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3895 F Cascade Rd, Atlanta, Georgia 30336 USA

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About Pick Up and Go Movers

3895 F Cascade Rd
Atlanta, Georgia

We are licensed, insured and bonded. Although we started our business in mid-2008, we have over 35 years of combined experience. In 2008 we managed to gain over 500 moves, 2009 over 700 moves, 2010 over 1,000 moves, 2011 over 2,000 moves, and over 3,000 moves each year since. Our client base has grown due to repeat satisfied clients and referrals, which speaks broadly for the type of service we provide. We specialize in quality and care, which has allowed us to grow in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas. Providing quality service is the most important part of our business. We make sure to meet the needs of everyone- big or small. To help us provide these services we depend on our team for knowledge, hard work, dependability, experience, and loyalty. Our team is well trained on the unique art of moving and treating each item with safety and care. We strive to meet every client’s needs. This is accomplished by knowing the business, providing great prices, hiring professional movers and educating our customers on what to expect during their move.

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PLEASE DONT use them

I had an appointment scheduled for 11 AM. They never showed up. I called over and over and over. It was obvious they were ignoring my call. Someone finally answered at 7 PM after I called the after hours number from the email. They ended up rescheduling me for the following day. They played stupid as if they did not know what I was talking about when I mentioned them not showing up the day before. They acted as if they did nothing wrong. The first thing he mention was me tipping him after we were done. HE ASKED FOR TIP BEFORE THEY EVEN MOVED MY STUFF. They were smoking weed while they were moving my furniture. They damaged my couch. And after they move my furniture I did not give them a tip. So he got an attitude and made a very smart remark. He was obviously upset and had an attitude. The number one thing I was upset about is them not showing up the day before. I had my entire apartment packed up and ready to move and they never showed up and ignored my calls. It was extremely inconvenient. The day they came one of the movers called my phone by mistake. I thought he was talking to me at first. But he was talking to another customer. I heard him in the background talking to someone else telling them that he tried to called them and he tried to email them. It was very clear that based on what the mover was saying that they did the same thing to someone else. Not show up. So they must do this a lot. There are other companies that are cheaper. I posted a photo of my damaged couch. DO NOT USE THEM!!!!!



Most unprofessional movers ever!

This company doesn't even deserve the 1 star! I wish there was an option to give them zero stars. The WORST and most unprofessional, disrespectful business I have ever dealt with in my life. When scheduling the movers I explained the house and what we'd be moving and looked to them to recommend how many movers/trucks we would need. The person on the line seemed confident we only needed one truck, but we decided to have 4 movers come to make things go more quickly. Well, the movers arrived the day of the move and first thing one of them says when they get out is "we should've brought 2 trucks." Well, if that's the case. The day was off to a rough start from there. The movers were polite and moved quickly at the beginning. Other than the fact they reeked of weed and alcohol! It was to say the least a long day because they had to unload a truckload and then go back and repack another truckload. So by the time they are unloading the last truck, they were incredibly sloppy just throwing stuff in different places, not asking where it goes. I had metal shelving units in our garage bent. They placed a mini fridge (which they specifically told me not to defrost ahead of time) on our hardwood floors in our bedroom behind stacks and stacks of boxes. So we didn't get to it until the next day. Well by then, the water had seeped out and pooled into our hardwood floors. They lost the screws to my infant's crib and the solution was "well you can go buy some at Home Depot." I have an executive office desk with a hutch that attaches. I specifically told them when taking it apart to be sure to lift it up off the desk so as not to scratch the top. Well, they did that when moving it out of the old house, but in the unloading process, they slide it all the way across my desk and gauged a huge scratch into the desk. And then instead of telling me before they left, they decided to pile boxes on top of the desk so as to hide the damage.

I'm a pretty reasonable person and although was upset about these things I think could've easily been avoided, I realize things happen. I figured I would call and they would work something out to either fix or replace the damaged property. I've worked with other LEGITIMATE moving companies in the past and this is always the process. That's why they are insured. Well, that's not the cases for this company. Pick Up & Go Movers was incredibly rude when I called about the damages the next morning. Asked me if I tipped the that mattered. But yes, I fed them all 2 meals and tipped them $50 each...granted, I didn't find any of the damages (aside from the missing screws for the crib we were trying to put together so my son could go to sleep) until the next day. Then basically said "fill out the form on the website, and it's a 90 day process." First off, 90 days? 90 days seems like the extreme. But with little faith that this would be resolved, I did just that. filled out the insurance claim form. Waited 90 days. Actually waited an extra 2 weeks. Then called again and asked who I can speak to regarding my damage claim. The person on the line again said "fill out the form on the website." I told them I had already done that and he cut me off and said "It's a 90 day process." So I then told him it's been over 90 days so I'm looking to speak with who is in charge of these claims. And he said he didn't know who that was and he didn't even know where the form gets sent. So I asked to speak to a manager or owner and insisted that someone there must know where these forms get sent. There was no manager available then conveniently, so I left my information and won't hold my breath on getting a phone call back.

But my advice is find ANY OTHER MOVING COMPANY. These ones do not understand how to operate a reputable business!!




Most unprofessional people I’ve ever dealt with. They walked out after moving one item because I asked them to not put raw wood on the metal dolly. Read the reviews. Do not waste your time or money. I’m not ever gonna waste anymore no time on this review.

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