than I'd thought. A great pack - NO items lost or broken!. Transit and storage at destination happened exactly as estimated and and delivery was exactly as planned as well. Unhesitatingly recommend Alliance.



Professional and Kind

I'd recommend Alliance Movers to any friend. I basically only have kind words towards their service. They made my moving easy and with an affordable price. It was great to have a good choice of dates for the moving date, the actual movers that worked that day were truly professional and kind, and the ones that came home to bring all the stuff were again really efficient, quick and caring with all the boxes, etc. It was awesome to have all the paperwork being cared by them. And it was a moving from Baltimore US to a lovely home in South Florida.



Reliable, No Drama

Alliance Movers, Inc.My husband and I are so happy with the outcome we had with Alliance! We want others to benefit from their service, as moving is one of the biggest challenges, and the most stressful, in life, and guess what? We didn't just move locally, we moved far far away, all the way from California to New York This was a massive relocation for us.This was the first time we shipped our personal belongings from shore to shore, and I must admit, it was very scary. We spent hours googling and researching, almost getting caught to scammers, because we wanted to keep the costs down as well as get the most reliable company. Everyone knows, moving is costly, and finding a honest reliable movers is almost impossible, as the trade is fraught with trickery. Finally, after much researching, we decided to go with Alliance as our mover. Curtis Hahn the associate at Alliance was absolutely amazing. He was patient and understanding and even though our shipment wasn't the biggest, he took his time explaining the whole process to us. He gave us the most competitive rate, and took the pressure off us all the way through. Our goods arrived in New York without any drama, just in time for us to settle down peacefully!



Will recommend

Alliance Movers coordinated all parts of the transport from door-to-door. They kept us informed about all steps of the process and were responsive whenever we had questions. The movers were friendly and operated in an efficient manner on both the pickup and delivery . Furthermore, all of our belongings were in good shape upon arrival in Wilmington. We will recommend Alliance to all friends thinking about long distance moves.



Great communication and professional service

Elgin and his team at Alliance Movers have done an outstanding job in managing my recent move from the SF Bay Area to Denver. Alliance offered a competitive price, and a straightforward, streamlined process. Elgin was helpful in accommodating my rather tight schedule, and was readily available at every stage of the move. I'm happy to recommend their services to anyone relocating abroad.



Satisfied overall with the experience

We were moving from the WI to TN and needed a moving company to move our household possessions. After researching and talking to several companies, we decided to use Alliance. They came in at a fair price and were very responsive to our inquiries, providing all the information needed in a timely manner. Once it was time for the move, Alliance organized packing and pickup of our possessions exactly when we needed it. It took 13 days from pickup to delivery, which was within the timeframe expected. The process was pretty painless on our end. We had a couple items that were damaged during the move, but had purchased additional insurance. The claims process was quick and easy, allowing us to replace/repair the items in a reasonable timeframe. Overall, we were quite satisfied with Alliance and would definitely recommend them.



Exceeded Expectations

I recently moved from California to Florida and was very impressed with the professionalism of the team working with me. They were honest, polite and had a good sense of humor which made the entire experience much more pleasant. I was in panic mode due to the short time frame in which I had to move and not only did they exceed my expectations, they calmed me down during the process.



Pleasure to work with

Initial contact with Alliance Moving representative Hazel Rieder was great. She made me feel comfortable with the entire process. I didn't know how to rent a car online and she walked me through that all the way to the booking. She was kind and caring, completely different from the other people I was speaking with who were trying to rush me. She spent over an hour answering my questions before we spoke about any pricing because she knew I was skeptical. Very good gal. I would recommend her and Alliance Moving to anyone who is nervous about moving, great service!



Will Recommend

The movers were so decent and I was charmingly amazed that the cost came underneath the quote. It was my best moving experience as of present, and I've moved more than ten times. They were quick, productive and decent, didn't utilize additional materials, and so forth. They are extremely knowledgeable specialists. You will appreciate the experience and their polished methodology and work ethic. I will recommend them to anybody I know who is in the market for moving services.



Great service, will use again!

We are a group of five guys, so we had an excessive number of furnishings, clothing, and electronics. Our move was from Maryland to California. They managed to perform the move at an agreeable cost that fit our budget, and timeframe. Notwithstanding that they gave amazing service. All of our items were boxed in containers and some of those were pressed with most extreme care. At that point they relocated the items to our new residence. It was second time moving with this organization so I knew them in particular and the service the offered. They were truly quick and exceptionally careful with all our stuff all through the move. Much appreciated again Alliance Movers!



All items arrived intact

I was extremely shocked watching them to do such a smooth move. They moved us from my two bedroom loft to the recently acquired house in Denver. The folks have been super ready for the new structures dividers and floors. They were not so speedy but rather they were great. The folks finished the move in their assessed window. I was again astonished when they charged us. It was decently evaluated. The cost was certainly more sensible than other citation I got from different folks. I think everybody needs to contact them for an expert and reliable moving knowledge.



Wonderful Job, Thanks a lot!

Moving with Alliance Movers was an extremely lovely affair. The staff made this procedure so natural for me that all I truly needed to do was take it easy until the point when they finished the occupation. Eric particularly, made this experience simple for me. I had limitations on pickup that made it exceptionally troublesome for a considerable measure of alternate organizations to encourage the move yet with what Eric set up together for me, the entire thing was a ton less demanding than I thought it would be. I am presently settled in my new home, all my furniture and assets in politeness. Most importantly I was so awed with the organization's level of correspondence amid the move and I will doubtlessly send anybody I know moving to them.



Good service, will recommend

I spoke with Chris on the phone to arrange the move. He was friendly and helpful. I was able to pick up boxes and packing paper before the move. On the day of the move, the movers arrived exactly at the scheduled time. They were friendly, efficient, and the move went smoothly with all of my items arriving in perfect condition at my new place. I would definitely recommend Alliance Movers to anyone who is moving.



Thanks for the extra care and attention

Very easy move from start to finish. Gave me an honest quote and ended up finishing move cheaper/faster than expected. They're professionals and know their business. From the quoting process to the actual move, these guys don't mess around. The movers themselves worked tirelessly without breaks to finish my move as fast and efficiently as they could while still taking care of my items. I would use them again in a heartbeat.



Everything went very smoothly

This company was overall excellent - on time, efficient and no damage. The terms of the sale were exactly as estimated. The movers had boxes and tape to secure items that were not properly packed. The manager of the move made sure that the movers were efficient. There were three movers and we had a deadline in terms of the window for using the freight elevator at the new building. The only potential negative was that two of the movers did not speak English; however, the manager of the move was very effective in translating so that the move went very smoothly. I would highly recommend this company



Delivered with no damages

I am really very happy with their service, its very hard to relocate from one area to another but Alliance Movers make it very easy for me. I won't be hesitate to call them again. Very much pleased with delivery no damage done. Perfectly delivered to the destination timely, i will definitely recall them when i used to shift. One thing for sure they are all well mannered and very good at communication, price was perfect as well.



