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1975 E Sunrise Blvd, Suite 860, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304 USA

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About Long Distance Relocation Group Inc

1975 E Sunrise Blvd, Suite 860
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Long Distance Inc is a reliable and trustworthy moving company that has all you moving needs covered. Full service moves, careful and full packing, long or short term storage. We have all your moving needs met with a 5 star level of service. Please take a look at your rights and responsibilities so you are fully prepared for your move.

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Brenda Tillett


Run for your life!!!!

I just went to court against this moving company this week. I live in VA and had to fly to Ft. Lauderdale. They did not even show up so I won the case - 1.5 years after my nightmare move. They lost or stole many of my expensive items including a large flat screen tv, california king mattress and box springs, irreplaceable 20x24 portraits of my son, etc. I filed two police reports, hired a lawyer, and nothing compelled these people to action. They treated me horribly and never returned my belongings. The ones they did deliver were grossly damaged. They stopped reducing my calls a year ago. One of the most horrible experiences of my life was dealing with these dishonest people.

Tamela Walters



I reported them to Better Business Bureau. They have a "F" rating.
They owe me a small refund around 400.00 after me paying around 7000.0006/23/2018
BBB RECEIVED BUSINESS' REBUTTAL RESPONSE : The customer States that the First available delivery date is March 11th and we delivered on April 21st. Per our contract we have up to 21 business days to make any delivery to any state by law. Based on the two dates provided by the customer, we delivered on April 21st which is 30 business days from the first available delivery date meaning we were 9 business days late. Based off this information (provided by the customer) we are only obligated to reimburse $270 dollars based off the rate of 30 dollars per business day. In the interest of the customer and for the inconvenience, we will honor the $420 as stated previously. Keep in mind business days do not include weekends.

This company still refused to pay it even after admitting in writing that they were at fault and owe me.
Please.....Please do not hire this company no matter what they promise.

Kaysey Grard


$15K in Mold Damage on my Belonging

Everything I owned is damaged, molded, and gone. I stood in front of my complex in tears digging through boxes of molded items trying to salvage everything I could, but books, family photos, and furniture was disintegrating and covered in blankets of mold upon arrival. If you have the misfortune of being in this situation right now, I suggest you have the cops there when your furniture arrives.

Long Distance Relocation Group, Inc. is a bait and switch relocation company that is leveraging the same tactics as other fraudulent relocation companies. The positive reviews on this page and other pages are most likely fake. Per the police who arrived to assist me, they have committed both civil and criminal offenses. I suggest anyone dealing with them right now file a report with the Florida Attorney General, Department of Transportation Victim Hotline (1-800-424-9071), and the police. This scam is being evaluated right now on a federal level, and the owners of other scam moving companies are being convicted in federal court.

My personal experience includes:
-Unanswered phone calls, emails, full message system, and 3rd Party Answering Service.
-10 days late arriving with my goods that were destroyed. I had to pay for a dumpster to haul everything away because the driver took off and abandoned the property and his paperwork.
-No last names or direct phone numbers used.
-Tripled the rate from $1550 to ~$4600 upon loading my property into the truck, demanding I pay or they would throw my items back in the street.
-Stored my items for 2 months before relocating my goods from Brooklyn, NY to Atlanta, GA, arriving 10 days late. All the while, not answering any calls or emails with the status of the moving goods.
-My goods arrived on 9/4/18 covered in blankets of mold. Furniture, clothing, kitchen items, my mattress, queen bed set, family heirlooms -- everything was soaked with water and had been molding for an unknown amount of time.
-The police were called and the representative named Tommy reached out once the truck driver had messaged him. Once he heard the police had arrived, he hung up. The driver abandoned the goods in the street and drove off, leaving unexecuted paperwork behind.

If you have already scheduled a move, cancel it now. This company is liable for ~$20K in damages alone for my relocation, and I have read that they may be in bankruptcy.




I’d just like to amend my pervious post. Although I didn’t have an ideal experience, Long distance Relocation group is a verified moving company. Not a broker. Sorry for the inaccurate previous information!

Duy N


Horrible experience

Like many folks, I tried my best to perform my due diligence prior to selecting a mover. After reading moving companyhorror stories everywhere, this company seemed to have the least terrible reviews. We were not looking for the cheapest, we were looking for a company we could trust to provide good reliable service at a fair price. Our experience with this company has been the worst customer service experience of our life. It all started very positive on the sales side as I spoke with John K who gave a "binding phone quote", which equated to approx $4500. Yes he explained that final pricing could be higher or lower after everything was loaded. He explained that delivery would take 14-21 days, which they were required to disclose per law. I questioned if they contracted their services, and he confirmed they use their own people, trucks and movers are all Long Distance employees. I explained our apartment lease began May 7th, so we can take delivery anytime after that. With plans for me to start my new job May 15th, and anticipating we receive our items between May 14-21. We arranged a pickup date of May 1.

Pickup day was mostly smooth, they did arrive a couple of hours late, not a big deal. The movers did a good job, wrapped everything up and loaded the truck professionally. Then came the first surprise, the final price came to $8500. I think everyone is mentally prepared for a slight shift in price, but nearly double? I don't think our furniture is even worth that much, at that price, we would have simply sold off most of our furniture, and only shipped keepsakes and such. I spoke to the driver, and he said that items should arrive quickly, I confirmed with him that we could not take delivery any earlier than May 7th, since we cannot get into our apartment before that. At this point, I was actually worried that they would deliver too early. Joke's on me.

The sticker shock was the first sign of your classic "bait and switch". It was disconcerting, but we were fine paying, as long as our items were handled and delivered timely. Unfortunately, things only continued to get worse from there. To keep it brief, lets just say, my trusty service rep became inaccessible (I was told he came down with health issues). I began dealing with one of the managers, Ryan S. Between him and Tommy answering my calls, every time I called to check on update, they assured me in various forms that our belongings were scheduled to be on the next truck, and would arrive within the next week. This song and dance went from the week of May 7th all the way until we finally received delivery June 20th. Yup, every week I would call to confirm our items were shipped only to be told, sorry, no, but they are scheduled to be on the next truck leaving in a few days...

By about the 3rd week of waiting for our items, I was convinced that the folks in the office had zero control or knowledge of what actually happens with dispatch. The disconnect was just sad. BTW, very important detail for those reading, when they say delivery window is 14-21 days, it is actually 14-21 BUSINESS DAYS, and also, the window does not necessarily start the day your items are picked up. There is a separate and unique "delivery date" they use, that is the start of your delivery window. Ours was apparently May 8th, which was the date that we said was the earliest we could ACCEPT delivery. These details were not made clear to us at point of sale, so please don't fall victim like we did. BTW, based on these terms, our delivery was due June 6 (21 business days from May 8).

