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303 E Woolbright Rd, Boynton Beach, Florida 33435 USA

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About J&J Moore Nationwide Van Lines

303 E Woolbright Rd
Boynton Beach, Florida

With over 20 years in the moving industry and incredible reviews, the Moore brothers provide a first-class moving service without charging a first-class price. Our motto "client first" sets us apart in an industry where customer service is so often forgotten.

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Larry Rich


J&J Moore Movers/Do Not Use This Broker

I called J&J Movers inquiring about moving my 1bdrm apt from Southern California to Central Oregon. I spoke to a great salesman named Ryan D. He was super friendly, remembered details about my family and sold me on the idea of letting J&J move my belongings. I had no idea they were a broker and they would not be coming out. I was quoted an estimate of $3290.83 and they needed a deposit of $701.25. I called Uhaul and for the same move it would cost around $2200.00 for a 26' truck and fuel. I was elated at the idea of spending an additional $1000.00 to not have to worry and stress about moving everything. All was going well until the Quality Assurance person, Joe M called. Actually the GRIM REAPER would be a better term. He called 2days before the move wanting to go over every item to be moved. The call lasted about an hour and was very intense. He said that EVERYTHING had to be in a box, bubble wrapped, very thorough. No Loose items. Makes sense. But I didn't have the means to do that kind of labor. But don't fret. J&J will pack everything for me at an additional charge of course. Anyway, I agreed to pack everything but after our assessment of all the items we went over he said we will need more money and a larger deposit before we send out the truck. My estimate went from $3290.83 to $6573.00!!!!! REALLY???? Plus they wanted $1700.00 more deposit. I cancelled on the spot and have been trying to get my $700.00 deposit back. Of course they show me the fine print where I forfeited my deposit. You can only cancel up to 48hr after you agree to your contract. What a bunch of scammers. I know that $700 is not going to make or break me but it still stings. Including the $700 deposit I saved at least $3673.00 by NOT using J&J. I was able to paint my entire interior of my new home with the cost savings and still have money left over. Please do yourself a favor and DO NOT USE this company. You will be disappointed and over charged.



Heartwarming company

I want to start this review by making sure future consumers understand how above and beyond this company went for me after hurricane Florence punched my family and I right in the mouth! I did an online search for long distance moving companies and came across JJ Moore. From the very beginning they were very clear on how things worked and how my price is formulated. I went over my inventory with Adrian who was very kind, we were very thorough and finished up after about 2 hours. We had to make sure everyone was on the same page as to what roads were open and available as well as times and dates. When it was all said and done they were able to give me a rate of .48 cents per pound. Fast forward to the day of pick up, everything was fast, smooth, and more efficient than I could have ever asked for. My belongings arrived safely in NY in a reasonable time frame and the unloading process was just as great! After all my things were unloaded i noticed I was missing roughly 5 boxes and a large antique mirror! I asked the floor man where these items could possibly be and he made a call back to his team in NC and had a different truck grab my extra belongings. Those few missing items ended up being in a garage on a pallet still flooded from the aftermath of hurricane Florence! I have the video of the team treading through deep water just to get my stuff and carry it to dry land to load on the truck! Bottom line is these guys are amazing and do great work they went above and beyond to help me and my family get out of the state in a very traumatic and devastating situation and they planned it all out with me in a matter of two days. If you are in a tough spot and are reading through moving company reviews just know they all have bad ones but i hope this review can help someone who is in between a rock and a tough spot because after a long super detailed conversation JJ moore showed up and did exactly what was discussed