Quick response and turnaround

This is hands down the most capable organization I've ever moved with. I had some of my things down in Florida, and the group stacked them and had them in my flat in NYC inside 4 days! I was also offered some free packing materials and up to 2 months of storage. And that is with me not notwithstanding being available at the pickup. The movers made a detailed inventory list with stickers on each item and boxes, so it was simple to confirm that the majority of my things arrived intact and nothing was lost. The agents were exceptionally mindful to the points of interest - I was ensured there won't be any unexpected charges, and there weren't in fact. Unquestionably picking this organization if at any point I need to move once more. (I want to think not :) They are experts - the distance from the deals and dispatch group to packers and constant movers. It's difficult to trust moving organizations these days, yet in the event that you run with Alliance- you're certainly and most mindfully dealt with.



Ontime and professional

I booked a job with Alliance Movers and I must say the process could not have gone smoother, The crew that came was very courteous and professional, but most importantly they were on time. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and would use their services again. All in all I would say that I had a great experience with this company!!!!



Great service overall

We are amazingly satisfied with the services that Alliance Movers performed to us amid our Move to TX. They strived to get it going. Regardless of a very late move. Sales division was extremely obliging. Sales representative figures out how to place me into their bustling calendar. I was stunned how quick they found the spot for me. What I loved the most is the manner by which well disposed and positive all the team was. They made that ghastly day significantly more pleasant.... That is it SORRY I could write significantly more yet need to run. You know occupied with, unloading my boxes lol HAVE nothing terrible to say in regards to them. Great service overall.



Great work guys!

By far the best moving company we have ever used. They were professional, fast, and efficient. They took care of all of the items they moved. Nothing was broken and everything arrived as they packed it. We have used three different companies over the years and this team was by far the best. I will absolutely use this moving company again.



Excellent Work!

Great job from Alliance Movers . They had never done the storage part of the moving before and they were very well organized. Quick and efficient. Price was fair; I would recommend using Alliance Movers any day. Already 2 moves with them!

Mina L



Thank you so much for the great move alliance this is the first time I ever had to pick a movie company and I didn't know what to expect or who is going to show up to my house I called in alliance after seeing the good reviews on this site through Google it was really nice seeing a company that actually had a good reputation.... The day the move the guys that works for alliance came out and wrapped all my furniture and I had paid them additional to create all the items and cover the mattresses I was really pleased with the service that they offered to me... all and all they did an amazing job!!



Reliable and professional staff

Alliance Movers is highly reliable, easy, and good at what they do. This moving company is the best in town. This is the moving company to go to. The movers not only loaded and moved my things, but they have my recommendations. Movers were very professional. Just ask the movers a question and they'll answer it. Good prices, no hidden fees, and no over charges. Again, this is the company to go with.



5 star moving company

Five-star moving company!! I love these guys. These guys came to my three bedroom house and moved all our stuff. They offered three strong movers. They wrapped all our stuff from TV to even my bed with shrink wrap. They are very hardworking professionals. I am very pleased to have Alliance Movers move us. Two thumbs up guys!



Very impressed all around

Very efficient, pleasant, and thorough. I had them pack my pickup truck with bedroom furniture. I was nervous about them moving my keyboard, but they packed my piano keyboard into our truck with great care. I was really impressed with the attention to detail and how helpful they were in every step of the process. The whole process took 30 minutes and they were well under the estimated price. And all the while, they were cheerful and polite. I'm very impressed all around. Highly recommend.



Awesome & wonderful

I am beyond impressed with Alliance Movers. They were quick, efficient, and very careful with all of my belongings! They are very reasonably priced and I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you for making my moving experience WAY less stressful!



Excellent Service

We recently moved from Miami ,FL to Seattle,WA. I hesitated calling moving companies since so many of them quote one rate and you end up paying much more. From the moment I began speaking with Steven, our stress seem to have disappeared. He gave me all the step by step details and sent me a quote while on the phone with him. Although at the time of my call, I wasn't sure where exactly we were moving to or the exact date, he told me that they will make our move happen. When the movers came - every piece of furniture was arranged in the room they belonged and my move was easy and stress free because of this company. What Steven had quoted never changed. He even checked up to make sure everything was going well.



Will definitely use again

Alliance Movers was awesome! I wanted to do the packing by myself and appointed them solely for the moving. 12 noon was the start time and they called to say they would be an hour early! I told them I wouldn't be ready as I hadn't packed up the kitchen yet. They said, no problem, they'd help me pack it up for no extra charge. The lead guy was incredibly fast, efficient and careful. I've never seen anything like it and just got out of his way. He guided the move wisely and was clever enough to handle any difficult situation. They didn't break a thing and reassembled my bed frame at the new house. I would definitely use them again.



Sterling service!

I cannot recommend Alliance Movers enough. They moved us from TX to DE. The 4 men team was brilliant; they were right on time, smart, courteous and enthusiastic by nature and worked very well as a team. Some furniture had to be dismantled before loading and nothing was too much trouble. At the other end the crews were also very efficient - I have never seen anybody work so diligently. Furniture had to be re-assembled, and this was done effectively. Nothing was broken or damaged. Any logistical problems were overcome with tact and discretion. It is unusual to find such sterling service in today's business world.



Everything arrived in pristine condition

I was really pleasantly surprised by the quality of work and care of the guys from Alliance Movers. I got a phone call a day before the move with the reminder and one hour window for guys to show up. They were very careful and thorough packing stuff. They had to disassemble a lot of furniture, which they did very fast and professional. Guys moved all the stuff without any marks on the walls. Overall I was very impressed by their work and I will definitely recommend them to anyone looking to have help moving.



Happy customer

I had the best moving experience ever with the best crew ever. Professional wrapping and proper care of all items. My furniture and belongings were moved quickly out of my old apartment and into my new one with extreme care. In addition, pricing was made clear to me throughout the process. I'm so happy my friend recommended Alliance Movers to me! I'll definitely call them again for my next move.



Everything was great!

Just wanted to thank everyone at Alliance Movers for doing a great job with my move from San Diego to Seattle,WA! You guys did an awesome job and I will recommend you to anyone i know who may be moving in the future. Josh especially was very helpful and made sure my move was smooth from start to finish! Thanks also to the nice two young fellows who carried my piano up those stairs lol I was supersized you didn't scratch my walls on that one slight turn haha! Everything was great thanks alot!



Moving Review

Great company for all your moving needs!
I used Alliance Movers to relocate for to be closer to my family and I could not be happier with my experience. They offered a good quote and incredible service to make my move a lot easier on me and my family. The staff was very kind and efficient, which I found very helpful to not have to take the lead on moving my larger pieces of furniture.

Once my trip was completed and things unpacked I was pleasantly surprised at how well maintained my possessions had been. Alliance staff took great care to make sure everything would be safe for the journey, and I greatly appreciated that.

Overall my experience with these movers was beyond positive and I would defiantly use them again for any long distance moving.



On time and responsible

I have moved many many times in the past several years, and this movers were the best of all that I have ever hired. They were extremely organized and efficient. They kept me updated via text msg when the movers were on their way and went they got to the new place. The guys were super fast during the move and had extra tape/ blankets available. I would not hesitate to rely on these guys again & would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs to move.



Overall fantastic experience!

As seamless of a moving experience as possible! They showed up and were all business from the get go. They packed up my stuff within a blink of an eye and got me out of my old apt and into my new one within the right times .Additionally, they were extremely friendly and helpful to work with. Since I was taking my car and they had their truck and we were dealing with traffic and impossible parking, it could've become a real mess, but they kept in touch with me every step along the way. Knowing they were managing everything took a load off my mind. All I can say is that I had considered attempting to do this move myself, and I now realize that the peace of mind, lack of pulled muscles, and overall fantastic experience has pretty much paid for itself.




