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21301 Powerline Rd. Ste 106, Boca Raton, Florida 33433 USA

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About Charter Van Lines Inc

21301 Powerline Rd. Ste 106
Boca Raton, Florida

Choose Charter Van Lines If you’re looking for a long distance moving company. From full-service to auto transport moving, our movers offer a variety of services to help you reach your new destination or store your belongings. Need an experienced business-to-business moving company? Trust Charter Van Lines representatives to help facilitate a corporate relocation, coordinate moving trade show exhibits, and store items in a warehouse. With more than 210 agents in the country, we serve nearly every city and small town across America with the best moving and storage services available, from packing the truck to unloading at your new destination.Charter Van Lines is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) member. We also assist military members with relocating, and provide great Military Service Discounts. As one of the leaders among house hold goods movers and storage companies, we have the experts and options to ensure your employees’ or families’ possessions are moved professionally and on-time.

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Kari Millington


Creative promises just to grab customer

New York we would have all our belongings packed into a single moving truck that would also transport it and do drop-off at our destination. He promised that the way this is done is by loading the truck through side drop doors. This was far from true. According to the workmen at both pick-up and drop-off points, such handling never happens. I don't know whether any moving company that does interstate moves does the process the way Jay promised. He won our job by guaranteeing that this was their process, different from most if not all other companies.
So . . . beware of the "used car salesman" / sweet-talkers.
The up-side to this story is that the people to whom the company happened to contract the ground work did it fine. Whew!!

Susie Nguyen



All these horrible reviews you read about are true! They get you with all kinds of sale pitches of great service and they are only nice on the initial call. I had to cancel services a month after I booked them when I no longer needed it but I got no response after 4 attempts. I finally called them and ended up being verbally harassed by the manager on duty. He kept telling me he was trying to help me but wouldn't give me a refund.So I'm unsure how he was trying to help me. He basically called me difficult, a liar, and a brat because I wasn't getting what I wanted. I ended up filing a claim with my credit card but Charter claims I never requested a cancellation so my refund was denied. They state I have until 5/28 to get full refund but how do I get refund of they don't respond? I guarantee you that they will avoid all calls and requests so that it will pass the deadline to get a full refund. It has been a total nightmare dealing with them. I am still trying to get my refund of almost $2000 since first week of January.

Stephany Williams


god bless charter

Due to my past traumas moving i was skeptical with trying it again, but i worked with a great representative before our move named josh and he helped up have an amazing experience. everything was delivered promptly within the delivery frame they promised.



They made it smooth

Relocating on my own has been nothing but troublesome. This time I decided to hire Charter van lines inc for the job. I will only hire professionals from now on. The movers were so efficient. They arrived on time, packed everything, loaded them onto the van and set off. They were so friendly while being absolutely professional. My valuables were moved to my new house without any damages. The final bill was shocking. It was just too cheap. I never thought moving companies would be that cheap while being so efficient.




Charter Van Lines is a moving broker who contracted another (awful) company for my move out of NYC. I was told one thing on the phone when booking the move, and when the movers showed up the entire opposite was true and they tried to charge me $1k more. Of course I when I emailed Luke, who scheduled my move, to tell him they need to understand how the moving companies they are contracting to ACTUALLY work and bill, I got no response. They'll say anything to get you to sign that contract and then it's all out the window. What a shame. Your deposit goes right to Charter for doing nothing and falling off the face of the earth, and then you pay another moving company on top of that. Just be aware!