I originally spoke on the phone with a man named Joe, he was very kind and professional and gave me a price that was almost half of what I had been quoted by another company. They called me before the move to make sure I understood everything and notified me that they would give my cell number to the movers so that I could reach them directly. 2 days before the move, I received a call from the mover, Sal, asking if they could move me in early, that day. I was at work and couldn't even move into my new apartment yet. This happened 2 more times, getting calls asking if they could move early, which I could not. They day they picked up my stuff from the storage unit, they told me that they would have to charge me $250 extra, insisting it be paid in cash, since my unit was more than $75 feet from the door. I called J and J and they said "We don't have anything to do with the movers, if that's what they're saying that's what you'll have to pay" I negotiated this to $150. This behavior continued, adding more and more to the cost as we went along. I was supposed to pay $610 at move in, they said I was to give them $1000, it was ridiculous. The whole process added stress to an already stressful moving time. The guys dropped my stuff, their truck barely started (which they laughed about when I brought it up to them) and were all around disrespectful. When I tried to get in touch with Joe again, I was told "He doesn't even have access to your files anymore" whatever that means. The whole company is a scam, don't put yourself through this.

Steve Brandin


Renovating made easy

I refurnished my place, and i used J&J Moore nationwide van lines to move the old furniture from my house to the storage, they did a great job. They packed everything and they took care of all my expensive stuff. I definitely trust this company.

Mike Szczechura



We recently used J&J Moore for a local move here in Jacksonville! They were absolutely incredible. From their speed to their level of communication, everything could not have gone more perfectly. They truly value their customers and their work ethic is effective and professional. Our belongings were moved in a timely manner with precise ease and grace. Nothing was damaged! Thanks guys! Will definitely be in touch in the near future!




The movers are very professional and we feel like they even took care of our stuff better than we would ourselves. On top of that, both movers are punctual and super nice. Will be sure to give them a call when we need to move next time :)



Easy Process

I am beyond impressed with the level of communication through out my moving process. Gabby and Michael in customer service were very punctual with every detail as my stuff traveled from Florida to Texas. My only complaint is not even relevant but I did have three missing boxes. I called into speak with gabby and she had the moving team deliver my boxes later that evening, same day! I will be planning a move again with them for my daughter next month! No doubt about it! I am happy I now know not to enter my information online and to just call JJ Moore directly! Thank you guys keep up the good work!

Pierce Mitchell


Packing was easy

The packing crew was the best I've had after 2 years. The rest of the company team kept me informed and was accommodating when I needed to change p/w dates. I will recommend the moving company to others!



Easy Process

I am beyond impressed with the level of communication through out my moving process. Gabby and Michael in customer service were very punctual with every detail as my stuff traveled from Florida to Texas. My only complaint is not even relevant but I did have three missing boxes. I called into speak with gabby and she had the moving team deliver my boxes later that evening, same day! I will be planning a move again with them for my daughter next month! No doubt about it! I am happy I now know not to enter my information online and to just call JJ Moore directly! Thank you guys keep up the good work!

Danielle M.



DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! They are a broker and will not let you know until after you have already paid a deposit. My move was an absolute nightmare! They set me up with a shady company called American Eagle Moving & Storage and I didn’t know until the day of the move. This so called business has no work ethics, integrity, customer service, and no sympathy whatsoever for what they have done! They called me the day before my move and raised my weight by 300 lbs and charged me an extra $400! Needless to say my items came back 564 lbs UNDERWEIGHT! They say you will get your money back for the difference which they only gave me the .55 per pound, but they won’t give you back all the binding fees that they add in there! They tried to then give me the price they first quoted me but that was still for a weight that was much more than what my stuff actually weighed! A lot of my items got broken and damaged! All the good reviews have to be fake or friends of the company! I will be getting a lawyer for what has happened to me. I am going to social media! News outlets! Anything to let people know not to use this company! J & J Moore has screwed over the wrong customer! HEED MY WARNING DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE SCAMMERS! THEY WILL BAIT AND SWITCH YOU, AND SET YOU UP WITH A COMPANY THAT ARE SCAMMERS TOO! I will be writing a review about American Eagle moving as well!!!

daniel allen



These guys made our move smooth and stress free. I highly reccomend this company if you want to make your relocation easy!

Mark Adderman


Awesome Job!

I’ve ready some of the bad reviews. But this is not my experience with J&J the movers showed up on time and delivered all my items 3200 miles in 5 days! Keep up the great work!

Mike Gazetti


Rock Stars!!!