Thanks so much for the great move,,, alliance movers did a really good job on my move... I really did not know what I was getting my self into with a long distance moving company, they gave me a quote and it was not as cheap as the others but they had really good reviews, the guys came out to the house and packed all of my furniture and got me out to Florida it was so cool that the company uncle rapped all the furniture and put all of it back ogether.. thankle you alliance movers for such a great job. Thanks guys. I recommend them



Hard working and considerate team!

The guys (3 of them) who came in to pick up (in Oklahoma City) were beyond exceptional, extremely helpful , very quick and did a great job packing all the furniture. They were very considerate about all the delicate/ fragile boxes.Ours is a 2 bed 2 bath and I have a lot of stuff(32 Large boxes from home depot, 2 beds, huge sofa sets, dining table and some extra cabinets.All of it with furniture packing was loaded within 3 hours and hassle free. The guys who came to drop off were good too, they dropped off everything in 2 hours and were very considerate, making sure that the walls were not marked up, or dings on the larger furniture items. Thanks a lot Alliance Movers.



Thanks Alliance

It’s took me about a month to find a good moving company I receive our quotes in a lot of peoples of the great over the phone when quoting me I also had a few and home standby outside Mayflower and United but their prices were really really expensive because I think there are franchises as explained by Mike wants actually started reviewing the companies are giving me quotes I was terrified of what I saw there was one of the good company that I saw that was giving reasonable rates. Find moving and storage give me a competitive quote it wasn’t the cheapest one of the most expensive but it was very competitive and they had a bunch of good reviews and I like what I heard from the salesman the gentleman of the day the move came out very professional looking and clean-cut order furniture it’s took about a week to get us delivered then the unloaded the furniture for the furniture in the new home it was nice and refreshing that everything showed up this was inside the field trip and process but appliance mover is definitely made this a lot easier thank you.



Exceeded my expectations

Alliance Movers I can say definitely helped made this move easier . Didn't have that much , prices are affordable , very nice guys helped move me and all my things are safe and intact ! If I ever have to move again, I won't have to stress about shopping around for someone last minute ! They were on time , the workers were professional and also everything was safely packaged which I am always worried about since most things I have are fragile.



Good Moving Company

thank you Alliance Movers for doing a really good job it was really hectic trying to get quotes and also help out my mother-in-law who is moving from out-of-state down to Florida with my family. Mike help us with our quote it was kind of tricky because all we have it was a list of the items that my mother-in-law was going to be moving on the trip we gave Mike all of the inventory and then he was able to go ahead and quote the job with a binding quote. The movers went out and did a really good job I was just worried about the type of gentleman that we're going to show up on the day of the move being that just my mother-in-law was going to be there who is 76 years old she said all the gentleman who picked her up or very polite and the gentleman who dropped her off on delivery with the same guys and they were very plate on delivery it was nice that she got picked up on the same truck and delivered on the same truck which was really cool because I had heard some stories that it wasn't so great having companies use several trucks throughout a move. So what I want to say is that these guys were very professional and very polite thanks a lot of lines Movers.



Great Job Guys!

Absolutely one of the best experiences in using a moving company! I chose to go with a flat rate quote which included packing and unpacking, all of the boxes, and the move itself. The crew was extremely professional, careful with our belongings, and worked in a methodical manner. They were friendly and made sure furniture was placed in the right spot before leaving. They were fast and efficient. Great thanks to all for this great job.



Will use again

Great company. Glad they were still around this time. I have used them twice, both times completely satisfied. Once a two years ago, once two weekends ago. My husband and I were very pleased in how the movers were, how quickly they worked and how well they listened. Hopefully we won't be moving again for a very long time, but if we do I will reach out to them again. Thanks.



Surpassed our expectations

Alliance Movers surpassed our expectations! We were doing research for a while prior to our move because we have quite a few very important, valuable souvenirs and memorabilia that require delicate handling. We wanted to ensure that we made the best decision possible and I will have to say every step of the way was a pleasure. The movers took extra precautions with our items and went above and beyond by providing us more security and safety double confirming everything was exactly how we needed it when it came to transportation and delivery. We are extremely satisfied knowing we can trust these movers in the future with their excellent on time service and polite and careful movers.



Thank you, Alliance Movers

I am writing to thank you for the excellent service I received from the Alliance Movers. The movers asked me to point out all of my fragile boxes - they loaded them one by one into the truck, carefully keeping them apart from everything else in the attic of the truck. That was the biggest concern Ii had with hiring any moving companies that no one cares fragile materials, but they did. They were also very concerned about damaging my furniture, walls. In addition to being careful with my things they showed up on time, the movers were clean, fun to converse with, worked very hard, and didn't stop the whole time they were there. We were also impressed with the team of movers who took such good care of our belongings. They took great care to make sure everything was protected and accounted for - and they were a delight to be around.hey were always on time and over delivered on our expectations and timeline. This team worked flawlessly to meet our deadlines. On delivery another team was great and all my stuff was unloaded from the truck carefully and very fast. I will use them again and recommend them to anyone who needs a company. The quote I received was great. It was a not to exceed price, so I wasn't charged extra at the last minute. I would certainly recommend your company to anyone making a move based on the performance of a great team of professionals.



On-time and Professional

I hired the company Alliance Movers after having numerous co-workers tell about the great job they did. These guys were on-time, professional, and extremely careful and very competitive price wise. They moved us quickly and just did a great job. I didn't have a single damaged item. I wouldn't consider hiring anyone else if I needed to move again.



Reputable Moving Company

My husband and I were looking for a reputable moving company for our home renovation move and was referred to this company by a close friend. After giving it some thought,we made the decision to choose the company. We could not be more pleased with how professional the service was done with minimum hassle and the workers worked through the challenging cold weather condition efficiently.We will be using this company again,once we decide to move back in. I am glad we made a good choice and we highly recommend Alliance Movers!



Good Job

Thanks so much for the move of lights movers you guys had a really great job it was really hard to pick a company from the seven different quotes I received originally only wanted receive three quotes and in Home as well a bunch of folks give me a call with different quotes I didn’t know what was what and who was so I had a company come out and do an estimate... then gave alliance movers my inventory as well as the cubic foot and weight that the company who did the in-home from my volume and they went in they match the quote and actually beat up by thousand dollars from the in-home I received all my furniture showed up in great condition and the movers did a great job were very respectful it was such a relief seeing that the moving company showed up with an alliance truck thanks guys a lot.



Zero Complaints

Moving was a nightmare. Alliance Movers were My lifesavers. They were there early and packed up quickly. I felt like my stuff was well protected and treated with respect. I have zero complaints, and am very very pleased with the whole experience. If I ever have to do this again I will be giving them a call. There was a small wait on the phone but it was minimal and was very quickly picked up. They are very professional and courteous.



Very professional and quick

The overall experience was excellent. It was completely hassle free, quick and easy, everything was on time and on point. The workers were very easy to work with and everything was handled on time without any problems. Will definitely be recommending their services to my friends and will use them whenever I need to in the near future.



