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9920 SW 8th St., Pembroke Pines, Florida 33025 USA

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About Progressive Relocation Systems

9920 SW 8th St.
Pembroke Pines, Florida

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William M Graham


Missing and damaged items move from Alabama to SC

Progressive Relocation Systems from Miami, FL has made a wonderfully exciting time in our lives an absolute move from HELL. From the initial contact and misleading quote from Troy in April to now in June not having all of our furniture. The furniture we do have is mostly damaged or broken. They have missed delivery dates/ times and now multiple multiple pieces of furniture are still missing. The nightmare began in April when the movers arrived in Alabama in a truck that was too small for our 4 BR home. They loaded what they could into that truck but had to stop, drive back to Atlanta to get a second truck to complete the move. Then fast forward to the delivery date scheduled for May 29th. They kept changing dates and times until it was finally set and executed on June 3rd. They arrived in 2 Budget rental box van/trucks and from the onset we knew all of the furniture could not possibly be in those 2 trucks. They had NO MANIFEST or inventory list with them. They did not lay down anything to protect the floors or carpet. Furniture was offloaded, multiple pieces were noted to be damaged. Near the end of emptying the truck we noted many pieces/ items both large and small were missing. The driver said " oh I'm sure they're in the storage unit in Atlanta" We immediately contacted our customer rep at Progressive (Eva) to notify her of the missing items. The next couple of days emails and phone calls were exchanged with promises to ship the remaining furniture in a couple of days. Even comments and emails stated they had "found the furniture"; "there was too much furniture to go on the original delivery". Fast forward another 10 days of emails and phone calls and moved delivery dates and times, we finally have another rental truck (Ryder this time) deliver our "furniture" at 10pm last night. ONLY 1 rug and 2 ladders were on this truck. We had sent the company an email outlining 20+ pieces that are missing.The driver contradicted himself about how he's only the driver, he gets texts of when and where to pick up and deliver goods. Then after quizzing him on who his boss is (would only say he has that guys phone number and wouldn't give it to us) to where the physical storage unit is (Durham ,GA) how to contact anyone in the company (NO name could be given) he somehow finds a video of an empty storage unit with a faded aluminum patio chair (not ours) and says this and the rugs where the only things in the unit except for the broom and dust pan HE used to clean up the unit. Completely contradicting his story of " I am only the driver". We have spent 10k for this move and are missing sooo many items not to mention amassing a box of broken items that cannot repaired or replaced. Oh, but on a positive note, they did include 1 LARGE RAT free of charge. It came from their storage unit and reeked havoc in our newly constructed home. Please do not use this company. I hope and pray this can help other people out there so you don't go thru the torment of this company.



They are the best in this business

I want everyone to hire Progressive relocation systems! They are the best in this business. No one can do a better job! They are professional, efficient and very hardworking. They moved me a couple of weeks back and they have done a brilliant job. There were no damages, there were no dents and there was nothing missing! I had a very good move! Oh one more thing, they have very low rates and the price does not change in the end. This is a moving company you must hire. I highly recommend them to all.

Alexandra Bay


NEVER EVER hire this criminal company!!!

They are CRIMINALS!!!
Now they are calling me with insults and threats. Plus shared my personal information for fake move requests and other fake staff. I had to file police report on them!!!
And this site keeps removing my review constantly!!!
NEVER EVER hire this company!!! Do not give them any deposit!!! They are LIARS and SCAMMERS!!! The are not even a moving company, they are BROKERS.
They call you with intentionally low estimate.
They take your deposit right away, and you are used goods for them after that. They never contacted me back, I always had to initiate contact after deposit was made. I waited 17 days for their "convenient" day for the move. Just before the move they doubled the price. They kept rescheduling the move day, and then they just did not show up on the scheduled day. I waited from 10 am to 9 pm at my storage facility, I placed few dozens of calls to the company and the movers - no response, so I had to do the move myself, hiring u-haul truck and labor. And after all that those scammers had audacity to refuse to return my deposit.
UNHEARD of that the company in US takes deposit, does not do the job, and then refuses to refund customer.
I had to file complaint with the Florida Attorney General Office. Florida Attorney General office advised me to file a criminal charge against them. If I do not get my refund back, that's what I am contemplating doing, because that's what they are - CRIMINALS.
At least, they should be taken their brokerage license, so they will stop stealing customers' money and scamming unsuspected customers.
I wish there would be a class action lawsuit against those scammers, because they created a lot of victims already, and unfortunately there will be more.
So READ this and don't make the same mistake!!!
Stay AWAY from this company!!!
They are LIARS and SCAMMERS. If I could rate them below zero, I would.

Max Lefter


Amazing and hassle free

This company has saved my life! I contacted many other companies but I knew this one was going to be the one for me by the smooth communication and how easy they made the whole process for me. Every other moving company I spoke with wanted to charge me way more than what I wanted to spend and were not as friendly as the staff here.
I was iffy about my long move from Arizona to North Carolina and did not know what to expect. However, the staff here made this trip less than a hassle than I thought it would be. Mike came and set up the move and I didn't even have to lift a finger he was so great!
No matter the cost of your move you are going to want to use this company-ask for Mike! They make it so easy and were so reliable and knew exactly what they were doing! So nice and I only paid about $4,000 and mind you I had A LOT of stuff! Thank you guys so much!!

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