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5585 Rio Vista Drive, Clearwater, Florida 33760 USA

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About PODS Moving and Storage

5585 Rio Vista Drive
Clearwater, Florida

When PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) invented the concept of portable storage containers in 1998, moving and storage were changed forever. Before PODS came along, you were at the mercy of a full-service mover or truck rental company, and storing your belongings meant hauling your stuff back and forth to and from self-storage units. PODS introduced a whole new way to move and store, becoming the disruptors to our category and the pioneers of a whole new industry.

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Victoria Donato


Would give negative stars if I could

NEVER USE THIS SERVICE. Been an over 5 week nightmare trying to get same day pickup scheduled for the POD as per required by my apt complex. Customer service called the local facility and left emails multiple times over the course of the 5 weeks and NOBODY WOULD ANSWER OR RESPOND. Customer service tells me there “nothing we can do because we are not at the local facility and they are not answering.” I asked for the phone number to call myself and they said “we aren’t allowed to give out that information.” I was flat out refused to speak to a supervisor and the first person claimed their “systems were down and therefore no one could speak with me.” I called back immediately and another person said they “talked to the supervisor on my behalf.” They just kept telling me all they could do is leave more messages and emails and “hope they get back to us soon.” Then they told me the only thing they could recommend was talking to the driver when he showed up to deliver the POD otherwise there was nothing they could do. Then finally a supervisor calls me back an hour before my POD is due to be delivered and tells me I’m approved for same day pick up FINALLY and then proceeds to tell me I will owe $80 for that. Literally use any other company on the planet for moving. DO NOT USE PODS.



Dishonest about delivery options of contract terminals.

I am 72 and I moved a 73 year old woman from Florida to Low Income Senior housing in Urbana, Il in mid January 2018. The apt opened up in late December of 2017 and I had until the week of Jan 15th to get her there. I told this to the agent when I booked the pod and informed him that the pod could not stay overnight in the loading alley behind the building. He looked up the address on Google Maps and wanted to put the pod in the parking lot. I told him that the spaces were assigned and all taken. I wanted to unload on the 16th or 17th depending on the mover and the weather. The terminal for that area is Bloomington – Normal Il, about an hour's drive from Urbana. He told me that it would be an extra $100 to remove the pod the same day. We packed her up and got the pod picked up on the 3rd. The weather forecast for the week we were going was very bad with snow storms. I repeadedly asked to be informed when the pod would arrive. Now as to what actually happened.

I was told that the terminal needed 5 days notice to deliver. The weather was horrible and we were caught in snow and zero temps. I called on the 13th to find out what was going on. I was told that the terminal only delivered on Monday and Friday and the earliest delivery date was the 26th! Basically, the woman who now helped me went beyond the call of duty. She got in touch with the terminal manager at night and he agreed to deliver on Monday the 15th. Pod would have to stay until following Friday. I had to find someone who would allow me to park the pod in their drivway. Mover had no room in their lot. I found someone and gave Pods the delivery address. When the driver arrived he was kind and courteous and told me that they are a zip code service with no $100 extra same day pod removal options. The stuff in the pod had to be removed and loaded onto a truck, driven to the correct location and unloaded! It went from a 2 person job to a 3 person job $$$.

Pods says that the info about the terminal ONLY shows up when you give them the delivery date. There is no note on the terminal delivery policy when they look up the terminal who handles the area!???? They take your money and tell you about the 5 day notice to deliver. It's all a bunch of lies. Five days notice instead of four days notice would still have left me in the same boat! I exposed a crack in their system and I paid for it. They refused to help me with the additional $150 mover fee. It was ALL MY FAULT!

Cathy Kelley


PODS/Insurisc unethical practices

To Whom it may concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to share what has befallen our family regarding our decision to hire PODS Moving and Storage company for our moving needs for our family in May, 2017 to the present. It is my desire to warn as many people as possible regarding this company's treatment of their customers when problems arise, such as pest infestation. Having utilized PODS in 2012 when we hired this company to supply one POD for our life belongings and deliver to CA, and no altercations had occurred, we didn't hesitate to enlist their services again for a costlier endeavor. Yet we would find that PODS is not the company we thought they were!

In May, 2017,while still residing in CA, PODS charged us $167 and then delivered one empty POD in which we filled with our life possessions. Shortly after, they picked up the POD and stored our POD in CA PODS facility. We then relocated our family of five to TX, and had planned on settling there. Each month we paid $256, believing our POD and its belongings was secure. When my husband was offered a relocation package to OR, for a new job, we decided to leave Texas in January, consequently requesting our POD to be delivered to an OR PODS facility, paying over $1700. We were told the POD would not arrive until February 13. Later we were informed of the necessity to give 24 hours-notice for access of POD, and that Sundays they are closed. Due to my husband working all week, the first time the POD was accessed was by me and our three sons on Friday, February 16. Manager was very nice and helpful, and assisted us as much as he could in finding our POD and opening for the first time. As we slowly began pulling items out and transferring to my Suburban, I noticed mouse droppings. I immediately informed Manager of what I thought I was seeing. He said that couldn't be because the PODS are secure and no pests can access PODS. We only took one television and a few items and closed up the POD. Saturday, February 17, I returned with one son and my husband to our POD to continue taking items home. Again, we found what appeared to be mouse droppings. My husband confirmed it when he removed our son's desk that was covered in mouse droppings. I immediately requested manager and another PODs employee come look and verify and document what we were finding on our personal belongings. Manager said he hadn't seen anything like this, and in his own words, "You will need to fumigate the POD." I was very upset! Especially as we continued to dig into POD and see much mouse droppings all over the items and inside the POD itself. Manager was very concerned for us, and offered to bring an empty POD so we could unload from soiled POD to a clean one. However, after phoning POD immediately and them appearing to be equally concerned, they told me a claim was being set up and I would receive a call from Insurisc within 48 hours. Not to worry. That an adjuster would come and help us with this ordeal. As I explained I am about to deal with breast cancer surgery and we have a son at home with compromised health issues due to brain cancer, this is very upsetting to me and fumigation is out of the question. I was told to save receipts for items purchased to replace the other items in POD. The rest of the weekend I felt reassured that PODS and the insurance company would help us! Boy was I wrong after I finally got a hold of Insurisc on Tuesday, February 20 (Monday they were closed for holiday) The woman on phone pulled up my name, and very quickly said, "Unfortunately your case manager went home sick today, but you will receive an email tomorrow stating pest infestation is not covered." That was it! No help! Nothing! After paying extra $50 a month for the storage of POD last nine months, they refused to compensate in any size, shape, or form. Not even send the adjuster out as PODS said they would. The day prior, Monday, I spoke with several supervisors, and one in particular told me, "This pest infestation never happens, if it did, we would be shut down." At this point, I have called PODS repeatedly, posted on their Facebook site as others warn of same issues and have blocked them (now they have blocked me from warning others) and even today one supervisor called back to Insurisc to request the top manager call me. As he told me she would, he said "you need to fight this." Well, since I have been googling on social media, I am finding other customers who have gone through the same ordeal! One customer posted on PODs Facebook that his personal belongings were ruined, adding up to $10,000 and all PODS offered was a $500 compensation, insurance nothing. Another customer posted on the internet the same story, mice infestation, family items destroyed, and nothing from PODS or insurance company! Another customer posted on the internet the same story, mice infestation, family items destroyed, and nothing from PODS or the insurance company Insurisc!

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