Great Job

Alliance movers did a great job I receive the binding quote over the phone, from Jason their senior relocation representative for my to relocate me a cross country for a new job that I received I’ve never moved before with a long distance moving company after going out line filling out my information a ton of companies called me I didn’t know what was water over so I received a bunch of clothes that were really cheap and I was skeptical about them I also had Ally come out and do an in-home estimation what their price was really really expensive after speaking to Jason at alliance movers I realize that a lot of those companies, are franchises and that’s why the prices are so high the binding quote I received was to the inventory which was really nice because if I took less I paid less and I also understand that if I took more I paid more... So I booked with alliance movers on the day of the move the gentleman showed up in an alliance truck and were uniformed movers they’re all very polite any lates so I booked with the Lions movers on the day the move the gentleman showed up in an alliance truck and were uniformed movers they’re all very polite I need the way they disassembled the furniture wrapped up the furniture. Was very good, The unloading and reassembling of the furniture and placement of the furniture made it very easy for me on the day of my moving I definitely recommend alliance movers to anyone who’s looking to move state to state thanks alliance..



Best in the Business!

Hats off to these guys. Everything went smoothly from the first phone call to the end. I was offered the best possible deal by their sales rep, my move was scheduled on my preferred date and they never pushed me to deposit any upfront amount. Most importantly they arrived on time at the move day, packed all my belongings, did really well to wrap and box the fragile and delicate items and completed the loading smoothly. Everything was delivered in one piece and without any damage and within the agreed time. I tried a lot but failed to find just one mistake!!! Alliance Movers is definitely one of the best in business.



Very skilled and reasonable priced

When I hired Alliance Movers for my move to Pittsburgh, PA to Toronto, Canada, I didn't really have much ideas about them. I hired them because one of my uncles had used them before. Their quote seemed very reasonable to me and it also made me worried about their skills. Because in most cases, companies who quote you low are really incompetent. Fortunately, these men were far from incompetency! They arrived right on time with their shiny trucks and tip-top equipment. They packed up everything and loaded them onto their vans. I had to do nothing except for giving them an inventory. Their leader made me tick off each piece of inventory once they delivered everything in Canada.



Reliable and trustworthy

Superfast truck delivery and Great team service!! From start to finish it was very professional move. Alliance Movers made my move easy. Every single items, furniture, and boxes of mine were wrapped very well. They were very focused on moving my belongings carefully. They are honest. Reliable and trustworthy. I highly recommend Alliance Movers.Reliable Move. Alliance Movers gave me a great opportunity to experience a hassle free moving with their team. They went beyond my expectations. My items were delivered on time without any damages.



Simply Awesome!

So glad I chose Alliance Movers for my recent move. They were affordable and they provided a fair quote. Their movers were very helpful and hardworking. I hope they will be delighted to hear that I was so pleased with my experience. They were simply awesome. Thanks!

Megan C


Dependable and Stress-free

I could never have imagined a moving experience as seamless and unstressful as that with Alliance. I was working on an extremely tight schedule after accepting a new job with a two-week turnaround, and Alliance went above and beyond to ensure that all of my belongings arrived on time and in perfect condition. I was consistently kept in the loop and if I ever had any questions, they were quick to clarify and alleviate any concerns every step of the way. I would readily recommend Alliance Movers to any friends, family, or strangers seeking a pocket-friendly, quality moving service!

Jason Denenberg


Job Well Done

Let me start by saying this is not my first rodeo this would be my 4th cross country move. After dealing with a few moving companies in my past moves i was a bit weary dealing with another but i also felt i knew exactly what red flags to look for in the future. I took my usual 3-5 quotes and weighed out all options. Ill be honest Alliance did not come in the lowest price but in my opinion they had the most experience. Jason my relocation specialist explained everything front to back including possible price increases if my list had changed. Jason made sure to check with me a few times before my pick to insure my list was accurate. When the movers arrived the price was exactly what was quoted and my stuff arrived in FL in one piece. If i ever have to move again i will 100% use Alliance. Thank you jason and the Alliance team

Marco F


Really good professionals

Alliance movers took really good care of my things. They were right on time and worked really quick but also were very careful. They boxed everything up and used bubble wrap on all the fragile stuff. I've moved a few times from state to state and have dealt with a lot of bad moving companies. The service was affordable and they have some really good people working for them.



Polite and very supportive

This was the first time I had used Alliance Movers and was pleased with the excellent service before and during the move. The guys turned up on time, worked hard all day and were considerate with our possessions throughout the day. Moving crews were energetic, polite and very supportive, putting me at ease straight away. No problem at all and no damage to my stuffs and new property! I have used a few different moving companies and can honestly say Alliance Movers would be the company I would be most likely to recommend to family and friends. Thanks for a stress free move.

Ian P


Alliance Movers Inc

Nothing but pleased with the overall experience. Super reliable and professional company. Friendly and complaint staff. If I ever need a moving company again, I definitely know who to call!

Devika D


Interstate move

I am very satisfied with their service.It was our 2nd move (first was with another movers) but I was being pregnant this time thoughts of moving to another place was a nightmare to both of us,me and my husband.While doing internet search I came across alliance movers.I Called them ,they quoted me,and boom!! job done.I really liked their service starting from communication to delivery to the new place.Everything was delivered perfectly no breakage,damage etc.
I will recommend everybody for Alliance movers service for their competitive rates and safe service.



Thanks for the stress free move

We hadn't moved our home in over 20 years and had no idea who was a good moving company. So we turned to this website and were impressed with all the 5 star reviews of Alliance Movers. Everything went smoothly in the planning and all telephone calls were returned promptly. They told us exactly what we needed to do to prepare. They showed up right on time, worked with a fervor and got us moved out and then moved in within record time. The 3 movers maintained a light and happy atmosphere during the actual move yet remained serious and professional about what they were doing. The whole experience from start to finish was awesome considering how stressful moving is. This company is fantastic!!

Darryl Johnson



I am more than pleased with the quality of service I got from Alliance movers. I moved from CT to AZ and they most certainly made a potentially stressful process of moving as seamless and easy for me as they could. While the journey was long, Alliance never let me down. They were patient, courteous, and very professional throughout the entire process. Prior to moving, I researched and got quotes from numerous moving companies, all of which were too pricey, and they were as pushy as a car salesman. Alliance was none of those things, their quote was reasonable and they sent me only 1 email as the initial contact, I replied to the email and then got the ball rolling on getting prepared to move. All of my belongings were placed where they needed to be, nothing was lost, stolen or damaged and we arrived in AZ a few house earlier than expected.

If you're looking to make an interstate move, Alliance is the way to go!



Amazing Experience with Alliance Movers

This is my first move to a new state, and I was truly left feeling like there was no way I could do it. I was frustrated and lost after speaking to several movers with bloated quotes (probably obvious I was a first-timer) and unprofessional tactics like blowing up my phone. Speaking to Alliance Movers was a completely different experience that made me realize that worrying about how your household items get where they need to go should not be your biggest worry. Moving is stressful, but with Alliance you know your precious household items are safe, secure, and you're getting fair and competitive rates for the industry.

I would recommend Alliance Movers to any of my close friends and family.




I move often (seems to be every six months or so for the last four years), but I've never moved between states before. I knew that I'd need professional help, but I also didn't want to pay an arm and a leg. They made this experience so much less stressful than it could have been. Communication before and during was prompt and clear, and all of my things were moved in without incident. Given how often I've moved in the past, I know how much work it can be, and this really made it a breeze. And the pricing was more than fair. Highly recommend.



