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1804 NW Madrid Way, Boca Raton, Florida 33432 USA

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About Madison Van Lines

1804 NW Madrid Way
Boca Raton, Florida

Let Madison Van Lines do what we do best. You can look forward to a pleasant & stress free relocation while our professional moving crew move your furniture to your new home.

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Alexander Lindsey


Great Job

Madison van lines did not give me the lowest quote but they provided amazing value for the money I paid. I was well aware that the delivery might take a while since they had to cover a long way. But they delivered right on time. The credit really goes to the movers. They maintained the schedule throughout. Their packing skills were amazing and I was blown away by easily they carried everything. It really was a mighty effort by the boys. All my belongings were transported in great condition. They even unpacked everything and put them in place. This level of efficiency is so rare these days.

Rueda Timothy


Stress Free move

I hired Madison van lines based on their reputation to transport my belongings to Pearland, TX from Trenton, NJ. Their resources are huge as they very often do interstate moving. I talked to the company on the phone and they were so friendly. They gave me a quote that was so cheap. They sent 4 men and all of them were very skilled. They made my move so easy. They made the delivery on time and everything had travelled well. It was the most effortless move of my life.

Clack Fletcher


Great move

Madison van lines were not just a moving company when they moved my belongings from Saddle Brook, NJ to Baltimore, MD. They were my moving companion. They showed up on time and worked very efficiently. In 2 hours, they finished packing and loading everything from my 3-bed house. I give credit where credit is due and these movers deserve all the credits I can give them. The delivery was made on time and everything arrived in great condition except my piano. I am absolutely elated with the amazing services they provided. But little heartbroken for the scratches on my piano.

Henry Jack


Long distance move – satisfied customer here

When I had to move to Boston from California, it was a tedious idea right from the start. I knew I had to spend a lot of time finding the right moving company. Madison Van Lines came out of the blue and took me by surprise with their punctuality, dedication, quality of service and courteous approach.

I think it was a slight miscalculation that led to a minor injury when they were loading my heavy couch. My husband helped them with simple first aid and the guys were back at their job without a break. Such a pleasant surprise to see that these people put the customer first. I tipped them generously at the end of the day.

Jessica Benjamin


Satisfied again

I really can’t thank the team enough. Madison Van lines guys did their work with utmost perfection and it’s tough to find fault with these people.

Loved how the crew were on time. I always prefer whoever it is to be punctual and at the venue where they are supposed to be. Like many other customers, I have had my fair share of disappointments and irritating experiences in the past.

Once I came across these people, there was no looking back. I hired them once and now again. Service quality is top notch. Packing is stiff, and they took time to load them stuff. Nothing got broken or damaged which is a saving grace. After all, why would I want to keep buying them all over again.



100% recommend

I just wanted to pass on some comments about the service I received from Madison van lines throughout the process of my move last Friday. First of all the three young men have been just awesome to work with! They both made it seamless on the organizing front from my perspective, which I thank them for. As to the movers on the day, I can't thank them enough- cheaper, very accommodating, friendly, fun and professional. I just thought they were awesome all three of them, I had a bit of a joke with them and actually enjoyed the move! I would 100% recommend and use them again. I've already been spouting off to everyone about how I would never move myself again, I would just get you guys in to do it all for me, stunning service.




Madison van lines was very responsive and flexible as my move date changed thrice then was able to accommodate a change on the day of my move. The moving crew was careful and did not damage a single piece of furniture or anything else. The process of packing and moving is very stressful so it's important for all team members to be as proactive as they can be. They asked where I wanted furniture placed in the new home and reassembled all items.



I am going to use them again

My last "professional" movers many years ago lost or stole some things of ours, so it was a relief to have a company like Madison van lines. They arrived in time. And they finished the work finished promptly. All was fine except damaged wall in the old house when the headboard slipped to the floor. This company is flawless. I must say I am going to use them again.




Through past experience, which was not so good to me, I have deemed movement through other companies as the worst thing that could happen to your life. I had my dinner set broken, for instance. But this time, Madison van lines dispelled my doubts and stress. They were amazing. They handled my move very professionally. Nothing was broken or damaged. I was impressed with their professionalism. I wish I could find them before. The movers impressed me enough to close my eyes all the way without thinking that even a single minute could go against the plan. To this date, I know the movers at this company have my full belief and trust.