When we finally received delivery, after waiting 7 weeks, it was the most disconcerting and ridiculous experience. The driver was several hours late, initially scheduled for 11-12, and pushed back to 4, and then showed up 6pm. He said he could not take the truck into our apartment complex, would have to do a shuttle and charge $400, okay fine, I was aware of this fee, even though it was advertised as $300 by the company. However, because he arrived so late, uhaul was closed and we were unable to get a truck. Instead of waiting until the morning, he decided to park at the front of our complex and I ended up shuttling our items in our minivan from the truck to our unit and also help manage and move everything. He asked me to identify items on the truck that did not belong to me as we moved. Apparently, that was his inventory system. He ultimately had to hire 6 movers to help, and we ended up moving from 7pm-1am, with me driving our minivan back and forth about 20 times. Ultimately, I had the privilege of paying $500 extra for this experience.

The only credit I can give here is that Ryan maintained contact with us throughout this time up until delivery. He did convey some sympathy to our situation and promised to look into making things right, as they did ultimately miss their delivery window and also provided us terrible communications on their delivery updates. He told me that they do compensate $30/day for late delivery. However, despite numerous attempts to settle and obtain any sort of compensation for their terrible service and late delivery, Ryan and Long Distance has not responded to any of my attempts to followup with them ever since we received our delivery. We've been ignored and dumped like a bad habit. No effort to make this right and preserve their integrity.

I would never use this company again, and would not recommend them to my worst enemies. Listen, I saw some of the negative reviews, but most were positive. Just like any company, there could be some anomalies with their service model as long as most of them are positive, you're probably going to get a positive experience. I can't speak for the other reviews, other than I'm convinced at least some of the positive ones are fabricated. I can assure you mine is genuine, and unfortunate for us, we were one of the customers that had a negative experience. Do business with them at your own risk, but based on our experience, I would not work with these guys. Don't say I didn't warn ya. Happy to discuss my experience in detail with anyone that is interested. We just want to put this nightmare behind us, but we have to warn others first.

Last thing to point out, we gave this company every opportunity to address our concerns prior to writing this review. I asked for a call from senior management over a month ago. Nothing, radio silence.




I am not sure who is giving this company a 5 star rating. Perhaps made up people or people who are getting their things while the rest of us who are posting on BBB and federal motor safety carrier agency are not. This company is a joke. We scheduled our move, it was delayed twice for pick up. It was around $2,000 more than the estimate. We were completely stuck with them because our house had sold, we had to be out, we were starting a new job in TX, and we felt no one else would be able to move us. We felt like we had no choice but to go with them. Our items were scheduled to be dropped off by June 11th. STILL NOT HERE!! Not only that, but our items haven’t even left the warehouse in CA yet! Aaaand their one truck they own is still moving people in NV. Maybe these are the 5 Star people. This company is a total joke and a total scam. They took our money they took all of our stuff and they still haven’t met their end of the contract. We have nothing right now and they are so vague with their responses. All they say is either “no update yet” or “truck is in NV then it’ll go to CA to pick up your things” it’s a complete scam. They never had the intention to abide by the contract or the 21-business day regulation. They have one truck they have no business doing interstate moves! With one truck!
Please please take your money elsewhere. Read BBB. Read other places. This company is a joke and they don’t care about their customers.

Joe Harrington


*****BEWARE, Veteran was ripped off...BEWARE*******

BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE, This was a simple move!
Hello Ryan of Long Distance Relocation Group INC, Per our discussion. I am highly unpleased with the service after the pickup on the the 9th of April in which it took over 30 days to arrive. When it did arrive in the area, I coordinated with the driver who didn't want to come to my location due to the length of the truck, I told him to come to a area near me... He refused by saying he couldn't turn around. So I had to rent a truck and come 8 miles pass my area to a undesirable area of atlanta to unload and reload in the uhaul. These guys show up with flip flops on like their on the beach. I asked the driver to follow me back to my area that it wasn't safe.. I pull off assuming he's following...NO, he turns the corner and call me to say he pulled over because he found a lot to do the transfer. I told him it wasnt that safe there, he states he has something in his cab for them. Me and my buddy helped unload and reload to Uhaul truck with no inventory till the end of transfer in which the driver states "That's everything" I says No, this can't be it because I paid way more that what that small space took up. I then noticed my Large leather office chair, My Teeter Hangup and Orange Futon missing and who knows what else, plus broken 5 gallon Italian beverage dispenser. I told him Stop handing me other people stuff, thats not mine. I had other moving company choices and paid a lot of money than I wanted and just want my things that I paid delivery for. Disastrous...over 30 days to deliver my goods 05/10/18 with a guarantee date prior to that. Please find MY stuff!


Vanessa Whitney


Stole my stuff

Company shows up after missing each day they were supposed to get there ... demanded payment before anything - mind you - my stuff has been moved to a new truck and i want to make sure it’s correct - refused to show me the load and when I said I’ll pay at the end they sped off... stated they will just go dump it somewhere but won’t say where.. I’ve been calling since last week to get the answering service and only to get no calls back ... now they are picking up with my stuff on the truck and refuse to deliver. They stated clear as day to even a cop who was there that they are not delivering my items ... they refuse to answer our calls ... my items are now stolen since not delivered ...

Brian Bower


I will definitely use your service in future if I ever move again

We highly recommend Long Distance INc.They are so kind, friendly, polite and very professional guys. I cannot thank enough and I have recommended my friends. Once again thank you so much for providing this excellent service on a reasonable price. I will definitely use your service in future if I ever move again

Jonathan A


New York to California

Larry was my rep from Long distance relocation group inc. Very pleasant young man who insisted on taking an inventory before even giving me a price. I’ve moved a few times so I know how important this is. After the inventory he explained how delivery time frame worked and was very upfront about how packing and unpacking was handled. Last minute I needed to have my fine china packed because I couldn’t get it done in time (delivered in the same condition)

Long story short I was nervous about moving to begin with and Larry helped me tremendously (called him @ 10pm once) I would recommend him and the service they provided to anyone.



They Run A Great Scam!

I recently relocated to the West Coast, and needed something reliable to get me across the country. I researched a bunch of different moving companies and sourced a bunch a quotes, and eventually I was contacted by Long Distance Relocation Group before my planned move, and was given what I thought initially to be a reasonable estimate for a cross-country move by a sales rep named Sam. They were not the cheapest, but as explained to me via phone, their rates reflected a lack of hidden fees that moving companies are known for. I would later learn the hard way that they also play with the same dirty tactics as their competition.

The days leading up to the move, one of my most pressing questions was always "I'll be getting a call beforehand right?" as I no longer lived at the apartment where my things were. I was always assured that I'd get at least 24 hours notice before, and 30-60 minutes heads up. The day of the move, I received a text message out of the blue that they had arrived. 40 minutes after the text had been sent. No call beforehand, no attempt at a follow up. I rushed over as soon as I caught the text to meet the movers, and overall, the loading of the truck went smoothly.

However, I was told by the foreman that despite my load being under what Sam quoted (24 standard boxes instead of 30) that I was above the limit, which is impossible having packed moving trucks for trade shows for the past 10 years. When I asked the foreman to walk me through how he calculates your cubic feet, his reply was merely "It's above the line, but not all the way above", and he then proceeded to calculate some arbitrary numbers that included a surprise materials fee (the only materials they used of theirs were shrink wrap, tape, and blankets, which based on Sam and his associate Tommy's discussions, were included in the estimate.)