This company is amazing - the communication was excellent and all of my items arrived on time in tact!

Lynn Gardens



Overall, J&J made our moving process very smooth and cost effective. The communication was top notch and all of our house items arrived in perfect condition.




I've read some of the bad reviews but this is not my experience with J&J. They made our move so easy! Keep up the great job and helping people relocate!




WARNING - DO NOT USE J&J. I have filed a complaint with the FL BBB. If you wish to be part of a law suit I am initiating please contact me.
We put down a deposit of $1724.51 for moving. The movers showed up, said they didn't have room for our furniture and left. J&J will not return the deposit.
We contracted with J&J to move our household goods from NJ to GA. We put a $1724.51 deposit down. The movers were supposed to arrive between 11-1 on 6/29, they arrive at 9pm. Told us they picked up more than expected on the first stop and they did not have room for our furniture. We called J&J and while we were on the phone with J&J the movers drove off. We then tried for two days to schedule more movers with J&J to no avail. We ended up renting a truck for 3k and hired day laborers for $300 to help load. We then drove the truck, hauling a car carrier and driving a personal vehicle, to GA. Paid $340 for assistance unloading to a storage facility, which J&J was to provide, this is $299 per month. So, we have called them every day since the incident and requested a refund, the answer is always, "the request is being processed". I see multiple other complaints such as ours on various review sites. They are predators and need to be prosecuted and shut down.



Scam Alert

They showed up 8 hours late, said they didnt have room for our furniture, then drove off. We ended up driving a 26' Penske truck and pulling a car carrier from NJ to GA. Oh, and the $1700 deposit, never got it back. Total losers.




First off, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU USE THIS COMPANY! It is a rogue mover and the other positive reviews here are fake.

Specifically, Todd is a shiny salesman who said he "overestimated" my move and promised me that it would not cost more than $2800 for my 1 bedroom apartment. He talks slick but he is a liar. The moving company arrived and said it would be $7600 after all of my stuff was loaded on the truck! What's more is that J&J Moore was not upfront about them just being a "broker" and they hired another company, Rapid Relocations LLC based out of New Jersey to actually move my stuff. They were also awful and broke a large portion of my stuff and smashed a door.

Todd also said that it would be delivered in less than 14 days from pickup on the phone... in actuality, it arrived on day number 30!!! When I called their office Gabby said she would look into the paperwork and see if there was anything to be done about the cost. She never contacted me back. I called many times and they refused to help. Overall, this company is a scam and PLEASE DO NOT allow yourself to make the same mistake I did.

Adam Ruther


Terrible Broker

Absolute nightmare. J&J Moore choose an absolute terrible company to facilitate the move for me and did not help at all with the consequences after my items were picked up and never fully received. J&J Moore selected Radius moving & Storage. Radius picked up my items and had me sign a bill of lading of another company's that they stole (Quest Moving). After leaving with my stuff they told me they were going to split the deliveries in to two. The first delivery arrived in 4 days. The second delivery had yet to come and it has been 70+ days since pickup. The second delivery happens to hold our most expensive items. I have been told certain delivery dates almost 10 times now only to find out there was a new excuse. The company has promised to send a small check for the late fees and still deliver the items but it has been three weeks since Radius told me they sent the check and I have not received it yet. Through out this entire nightmare with Radius, J&J Moore has done nothing to help. They’ve constantly stalled and told me I have had nothing to worry about and even called my fiancé a b**** when Justin thought that we were on hold. Please do not make the same mistake I did and do not allow this company to find you a truck.