Very Professional!

I was so happy that my friend referred to me Alliance Movers . The staff came in on time and finished packing our things accordingly. This company has well-trained movers with good values and very professional in their job. My experience was great and I want to share it.



Courteous, professional

I am very cautious when hiring people to help move. My belongings are very important to me. After careful research, I decided to use Alliance Movers to help me move to FL. I am so happy I did, they helped make such a big move go smoothly and without all the headache that typically comes with a major move. The movers were courteous, professional and efficient. I would definitely hire them again.



Thanks for a Good move

Alliance movers was definitely good choice I had originally picked another moving company and two days before the move they called me and told me they could not get a truck out to me I was really scared sing out over the whole situation...
I had got several quotes from a bunch of companies who called my phone for two weeks straight LOL. what’s the other company canceled on me I remembered speaking to Jason at alliance movers and really respected the knowledge she gave me on the move they were the cheapest movie company but now I see why because they definitely provided professional service the way they wrap the furniture unloaded the truck was very professional the movers were in uniforms and clean-cut guys thanks a lot.

Jasmin Frye


Wonderful Experience

After looking through so many different mover companies, Alliance Movers was the one. Had the best price among others that I looked at and great service provided moving me and my family items to our new home in a state we have never lived at before. I had to relocate due to work and using them was one less thing to worry about. Nothing was damaged and I would suggest them to anyone.

Janice Rojas


Moving Team were professional & cared for all my items!!

Lets start with... I had so much glass furniture items (chandelier, glass tables, ect) and that was my main concern. I’ve heard so many stories and I had to be precautious! Anyways, thank you Alliance for getting my furniture from NJ to CA!! And thanks Kyle for getting me a nice discount :)



Showed up on time,great communication!!

I hired Alliance Movers for a move. They did a terrific job and their pricing is fair. I was so thankful someone recommended Alliance Movers to me. They moved heavy, bulky furniture up a flight of stairs and into my new place. My whole move felt extremely easy and I wasn't stressed at on the day of moving. All of my belongings made it safely into my home without any bumps or bruises. Thanks for being so amicable & helpful during such a stressful time.



Highly recommend them!!

I was unsure on who to use for a moving company. I came across a few different moving companies and all of them were pricing me way too much then my budget could allow. At one point I almost decided to move everything by myself until I came across Alliance Movers. They gave me a great quote and the customer satisfaction was amazing. I am seriously so happy I decided to go with them. My past times when moving from town to town has been such a headache. But with Alliance Movers it was a breeze. The movers were genuinely careful of some of my high end breakable items and knew they were important to me. They took the extra time to be careful with everything which made me less stressed out. I honestly would not use anyone else if you are moving. They take the time to help you out whatever your concern might be. I highly recommend them!!



Top notch service!

A friend of mine recommended Alliance Movers, and I was not disappointed. They were very polite from beginning to end, and moved everything quickly and safely. Made my move much easier and so much less stressful! Their service is top notch. They were also the best value (very cheap for how professional they were!) I would recommend them to all my family/friends!



Thanks Alliance

I chose alliance Movers for my move to California I was very worried because I've researched multiple companies I got many quotes for the move along it's really a shored me where they did an inventory for my move and the even overestimated so on the day of the move the price actually. I moved to Encino California from Ohio this was the first long-distance moves I had to do with my family it was great that they got everything there quick this way my daughter had her crib it was really hard moving with a newborn child alliance you did a great job I recommend this company to anyone moving state to state thanks a lot..



Best guys ever!

The 3 guys who helped me with my move were very friendly and professional.I found them working fast yet caring to my things and furniture. I have moved like more than 10 times now since I was in college and I can say Alliance Movers has the best guys ever. All my belongings were handled carefully and on the day of the move they were not even late. It was great even on the final price. I don't know when I'll be moving again but I will be keeping them in mind for sure.



Will use again

Alliance movers were efficient, thorough, careful and no nonsense - exactly what you need during a move. Alliance Movers and his team were helpful and made the move as seamless as possible. Would use them again!



Quick and easy move

I had Alliance Movers help move me out of my one-bedroom apartment in Houston a couple weeks ago. My movers were all very professional, polite, and handled the job quickly. Evan, the customer support rep was extremely responsive and consistently made sure that I was satisfied with the whole process.



Price was fair and reasonable

I was moving all my belongings and furniture to my aunt's place before finally moving to Wichita. These guys showed up early, packed up the furniture without any damage and delivered it in one piece. The price was fair and reasonable. On top of it all, they were extremely friendly. When I was coming in from work, they gave my elderly aunt no problems at all. Compared to my last movers, these guys are a world apart. My friend will be moving next week so I told him to consider Alliance Movers.



Polite, helpful, and fast

We hired Alliance Movers, this was my first time using professional movers and I was a little apprehensive, but everything went off perfectly, and I was very happy I hired movers. They were on time, professional, came out to give us a free quote and provide totes and wardrobe boxes. They were polite, helpful, fast, and quick at their work. Items were well packed and handled carefully. Would recommend them in a second and without any reservations!



Ontime, no damages

I needed help moving all my household goods from one state to another for college. I was having trouble finding a reliable moving company, until I found Alliance Movers. The representative was really nice, and made the whole process extremely pleasing. Very efficient and made everything run smoothly. Answered all my questions and all of my stuff made it in one piece. Will use again!



Timely, efficient, and very professional.

I recently had to move all my stuff to DC and it was initially a very confusing process for me given that it was my first time managing everything on my own, but they were very helpful and polite and talked me through everything that needed to be done and helped ease a lot of my concerns. They did everything I asked and were efficient and on time with their services,



Impressed with timeliness and service!

I called and spoken to several moving companies for my upcoming move and was pretty nervous since we were moving across country to AZ. We had one company no show, when we finally found Alliance Movers. Our quote was under what we had quotes from other moving companies and when we agreed and it was time to move. We was impressed by their level of service and commitment that we appreciated that they respected our belongings. I had some antiques I was nervous about but they handled them really well. We got our stuff exactly as we planned and didn't have all the stress of worrying about it all as our family took the trip. We were really happy with our overall experience with these movers and have already recommended them a few times.



Extremely Helpful!

Alliance Movers were extremely helpful with my family move. My family and I have lived here our whole lives, so this was a very special move for us. Alliance was patient and efficient with helping us move everything. Workers were very careful with fragile items and bonded with my family well. They are very genuine individuals running a great business and I would recommend them to anybody moving in the Texas area.



Everything was moved smoothly, no damages.

Had a lot of stuff to move most of which were delicate. Alliance Mover's guys are highly experienced in dealing with the fragile of things. Everything was moved smoothly with no damages. Highly recommend it to everyone with fragile stuff to move. Timing of arrival was also great!



The whole process went so smoothly.

Alliance Movers was an excellent service that suited all my moving needs. I am recently divorced and had difficulty finding a company to accommodate my schedule and financial situation. I was pleased to find that this company was flexible when it came to scheduling appointments, in addition to working with me regarding payments. I am satisfied with the services provided by this company and would recommend this company to others. They were still able to efficiently transport my possessions to the new location.