My final invoice came out to be $2065.75, which was more than $500 over what I was quoted initially. This was far outside of my budget on a job that was already pushing my budget to the limit. When we spoke, I told him I understood that I'm willing to pay a little more than the less expensive movers quoted me, since he all had such great reviews.

I signed the papers, exhausted by the move and everything that led up to it, and resigned myself to deal with it with a manager afterwards. I sent out a follow up to Sam documenting my experience and my dissatisfaction. It took a second follow up email and a total of 10 days before I received a response from Sam, which was as follows: "What are you even trying to say right now?" I followed up with a very brief and direct summary of my experience and what I wanted, some kind of discount to clear the balance, with no reply. Shocking!

More than 2 weeks later, I received a call from Adrian, the driver in LA, saying they had arrived, but would have to charge me $300 more to delivery because they couldn't get an 18-wheeler down my street. I had been asked about this in NY by the foreman on sight, and I told him that the street was too narrow and asked him if there was any additional charge or concern I should be worried about. His answer was NO. Needless to say, I was beyond frustrated at the games they were playing with no only my possessions, but my money as well!

Adrian said he'd park somewhere and I could pick up myself, which is not what I paid for, but in the interest of being done with this nightmare, I agreed. I got to the storage facility (located an hour away) and arrived to find my things off the truck and visibly disheveled. Boxes were crushed and open, the handles on my antique dresser were off and I was told "it's OK, they should screw back in". Additionally, I was told I had to give them a certified check (something not discussed prior, especially since the NY foreman who picked up my things told me a personal check was fine.) I was also told by Adrian that if I didn't give them the balance, that they would leave my things at the storage facility. Not packed away, just in the open to be picked through by whomever chose to visit.

I spoke with the operations manager Ryan several times, both via text and afterwards via email, to request some kind of discount or compensation for not only the outrageous additional charges but also for my damaged goods, which I also sent pictures of as well. I have not received any reply since picking up the things I had paid over $2000 to have delivered.



Professional movers, fair price, good service.

I spoke with Matt when having to decide on which company to go with for my move from New York to Florida. This wasn't my first time using a moving service so I knew I had to shop around to get the best deal. I didn't want to go with Long Distance Relocation Group at first because there were a couple cheaper quotes I got from other companies. Matt gave me some insight on the industry and told me that his price isn't the lowest but that there won't be any issues with his company. I did some research and Matt's company had the best reviews so I went with them. All my belongings arrived just as I parted with them and the movers were professional and efficient. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because I didn't get the price as low as I wanted.

Janet Romani


Good movers

Thanks you guys. You made my moving experience the best. Got a lot of quotes from a lot of movers but when I looked up your reviews they were definitely the best. Would use you again in a heartbeat.

Max Eberhart


They really put me first

I chose Long Distance on recommendation from my brother. He used them a coulee years back. He gave me the direct line for Sammy who was a thorough guy. You could tell he really knew the industry in and out. I can tell when someone really knows their s*** or is just pretending. Sammy answered all my questions and got me set up promptly. The movers showed up wearing Long Distance uniforms and got to work. They even waived a stair fee so I could add boxes without the price changing (the difference ended up being the same). Cool stuff. They really put me first. I like that.



Bad experience


We booked our long distance moving with them they gave us the quote of $ 1890
They came on time, loaded efficiently.

We estimated 35 boxes, our total turned out to be 45 boxes, after loading our stuff they told us the total move cost now is $ 4517
Which was 250% of the estimate
We have moved before and we knew the final cost can be more. But never knew could increase so much.
Their reasoning was the number of boxes are increased so cost went up.

We were ready to cancel but they told us we will lose our deposit (400) and will have to pay cancelation fee on top (800)

Finally negotiated the cost to 3500

Dakota Hill


They are one of good movers

We used Long Distance three times in the past two years for various shipments. My wife is a power seller on eBay and sometimes large items require home goods transportation that UPS or FEDEX can’t handle. For those we've consistently used LDRGs. I think he found them through group on or something and the service was so good we've always used them since. They make things really simple and easy to understand. They also follow through on their promises. great company to work with.

Hanna Carlisle


Good service

LDRGs! Y’all are the best! I didn't have much time to get things handled and deeded someone to come and get it done quickly. These guys were so fast. Had a truck at my front door in like 3 hours. They were super fast in loading too. It only took those 2 hours to get everything squared away and got my stuff on the road from there. They promised to keep in contact with me up until it got delivered and they did that too. Thanks you guys so much!

Eric Vaughan


I recommend you guys to anyone.

Thank you so much Long distance relocation grill for your excellent service on my last move. Although my sales representative ERIC was a little pushy or he said turned out to be true. My price did not go up your guys were trained And very professional. And delivery was smooth I recommend you guys to anyone.

Kathryn Turner



DO NOT TRUST THE POSITIVE REVIEWS ON THIS MOVER!My husband got 3 bids for our move from PA to Michigan and went with Long Distance Relocation primarily because of the positive reviews he read. Do not believe them. After spending a couple of hours on the phone detailing items we would move we were quoted a price of around $6K. Before the final move, we decided to give away some of that furniture and eliminated an entertainment center and two patio chairs and a table. Nonetheless, the actual price on the day of the move shot up to $13K+ which finally backed down to $11.5K, still a total outrage compared to the estimate. Of course, no one is reachable via phone the day you move. Not only was the price a scam, but it turns out they load smaller trucks and ship to a warehouse where your furniture is then loaded onto a bigger moving van. Who wants their furniture handled twice? It made no sense. In the end, that plan somehow didn’t work out and they arrived in Michigan with two separate trucks, one of which was a small U-Haul. (I am not sure they even own a large moving van!!) The main scheduling office seemed to be unaware of logistics – telling us it would be 5 more days before our delivery – then we received a call from the truck driver saying he would deliver in 10 hours. Guys who unloaded were professional, guys who loaded originally did a lot of damage. Put screws right up through the top of our kitchen table. Just sloppy and inexperienced all around. It was a nightmare. Turns out that everything I worried about – selling one house, buying another, moving pets, etc. was a breeze compared to the sinking feeling and level of stress this mover gave us. It was like a gut punch to be treated to poorly.



Wouldn't hire!

I hired this company with expectation of a 2 week delivery time, as promised from this company with text messages confirming. Over a month and a half later I received most of my items, however NOT a single item of mine was labeled as I was told they would be. Many missing and broken items, delay after delay, very unprofessional. Not to mention adding to a previous signed contract to cover up a mistake on this companies end. I would rather rent a truck and move myself before hiring them.

Jessica Diederich


Good to get helped by Sammy

Long Distance came in clutch when the time really counted. Sammy told me the mover I had hired was a bait and switch. I didn't want to believe him though. The salesman at the company a originally went with, traditional press van lines, promised me there wouldn't be any issues and they were so convincing. When the day came and traditional press raised the price on me I instantly thought go the conversation Sammy and I had. I told the scammers to take a hike and swallowed my pride to call Sammy. He was very understanding and was still able to get a truck out to me on short notice. They stuck to the price they gave me in the beginning. Don’t get baited by these scammers and chose a good company like Long Distance from the beginning. It will be worth it long term.