Do Not Use

This will be a long review and I will be including verbatim quotes throughout the process to emphasize my point. I moved from Augusta, GA to Denver, CO. Through J&J Moore, I was lied to, extorted, and then ignored. I will provide exact names as well with as much detail as possible. To start, before signing with them, I spoke to Todd Pierce. He is what you would call a great salesman. A liar. I explained in detail my previous moving experience where I moved from CA to FL and a company quoted me one price, loaded my belongings, and then upped the cost significantly when I had no choice. He assured me this would not happen. Per emails on March 27th "Great! Also, is there any way it could end up being more or less than the quote provided? I don't have very many large items, so I doubt it will reach the 2,000lb estimate. Thanks!" Todd P replied "Not more ever as section 9 states in my contract. Possibly less because I overestimated a little over the 2000 lbs. Although, if you try to sneak an elephant or something like that on the truck it's not gonna fly just saying." On March 28th, he reached out to see if I had decided and I said I was still considering quotes. He stated "That's fair but like I said I've been doing this for 9 yrs. Just make sure you get a contract like ours that states no hidden fees or up charges. I know what people do in this business and they give you a low price and make up for it during the move when they have your stuff. Also know you can pay less because of weight not more. In addition, I don't think you are going to find someone to deal with that is as much fun as me. I should charge more just for that. Let me know. Have a great day!" On April 4th, I made the mistake of signing with J&J Moore with a quote of $1,826 for 2,062lbs. I paid a $543 deposit with a pick-up date 6/6 or 6/7. Note. I have a 2-bedroom apartment, living room, NO dining room and minimal belongings. At this point, Todd P. disappeared. He minimally responded to emails and needless to say his sales pitch was to get me to sign and then his effort and promises were done. He put me in touch then with Gabby London. I will get back to her shortly. On June 1st, a few days prior to the movers appearing, I was called by Travis Scott. He told me he was the person who would cover all my belongings to make sure everything was on the list. I provided him my updated inventory and he said that he wanted to up my weight to 3,000lbs at $2,700. I was ASSURED that if my weight was below this, I would not pay it. I had several companies come out and tell me they would be shocked if I reached 2,000lbs. But I (naively) figured, that it was fine because worst case I pay more up front and owe nothing later down the line. I agreed to this and paid another $300 (at this point J&J Moore had $843). I was told I would receive a call at least 24 hours in advance to schedule the move. At 7:08am on 6/5 (note. pick up was supposed to be 6/6 or 6/7 and this is the first call EVER), I received a call from USA moving (aka Five Star moving) saying they were in Atlanta and would be there in 2 hours to pick up my belongings. At this point, I had to rush to finish packing. 10 minutes later, I get a call from "Alex" who owns USA/Five Star Moving, who says they will be there in a few minutes and that they do not have another day available. I explain what the driver said about 2 hours and he said "if that's what they said go by that." I rush to finish packing and 3 hours later the movers show up. After looking at my belongings, they keep talking in "cubic feet" I say that I want it based on weight and explain despite having 35 boxes, several are filled with comforters and pillows and take up more space than they weigh. After arguing for a while, they agree to weigh it the next morning and write "requested weight" on the documents. They then say that because I am requesting weight, they estimate the weight as 4, 788lbs and up the price to $4,288 Again I am told I will only pay for what it weighs. At this point, I have no choice as I have to move and agree as long as it is going to be weighed. At this time, I realize that they already have a previous pick up in there which was likely based on cubic feet and get confirmation that those items will be removed prior to mine being weighed. As I at this point feel uncomfortable, I call Gabby London as they are loading my belongings. She assures me that not only will they weigh it before heading to Colorado, but that she is going to make sure they weigh it "in front of you prior to drop off in Denver." Okay, I feel a little better. I still feel nervous, but somewhat comforted as I know my belongings are not close to 4,788lbs. The next day, I am at the pool with my friend Lindsey who was privy to the pick up as well as this phone call. On the phone is "Alex" again who says he hears I am unhappy about the increase in price. I explain that as long as it is weighed in front of me as I was promised by Gabby at J&J, I will pay the .60cents/lb. that was on the initial contract. He tells me that J&J have no control over anything and that they are not weighing my belongings. I say that he has to weigh my belongings and he tells me that he doesn't not have to do anything as he owns the company. He tells me that I included items that were not on the initial inventory and that if I want it to be weighed he will place those items on the side of the road and I can move them myself. Clearly this is not feasible. He threatens me saying that he has all of my belongings at this point and he was right. I have no ground. I felt extorted and threatened. I call Gabby who says she will call Alex and get back to me. After 30 minutes and no call, I call her back. She says "I really tried for you but he is not willing to weigh it. There is nothing I can do." I'm sorry but isn't that your ENTIRE purpose?! Otherwise why did I just pay J&J $843??? To find a horrible extortionist I could have easily found myself? Gabby then yells at my friend who tries to explain my side after I start crying, feeling utterly helpless and hangs up on us. At that point I call my lawyer. I won't go into detail there as I am currently in process of creating a case against J&J. He advises me to not do anything until I have my belongings as it is clear J&J is not looking out for my interest and has no control over USA moving. I get my belongings two weeks later. Some damage, overall cost of $4,288. My items were never weighed and my bedroom set was broken. On June 21st, I reached out to Gabby to file for damages and received an email that "I will provide you with the claims information for STARUSA, they are liable for all damages or missing items. Claims will need to be filed with them." I have emailed her twice with no response and have not been sent any claims information.
I included all this information as I believe it is important to understand that Todd Pierce, Gabby London, and Travis Scott at J&J Moore Nationwide will lie to you at any cost and not be held responsible in any way for their actions. Luckily, I completed almost majority of communication through emails. So, I have documentation of their lies and extortion. Not everyone has this proof. I will be happy to provide email documentation for anyone with any questions. I was worse than I ever could have expected and I think it is terrible this company is not held to any responsibility. Please do not believe any of their lies and go with LITERALLY any other company. I believe it would be difficult to do any worse. See below for timeline
Quoted $1,826 for 2,062lbsincreased to $2,700 for 3,000lbsincreased to $4,288 for 4,788lbs

