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2300 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd suite 301, West Palm Beach, Florida 33409 USA

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About Open Road Moving and Storage

2300 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd suite 301
West Palm Beach, Florida

Open Road Moving & Storage is a fully licensed, insured and bonded Carrier. We are also licensed as a moving broker through the Department of Transportation. With our huge database of recommended Moving Companies, we can negotiate competitive prices on behalf of our customers by leveraging economies of scale, and get you the bargain you’re looking for. We represent a high volume of customers and the Moving Companies that we recommend will offer you valuable discounts when you reserve a move through us. Whether you book a move directly through us as a carrier using our own trucks, or hire our services as a broker, we are confident that we offer the best value and service.

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Beverly Decker


Worst Nightmare of a Move! DO NOT USE OPEN ROAD!

If we only knew then, back in November of 2018, what know now about Open Road Moving & Storage, we would NEVER have hired Open Road Moving & Storage. We don't know how you can sleep at night knowing what you scam your customers into believing. We are senior citizens on a fixed income and sorely disappointed in your horrible work ethics and customer service.
We received a callback only minutes after inquiring online about getting estimates from moving companies to move us from NC to PA. Brian Hannan called us with what he promised to be the BEST estimate we could get from anyone else. He convinced us to go through and inventory each room with him and tell him what items we were planning to move. His estimate was $3808.49 with all the "Discounts" we were entitled to. He PROMISED US that we could use our American Express credit card for the entire move, but NEVER ONCE MENTIONED that there would be a surcharge for doing so. We gave him a deposit of $1427.87 charged to our American Express card, which we now understand is really their "FEE" to subcontract to a third party moving company. That third party company turned out to be Moseley Van Lines located in Fort Lee, NJ, which we did not now until they arrived 4 1/2 hours late to start our move.! At least 8 driving hours away from us in NC. A follow up phone call to us from Open Road asked for another inventory of our items to be moved, which upped the price because of the potential weight of our items. We tried to find a way to back out of our contract with Open Road, but if we did, we would have had to forfeit 50% of our deposit. We opted to pack as much as we could ourselves and bought our own moving boxes. Negotiating a moving date was a terrible experience as well. We finally got Open Road to commit to a firm moving date since we had to be our of our rental property on a certain date. On moving day, Mosley Van Lines sent a rather beatup truck and 4 men. They arrived 4 1/2 hours late explaining that they had to drive all the way to Morehead City, NC in heavy traffic. They were instructed not to call us personally, so we had to rely on a very unprofessional person to keep us updated on when they would finally arrive. They began packing our furniture at 2:30 in the afternoon on January 2, 2019. We were living in a 2000 sq. ft. condo. They worked all afternoon and all through the night and into the next morning. It took them 16 1/2 hours to pack us up!!!!!!! No one got any sleep....the movers, us, our neighbors. The final price of this $3808.48 move turned out to be $13,249. We're retired and living on a fixed income and are still reeling from this overcharged scam that Open Road and Mosley Van Lines charged us.
We have tried many times to contact them, have sent copies of our moving invoices and lists of all that they packed and have heard NOTHING from either Open Road or Mosley Van Lines. The final blow after getting this bill which we had to pay onsite before the movers would leave with our furniture is that they also charged us $600 for the "privilege" of using our American Express Credit card, which Brian Hannan assured us would be fine to use, except left out the part where there would be a surcharge for doing so and failed to tell me the truth when I asked about using it. I tried to call them again yesterday and got a voice mail to leave a message. Mosley's number is not working right now. We feel cheated and robbed by Open Road and Mosley Van Lines. We are in the process of making a claim to the Better Business Bureau for both companies.

G Joseph


Complete scam

This is a complete scam. They are brokers. Recently moved using this company. We paid them to schedule third party movers (who we also had to pay) to move our belongings. The third party movers misplaced $4000 worth of our belongings. Open Road customer service (after about 4-5 days of not answering calls/returning calls) told us that it is no longer their responsibility, and we would have to deal with the third party movers ourselves. This is still ongoing, and we have not recieved our belongings yet.

Moving is stressful enough, avoid this company!

Tiffany Engesser


Waste of Money POOR communication!

Talk about a scam! They are a broker. They find a moving company for you and than charge you double what you would have paid if you found it on your own. They tell you they do calculation by weight about $0.50/lb plus they get and additional $.50/lb for being the middle man. They told me how they'd be there for me but when I had an issue with pick-up they avoided my calls! I was told here's your 3 day window; we'll call you the day before to let you know which day and around what time. I was at work on break checking my messages & had one from the driving saying he'd be at my house in 60 min. I had to leave work 6 hrs early without pay & unexcused! As I stated when I tried to call them they didn't want to let me speak to a manager & the sales guy even lied to me to get me off the phone. Finally, after a lot of runaround I talked with a manager who did give me $100 refund (which of course didn't cover my lost wages or time I spent trying to reach someone!). Delivery would be better they told me. I got my 3 day window again. Got a call the nt. before saying when they'd be here. They didn't show, called me said they had issues but would be here the next day. Waited the next day got another call, they had more issues & would be by the next morning. On day three they showed up 1.5 hrs late! Not impressed! They are Not concerned with our time just theirs! Don't waste your money!!!