Worst moving company

I’m honestly at a loss for words right now. I’m leaving this review only because it’s been almost 2 months since I’ve put the order in for my move which so had to pay 75% of everything with the first 2 weeks just for them to take their time after that. There’s no good reason why they will not put my stuff on a truck and deliver it so for the past 3 days that I’ve called the supervisor will not talk to me or return my calls because he even has no explanation for me. But I could have at least saved myself the money if I would have known they weren’t going to deliver my furniture for 2 months minimally if they even still are going to. Everybody has a bad image in their head when they think of moving companies and this is exactly why. Most likely contacting my lawyer tomorrow morning. Save yourself the hassle and don’t deal with these people. They’re nice at first when they want your money but could care less how long you’re sleeping on an air mattress or sitting on your floor for once they’ve gotten their money.

Joyce Walters


Long Distance Relocation Group Inc

Moving isn't fun for anybody. After doing a week’s worth of research I was pretty confident I knew what to look out for. Always get a binding estimate. Make sure you're dealing with a carrier as opposed to a broker. Make sue they're operating legally and have the proper licensing. Throughout all my research the only company that passed every one of my tests was LDRGs. they didn't have any dot complaints or major problems. Most companies were really good in some areas but bad in others. Long Distance was solid across the board and the service they provided me personally was exceptional. Hope my experience with Long Distance is no different than yours. Get it done right the first time!

Manuel Nelson


Danbury, CT to Raleigh, NC

I own a lot of breakables. So naturally I was worried for how they were going to travel from Danbury, CT to Raleigh, NC. I specifically asked the movers from Long Distance to take extra care of my glassware. They did exactly that. They were very well equipped and methodically packed everything carefully. They packed everything in the van like Tetris. In the end, when my belongings arrived in North Carolina I checked to make sure everything arrived unscathed. One mug was damaged in transit but other than that nothing was broken. I was so happy with the services provided by this company.

Roger Hicks


Better than others

I've moved around quite a bit in my lifetime. Most moves go with some type of a problem for one reason or another. Having used several different major van lines as well as a few smaller companies I must say I'm thoroughly impressed with how Long Distance does their work. These folks are professionals. Everyone involved from customer service to the guys at the house were on top of their game. I’d use them again for sure.

Eduardo Rucker


Friendly guys

The guys arrived at my house an hour early, but other than that everything went smooth. I didn’t think it would take as long as it did but the guys did work hard. They breached for lunch and I even bought them some food. Friendly guys. Most labor guys I know are real degenerates but Long Distance has some good guys. The one foreman told me all about how he was studying in school while working full time; very inspiring. You could tell these guys where hard working through and through. If I didn't know any better id thinks they themselves were the owners of the company. They had such pride in what they were doing. Overall experience was 9/10 and would easily recommend them to anyone looking for a stress free move.

Jessica Emerson


These are good movers

Long Distance is the truth. These guys came out to the house and got it all prepped and packed. Brought my stuff to their storage unit for two months and delivered on the day I requested. I told them no rush but they insisted they could get it out on my schedule. They didn't need to- and I already paid- so the fact that they continued to give excellent customer service AFTER MONEY WAS PAID is huge. Good looks guys.

Willy Andrada


$600 saved on move

We got an email from Long Distance advertising their paired shipment deal. Apparently we had an option to share a truck with another family headed to NC and could save us some money. The guys gave us plenty of options but we ended up saving like 600$ just by pairing the move. Everything arrived in one piece and without scratches. The guys arranged it in the house to my liking and left. No complaints from this happy camper.



Interstate move from Long Beach, CA to Lyons, Oregon

We hired Long Distance Inc. (Long Distance Relocation Group). On February 27th, 2018 they arrived and loaded all of their possessions. Their mover said that they are planning on arriving in Oregon on March 8th. My brother and I drove them up to Oregon, arriving on the 8th, expecting to help unpack and settle my parents into their new home. Long Story short....we have paid this company almost 5,500 and they still do not have their property. We have placed over 25 calls to them, almost daily, hoping to get a confirmation date of delivery. They never answer their phones and never return messages. Many times their voice mail is full and you cannot leave a message. They claimed that they could not cash our checks, not once by twice, when verified funds were there. The bank confirmed that there fund and there was not any attempt to cash/deposit the two checks. They demanded that we deposit cash directly into their account. The contract states a maximum of 21 business days to deliver to the state of Oregon. Well, that date has come and passed and they still have nothing. My elderly parents have been forced to purchase a bed after sleeping on a borrowed air mattress for weeks. That was not working out. My dad has had serious medical issues, undoubtedly stress is a contributing factor. Promised return calls that never happen. At the point, I am reaching out to EVERY agency that I can in hopes of some support in getting my parents their possessions. I wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy. Shame on you Long Distance Relocation! I hope enough people read this and choose to take their business elsewhere.




The sales team is misleading. Tacked on an Extra $1000!
I have never ever written a review, but this was a must do. I worked on a long distance move for my mom last year and had a really great experience with a moving company called Gentle Giant. I knew the protocol and what to look for with a long distance move. This time, I had to move a much smaller load, but I needed to do it immediately. I didn’t use Gentle giant because the timing didn’t work. I searched for a new company and reached out to the most promising ones. Long Distance Relocation Group Inc called back right away so I decided to hear them out. The sales guy Sammy promptly had and all of the right things to say, down to an exact estimate of the price for a small load and logistic details. He was really professional and of course raved about the company’s reviews so I felt comfortable.
I found reviews about the company and they seemed to be reputable. I did have trouble with the name Long Distance Inc/Long Distance Relocation Group...if this helps. One of the other companies I spoke with actually warned me that Long distance Relocation Group Inc would probably be a bad decision because they have only been in business for two years and will raise the estimate upon arrival. I thought they were just saying that to get the sale. I ignored it…bad decision. I emailed Sammy at Long Distance Inc detailed emails about the number of boxes and specific items going. He emailed me back with the updates on the list with the same quoted price. I thought this was accurate because I had a small load and other companies confirmed that small loads usually do not exceed the price quoted. I reached out one last time to confirm the price in which Sammy did and transferred me to a Tommy to finalize the transaction plus let me know the only way I would get additional charges was because of elevator use and the distance to/ from the delivery truck to the pick up/delivery location. These were all within reason and I assumed I was fine.
Day of the move: Started badly with the truck being 3 hours late. The driver called and said he was running behind from previous stops. This sent up a red flag because the inside of the truck looked very disorganized and there was nothing in it. So why was he late again? Anthony immediately introduced himself and told me he was in charge of the move and also promptly informed me that the quoted price would not be the exact price and I was going to have to pay more. This infuriated me because I was lead to believe the price was already locked in. I called the company and of course Sammy my original sales person and Tommy the second sales person couldn’t come to the phone and I get a “Ryan” which proceeded to Bullshit (sorry for the lack of a better word) me about the extra charges and informed me I would not get my deposit back if I cancelled the move. At this point I knew I would be spending more money if I cancelled and went with another company. They tacked on an extra $1000 bucks to the quoted price!!! Anthony (Mover in charge) gave me a “discount” and also told me I should give them a $100 tip, which really left a bad taste in my mouth. This company is very miss leading. I would have chosen a more reputable company and still ended up paying less if I knew how dishonest the sales team is. The only reason why I gave the movers a tip was because I wanted to ensure the arrival of my things.
Day of delivery: Again the guy was over 3 hours late after insisting her needed to deliver between 7am-8am. He insisted that he needed the money in cash in his hands before unloading our items off the truck… rude ,extreme and unnecessary. I would NEVER use this company again. Sorry the review was so long but I needed to be clear about how misleading this company is about price and quality of service.