Worst Experience Ever

If I could give a 0 stars, I would! To begin, I was told Madison has their own employees that perform the work, but we were subcontracted to International Van Lines, who subcontracted to another company - They quoted the contract when asked about this. I paid additional for temperature control environment to store our items between locations to find out it was not stored appropriately. Finally, when our inventory arrived, there was no count taken/checked off what was taken/delivered, many damaged pieces of furniture, (not one bedroom set in working order), and multiple missing items. Now, we are filling out claim sheets that will take us forever to do. Save yourself the trouble and find a company that treats your belongings with care. Worst Experience. Ever



Perfect Service from Brooke at Madison Van Lines

Madison van lines is lucky to have Brooke. He was super responsive in scheduling a last minute weekend move for our company. He walked us through the process and made us aware of additional services we may benefit from. His team was patient, professional and provided excellent service. Brooke also followed up the move with an in-person visit to our office! We will definitely recommend Madison van lines to everyone. Thanks again!



I will summarize why you should NOT hire this company

I have many complaints about my interaction with Madison Van Lines, but for brevity I will summarize 2 reasons why you should NOT hire this company. (1) They tried to get me to sign a gag order, and (2) they hire local carriers to move your items and therefore take zero responsibility for anything that goes wrong during your move. Move info for those interested...

(1) After 2 months of back and forth, they offered me only $250 for well over $2,000 of damaged and lost items. However, this was under the condition that I sign a legal document forbidding ANYTHING negative comments, by ANY method of communication, FOREVER. I have the document to prove it. How dishonest a business practice is that? I suspect there would be many more negative reviews online if the company did not have this policy.

(2) They refuse to take responsibility for anything that happens during your move. This is because they are simply a logistics company. They hire local movers to actually move your items, and claim they have no legal responsibility for anything the movers do. They also will not provide you with the name of the moving company, until the day of your move. If ANYTHING goes wrong with your move, good luck getting them to take responsibility for it.

Nick Merollo


Worst Moving Broker!!!

Do NOT use Madison Van Lines!!! They are a broker that claims to be highly skilled and professional, but they are probably the worst moving company with whom I've ever had the misfortune of working. I recently used them to move from NY to FL. I provided my inventory with exact dimensions of everything, including all boxes and furniture. I was quoted a final price of $1,906. I even confirmed with their representative Jill the day before my move my exact inventory, and she still said everything would be $1,906. To my surprise, when NYC Movers came to pick up all of my belongings, I was told my price was actually $3,000! When I questioned this, I was told that even though my inventory was 100% correct, that the Madison Van Lines representative totally undercut my total cubic footage. After six weeks of going back and forth with them, they are now trying to deny any responsibility for this. They will ignore you in all hopes that you will just "go away". Well, I'm not "going away". I am moving forward with legal action against them, as they breached the contract and have been extremely unresponsive. I also submitted a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, as their unscrupulous and unethical/shady business practices need to be shutdown! Referring to these people as moronic is an understatement. I don't want any other potential customers to fall victim to this horrible, deceptive moving broker, so beware! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!




Do NOT use Madison Van Lines!!! They are a broker that claims to be highly skilled and professional, but they are probably the worst moving company with whom I've ever had the misfortune of working. I recently used them to move from NY to FL. I provided my inventory with exact dimensions of everything, including all boxes and furniture. I was quoted a final price of $1,906. I even confirmed with their representative Jill the day before my move my exact inventory, and she still said everything would be $1,906. To my surprise, when NYC Movers came to pick up all of my belongings, I was told my price was actually $3,000! When I questioned this, I was told that even though my inventory was 100% correct, that the Madison Van Lines representative totally undercut my total cubic footage. After six weeks of going back and forth with them, they are now trying to deny any responsibility for this. I am moving forward with legal action against them, as they breached the contract and have been extremely unresponsive. I also submitted a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, as their unscrupulous and unethical/shady business practices need to be shutdown! I don't want any other potential customers to fall victim to this horrible, deceptive moving broker, so beware!



WORST moving experience

This was the WORST moving experience I have ever had. $3,000 more than quoted. Loaded my belongings on a truck and took it to Fort Lauderdale from Georgia, supposedly to switch crews. I was told AFTER they had the truck loaded and collected an additional $1,500 that it would be an extra week before my belongings would arrive in Virginia. When they arrived in Virginia a week later, it was a different truck than what left my house. Come to find out they off loaded all my belongings and packed it into another truck. Four days later I got a call from yet another delivery company telling me they had the rest of my move!

