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2328 10th Ave North Suit 106, West Palm Beach, Florida 33461 USA
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About Merit Moving

2328 10th Ave North Suit 106
West Palm Beach, Florida

At our moving agent’s are trained to have an ear for what our customer’s wants and needs are. You will work with professionals to help customize your long distance move around what works best for you. We specialize in moving in residential, corporate and military long distance moves and our auto transport department has been transporting vehicles for over a decade!

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Anirudh Ac



I will start saying they are cheaters. Initially they will go through your inventory, we tell them everything. They will give a quote that will please us. Then they will hurry us saying this price is only valid today. They will say that you need to pay money in three parts, one in advance over phone, remaining two payments at load and unload. Until this we feel all good. you believe all this and do the card payment. Once after they get the payment that's it they are done. They no more responsive for anything. After this the actual truck guys comes in to picture. We pack everything and we match the inventroy list same as the one that they quoted. Now truck guys comes in and say that this is double size of what they quoted now you need to pay the double amount. Example initial they same 3100, now truck driver says 6500. He will say if you want to move with us you need to pay the 6500. Otherwise we will go. Then we call the guy that we paid advance of 1500+. That person say that I am busy now talk with truck driver. Negotiate with truck driver. They are literally cheating customers like this. They left with no option because we paid advance , if we say we dont want to go then we will loose the advance.

So PLEASE BE VERY VERY CAREFUL with this company. Never give a chance to cheat customers like this.

I STRONGLY suggest to go with some genuine moving companies that these brokers. These companies will not have any office or anything just a phone conversations, they are not actual movers. They are just brokers.


Maranda Teel



myself and a friend decided to move from WA state to TN. We looked up moving options, and called Merit Moving for a quote. On 7/12 my roommate in my presence talked to Merit representative, Russell. He was told that we had a 1400 sqft house, outdoor equp, lawn equp, etc. He sent us a quote with them items discussed listed at the bottom of the quote. Unknown to us was that the rep actually quoted this as a 1 bedroom apartment. However nowhere on the quote did it state that this was quoted as such. The quote had an estm volume however someone with no moving experience we had no understanding of what the the cubic feet meant.
On 7/18 The contract was signed and $200.00 deposit was taken on that day. I was told to call back on Monday and pay the additional $1700 deposit to reserve our booking /move. When I looked at my bank on Monday 7/22 Merit had already taken out the additional $1700. I wasn't too concerned since I was going to call them to pay the remainder of the deposit. But I did think it was odd that they withdrew it without permission.On 7/31 my roommate called Merit to just double check that everything was booked and ready to pick up. She talked to Todd at Merit who informed her that the original quote was not correct and that the move with addition items (exercise equip) and the size of the house the quote would have to be revised. The new quote would now be 6807.51. At this time we were 1 day before moving. We were hesitant to accept this new amount and as we were moving on a limited budget. We were going to cancel the move at this time, but we were within Merit's 48 hr cancellation policy.Todd told us that he was doing his best to give us the best deal he could and that we would most likely not have any more charges Based on what he said we elected to pay an additional $700 deposit. The movers we supposed to come on 8/1 between 8am-11am and call within 30 mins of arrival. We were told by Merit that we did not need to be onsite and the movers just needed access to our home. On 8/1 we had to turn around and come back the house as it was getting ugly with the GTS movers.My rooommate called Merit and GTS to discuss the situation and was now told that there was 100 items not listed on the quote from 7/31. That we did not pack according to GTS standards, the total volume of space needed was now higher than previously quoted. The new estm for the move would be closer to $16,000.00. This quote was given by Gabby with Merit and only verbally over the phone. We were told that if we wanted, we could have GTS pickup 900 cubit feet of our house for the quoted amount given on 7/31. The new estimated volume was closer to 1400-1600 cuft. So they would pick up half of house, and leave the other half for us to sort out some other way. we cancelled the move and sent GTS away without picking up any of house items. On 8/2 I received an email from Merit Client Care stating that they were under no obligation to refund any funds but that they would refund $350.00 out of the $2604.81 deposits they had already received. I emailed back the same day and that I felt this was unethical business practice, and if we had been told from the beginning what the price would was going to be we would have never booked with them as neither of us have the finances to afford such a high moving cost. I received no response back, On 8/12 I called Merit and talked to Patty in the Client Care dept. According to Patty the $350.00 resolution all Merit would offer and once that was declined by me they would resend the offer and not offer any further compensation. she continued to refer to their cancellation policy and refused to consider the fact that by no fault on our part their quote had changed 3 times. Merit misrepresented their company, pricing, and expectations of "packing". The quote was changed 3 times, the last two times there was a change to the quote it was done by Merit and due to the fact that they had mis-understood, or completely mis-quoted.

Jesse Harrison



I would not use this moving company for the following reasons:

1. Unethical billing practices. They more than doubled the moving cost after they loaded the truck.
2. They subcontract movers they actually use without telling you.
3. The do not return phone calls or email.
4. Their customer service is a joke.