Pete Campanizzi


Great Moving Experience

We worked with Jon Kaufman to set up a move from Torrance, CA to North Canton, OH. We then worked with Brittany Ronchetti while the move was in transit. We also interfaced with Tommy Worley and Sammy. All were very professional and provided great service. We found the rates to be very reasonable. The move was a great experience and we would highly recommend Long Distance Relocation Group Inc. to anyone who needs to contract with a moving company.

Mary J Proctor


Ehhhh, good and badexperience

Gerald Russo was amazing and very helpful with his communication and attention to any issue I had. After that the service by the "gals" coordinating was not at all great. I had been burnt by another company, so I questioned some issues and they weredefensive. The day of the move finally came and the communication to the main person in charge was broken English. He informed me that supplies I was told to buy by the inventory gal was not good enough, so this added supply charges. I questioned the Russian (2 years in our country) and he was not at all congenial. The move ended up costing a lot more than the estimate. $800-1,000 extra, so be sure to count and mark every box and measurement size. Use the formula yourself to figure your cubic feet and question their figues. They also have you sign paperwork before they start your job, which is shady. The delivery to my new place was two days later than the anticipated date, which was not too bad. The crew arrived for payment upfront, cash or money order, before unloading. Again, communication issue due to broken English. They worked fast but when told to be careful of wooden floor, they ignored the request. I will now have to fix the many scratches to the flooring in the living room, kitchen, and dining area. The two were fast pace to get it done and on their way to their next job. Broken items, scratched flooring, etc. are still being addressed. Would I suggest to use? For myself, not again.

Judy Axonovitz


New York to SC

I was very impressed seeing how efficiently the movers from Long Distance worked during my move from NY to SC. They arrived on time with all the right tools. The foreman ran the crew very well. I struck up a conversation with Alex and found out that all of the crew had at least 3 years experience and Alex had 6. It’s good to be confident in relying on men who know this job well. All my belongings were safely delivered to South Carolina and I am very thankful for that.

Victoria Melendez


I really did not want to use a moving company but they changed my mind

I really didn't want to use a moving company. I had planned to just rent a truck and do it the old fashioned way. I went to pick up my truck rental though and these bozos didn't have the truck available that a reserved online and told me I had to drive to Connecticut to pick up a 26ft truck. Ridiculous. Sammy and I had a long talk in the early stages of deciding what I’d do and I decided at that point to call him back and see if they could do the move for me. After explaining my situation Sammy was nice enough to help me out with the price to fit my budget and the guys came two days later to load the truck. All of my items just arrived today and were in good shape. If you’re thinking of using LDRGs, go for it!!!

Jessica Smith


Update From a Review On Feb 24, 2018 - Goods Still Have Not Arrived

It has been 3 1/2 weeks since I wrote my last review, and I still have not received my furniture. I have called and asked for updates repeatedly this either results in A. the secretary, Brittany, telling me she has no information and there are no supervisors around to help me; B. I speak with a supervisor (Tommy or John) and they make promises along the line of 'trust me, we have your stuff priority and we are doing the best we can; C. A supervisor will rush you off the phone, insult you, and more or less, stop calling and wait for your stuff.

Tommy, the first supervisor I spoke with originally seemed willing to help me. He said he'd move me to priority and that he'd wave my remaining delivery balance, which I found to be reasonable. Since that 'progress' literally nothing has happened. My stuff has sat in a southern California warehouse, where the goods were originally picked up, for 3.5 weeks.

I have never in my life had such a miserable customer service experience. The staff sincerely could not care less about its customers. I have pleaded with this company for accurate updates and transparency and have received absolutely nothing but inaccurate information and disrespectful treatment. If even one person on staff could have leveled with me and said, "wow, yeah 3.5 weeks without your furniture is a lot, we're really sorry about that. I understand that sucks, and I understand that this has taken a lot longer than it should." There has been zero compassion, zero class, and zero professionalism.

As if it's not clear - do not ever give this company a penny.

Tyler Olsen


The team at Long Distance Relocation Group did a great job

The team at Long Distance Relocation Group did a great job. They replied to all of my emails and calls in a timely manner, and made me feel at ease in using them for a long distance move. They scheduled the pick up based on my busy schedule and came exactly on time. They finished moving me out an hour ahead of schedule and gave me some extra time to get back to my work. They moved all of my furniture and boxes without damaging or losing anything in the process. Great company from beginning to end.

Reed Charles


Quality job done

My plan upon hiring a professional moving company was to not spend too much time away from work or school. They gave me what I ideally wanted and more in regards to a moving company. I did not have to coach them through the process and repeat anything we had discussed. The leader of the crew took notes and managed his crew very well. It showed and was very apparent how much effort they put into my move through their experience. Moving isn't as simple or complicated as most make it sound. If you want to have a peaceful move that does not cause tension, headaches, or get hectic like they are known to create. I have no better solution for you than to recommend Long Distance Movers for all your moving needs, whether it is the new house your family is moving into or a new office space that you want cleaned out for bigger and better furniture to be brought in, they are the guys to go to if you want a quality job done at an affordable price

Armi Lorilla


Still Waiting for Delivery

Unfortunately for us, our experience has turned from bad to worst.

Starting from the day/time the pick-up was set - we were originally quoted a move date of 2/7/18 and given a time frame between 2-5pm. Movers showed up at 9:30 pm and complete until midnight.

We had to drive also, so the delay took us an extra day to get to Dallas and one extra night at the hotel.

The delivery was quoted between 7-14 business days, but we were told by Ryan that he will work on getting our things delivered sooner due to the inconvenience with the pick-up.

Well, it is over 21 days and we still do not have our things. We finally were told that our things have been loaded to truck with an estimated arrival of end of this week 3/15 or 3/16.

The worst part is there has not been any communication about the delay - we had to call them every week to get a status.

Melinda Bell


Scarsdale to Phoenix

I started researching a few different movers for my move from Scarsdale to Phoenix. I reached out to a few different companies in the area without receiving an ycalls back before finding Long Distance Inc . Bob was very helpful from the beginning and was very flexible as a didn't have firm dates or times yet, all I knew was it was going to be within the next two weeks. I didn't want to get jacked for last minute pricing so I was put at ease when Bob let me reserve my service and fill hm in on the date later. my new landlord isn't really good at communicating so I ended up having to call bob with only a few days notice. I though for sure it wouldn't happen but bob assured me it wasn't a problem. they schedule my move for wednesday and got here on time. When the guys arrived they didn't even end up needing a shuttle which I previously that they would. the delivery crew was great and I couldn't have been happier. one of my particle board cheap book cases was a little scratched up but I've had it since college and I knew it wouldn't last. the insurance company was easy to deal with and I'm a happy customer.