Rom De Guzman



PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS IN DEALING WITH OPEN ROAD MOVING & STORAGE. I have sent them an email and have yet to receive any comment. Like those who gave poor (one Red Star) to Open Road, I share the same experience. I gave them my full trust but I was totally disappointed. The contract was for 50 boxes; we ended up with 4. I expected the wardrobe boxes with hangers. Instead my neckties were scattered at the bottom of the wardrobe boxes (2) our agreement was 4. I haven't looked at my suits which were simply thrown at the bottom of the boxes - I probably will end up having them all dry cleaned. They left a lot of things behind. The agreement was for pounds but I was coerced to agree with cubic feet and said that they will pick up everything. Yeah right. There were lots of things that were not picked up; like a 30" TV set; etc. Please interview at least two or 3 other movers, be cautious and may consider filing with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) so they can investigate this company's consumer complaints with regards to pricing among other things.

Khalil Aloreidi


A bunch of liars

In short: DON'T hire these people even if they are the last moving company on earth.

They are a bunch of liars and scammers and whatever they promise you on the phone you will pay more. All these positive reviews probably fake because even if everything went ok I will never give them 5 stars for their customer service alone. I even heard that they even changed their name recently with all the bad reviews they got. If you don't believe me, see their page in yelp:

These guys are basically brokers and they don't actually come to your home to do the moving, which is fine but they don't tell you that. When the moving date comes a completely unknown company that you never heard of comes to your home with a rental truck and tell you we will do the moving for you and you have to play with our rules and sign our new agreement. So whatever you agree upon with Open road is gone with the winds. That means new price and new fees you never heard of.
At that point, you have two choices: either you go along as you don't have time and you have to move soon and you don't want the headache of looking around again or you cancel the whole thing and that is what I do recommend but you have to find another way to move.

Once they took your belongings, they got you in their pockets and they can add whatever they want from extra charges and fees. And when you call Open road company to ask them to help with the situation, they are completely useless. That is you, Stacy and Alba. Once they take your money they become rude on the phone and sometimes they don't even answer. They never called back and never fixed any problem with the actual moving company.

My stuff arrived after 3 weeks and you can't imagine how stressful it was to wait with the above-mentioned facts. There were some damages in some of the furniture and I ended up paying an extra $1000.

Finally, I will just give you a few questions to ask Open road before you pay them and agree on anything with them:
1) Are you going to do the moving for me?
2) Are the agreement and the price that we agreed upon will be valid and apply with the actual moving company? If they say yes, don't sign any new agreement when they come to take your stuff.
3) Do you have any authorities or even communication with the actual moving company?

If I can go back in time, I will just rent a truck or trailer and hire someone to help me load and unload my stuff and drive. Because the whole moving business is just a shady one.


Scott Simonson



This company REACHED OUT TO ME for a long distance move I had and made it seem like they do your entire move and you agree upon the price before hand. Little did I know these clowns simply contact an actual moving company yet they charged me almost $900 dollars to pick up a telephone. Moreso the company they chose was absolutely horrible and had only been in business a few months. I was also told my move would take 4-10 days once picked up. This company then charged me another 3500 after they picked up my stuff and help it for almost a month before returning it and when they did they had lost a 60 inch flatscreen tv, 5 large boxes, a bed frame, and 4 lamps because it was a pathetically run company that uses kids in college to do their moves. Wen I tried to contact open road because this company that they hired wouldn’t answer or return phone calls, texts or emails regarding my things and still haven’t to this day I may add, open road simply says “it’s not our fault you need to contact the moving company” specifically Abba I think her name is, she’s an older woman at open road that is completely disrespectful and provides no help. This company is a scam and they charged me for things like a larger weight or freight for my items and then I was double charged these same costs by the other company. Even more the “receipts” or “order confirmations” that open road charged me or emailed me for the $900 they stole simply say “page cannot be found” when I click on it in my email. I’d love to go down to Palm Beach and confront these asshats face to face but that probably wouldn’t end well.