I was moving from California to Indiana and I accidentally submitted my information to a website that sent out my contact information to a bunch of moving companies. I got a phone call from a guy named Jimmy and he told me there company was not a broker and he explained to me why I shouldn't use brokers. He also told me about the not to exceed policy that if I do not exceed my allotted space or weight, I would not be charged extra. He told me the final cost would be $1936.88.

Well, moving day comes and some other company shows up with a separate contract and tells me I owe them an extra $1000. The initial contract with Merit Moving conveniently was not accessible. I call Jimmy right away and some guy who has the exact same voice as Jimmy answers and claims he isn't Jimmy he just for some reason gets all of his phone calls.

I called customer service where first Gabby tried telling me I was taking up more space than I was allotted which was not true, and then Nick told me it's because my bed wasn't wrapped and I could buy a wrap from them for $50. What happened to the not to exceed policy???

In the end, they didn't take my bed or my nightstands which were on the contract and they only took about half of my total boxes. My contract stated 275 cubic feet and they probably only took 150. I paid a total of $2212 which is $275 more than the guaranteed price. The reason being is because the movers had to walk more than 75 ft to get to my door (that was hidden in the contract).

Merit moving is a broker and they are full of empty promises. Also, Jimmy is a liar!




If there was an option for negative or zero stars that would be my rating. I suspect this is not a legitimate moving company and rather a scam. After a $700 deposit and a 48 hour window, they didn't show up. We contacted the company and they said if we paid an extra $200 they would divert a truck and come the next day guaranteed. Needless to say, they again did not show up. My husband contacted them by phone well over 15 times and the "employees" would place him on hold and hang up on him. We then asked for a refund and were told billing would call us, which of course they did not. Subsequently, we attempted to contact the company via their email address which was invalid.

Bottom line: highly unprofessional, unreliable, and quite possibly a scam. I have all the intention to contact the Better Business Bureau about this "company". We ended up having to dispute the charge on our credit card. Not to mention the hassle of being stood up in what is already a stressful cross country move. STAY AWAY, DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY.

Woralak Bryant


Stay away from Merit Moving

Merit Moving... I am trying to cancel the move because of their outrageous price but they are not making this easy. Here is how my story goes. Rep contacted me back in May 2019 and gave me a low estimate which was $4,974. I moved 10 months ago with the same amount of stuff for $4,600. I accepted the price and gave them $2,000 deposit. Mid June, I called to move the date, I went over the inventory again (the first time was a rough estimate), they said now my weight was double but didn't tell me the final price. I was stupid enough to assume, it couldn't be more than $8,000. I signed the electronic form. Next day, $4,000 was pulled out of my bank without my knowledge. I looked at the contract again, total was $11,194!!!!!!. I can totally get rid of everything and buy new of everything at that point. Within 24 hours, I called the company to cancel and the rep said give him 12 hours, he'll see what he can do. I waited and heard nothing from them. I called again the next day, they said your case is under review. I called many times that day, I was told it is being sent to billing to be reviewed and I will hear from them by Friday. Nothing...They make no attempt to contact me in any way. By Monday, after numerous attempts on the phone, Gabby (customer service manager) finally answered. She told me it is still being reviewed. At this point, I feel that I have lost $6,000 because their lack of communication. I reported this problem to Better Business Bureau Monday night and emailed Gabby the next morning. On Tuesday afternoon, I got an email back saying that I will not get any money back because I did not cancel within their cancelation window of 48 hours. What?? The whole company knew who I was that that I wanted to cancel the move and have nothing to do with them anymore, no one was accepting my cancelation. They did not provide me any service and wanted to keep my deposit. This is unfair to consumers, they should not be allow in this business if their goal is to rip people off. I can understand keeping 10% or whatever for their trouble but I can't understand how it is fair to keep $6,000. This group of people are unprofessional and dishonest. Please be aware of their SCAM they are running. They claimed that they are specialized in military moves but they are ripping us off. Stay away from Merit Moving if you want your move to be less of a headache.

-Was under a different name; J & J Moore Nationwide Vanlines and their BBB rating is F
-Bad communication
-Bad customer service
-Outrageous price

Roberta Marshall


Do not use them

This company is based out of Florida. They low balled the binding contract. I gave them every item going. They said if I did that, there would be no additional charges. They also told me they have their own trucks. All total lies. Sends another company to pick up and deliver the items. The company that came was from California, came a day late (I had to give them 2 day window and they missed both). Told my daughter she had to sign the new contract and would not charge her if she went and bought a box of packing tape. She had to come up with an extra $1000 or they said they wouldn't move her. And they kept hugging my daughter. (totally unprofessional) I spoke to the company in Florida and they said no worries, if there is no extra they would gibe me back my money. No happened yet and I email and they said she had extra and the idiots don't even check the original contract to the new one and the list of moved items. Do not use them. They only lie about everything. They are contractors and don't care, but lie about everything.

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