Movers were nice and helpful

Alliance Movers handled my dorm room move from Albany to Boston for $1300 flat. The movers had everything out of my pad in 1 hour and took them about 45 minutes to bring it in at my new place. The movers were so nice and helpful. I was worried they might break some of my figurines but my things were wrapped and placed in padded boxes. This was the best move I've done in a long time and it was all thanks Alliance Movers.



Many Thanks!

Alliance Movers delivered on their promise for our long distance move. Everything went smoothly from our first call to the delivery time. The customer service rep called me back with answers to questions I left messages about and I felt they were being honest about their process.We were allowed to switch the date to movers got to our house twice without the price going up. The movers got to us and worked like professionals in getting our stuff out and loaded into the truck. These guys worked with integrity and I would certainly vouch for their moving services. Thank you.



Crew arrived right on time

The service was good and the move was easy. The men who moved our boxes and couches and stuff were so friendly, they treated us like we were family. Everything was out of the house quickly, and big things were loaded safely wrapped. We spoke to someone from their dispatch team before the day the truck reached to coordinate time and again the guys did all the work and had us moved in. Our move was great. Thanks Alliance Movers for all the hard work. I barely had to do a thing working with these guys.



Values customer satisfaction!

I have only good things to say about Alliance Movers. I found them due to their great reputation, and was pleasantly surprised to see they actually care about their customers. I was shown that I was priority with all of the help they were willing to show me, from packaging services to inventory accounting. Everything was intact when it got to location and the movers were just plain nice. I couldn't ask for more.



Everyone was very polite

I had a lot of questions before proceeding being that I have used other companies before, and they were all answered in a timely and professional manner. Alliance Movers has a great reputation and they really lived up to it. All of my stuff was properly inventoried and accounted for, which I really appreciated. If I could I would use the services of this company again.



I would recommend them to anyone!

Overall good move and service. I was impressed with how good the sales rep and customer service treated us each time we called with questions. The rep did a good job of helping me choose a date that would also fit with my budget. There were a bunch of details I needed clarifying and the rep was more than happy to, going so far as sending me an email with all the information about the move and how things work. When the movers got to our house they wasted no time in loading our things and making the place look empty. Before they left I got a chance to look over a list of my things. The move ended with the movers dropping everything off about a week later. All took place very smoothly, one minute they were getting there, the next everything was inside the house and they were back on their way. This was a good moving company and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a fast and easy move.



Tremendous job!

While setting up my move, I did encounter a slightly rude associate, but all issues were resolved before the end of the call. The movers arrived on time and didn't waste much time getting to work! Communications were smooth. Was impressed with the packing methods as I own several precious items that I've collected in my years of traveling. Price wasn't too bad for the service I received. I'd use them again!



Reliable Service!

I needed to move my 2 bedroom apartment from Miami, FL to North Carolina, these guys came on time, were very professional and fast. Everything were shrink wrapped and moved without damages. Very reliable service. Thank you very much!



Excellent Service!

Alliance Movers seemed to be the best so far I could get. They got hired by my fianc? during my last move. Their customer support and performance set a new benchmark in my eyes. It was like a play for them and they were playful during the entire moving. Although they were funny, making jokes, but they didn't let any of my goods to be lost or broken. Amazing, right? Yes, I was amazed as well. My fianc? rated them 6 out of 5. Why not an extra point from me as well. Good job Alliance Movers.



Great Work!

We have used Alliance Movers before and had no problems with our first experience with them, so we thought, hey let's use them again! Our intuition and past experience was spot on. This last move was an easy and quick one, but Alliance did a great job working hard the entire 3 hours it took and all of our personal belongings arrived at the new residence in excellent condition. We couldn't be more pleased with the company. Definitely will recommend and use them again! Thanks Alliance!



Great Moving Company!!

When you're moving to a new state and with children you want to make it as smooth as possible in a time of chaos. They did just that. They were on time and courteous. I felt like my belongings were in the hands of family. It took so much stress off of my family and I. Thank you again guys!!!



Happy with the service!

If you are looking for movers definitely give Alliance Movers , because not only was I satisfied with the price but the job they done was on believable they got me from Union City New Jersey to New York City Queens to without a problem. I had a four bedroom apartment in New Jersey around 1500 ft.? moved into Thousand square-foot, not only was the job finished within a reasonable time none of my belongings were damaged in anyway I am really happy I did business with this company if I plan on moving anywhere soon I'm definitely calling them again.



Quote matched final price

I have used Alliance Movers three times in the past and am about to use them again. I have furniture for a studio, so these weren't huge moves. They have done a wonderful job every time. I've recommended them to friends and they've always had a wonderful experience as well. They wrap everything for you and don't nickel and dime for those "extras". The price you think you're getting is what you really get. Honestly, you cannot go wrong with Alliance Movers!



Nothing was lost and there was no damages

I wanted to avoid using movers because I have had a terrible experience before but went with a colleague's recommendation to use Alliance Movers. It turns out not all moving companies are the same because this move went smoothly, nothing was lost and there was no damage to my items or to my new home. While the moving team of Marcus and Jessie handled their end perfectly, Amanda from the Alliance Movers office also did a great job of coordinating it all. For this level of service, I would pay more than it cost me.



Very Accommodating

Incredibly happy to have found Alliance Movers! Sam was super nice, responsive and accommodating, even when I had issues with my closing date and kept having to reschedule. The three guys that moved me were extremely prompt, efficient, and friendly. Pretty friendly too. I will definitely call them if I have to move again.



Thanks guys, you did a fantastic job!

We recently moved our belongings from a 3 bedroom house in Dallas, TX to a condo in Miami, FL by using Alliance Movers. They not only provided us an extremely professional, very courteous and highly efficient service, but were also very affordable in pricing. The moving crew were amazing, they ensured that our stuff were packed properly for the journey and also they took extreme care when moving the furniture from the house, covered the floor and protect any area that could be damaged. They also took great care when placing the stuff in our new home. As far as I'm concerned this is the best moving experience that we've ever had and we will use them for all future moves. Thanks guys, you did a fantastic job!



Nothing was damaged.

I moved from a 3 story townhouse to a condo on the 3rd floor! The movers (2 men) loaded their truck and wrapped all my furniture and mattress. They had everything unloaded and set back up in my new place within the time frame quoted. Nothing was damaged during the move which was amazing because I feel like things always get damaged.The men who moved my stuff was very pleasant to deal with and had a great system in place. Reserving my move date was easy and I was confirmation/email throughout the process! I was always able to get a hold of a real person and had no issues. This is for sure a great company to use!



Excellent performance!

The team showed up at the apartment in a timely manner. They explained the process over the phone because I couldn't be there and had all my paperwork ready. "They moved the boxes and furniture,swiftly and with professionalism avoiding any damage" That's what Leslie told me; she filled in for me. They were very polite and courteous to my friends who had to take over and helped them understand the process with ease. They notified me every step of the way any changes being made or any concerns. I felt like I was present during the entire process. I will definitely recommend their services to anyone moving. Excellent job



Courteous, and very efficient!

The movers were professional, courteous, and very efficient with my move. Both gentlemen were more than willing to disassemble my furniture and reassemble it at the delivery location. They went above and beyond their moving duties. They made sure to cover and protect all fragile items and were able to get the project completed in a small window of time. I'll certainly be using American Eagle again the next time I move. I highly recommend them!