Scam artist

If I could give zero stars I would. They hooked me by saying the could pick up on Friday and since they had a truck that needed to pick up an hour away from our new house then my belongs could be delivered on Sunday. I went ahead and booked and they said I could cancel until 7 days before my move. Well 5 days before the move they called to say that they’d subcontracted our to a different company who had awful reviews and is infamous for holding your stuff hostage for months and then overcharging. They wanted me to pay the remainder in postal money orders ... too late to cancel of course. Then the “dispatch” called at 4pm the day before they were supposed to show to tell me that now they wouldn’t come until Sunday between 10-12 bc of “delays.” Again, too late to cancel for a refund of my deposit and too late to hire a different company anyway. On Sunday the pickup window came and went with no sign of the movers. By 1:30 I started texting the driver (I had received his number on Saturday) and my husband began calling repeatedly. They kept saying they were coming. Finally three hours after the pickup window they showed. They didn’t come in a company truck but a rented Penske truck. The man promptly told me that my inventory would cost more than quoted but “wouldn’t know how much until it was loaded.” When I refused he threw out a number of $1000 extra. When I asked if my stuff would still be delivered today he said, “I don’t know. I don’t know if they’ll have me drive it up or switch drivers. Probably they’ll have me just drop it st the storage garage.” This was all so sketchy that I promptly cancelled. At this point the “dispatch boss” started to call and harass us and kept asking us “what’s your deal?” Of course charter was closed so I couldn’t call them to complain. All future emails and voicemails were left unanswered. They refused to respond to me but fought my dispute with the credit card company to get my deposit back because “they were willing to offer me a service.” Of course their offer didn’t meet the contract but apparently that didn’t matter.

Kirti Sharma


Scammers, Rude, Unprofessional

I have never felt the need to go online and give a bad rating until I did business with Charter Van Lines. Facts : they are not movers but actually brokers. Their business model is to give you cheapest quote and promise you their best in class moving service based on their so called 5 star rating on multiple sites. They ask you to pay a third of your quote right when you book them - a non reimbursable money !!!! So you would pay $1000 in advance for a move of $ 3000 BEFORE you know your actual mover. Here comes the scary part - they assign you the cheapest mover with horrible reviews online to do the move for you. And with $1000 deposit, you are left with only two choices - loose that big money or be ready for the ordeal. The attitude on my requests to provide me with a reasonable mover was - phone hung up on me!!! I had to collect online reviews to convince them of poor rating of the movers assigned to me but they wouldn't care. I couldn't trust this company any further with their bad attitude when they had $800 from me. All I could do was to cut my losses and save myself from crying after they would have had more of my money and all of my stuff. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT work with this company. The last thing you want is a bad mover when starting a new chapter in your life.

Thomas Koske


This is a broker only, not your moving company

If you value your personal belongings this is NOT for YOU. Oh, there very nice when planning your move but then it goes to a unknown outfit that has no accountability. Our furniture was in storage for a period of time and that my have been a factor in how so much was damaged, stolen and treated badly, looked like the storage place had a flood, was NOT climate control as promised. Buy the time we got our belongings the manifest showed 27 boxes to be missing, movers that unloaded the truck could care less. There is a process to file a claim but its so complicated with unreasonable requirements you know there's no hope you will see any fair resolution. Find a way to use a pod so you can secure your stuff, To top it off they stole the big TV, ( packed in a TV box) yahama sound bar, dyson cordless vac etc, looks like they dug thru looking for stuff packed in original boxes..I have moved many times and no move is without some problems but this is criminal behavior.

Valerie Hinson


Liars and Frauds

I signed a contract with Charter Van Lines to move my items from KY to TX. Charter bid out my move to Midwest Movers and that is the company that has my stuff. I was told by Charter that my items would be delivered in 6 days from June 30, 2018. The contract states the max amount of delivery time is 21 “business” days, it is way past delivery and no one will tell me when my items will be delivered. When I call Charter Van Lines I am hung up on, treated extremely terribly and told there is nothing they can do to help me. When I call Midwest Movers they are unable to help me nor tell me when my items will be delivered. All I’m told is “it hasn’t been scheduled.” As of today, 8/29/18, it has been 60 days (43 business days) since my first available delivery date of 6/30/18. Whatever you do, DO NOT USE Charter Van Lines, this company is awful and scams you out of your money and everything you own! I don’t know how these people sleep at night knowing how much distress they cause other people for no reason and could care less! This is by far the WORST experience dealing with a company in my life!!!




UPDATE....8/15/18 and still my belongings have not been received and still can't give me any updates. Arrow is trying to say they want to put my stuff on freight train and Charter says that is incorrect but neither will respond to my request for the location of my belongings. I plan on hiring another moving company to get my stuff away from Arrow and Charter. This is one of more horrible experiences of my life. These people have no regard for my stuff, they shouldn't be allowed to do business. I will be filing a lawsuit after. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY!