Darcy Staigle


5 Stars

My parents hired Long Distance Inc to move the last of my stuff from their home in CT to my house in wisconsin. from the beginning the representatives did a great job at coordinating everything between my parents and I. you’d be surprised how hard it can be for us all to get the time to go over everything together (especially being in different states). Sammy did great at keeping us all on the same page. I personally wasn't at the pick up but my parents said the guys were nice and weren't sketchy. the delivery went smooth. I had specific requirements for delivery because I live in a high rise and had to reserve elevator time. their driver was good about giving me both 48 and 24 hour notices and arrived within 15 minutes of his scheduled arrival time. they loaded everything into the apartment and after buying the guys lunch they offered to help me hang TVs free of charge. great service. my parents don't know how to use the internet but promised Sammy they'd write a review so here I am! thanks guys.

Manuel Rodriguez



I've used several different moving companies being in the military. The first two of my five moves were coordinated directly by the military. the last 3 I found companies myself but always went with one of the big guys (allied or united). I came across a Long Distance Inc ad on the internet and decided to see what they were all about. the ad took me to some reviews and information about the company and I liked the fact that they were family owned and operated. my folks run a family business and they out perform all of their big name competitors so I was inclined to give Long Distance Inc a shot. I wasn’t let down. from start to finish you could tell they guys are both knowledgable and personable. they were always available when we had questions about packing and the price didn't go up on the day of the pick up. they were honest with us from start to finish. A lot of companies (especially movers) lose sight of that today. they don't put the customer first. Long Distance Inc ISN’T one of those guys. thanks Michael for all your help and hope to use you guys again (but hopefully I'm done moving for a while lol).

James Johnson


Good luck

Long Distance Inc hooked it up! these guys were great. I could definitely tell Bob had been doing this for a while. he answered every question throughly and got straight to the point. I hate pushy sales people which is ultimately how bob earned our business. no sales pitches no sales tactics just thorough and to the point. the guys who came to the home (Alex, abraham, and izzy) were great too. cool guys, reminded me of some of the guys I hangout with. got everything done in 4 hours. got my items in 6 days from start to finish. Good looks guys!

Peter Ward


Great service for this mover

The radio jingles have probably been stuck in my head for 6 months! Naturally when I found out I was getting promoted at work and thus moving to san francisco I decided to give Long Distance Inc a call. the radio ad was for a 100$ packaging credit which was nice to have. I didn't have to pack my TVs which was nice because they're huge. the price was reasonable but what ultimately won my business over was 1. they are a local business and 2. because of how friendly they were. It’s nice to be able to leave the hard work that I don't want to do to the professionals. my overall ratings: Customer service- 10/10 these guys went above and beyond. I work in corporate finance where my hours can last all day. my items were to be picked up and held for 3 weeks before coming out to san fran. the only problem was that I was going to be working in san fran during those 3 weeks and was worried they wouldn't be there to answer the phones by the time I finally got home. chris gave me his cell phone number and told me not to hesitate calling after hours. this was great for me. I could call after work when it was 10pm on the east coast and still get answers. you don't get service like that anymore. Operations- 8/10 the guys on the ground were great. definitely very efficient and thorough. my items arrived with no scratches in the original condition I left them in. Pricing- 7/10 these guys weren't the cheapest quote I got but also not the most expensive. overall experience- 9/10

Joel Fulton


My sister helped right

Long Distance Inc was the best. My sister lost her job and needed to move down to Texas with us until she got back on her feet. Her husband recently died and threes no way she could physically load a truck herself. We had a budget truck reserved and were looking to hire some labor for the day when we came across Long Distance Inc. after talking with Sammy for a little we realized that it might just be better to let the professionals handle everything from start to finish. Apparently not a lot of reputable companies will offer day labor so you get stuck hiring random people from craigslist. My sister has a lot of expensive items and craigslist people definitely weren't an option. After learning this we just decided to contract with Long Distance Inc for a full service move. It was a huge relief to our family. I know its Sammy’s job to be polite but honestly it seemed like he was sympathetic to our situation and his overwhelming kindness went a long way for us. The experiencing on the g round was no different than the interaction I had with Sammy over the phone. Alex and his crew were timely and thorough. It was impressive. They even got our items here in less than 10 days. Would use again!

Jessica Smith


Extremely Unhappy

This companies sales staff is extremely pushy and very quick to talk negatively about competitors. I got a reasonable quote and decided to go this way for no other reason but price. That being said they were over 5 hours later on moving day to pick up my belongings. The movers were rude, inconsiderate, and had absolutely no urgency or respect for my move and my time. Strongly urge you to go with a different company, even if the price is higher.

Linda Rubin


Long Distance Inc was professional

I picked Long Distance Inc because they were able to answer questions without giving me the sales pitch. I talked to so many movers that sounded like the salesman who stand at the kiosks at the mall. they wouldn't stop calling! Larry at Long Distance Inc was professional and straight to the point. he explained to me why they were better and didn't waste his time down talking his competitors (like the rest of them do). everything went smooth from start to finish and it couldn't have made my life easier. moving is the worst; these guys made it a little more manageable



Do not believe the reviews for this company!

I went with this company even though they were more expensive than the other movers’ quotes that I got because I thought that with all the good reviews here, I'd be making the right decision. I was initially quoted $2100 and ended up with a $3200 bill even though we eventually ended up not shipping a lot of our major stuff such as the king-sized bed and the washer and dryer. The pickup guys arrived very late and one guy kept dropping some of our boxes on the floor and when I asked him what was going on, he kept complaining that the boxes were very heavy and was saying that they'll certainly be damaged upon reaching the destination. The three of them left with rolls of used tape, and other debris, scattered on the floor and I had to clean up after them. The “team leader” told me that he “thinks” we have used up double the space as what was originally quoted to us so now I have to sign an invoice which was $1100 more than what I was quoted. Take note, I have called the salesperson whom I originally made this agreement with, as well as the team leader, on the day of pickup, about which boxes are stackable and which ones aren’t because I pretty much figured out the actual footage that we’ll need - but to no avail. Talk about reeling somebody in and holding you hostage! The worst part is nobody has bothered to call me back to address my concerns after the pickup has been made. I called their office the day after the pickup, relayed all that transpired and asked for one of their supervisors to call me back but never heard from anyone. I finally got a call 2 days before the delivery was made and the guy promised me that he’ll look into it and will call me before the end of the day and yes, I still haven’t received a return call from him - to this day. Three lamp shades were damaged, among others.
These people are slick! The way I analyze it is, they know very well that they won’t really get too many return customers (who makes a move twice or even once a year anyway?) so they’ll just try to suck you in, hold you captive (what can you do when they have all of your stuff?), get your money and move on to the next. STAY AWAY and do NOT believe what they tell you.