Caleb Sears


Careful Crew

When you are treated right by as service provider, you feel like coming back. That is what I am experiencing right now. Open Road Moving and Storage Relocation team gave me a memorable moving experience from Tennessee to Arizona. It is my pleasure. It was a great relocation experience. I really loved the team that took charge of the relocations. They were able to show their professionalism. When they arrived, they started the relocation work immediately. They were very fast. It could have taken three days for the relocations but they managed it within one and a half days, I really appreciate that.

Elbert Alsopp



Relocations have never been that efficient. I have moved quite a couple of times and none of them can be compared to the experience that I had last month. For the first time. I felt relaxed while being relocated. It had always been filled with anxiety and lots of desperation. Thanks to the Open Road Moving and Storage crew which made the relocation Arizona to Illinois very easy and more enjoyable. It was a good experience. It was so much incredible, I must say. It was so full of honour. Every time I stop to think about how efficient and diligent that relocation was, I can’t help but smile. You did it professionally. I did not know that moving from Arizona to Illinois could be that easy. At least for now, I do have a clear idea of where to search for and what to expect.

Robert E Eagle


Worst company yet

First I was told they were a family run organization. Nothing further from the truth when they use outside movers who have no intention of honoring the quoted price. The movers show up in a rental truck and a driver who immediately tells me it's 1000 dollars more or they can't move me. Trying to claim my furniture was much heavier although I just had that furniture delivered and know exactly the weight. When u called him on it he tried to say the wrapping and 2 flights of stairs called for more money. When I called him on that, he turns around to call his office. This lady, Irena Love, calls me and repeats the same story. After explaining to her, she then says I don't care it's going to cost you an extravel thousand. When I refused she then goes on as a child and name calls me all kinds of things I won't repeat and then claims to say fine we'Re keeping your deposit and leaving. This by far has been the worst organization I have ever dealt with, and I'm a business traveller. Be very careful when dealing with this company

Abhishek Shinde



STAY AWAY!! Don’t ever hire these guys for moving. I will write it down in short and in points to make you guys aware of these scammer.

1. They are not mover, they are brokers.
2. They don’t come home to do exact inventory check, instead they do it on phone.
3. Payment option agreed will be credit card.
4. Once contract is signed they will hire a local low rated movers. The one they hire for me was USA movers.
5. Movers don’t show up on the schedule pick up date, instead they make a reason that I missed a call.
6. Some other movers Moving Van Lines Inc came for pickup. On checking with them they said that US movers and Moving Van Lines Inc are same company and they have 2 more moving companies.
7. Here they don’t accept credit card. Only personal check or cash is accepted.
8. They don’t do weight of the items in front of you, instead they say it’s a standard US procedure to weigh the truck, I don’t have to be in person there to check weight. I will get a call from movers after the truck is weighed.
9. Movers didn’t call back for 7 days. I was following up with them and they were making reason that they are not in office and they will call back, but they don’t.
10. One day before delivery they called me saying my items wieghed 2000 lbs more. Here you don’t have other options than paying for additional weight because you were not present there.
11. Drivers won’t call till delivery.
12. Now they want rest of the payment in cash during delivery and no other option.

So guys, please stay away from these guys. These guys are scammer. You end up paying more through your hard earned money.

Theresa Czarnik


Better than we thought

We really underestimated these for this move. When they arrived for the move, we divided the job into two: the movers took the bigger part while my husband and I took the smaller part. To our surprise, they finished before we knew it and even helped us complete the job. We regretted not letting them handle the entire job. These movers are truly experts in the job. I was excited at the organizational ability and efficiency of these guys. They hired some PODS containers for me in order to help organize my stuff. As a result of their skills and efficiency, nothing went out of control unlike things would go out of hand in my past moves. I am also happy that the move was also completed at record time.

Edward Esko


It was all followed!

Not a single instruction I gave out was absconded. They followed all my guidelines to the latter. They did arrange the chairs just the same way I had told them to. When they were packing, I suggested ways in which I wanted the properties to be grouped. They went with that without a single complaint. Even when the driver was relocating the properties, his speed was within the range that I had requested. Which other relocation company would give me even half of that? None for sure. My confidence and loyalty lies with Open Road Moving and Storage. They are the kind of people I would trust even ten years from now. They showed me their best part by according me reliable relocation services last summer. They reported very early in the morning and started the work without many delays. In record time, they were done with the packing and loading. The transportation and offloading was equally better. I do appreciate this team for such tremendous services.




This company is a sham and brokerage company, NOT A MOVING COMPANY. All of the 5 star reviews are fake (notice how not one picture is posted and all the reviews are within the last month). They are a recent startup from a failed company called coast to coast, they change their name regularly to hide their poor customer service and actual reviews. Upfront they seem wonderful and promise you the world, but ask the right questions and their performance falls to pieces. For example, their continuous "check ups" are a way for them to increase the price and collect their deposit before brokering it out to another company, which once done can only be paid by cash or cashiers check... why? Because it leaves you no recourse for the poor quality or service of your move. Additionally, they cant guarantee you a delivery date because they book your moving truck on other moves as well, your items may not show up for months. Do yourself a favor, call a reputable company that owns their own van lines and will personally be moving your items, not a middle man.