WARNING!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR LONG DISTANCE MOVES!! During the several phone calls to set up the move, never once was it mentioned that the 4-14 days they quoted me was BUSINESS DAYS. Fast forward to moving day 6/30/18 and after hours of packing all my stuff in their truck, the cost is double what they quoted me, they hand me the paperwork to sign and now I'm forced to agreeing to 30 BUSINESS DAYS FOR MY STUFF TO GET HERE since it's already on the truck and I have to be out of my rental that day!! How can you give me an estimate of 4-14 days (that's why I chose this company) and then forget to mention it's more like business days and closer to 30?? The company Charter Van Lines sent was Arrow Moving and Storage from Vegas and they are terrible, go read their reviews. I agree 1000% with every 1 star review on their page and 1 star reviews are all they have! I didn't pick Arrow, Charter sent them, this is the type of moving companies Charter will contract your move out to. It's common practice it seems to double the cost of the move upon arrival. I've moved from CA to PA seven times now and previously I've used Northwestern and never had this issue; they have an estimate when my stuff would get here and like magic, it got there. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE TOO! Every time I call the person on other end of the phone is completely obvious they don't care and plan on making no effort to find out where my stuff is. As of today 8/9/18, all my stuff that was picked up 6/30/18 is still not here. I've never received a single phone call to update me about when my stuff will get here or what is going on. This company absolutely does not care about its clients once they have your belongings. They contract your move out with local moving companies and then wash their hands of it. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!

If you have had silimar experiences with Charter or Arrow I encourage you to do what I am doing and file a complaint with the FTC. I feel so swindled and taken advantage of by both these companies.



Brokers and liars

Horrible scammers. Wife got on the phone to get a refund (in the time allotted) because we decided to go a completely different route in our moving strategy. The “manager” threw a hissy fit, called me a liar (for what, I don’t know) and called my wife and I idiots. They are brokers who don’t move your belongings themselves and will deny any liability. Read the bad reviews for this company- they all say the same story and paint the same picture. They refused to refund me and will not pick up my calls. You’re dealing with children here, not professionals. Reported them to the BBB.

Allen Steele


This is a moving company, REALLY?????!

Believe these negative reviews and then check BBB in FL and see why there are far more complaints than positives. NEVER use a moving company who charges you a deposit! Reputable movers will not charge you until your belongings are unloaded at your destination. Do the research! Your estimate will more than double by the end of your move and they have your belongings! You won't know the estimate increases until you're within the 7 day window of moving so if you cancel, you lose your deposit. In our case, we cancelled and lost over $3,000. BUT we have our belongings and went with a very reputable company who charged us nothing until after unloading. They are a broker meaning they broker your moving job out to the lowest bidder. In our case, the actual moving company couldn't speak fluent English and instead of going to our destination as planned, they were going to storage in the opposite direction! AND we were going to have to give them a $5,000 money order when they picked up our belongings! Sorry, I'm not that gullible. All I can say is DO YOUR RESEARCH. Call one of the big names and compare them. They actually come out and give a firm estimate. No increase in cost ever and no money up front!

Rachel Mason


The worst experience ever

Reference number 4633941

Horrible dealing with this company and I'm still going through the nightmare!!! Steer clear of this company they will lie to you during the quoting/inventory process to get your business and then reference you back to the fine print to cover themselves!
We are moving from Columbus OH to Garner NC. We went over our inventory multiple times and they increased the price after the last inventory, not ideal but ok that's fair. When they picked up our stuff they raised the price by $400, even though we were accurate on our inventory. The sales person and all the customer service reps kept telling us that things are usually delivered within 0-4 days. Now I'm sitting here at day 5 and our things haven't even left Ohio and the only thing customer service tells me is read the fine print it can be up to 21 business days. The customer service reps never call you back when they say they will and I have had two reps just hang up on me. I'm paying to live in a hotel and have no idea when we are going to move in.
Worst experience with a company ever!!!!