Alliance made my move stress-free

For a respectful price to cover many miles within the state. Storing and packaging was easy to do. Everything thankfully fit in the moving truck. The drivers provided helpful advice on what should be placed in specific spacing order. The customer service was patient with me in answering all my questions. First time ever moving and having to rely on a company. I'm glad I selected Alliance Movers.



Movers were professional and kind

Movers were professional and kind. They protected boxes marked fragile and wrapped large furniture. Overall they handled all my items with care. Donald was accurate with my cost and communicated well with me. I will use them again if needed. Several large pieces of furniture were placed where I needed them. Nothing was broken or harmed.



Awesome Job!

The three movers were professional, strong and hard working. I was their second move of the day and they were to arrive between 2 and 4, they contacted me at 3 to let me know that they would be there at 4 and they were. They worked the whole time and were very fair about charging for the time, no games were played. I would not hesitate to recommend Alliance Movers to anyone. Awesome job!



None of our stuff was damaged

We just moved from Tulsa to the Dallas area and we called Alliance Movers to help. They were very polite, efficient and careful with our belongings. I could not ask for a better experience! I would recommend them to anyone who is needing help with a move. None of our stuff was damaged during the move and it was all handled as though it was there own belongings.



Everyone I spoke to was wonderful

I used Alliance Movers recently and the move was exactly what I was looking for. The price was good and the service from both the rep and the customer service department was top notch. On the day of each of the moves I was called to confirm and everyone I spoke to and dealt with was very professional.



Wonderful Service!

The relocation services Alliance Movers offered were just fabulous. I was amazed by their ability to move within such a short time. The most spectacular thing about it is that I paid cheaply for the wonderful services. I would love to involve them in my subsequent relocations.



Ontime and no damages

I had no clue Alliance Movers was going to be that amazing. I had no idea the movers were going to do things in such a captivating way. I am just impressed by the fact that these relocation experts did not let me down. They were willing to do everything to ensure all worked out perfectly. I am entirely grateful to them for doing me so proud.



Arrived on schedule

I just wanted to thank your team for doing a great job handling my relocation to NM. My initial quote was for $2200, when the movers added my two queen bed frames and mattresses & night stands it went up to $2900. These guys were very fast and moved everything out of my apartment in less than 2 hours and had set everything up on my NM pad in less than 3 hours. The transporting took 8 days and arrived on schedule. Thank you.



Everything was done as expected

I scheduled a move from Los Angeles to Seattle which was estimated for $2200 on average amongst all moving companies. I chose Alliance Movers because they gave the date and time I was looking for pickup which was just 3 days ahead. Movers showed up, wrapped my furniture and moved all the boxes in about 2 hours and about the same when delivered to my new place. After all it was said and done my move went up to $2500 for the extra items I didn't account for. The movers were very nice in working with me on the price. Everything was done as expected.



A pleasure working with Alliance Movers

I had the pleasure of hiring Alliance Movers for my transportation needs and was so impressed by their wonderful customer service, their professionalism, their integrity is beyond words!! I recommend this company to all my friends and family!!



Overall we had a great experience

Danielle was a pleasure to speak with and she made me feel like I was in good hands. She was right, we had packed and were ready earlier than expected and they came right away. The moved everything quickly and with care. I was very pleased. I highly recommend Alliance Movers to anyone relocating.



They worked quickly and efficiently

Movers actually arrived early. The entire crew was professional,courteous and accommodating. They worked quickly and efficiently. No time wasted. They came prepared with their own water, and all packing materials and moving equipment. I don't move often but would definitely use this company again without bothering to get other estimates. The three man crew was patient even though everything was not boxed before their arrival.



The guys were so friendly and professional

Excellent service !! The crew arrived on time (very friendly) First day was full packing, they were so helpful, I didn't touch a thing. The next day, again the crew arrived on time I was nervous, that was a big change in my life I have not moved for 12 years, the guys were so friendly and professionals. They moved all the appliances, furniture and boxed from my condo on the 3rd floor to the new location - condo on the 5th floor NO DAMAGE to my goods. One thing I regret, I should have them UNPACK everything - next time :)



These guys are the best!

Fantastic, punctual, meticulous, and very pleasant moving crew. Very prepared, very professional and made our moving experience so much easier! I will definitely hire them again for our next move.



I would use these movers again.

Alliance Movers were great, told me they could hold my things for a day and they would deliver my items the next morning. Had a piano that was over 18 years old and concerned it might get damaged. They covered it up well with blankets and moved without a mark on it, in great condition. I would use these movers again. Friendly people. Answered all my questions on day of move.



Thank you for an amazing move!

This was one of the easiest moves I have had by far. I would really like to take this time to thank Alliance Movers for the hospitality in their services. The company is really here to take their time with your things and put you first. Thank you one more time for the amazing move!



Highly recommended

These are my go to moving guys! They were super nice and professional. They far exceeded my expectations from the very beginning, all the way through to the end. They make moving a non issue. Highly recommended.



The best!

The company's moving people are very friendly and completed packing within 6 hours from start to finish. Matthew at Alliance is very helpful regarding questions and insuring your date for delivery is on time. I have used 6 moving companies over the 15 years and Alliance Movers is truly the best.



Answered any and all questions

I had several walkthroughs and multiple quotes for an in-state move of a four-bedroom house, including some packing. Jeremy and Alliance Movers were professional and worked with me on every aspect of the process, answering every question quickly. Our initial quote from them was low, and we made an adjustment based on a competing quotes scope with which I was more comfortable. Alliance showed on time the day of the move with four movers. They immediately got to work packing and disassembling furniture, and we were all packed and on the truck in 6-7 hours. Not a wall or floor was scratched. You could tell they took great care in wrapping furniture, as well!



They are helpful and polite

I strongly recommend using Alliance Movers. I have used them 2 times, for both an instate and out of state move. Professional movers who are employees of the company. The movers I have had take great care of your items. They are helpful and polite, and their estimate was right on. I've had companies provide an estimate to find out they low balled to get the job. Justin has provided estimates that turn out to be exact, he knows his business. I always think the highest compliment is a referral. I have referred them to several friends with the same great result.



Appreciate the help!

Moving process was decent I appreciate the staff more than Alliance Movers as a whole...Justin and the pickup up staff and delivery staff, at 10F temperature they arrange my stuff at home how I would like to arrange that that too in day after tomorrow to that day they picked up, Long story short, I like it. Thank you for your help and convey my appreciation to both pickup and delivery staff too.



crew was amazing

I used alliance movers inc for my move and the crew was amazing. They were on time, organized and took care of all my belongings during the move. I would definitely use them again or recommend to anyone whose planning to move.



Thank You guys for the great job!

These guys did a fantastic job, and I am very pleased. Martin and his team are fantastic. From the start to finish I have nothing to complain about. Ralph was friendly and very polite, customer service was excellent. Over all fantastic experience. On the date of the move I got the hardest working people ever. They were on time and friendly, very polite very efficient. Thank You guys for the great job you did today.



Appreciate their hard work

It was a long distance move with full of furniture which was carried out by some trusted workers of Alliance Movers. I am always very happy with the folks. I completed my third move with them. It was a perfect transition. Works started at 9:30 est. as stated in the quotation. Their performing procedure was very commendable. Used boxes to save from any difficulties or broken issues. It was completely perfect plan. And the wonderful move was totally out of my thought! I appreciate their hard work.