I have legs broken off tables, an antique picture is broken beyond use must less repair. Corners broken completely off my dining room table and buffet. Power cords missing to my power reclining sofas, a complete box of sterling silver flatware valued at over $9,000 is missing, broken dishes, mattresses were bent and now have humps in the middle of them.

The person I spoke with initially assured me the same people who loaded mt furniture would stay with it through delivery. This was not the case at all. As someone else mentioned I too was on the phone with someone who I walked from room to room with them and they quoted me $4500. But then I had to pay an additional $3,000.

I caution anyone who would even think about using these people. They are by no means professional movers.

Derbis Wesley


Amazing Crew

I had to change my moving schedule at the last minute, but that didn’t cause any issue. The crew from Madison van lines arrived at 5 pm on Sunday as they promised, packed everything securely and came back the next day to load those into the truck and then started to my new house. They were friendly and gracious. On arrival at the new house they quickly unloaded my stuff, assembled the furniture they had dismantled and left everything inside the rooms. Price wise they were noticeably cheaper than the others. We are very happy with the move.

Louis Patrick


Good job

I heard a lot about Madison van lines from my cousin who used them few months ago. That is why I hired this company for a small but tricky move. They responded really well to the task. The team of this company applied their skills and innovation to the fullest and made the move look so easy. They completed the move before the schedule and made sure that I do not have to deal with broken or damaged stuffs. Great work guys just try to keep it up.

Ledis C.


Highly recommend them

Great service fast and simple have use this company several times and they always get my moves done fast and safe wouldn't use another moving company

Ralph Thompsons


They make tough jobs look easy

I should say, moving experience was quite dreadful because we came one obstacle after another. The crew from Madison Van Lines didn’t give up so easily. I am glad to have hired a company I am familiar with.

Our piano was really large and I forgot to inform them earlier. Without the right tools, it was so difficult. But, they managed it. It took more than an hour to dismantle my home theater system. The team did it without losing their patience and I am thankful.

It took three additional hours but they charged me for only one and half hours! Surprised! Companies usually like to exceed their quote but this one don’t.

Kisto Jenson


Stress-free, punctual and most important friendly service

The pricing was surprisingly reasonable that made me pick this company. I had a long chat with the customer care department. They explained various bundles offered by the team and the quote. It was also confirmed that Madison Van Lines don’t charge you on an hourly basis for total relocation.

We had four bedrooms in our home and I was sure it will take five hours or more to get them vacated. I picked the package that best suited my requirement and the final bill was the same as the suggested quote. Really happy that they didn’t charge extra. Crew was punctual and ensured my entire family was stress-free during the move.



I would certainly hire them

I recently moved from my one bedroom unit to a much larger 2 bedroom place nearby.

A larger space was needed because my new bride and I work from home sometimes, and the second bedroom is going to be an office.

We had a lot of stuff in our current place and a bunch more in our storage unit.

Way to much for two working people to deal with, so I called around looking for movers, after a lot of thought, I chose Madison Van Lines. I didn't think it would make much of a difference with the company I picked, but let me tell you, it really did. I expected extra fees, and some price increases - I moved a couple of times before and this is what happens. Well, not with these guys.

John, the crew chief and his team were super professional, honored all the pricing that i received, and completed the entire move from two places to one all in the same day.

I must admit that I didn't realize how well a move could go.

If you ever moved before and the experience wasn't so great, definitely call Madison Van Lines, they will change your entire outlook and really make you smile.

Thanks again to everyone who made our move great!!

( sorry i forget your names)

- Jim

Jeffrey J


highly recommend

Recently I plugged my name in online, I figured it would be simple. I was wrong almost 2 dozen companies called my phone! I was done with the whole "shopping for movers" thing, until a friendly bubbly representative named Peter from Madison van lines called. I have no clue why I stayed on the phone because I had already gathered enough quotes to make a decision. I am glad I did! The whole process from beginning to end was an absolute breeze. I had one concern that was met at 9pm west coast time which was phenomenal. I would highly recommend Madison van lines.