AVOID CHARTER VAN LINES! We did not know they were a broker. They gave us a price, required a deposit (which reputable moving companies do not do), and we were set. You cannot get your money back if you’re within 7 days of the move so they wait until then to get a final update on what you’re moving. Then they jack the price up knowing you’ll lose your deposit if you back out. Plus, once they weigh the truck, it will go up further. Also within the week of your move, the actual moving company who bid the lowest will call. Ours called and couldn’t speak English! Plus he said they’d take our belongings to storage which was NOT agreed on. We canceled in the last week because Charter would NOT help us fix the situation. They also require payment by money order. Half at pickup and half at delivery. Definite red flags. Might lose our deposit but at least we haven’t lost our belongings. Do yourself a favor and read the fine print! Also compare to reputable movers.

Dani Fake


Do your research on the subcontractor BEFORE you sign.And don’t expect customer service from Charter.

I do not recommend this company, I knew they subcontracted, that is not uncommon in the industry, but I was told my items would be delivered in 3-10 days. I signed a contract to that effect.

When on day 24 my items were STILL IN A WAREHOUSE in the original location, I was told the 3-10 days was simply an estimate and they were not held to it.

My items were picked up on May 14. It today is June 6 and they are still not on their way to me - they are sitting in a warehouse in the original location.

This is due to the policies of the subcontracted company. But Charter had a responsibility to tell the truth about what would happen with the company they subcontracted through. I had no way of knowing until the contract was signed, and there was nothing I could do about it without losing a deposit.

Charter was not transparent about the timeline issues, and was very adamant that my things would be delivered in 3-10 days based on distance.

When I tried to get support from Charter, the company told me there was nothing they could or would do to support their horrible communication, lack of transparency with what happens with a subcontractor, and the amount of money it has cost me to be without furniture, clothing and basic home essentials.

Had I been told the truth about the delivery date, I would have made a different moving choice.

Lack of transparency is a horrible way to do business. And if you want customer service or someone to care about what is happening in your world that they helped create...this is NOT the company for you.



Good but watch out for the moving companies they choose

I worked with Brian from Charter Van Lines to coordinate my original moving quote. He was responsive, nice, and easy to work with but when I asked for someone to come to my 1BR apartment he assured me it wasn't necessary and they don't usually go out to 1 BRs. The reason I wanted someone to come in the first place was to avoid any 'hidden or additional' fees that may show up and even though I told him every large piece I had, I ended up going over my quote by almost $2,500. This is what I tried so hard to avoid, but in the end it was useless.

Also, it should be noted that Charter is an agent and not the moving company so it is up to their discretion who they hire within your city. I was moving from Chicago, IL to Denver, CO and they chose a not so great company in my opinion (Best Price moving and storage) and I will write a review about them as well.

My advice is to try to find a company that isn't an agent and does the move themselves because I believe there were mis-quotes on the pricing between the agent and the movers themselves as Charter told me it was the number of items and the movers said it was by cubic feet. I went over by 8 cubic feet and owed an additional $900 just for that small of a space and then they used MULTIPLE rolls of tape on specific items and I had to pay a lot of extra money for the 'supplies' used.



Stress free moving & exceptional service

I don’t typically write reviews, but I am so satisfied with my experience that it is necessary! Using Charter Van Lines to help me move my home has been the only stress free part of my move. Thanks to them I feel like a load has been taken off my shoulders. From the moment I spoke to them on the phone to the moment we arrived in South Carolina, the customer service has been superb and I couldn’t recommend them enough. Thank you again for making our lives a little easier, will be using you for all future moving needs! Would recommend!

Devon Varoz


Thank you, Charter Van Lines!

Every move has challenges, or so I thought! This last summer, I had family heirlooms and priceless furniture that needed to arrive without a scratch from Walla Walla, WA to Tucson, AZ. I was stressed, on short notice, and expecting disaster. I chose Charter Van Lines because everything was included in their quote—no hidden mileage or gas charges.

On moving day, the Charter Van Lines team delivered outstanding white-glove service. To tell you the truth, moving can get a little crazy sometimes, but Charter Van Lines delivers on their promises with professionalism: Not one scratch appeared after a multi-state move to the Southwest.

Overall, my experience of a multi-state move was made truly positive. They assembled my priceless furniture on-site with great care; and, I was ready to settle into my home within minutes. If I move for work again, I will choose Charter.