Jordan Scott



I got a $100 off packaging coupon from a friend who used Long Distance Inc. she had moved twice and said this company was the better of the two. My move was pretty standard- nothing crazy- a couple sofas, some TVs, beds and dressers. I would've done the move myself but the price with Long Distance Inc seemed reasonable enough. The packaging coupon covered the boxing of some fragile paintings, a mirror pack, and boxing my 65 inch TV, all things I probably would've messed up. In terms of value id say the price was a 9/10 and the service 11/10.

Charlene Testa


Worst experience ever

I spoke to Sammy while looking at apartments in Florida and when I signed a lease, I called him back since out of all moving companies I contacted along with PODS they were what I could afford. I knew while giving him a list of stuff, I was forgetting some so when I flew back to Connecticut, I called him and went over everything room by room. I didn’t pack yet and estimated 60 boxes. I was quoted a little under $2400.00 after making the adjustments of additional items. Everything was smooth up until about 60-75 percent done with loading. One of the guys ended up telling me I had more than they quoted me and it would cost a little more and asked what I wanted to do. I gave my apartment notice and signed a new lease and needed my stuff to get to my new alarm in Flow and vacate where I was so what could I do? I said go ahead to finish loading because there was nothing I could do at this point. I was quoted 600 cubic feet. I ended up having 11 boxes over the original amount and a few small, lightweight things that I forgot like the garbage can, laundry basket, a vacuum cleaner and a few curtain rods. They told me I used 1100 cubic feet and my move would cost $4852 which more than doubled, but the space didn’t double. They informed me they’d wrap the floor lamps well and they are now trash and the movers threw them out. They left rolls of packing tape they used to wrap furniture all over the floor and left a huge mess. At this point there was nothing I could do. Everything I packed in the 71 boxes minus 2 little things made it just fine and literally everything they wrapped they damaged severely. My floor lamps are garbage along with my metal filing cabinet that I had to throw out because they dented it so bad that I couldn’t unlock it to open the drawer. They ripped my reclining sofa really bad, split the wood on the crib, damaged my entertainment center, chest and dining room table really bad plus much more. I am sickened over this and told all my friends about it and would NEVER recommend them to anyone. I was originally going to rent a truck and have help on both ends, but the movers were easier since I’m a single mom with an infant and figured it was only 600$ in price difference...NOT! I didn’t have this much money budgeted for the move and they made sure to get the last 25% of my money owed at time of delivery before they unloaded. I got ripped off. The guys who delivered my stuff also stated I didn’t use more than 800-900 cubic feet so I was overcharged and paid for space of useless items due to the severity of the damage.

Emily Flores


Moved to Farmingville, NY right

Last time I moved I decided to go with a cheaper option (or at least on option that was quoted cheaper). What I learned with that first aver was a lot of these movers give out bait and switch pricing. I experienced it firsthand. This time I didn't want to deal with the headaches and screaming from the brokers and scam companies. Long Distance Inc price was a little bit higher but I knew it would be the cheapest and easiest in the long run. The service I got from Long Distance Inc was leaps and bounds ahead of the company I used last time. Well worth every dollar.

Claire Baker


Overall great

Long Distance Inc was an overall great company. there was some misunderstanding when the crew got to our house but the owner himself came to our home to get everything sorted out. ill take partial blame for not getting my items ready before they got here and had to pay extra for packaging but whats important is that everything got resolved. just a friendly word of advice make sure your items are packed before they get there.

Leamon B


Professional movers

Pricing: the guys were reasonably priced. they weren't the cheapest but also weren't the most expensive. we know that you get hat you pay for and felt for the price Long Distance Inc was probably the best value. they didn't have any hidden fees or surcharges either (the other companies probably id). so from a total cost perspective they were probably the cheapest. quality of service: the guys were very professional. I wasn't expecting guys to show up in tuxedos but also didn't want any questionable characters in my home. we have two young children so that was a concern of ours. there employees were friendly and professional. I was told they were a family company and that really showed. overall the value was great and the service was great .would recommend using Long Distance Inc .

Diana Carter


Long Distance Inc was top notch!

Long Distance Inc was top notch! I crashed my uhaul driving from vermont to florida on i295 in NY. they towed the truck to a body shop and I was out of luck. I started my new job in two days and u haul wasn't really being helpful in getting another truck. I googled moving companies seeing if anyone could help and came across Long Distance Inc . I spoke with Michael who did a really good job at helping me out. they were able to get to the body shop the next day and move everything from the u haul into one of their trucks. they had an expedited option and were even able to get it to florida in under 48 hours. these guys are a life saver. I wish I could do more than just write positive reviews.

Russell Gallen


missing and damaged

Here is a list of my experiences with this company:

* Told me it was a family owned business where only their employees work for company and do not broker/outsource so I can trust them them- Not True from salesperson Matt
* Quoted me $2,800 for move and turned out to be $5,300
* When movers came to my home, they were 2 hours late. They said they would be ones driving the Budget truck up to Washington, and no problem getting my stuff there in 10 days. I later found out this was never going to be true, they just wanted a bigger tip
* Only person who packed my stuff with care was person doing kitchen. Nothing else was protected in boxes, and resulted in several items becoming damaged, scratched and unusable.
* My stereo, speakers, brand new record player, shoes, are all damaged. And I'm missing legs to my coffee table, along with nice framed picture which are simply just missing and never delivered.
* I'm also in possession of some poor kid's stuff including PS3, and all his clothes/toys. If anyone reads this and this is yours, I would happily help get this to you. Please just respond and we can figure it out. The company literally just tells me "not sure whose it is, and when we have a truck in the area again, not sure when that will be we can pick it up."
* The people who delivered my stuff even after being instructed to 3 different people at this company, still came in an 18 wheeler which I told them from the get go it would never fit. Driver wanted me to go get a Uhaul which I declined, so I was charged another $500 to get things transferred on a this shuttle. Other moving companies avail will just move with original truck vs these transfers.
* It took 20 days to get my stuff and realizing how much is missing. They were supposed to check off boxes when they brought in the house, but 2 man team was in such a hurry and hard to communicate with due to attitude and in such a hurry. He pressured me to just sign off so he can leave and just file a claim for missing and damaged stuff.

Hillary Dale


Great to work with!

Greatness at its finest. 5 star Service. My rep LAWRENCE was great. He was very upfront and honest. We went through my entire home inventory to be sure we got an accurate price. Other companies I spoke with just wanted a ballpark number of boxes to get me off the phone. Even with the full inventory, he came out lower than the other companies I talked to. They showed up on time and delivered on time! Great to work with!!

Nolan Lopez


Outstanding service

Outstanding service will recommend to all my friends If anybody has ever moved, you know finding a reliable, honest company is a very hard thing to do. I spoke with several companies. Their phone reps were pushy and seemed to just want to collect payment and rush on to the next caller. My rep at was the total opposite. He was patient and walked me through the entire process. He wanted to be sure that we covered everything so there were no surprises come moving day. Would highly recommend them if you want someone friendly!

Jonathan Marcum


I had a good experience with Long Distance

I scheduled my move last month with Long Distance Inc. they were very thorough in explaining everything from start to finish. Their customer service team was very good about keeping in contact with me about delivery. The supervisor, Ryan, was great too. Very respectful. overall I had an excellent experience and they did their best to make a stressful situation (moving across the country) easy. Would use again and will recommend to friends and coworkers.