Friendly, helpful and careful

For our last two moves I have been using Alliance Movers. All the persons have been very professional and active. I learned many things from them. They showed punctuality in every moment of my moves. Quite economical than others. Friendly, helpful and careful. Always active. They packed our all stuffs. Took special steps to pack my aquarium! I had five saltwater fish and was worried if there was any problem but no, they efficiently handled them throughout the move. All the fishes were alive! And all of stuffs was delivered without any scratch and lose. It was a great relief.



Great support!

Alliance Movers fulfilled my all demands. I wanted to relocate my stuff from Washington DC to New Jersey. A nice guy came to my house and prepared estimation. I was waiting for their confirmation. Mikala phoned me and told about the moving time and date. I had lots of stuffs, books, and many other important items to be moved. The moving truck accommodated all my boxes and the crew provided great support.




My friend referred me to use Alliance movers. So he had better knowledge about their service, costs, time table etc. I got three efficient labors. First time I used them few years ago and still it is my best moving company. The last move was so sweet. Was so much funny and enjoying. Price was good. They brought sufficient packing materials. I like this company. Best of luck Alliance movers. Recommend you all time.



Thanks guys

I never seen any more professional guys than the Alliance Movers crew. They always tried to be sure whether everything was done to my liking. We had to move out on a short notice but they agreed and arrived right on time. They way they worked, it made me want to relocate again with the help of these guys. To avoid breakage, they wrapped and blanketed nicely. Consequently the whole moving procedure was outstanding. The biggest plus point was their price. They had no secret or hidden fees in the final bill. I was satisfied.



Happy with their service

I had no problems with the movers. Alliance Movers had some excellent guys actually. I booked the elevator in my old apartment and I told them strictly to arrive in due time to avail the opportunity of elevator, otherwise they had to use narrow stair. The movers showed up early and so there was no problem to carry the load. They were very hard working and professional. They followed accurate stint to complete the loading task and delivery. I am happy with their service and strongly recommend them.



Will recommend

I had a full-service move from DC to Chicago Alliance Movers was amazing! All of my stuff arrived on time and without any damage. Not only were they able to guarantee a tight delivery window they were able to pick up and set up all of my stuff and match a lower price. Great job! I highly recommend them to anyone who is moving!



Knowledgeable staff, great price

I just happen to run across Alliance Movers website by accident when browsing for movers. The last mover I had wasn't terrible but I was looking to save a few bucks (who isn't?). In any case, they staff was knowledgeable and the quoted me a price that was a little under what everyone else was quoting plus they could fit me in a little sooner than what everyone else could. So I went with them. Long story short, I was charged under the quoted price and my stuff was delivered on time.



First rate moving company!

This is a first rate moving company! Moving is incredibly stressful and complicated and Alliance relieved more of that stress than I could have imagined. They were professional, honest, committed to the outstanding price quotes, and most importantly took care of our belongings. Leaving the moving and handling of your possessions to someone else is a nerve wracking affair but Alliance was outstanding. I never once felt like just another customer - I felt like their only customer! You will not be disappointed by hiring Alliance Movers.



Great job, Thanks!

All of my equipment and personal belongings were moved in a respectful manner. The moves were all very friendly and performed their task fast and efficiently. They were real careful not to break anything fragile of mine like my vases and pottery. Some other companies I have moved with have damaged my items. You can trust this company. Would definitely use this company again and recommend it.



Very pleased with the service

I wanted my family to have a stress-free moving experience, so I decided to search online for a reputable company. I decided to hire Alliance Movers. They were very careful not to damage my items, or nor did they take a long time transferring my items to my new location. Unlike other companies I've used in the past, overall, I am pleased with the service of Alliance Movers. I would highly recommend these guys to others who want a comfortable way to move and to be assured of having a good experience.



Great company, affordable pricing

I was on distress when I was thinking of how to move to California but through Alliance Movers, I experienced the most reliable and easy way to move in such an affordable price. It arrived on time and they were just as they were. So, I found the crew workers really faithful. They were really polite and were helpful. They even helped me to locate those things.



Quick, efficient and very professional

Alliance Movers is awesome! They are quick, efficient and very professional. I highly recommend them. I was very surprised at how fast it was. I am very thankful to have gone with this company. They are the best I have ever been to in this are. I think what sets them apart is their overall professionalism.They don't mess around and they are all business. I will definitely go with them next time when I need help moving. They are above and beyond what I expected. Thanks guys!



Good work, Alliance!

The staff over at Alliance Movers are some of the most friendly and helpful people I've had the pleasure of doing business with. Not only were they right on time, every time, but the people I spoke with offer up tips and reminders for practical things I should be aware of when moving. They were kind and assured me that my things were in very careful hands. Upon retrieval and inspection, there wasn't so much as a smudge on any of my items. I will surely recommend and use them in the future.



Great and fast service

I was very surprised to see that the reviews were quite right. Alliance Movers provided great and fast service that I would recommend to anyone! I would absolutely be back (should I require the services). Very reasonably priced as well! Everything was taken care of very well and they were on time with no damages whatsoever. If you need movers, I am sure you would be as happy with the services as I was.



Very professional, efficient, and friendly

Alliance Movers were wonderful. It was my first time hiring professional movers and I was a bit nervous, but they immediately put me at ease. The movers were very professional, efficient, and friendly. They did a wonderful job of moving all my stuff in a careful and prompt manner - including a bunch of fragile arts and furniture's, which they transported safely and securely.



Thank you all!

I worked with a gentleman by the name of Kyle from Alliance Movers . Very thorough guy. Reminded me of items I neglected to mention when getting a quote for my move which I appreciated as others didn't question certain things he did. I had scheduled my pickup date for early February with delivery being requested for the 1st week of March. I just finished unboxing everything so I wanted to come online to say thank you to all involved with my transfer. The staff at Alliance was extremely accommodating. They got my items to me when they said they would. Overall it was a great experience and I do appreciate the entire staff helping out from the reservations agent to the back office to the foreman and crew.



Awesome job people!

I just moved with the help of Alliance Movers. They arrived on time and it was actually me who was not ready lol. I asked for some help packing and it was the best decision I could've made. Besides saving my sanity, they were really good. The crew barely took any breaks and my move took about 6 hours plus 2 for packing since I wasn't ready. The staff was good when calling in. All very were really accommodating when I called up with certain changes just a few days before. I will definitely use them again and will recommend to all friends and family.



Timely service

My experience with Alliance Movers was excellent. Had no problems whatsoever. I had no damaged items and they ensured all of my sensitive items were adequately stored. What I like most about the service is the timely manner in which everything was done. While moving from Atlanta, the movers ensured that they found out where I wanted all the heavy items to go in my new home in Florida. Everything was so easy. I give them two thumbs up. I Would definitely recommend their Service to you. By the way I have a three bedroom home.



Love to work with them again!

Back when I was living in New York and I had to move to a different place a friend of mine had called me and told me about Alliance Movers because she had worked with them before and I was surprised with how fast they had gotten me a quote as well. I was extremely surprised with how good their customer service was when I needed help with storage as well. They were really great people and I would love to work with them again in the future if ever needed! Thank you! I don't think my move would have been possible if it wasn't for you guys!

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