Everything was satisfactory

My friends who had experience with you guys in the past always talk about you and your perfect move. I wanted to be sure of it and I had to choose you guys for my move. In the end of the move, I was happy that I followed my gut and I must say that everything was perfect in the move. The move was seamless and you did not charge additional fees as many other moving companies would do. I am truly happy with the service you rendered. I was pleasantly surprised with the service rendered by these movers as I relocated from a large city to small one. What particularly surprised me was the way the located my new home even though I gave them the address only once. They got the direction and therefore moved my entire stuff faster than I ever imagined to the destination. The move was indeed perfect and I have no complaint of any kind.

Flynn Fitsherbert


Great job, amazing crew

I should have done this review at least a couple of days ago. We hired Madison Van Lines movers and the crew were the best at what they do. The crew led by Matt took their time to assess the requirement in my home. They were courteous to let us attend to our packing and other stuff.

After the initial analysis, they got to work. It barely took them three hours but by that time the entire job was done. All my goods were in the truck. When they unloaded it in our new house, they were in clean condition. Very patient and dependable people. I would rate them five stars.

Milan Javdekar


Good attention to details

The team led by Dave were really keen to ensure every furniture and items were securely loaded in. They even fixed a broken arm in a chair, glued it and loaded it in the truck. I was quite surprised with their attention to detail. Such quality customer service.

And, the pricing was right on mark. No hidden charges. No additional costs or confusions at all. What was provided in the proposed quote paper was on my bill. I would love to recommend Madison Van Lines to any friend of mine. Great work and it was all done in the least possible time. Perfect!



A Good Moving Company moving

Madison Van Lines, A Good Moving Company has been outstanding in their customer service and attention to my needs. were very helpful, You could tell they were very knowledgeable as they asked lots of questions to make sure the process was as smooth as possible. Their professionalism and expertise pleasantly surprised due to the fact that I hired them on the internet. The manners in which they packed and move my stuff make them to look like people that have in the service for many decades. In fact, due the perfect job they did in my last move, I rate them five stars. It is not everyday a company goes out of their way to bless someone with cutting edge service, friendly employees and a drive to make an experience like moving a little less overwhelming to the customer. If the need to move arises again I will for sure be a repeat customer, Thank you so much.

Stuart Bukky


Easy move

Madison Van Lines made moving so easy I really couldn’t believe how they managed to pull it off. Moving horror stories are plenty and I have my own share of stories to relate to until I found this company. I guess, this is like the fourth time I am hiring them.

I continue to recommend them for any friend of mine because their quote is always the same as the final bill. There are no drastic changes and it works very well. I could plan my budget without hassles. Besides, my items, furniture and other household stuff were never damaged during the move. So safe and done in time.

Kristein Douglaus


Such friendly people they are

I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly service provided by Madison Van Lines. They always asked us what we really need and helped us pack the items.

It took about three hours to pack them all and load them in the truck. I would easily rate them five stars without any second thoughts. Glad I managed to find someone good here and will be using their services again whenever required.

The organized crew were really at it. They never flinched even a bit and delivered their services with top notch quality. I couldn’t have asked for more. Perfect moving experience.



very affordable

Let me start off by saying that after doing some thorough research, I found them to be the absolutely most affordable around and my friend was very impressed with the lady on the phone as he had some rather obscure questions for our particular ''move''. Moving my friends parents out of the house they have been living in since they were married was no easy task. The manager came down personally and eased everybody's worries. With both of us working way over full time jobs they worked with our schedule and on the day of the move everything was stacked very nicely in the different places of the new house we needed it to be and everything else went conveniently into their storage facilities.



Manhattan to Laurel Hollow

Last week we finished our move from Manhattan to Laurel Hollow, LI and I couldn't be more pleased with Madison van lines! Everything from the survey to the last day of the move went smoothly. The crew was hard working and professional and I would highly recommend the full packing option but more importantly the full unpacking. It allowed my to be settle in our new home only 2 days after the move! I would highly recommend this moving company and when I move again I will definitely use them!



5 stars

I recently moved with this guys and I was very impressed and now my goal is to let other people know about them.
Starting with estimate that was very important that Ryan told me all the price lists up front. After I received it didn't change at all , he offered me a flat rate and non flat rate, than movers came and packed all my goods including kitchen that's impressive. My first experience 5 star

Sam Jose


would use them again

This is the 3rd time I hired a moving company. I don't particularly like dealing with moving companies simply because of all the difference problems you hear about. I was very pleased with Madison Van Lines, their crew and my sales rep Steve. The guys did an amazing job packing, loading and getting everything to my destination with no damages or hidden charges. I would use them again.




ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! DO NOT USE! My son hired American Knights moving company that then contracted out to Madison Van Lines. After packing there items they told them that they owed an additional $4000. They had his stuff so he was forced to pay. The merchandise was to be delivered on the 1st and on calling for delivery times they were told that there was a "30 day window" so for the first 18 Days in the new home they had no beds, washer, dryer, clothes, pots, pans....nothing. Oh and the best part a huge amount of there precious furniture pieces and smalls are broken to pieces when they finally decided to show up! DO NOT USE!

Jerry Pinto


Pro Moving Company

I hired them. They were on time and brought the packing materials along. It was a pleasant time because they knew what they were doing.

My instructions were quite limited.

Having moved so many residences, I don’t think I should teach professionals on ways to pack and load a box. The truck was clean which is something I am picky about.

The move was done on a weekday which ensured the final cost was within my budget. I would love to rate and review them for their dedicated service. Highly recommended. I suggested them to friends and they were quite happy with my recommendation.



very professional

I was frankly overwhelmed with the prospect of my move. I had so much to pack and I was worried I wouldnt get it done in time. So I enlisted the aid of movers and I choose Madison van lines and boy an I glad I did because the move went great and the crew was very professional. They handled my stuff like it was their own and I appreciate the care they showed. Thanks Madison Van lines

Martin Jose


quick, safe and affordable

I was definitely pretty nervous at first but had a great experience with Madison van lines that I wanted to share. I'm not the type of customer to ask for unreasonable things, and I don't think the things I asked of Madison van lines were unrealistic. I just wanted the job to get done quickly, safely, and affordably. From the very beginning Sammy assured me this would be done. I take anything a sales person tells me with a grain of salt. But Sammy’s guys delivered on every promise he made. I was happy with how everything went.

Shaun Alan


Highly recommended

I booked Madison van lines to help me move from one apartment to another in Miami. John, Dave & Henry from were extremely quick, efficient and friendly. Also, they were able to figure out parking in a difficult area, and were still right on time. Highly recommended.



great move

Great Move. Price was right and everything went as they said it would. My last move was a nightmare so I couldn't be happier that this went as planned. Thanks

Freddie Max


Reliable people

The people at Madison Van Lines are quite reliable. I was happy that I found them through a friend’s recommendation. They stood up to their name and offered fantastic service. Even when we came across an issue with additional tasks and work hours, all I had to do was make a call to the company and they sorted it out in minutes with a nominal fee.

I think most companies would have pushed the overall cost because I had to hire additional services on the go. Besides, the goods were promptly packed and delivered to my new address. I should also congratulate the truck drive for his impeccable driving. The items were in mint condition. Thanks a ton, people!

Asher Cain


Quality Service

I really have no words to describe how good Madison van lines are. They gave me an amazing quote to begin with. The customer service was prompt and friendly. The movers and the van pulled up in front of my house at NYC sharp on the clock. They packed everything carefully and then completed the loading process. I saw them taking a thorough inventory. They made the delivery on time as well. The foreman showed me the inventory and matched it with everything. Nothing was lost, damaged or broken. My belongings made it safely to Minneapolis, MN. I am just blown away by their efficiency.



Terrible and fraudulant

If I could score in the negative realm, I would.

Madison is nothing short of fraudulent. Yes, I said the word "fraud" amd am ready to back that up with AMSA and my Attorney General.

Move from Phoenix to North Carolina
Paid in full, upfront (most likely my 1st mistake)
Timeline from pickup to final delivery: 1 month
Original Delivery Promise: 7-14 days
Modified delivery promise (from associate carrier): 7-21 days
Reality: Delivery was made in two stages: 80% of belongings delivered on 2/8 and the rest 4 days later....really?
Bottom line: Broken promises and breach of contract.

The Players:
Maggie Harlow: White glove promise cloaked in lies and deceit
Madison Van Lines and Lifetime Movers: The rest of the lying bunch of thieves
Amber from Lifetime = clueless customer service person who is beyond inept. (actually she deserves nothing less than a public flogging and loss of wages forever.)


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