David Silberberg


Doubled price on pickup, damaged furniture, electronics stolen

Stay away. Scam. They quote and double cost after loading your stuff. Most of my furniture was damaged. Electronics stolen. Gabby never called back.



BEWARE-Never Trust Them

This is the worst company I have interacted with, NEVER TRUST THEM, they appear to be very nice, etc just to take the money, they are cheats.

I had contacted this company for my upcoming move, the person on phone spoke very well , gave me lot of good talks and kept convincing me to sign the contract when on phone itself. My bad luck I trusted him and signed the contract, which I regret and will always regret.

I asked him if I happen to cancel the order, would they refund my full amount, to which he confirmed and promised verbally and in EMAIL that they would refund the full amount. He even said that it’s a family owned business etc etc and that his uncle also has agreed.
I re asked him that the contract says otherwise, to which he said he cannot change the contract as that’s the standard, but he has the approval to refund my full money if I cancel the order(I have an email from him).

Post this email, I went ahead and signed the contract.
Next when I wanted to cancel the contract, they are not refunding my full amount. I have been calling them constantly only to hear that they cant refund the full money, when I said that I have the email, they said the person who sent the email is not even authorized to do this.
Amazing!! Cant believe!! Can you?

The person whom I had spoken to does not pick up the call anymore, the billing department says they will not refund the full money.

Seriously, People lie to this extent. They cheat this way.
Despite me having the email from their official id, they are not honoring their commitment, I am planning to take them to court.

Please be very careful while dealing with them, would seriously say “STAY AWAY”




J&J Moore helped my parents with their move from Maryland to Florida. Everything went as planned and they were only charged extra $100 for packing materials. Everyone was great and customer service was keeping us updated throughout the entire move from the initial verification to the pick-up and delivery dates. Very pleased and definitely be using them again.



Service Review

I am beyond impressed with the level of communication through out my moving process. Gabby and Michael in customer service were very punctual with every detail as my stuff traveled from Florida to Texas. My only complaint is not even relevant but I did have three missing boxes. I called into speak with gabby and she had the moving team deliver my boxes later that evening, same day! I will be planning a move again with them for my daughter next month! No doubt about it! I am happy I now know not to enter my information online and to just call JJ Moore directly! Thank you guys keep up the good work!

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