Jeremy Dill


Unhappy with delivery time frame

I hate to write bad reviews, I truly do. I don’t enjoy to bash anyone, and if my issue was resolved when I reached out to the company I wouldn’t be writing this. However, I was emailed and told over the phone and promised delivery of my products within a specific time frame, and that was the deciding factor upon me signing on. I am still currently waiting for my materials without any form of an ETA. I was even told that my materials are still sitting in the state I departed from. Unfortunately, due to my materials not arriving within this window I have, I am completely unsure when the next day I will have off that would coincide with when my delivery could be dropped off.

Savannah Fernandez


They got me thrilled

It was such a great honour being relocated by such a reputable company like Open Road Moving and Storage. I had known them for quite some time prior to hiring them out. From what former clients and my friends said, they were the best in town. By the time I was relocating to Michigan, I already had an idea of their capability. I was therefore expecting perfect relocation services and that is exactly what I got! I am so thrilled to have hired them out. I am so happy that it was Open Road Moving and Storage crew that facilitated my relocation from South Carolina to Michigan and not any other movers. Were it not for them, I could probably be stranded still. I did not have sufficient cash for executive relocation services and settling for cheap relocations was the last thing I wanted to do. Open Road Moving and Storage crew came in handy and offered their exclusive services at pocket-friendly rates.

Robbin Shillue



I value loyalty as an individual, so much. If I get a reliable service provider, I will always stick to it because I know the benefits. I have hired out Open Road Moving and Storage more than three times and they have consistently continue proving to me that it is worth trusting them. At no time have they accorded me pathetic services or something that I did not expect from them. In contrary, they keep getting better with each growing day. I am so sure they will serve me even better in my next relocation. I am not that keen on so many things. However, never try me out with service companies. I tend to be one of those people who are so mean to them. I was once told that fraud thrives in this industry and I should never be lenient with any person here. That gave me a very good reason to go for very a reputable company when I was relocating. I searched for Open Road Moving and Storage and they gave me a very nice deal. Everything was just perfect, the job, the charges and even their sense of humor. Kudos!



A rare experience

It was such a unique experience, I must admit. I have previously worked with several other movers, very good movers. In fact, I have always gone for the very best and I do not remember complaining about their services. Even among the best, however, there are always those ones on the top and Open Road Moving and Storage turns out to be one of such. They are the very best among the best. I really enjoyed the relocation from New Jersey to Georgia. It was all awesome. It is not every day that we get to access quality yet affordable services. It is always a norm that everything good comes at a price, a costly one. That gives me all the reasons to be grateful to Open Road Moving and Storage proving otherwise that it is still possible to get reliable and quality services without paying too much. When they relocated me from New Jersey to Georgia, the quotes were pretty slim and that really thrilled. It was a good deal that is undoubtedly worth going back for.

Heather Flaherty


I trust them

It is never easy and no one is going to deny it. Trusting complete strangers with what might have taken you a whole lifetime to achieve can be one of the most difficult things. I had a similar experience when seeking the services of Open Road Moving and Storage. I just felt uneasy with the whole idea of letting them take charge of my valuable. There wasn’t really an option so I was in. It is like they were out to prove me wrong because all that I saw and experienced was the exact opposite of what I had imagined of them. I was just short of words. I do like it when someone appreciates my efforts. I am one of those people who gets a cross with ungrateful creatures. Why would someone fail to pass his gratitude after being accorded valuable help? I cannot understand and that’s why I am writing this review, I have absolutely no reason not to thank the dedicated team of experts from Open Road Moving and Storage. They did a perfect job relocating me to South Carolina.

Karen Iglesias


I am so happy with them

I am so happy with Open Road Moving and Storage. To me, they are the ideal choice of Relocation Company to go for. I have no reason to opt for another move at their expense. Their relocation services are so fine. They are so awesome when it comes to delivery of excellent services. They successfully moved me and my entire family to New York from Utah at such affordable rates. The vehicle they used was in perfect condition, so we did not experience any technicalities along the way. I couldn’t help but smile all night along after settling down in my new home. They did it perfectly and I must admit. The relocation services were flawless. I do not remember us getting into any problems with the authorities over anything. The company had organized everything and all that was needed was within reach. The crew was generally very friendly and they were more than willing to help me out in doing even extras. Courtesy of them, I relocated in style to New York from Utah. That was a job well executed, I do appreciate so much.

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