Danielle Turner


They are awesome

LDRG was great. thanks again guys for a sweet move.Best price! I called several companies to move me from New York to Georgia. Everybody else gave me a much higher price than Long Distance Inc. These guys showed up on time to pick everything up and the delivery was as scheduled as well. They were awesome!

Tamra Hays


My mistake i did not use them at first

I didn't pick Long Distance Inc s at first. Matt had called when I initially filled out for a quote online. We had talked for a while about my move but their price was a couple hundred dollars more than some of the other quotes we got. Although they had good reviews the other company’s price was too good to pass up on. Matt had warned me about bait and switch pricing be we were under the impression that the estimate pricing was guaranteed. The company we chose, liberty moving, showed up and tried to almost double our price. They loaded everything in the truck and didn't say anything to us about a price increase until they were done. My husband and I were furious. We ended up having to call the police to get them to take everything off. We had to be out of our house in 2 days and definitely couldn't afford to pay double. I remembered the conversation I had with matt and what he told me to watch out for. I immediately called him to see if they could get us in on short notice. I wish I had listened to him before hand. He was able to get a truck to our house the next day and charged us the price he initially quoted us WITH NO HEADACHES. I just got done leaving a 1 star review for liberty and I promised Matt I would write and tell about how he helped us out. Long Distance Inc s was honest and professional from the beginning 5 out of 5

Monika Schroeder


Always good communication

Lawrence was our representative and did a great job from start to finish. He spent 35 minutes talking with me and then called my husband to go over everything with her. I had no idea threes so much to go through when choosing a mover and prepping for the actual move day. If Lawrence wouldn't have been there to answer questions for us we definitely wouldn't have done certain things (like packing the TV and lamps) correctly. Sons dispatch supervisor, Blake, was always available with questions on delivery. I get that threes a lot of moving parts and it was great to have open communication until our items arrived.

Gilbert Knight


Really nice to get it done right

My wife went online to find a moving truck and ended up getting 10 calls from full service moving companies. At first we weren't planning on using a mover; we were just going to do it ourselves. After comparing the prices of moving companies to a truck rental we decided it was worth a little bit extra to just have a company do it. We first contracted with a company called assurance van lines. But we then spoke with Sammy at Long Distance Inc s who informed us that assurance was actually a moving broker and doesn't own any trucks. He took the time to show us everything on a federal website. Assurance told us they'd be the ones actually doing the move when in fact they were just going to sub contract it out. When we tried to get our money back from assurance they gave us a hard time and didn't treat us with the same respect they showed when trying to earn our business. So unprofessional. We ended up having to call our credit card company to get our money back. If it wasn't for Sammy’s persistence we would’ve ended up in a bad situation. Sammy’s guys did an excellent job from start to finish. It was a Long Distance Inc s truck that showed up and actual Long Distance Inc s employees. Alex (the foreman) was polite and professional. With all the horror stories companies warned us about it was a really nice to have gotten it right the first time. Would recommend people do their homework

Chris Scott


Well worth of

These guys are the best! Hadn’t been to my old storage unit in about 2 years. Hired them for the job. They were able to meet my sister at the unit to get a visual assessment and then guaranteed the price. On the day of move they went through everything and boxed all my knickknacks and memorabilia. I couldn't leave my sister to do all that herself so I'm glad they were able to do it- well worth the little bit extra.

Adrien P


good guys

The guys just left my house after 6 hours of loading. I can’t believe how efficiently these guys packed the truck; there was virtually no air space. Gave the guys a nice tip and sent them on their way. Alex, Abraham, Ali - real good guys. Promised them I’d write a review and call the office as well. If you're going to use Long Distance Inc s request that Abraham come to the job. Obviously haven't gotten the items delivered yet but will update with that later. Can’t imagine anything going wrong.

Lauren Hayes


Great job Matt

I was referred to Long Distance Inc s from an auto transport company I used twice before. The guys at Long Distance Inc s did an excellent job. Came to the house on time and had great attention to detail. Unhooked my washer and dryer and even helped me with unhooking pieces of my hot tub (I wasn't transporting this with them it was going with a freight company but they still helped) all in all I was impressed with how friendly and professional Alex and the guys where when they were at my house. Matt told me things would go smooth and I have zero complaints. Great job

Melissa Otivich


My items arrived as promised

I decided to move some items from my primary home in Rye NY to my winter home in Delray Beach FL. I only wanted to move a few items and when I looked at the prices for u haul I was surprised. I did some research online and saw Long Distance Inc s was offering a “snowbird special” for partial moves down the east coast. the guys quoted me at 1200$ for the shipment and a little bit extra for packing materials for my glass top table totaling 1300$. After all was said and done price didn't change and guys were great. I tipped them each 50$ and received my items in 5 days as promised.

Sharette Howarth


Good job done

A friend of mine contracted with Long Distance Inc s to move their son out of his college dorm. They came with high recommendation so I called to schedule a move. Their calendar was a little booked up but because I was flexible they were able to fit me in on relatively short notice. Some things I did not know but probably should have- I didn't pack my TV or my glass table (which I was subsequently charged for). Craig never told me I had to have these things done already so I ended up having to pay another $50. I called his supervisor to complain and although he assured me Craig did go over these things with me he discounted the $50 off of my delivery balance. The guys on pickup and delivery were very polite and professional. They packed everything and even helped move some things I was throwing out to the dumpster which they really didn't have to do.

Adolf P


very professional

I initially went online to request a moving quote and ended up getting about 37 phone calls from all sorts of movers. The fourth guy I spoke with was Lawrence at Long Distance Inc s. Lawrence actually took the time to break down to me how the industry works and what to look out for. Every other time I had moved it’s always been a military move where I don't have to do anything. I very quickly learned that when hiring your own company threes a plethora of things to be mindful of. Lawrence was the only mover that took the time to show me reviews and ratings; he also showed me DOT information on their company. He took his time and ultimately that what earned our business. We scheduled our pick up on a Friday and the delivery landed on the following Wednesday. When the items arrived one of their guys dropped a box and ended up breaking the china that was inside. I called Lawrence to see what they were going to do about it and he gave me a number for their claims department. I filed a cla

David T


perfect move

I've used Long Distance Inc s twice- once for my sons move and now this time for our move. The first time the service was good, everything went as promised-this second time they gave me a repeat customer discount and did just as good. Lawrence was our representative both times and Abraham was the foreman both times as well. I like that they are a family run business and their service definitely shows it. I used allied once before and their service wasn't nearly as good.

Gwen Holland


pretty good

Just got my items delivered to me in Seattle. Overall my experience with Long Distance Inc s was pretty good. The guy’s last minute had to change the pickup date a day later which I wasn't planning on- and quite honestly I wasn't very happy about it. Ryan promised me they would in turn get the delivery there a day early. At first I thought he was just telling me what I wanted to hear but the guys got here on time for delivery. My husband called back Ryan to apologize (we yelled at him) but he's on vacation. In the grand scheme of things the pickup thing wasn't a huge issue and everything arrived in one piece and on time.

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