Amanda Dacquel


5 stars for Charter Van Lines

I have moved quite a bit over the past few years and Charter Van Lines are by far one of the best!!! The 5 star moving crew arrived on time, worked quickly, and handled my furniture with care. It's overwhelming enough moving on your own, out of state, with precious items, but they were professional, kind, and removed the stress. I was worried because I have a few antique items, but they arrived safe and sound! Not a single item was damaged! It was such an excellent experience all around. For state to state moves, they are the only company I recommend! Thank you Charter Van Lines!!! 5 stars! I will be making plenty of referrals as you were that amazing and priced reasonably.

Roy Johnson


They did not charge me much

I hired Charter van lines recently and they did a hell of a job. They brought the boxes, tapes, pads, tools and many need instruments. They had it all and they did it all. They moved me so easily and nothing was damaged! I really can’t believe it! They are truly the best. Their sales rep and customer service is very supportive and helpful. Because of their hard work, I am now successfully relocated without any problems. Cheers!

Jill Taylor



Charter Van Lines are a Broker. I am up to over 40 items either missing or broken. The packing was done poorly. My furniture was held hostage until I paid an ADDITIONAL $6500.00. Top Rate Movers were their carrier of THEIR choice. They are located out of Bova Raton Florida. Even the bank said that $27000 was out of line to move 161 miles. THEY ARE EXPENSIVE..




I tried to cancel 2 days later after reading the reviews of this company stealing clients money and changing their name every few years. Now my deposit of $610 has officially been taken from me and there is nothing I can do about it. The rep Eli Shimoni laughed at me and said I would never see that money again when I canceled, and he was right. Please be smart and read all the reviews before you sign. I’ve also learned that REAL moving companies don’t require deposits. They make their money in a shady low life way, and I hope that the karma is not to harsh on them in the long run.

Eunice Samuel


A Job Well Done Is Perfect!

The Company that handled my last move was not as good as I thought
after some of my furniture and Television were broken during the move
but when I got on the phone with Charter Van Lines it was a friendly conversation which helped
in finding me the best deal in the market and I decided to give them a try.
I would recommend Charter Van Lines for anyone that wants a safe, friendly and trustworthy movers
as they are absolutely the best out there.
The Guys that handled my job really did great and am very excited
by the way, they carried out the work carefully and Perfectly!
If I am to recommend any service for my next move and for anyone it surely would be Charter Van Lines.
I really appreciate your great service and would like to say to you guys over there "keep up the good work"

Sarah R


Move from Orlando to Austin

I made the decision to make a big lifestyle change and move from Florida to Texas. The anxiety over this was extremely overwhelming. Luckily, Charter Van Lines made the whole process non-stressful and easy. The quote was fair for the contents of my apartment, and the movers arrived right on time to pick up my furniture. Everything was delivered to Austin on time as well. We had clear communication throughout the move, and all of my furniture and personal items arrived in great condition. Plus, everyone was really friendly and sympathetic about my worries. I'd definitely recommend Charter Van Lines.

Dahyo Coleman


Highly Recommend

This job relocation was something I was unsure of simply because of the fact that we had already settled in Delaware. When I came across Charter Van Lines, they immediately took the stress of moving away. They were communicative, thorough, and diligent which made this process easier. They made me feel as though I was a top priority, and I will definitely be using them again in the future


All lies

Couple big issues. The online estimate method is horrible. The price you pay will not be what was quoted. The actual moving company that comes to your house the day of the move will give you a real estimate, which will be more. You can either pay it of be forced to find another company, so if you are selling a house that is closing and you need to move on a specific date you are SOL. Second issue is that Charter flat out lies to you. They specifically told me a semi would come to my house and get loaded directly and then drive to the new location to be unloaded within 3 days. I asked about this numerous times in an email and was told this was the case, so I went with them for this reason. The day of the move the actual moving company shows up in a 26' truck and tells me they will take it and load it on a semi, so at this point I had no choice. After the truck leaves I get an email stating there is no ETA on the delivery of my stuff and could take 21 business days. I just asked for a status of my stuff and it is still in Denver 8 days after pickup and the actual moving company that bid on the job can't give me a date since they cannot find a driver. Once Charter bids out the job they are basically done and everything from the move pick-up is handled by the lowest bidder moving company.

Every word in their response is false and a blatant lie.

My email to Charter
"I was able to get the closing date set for Friday so we are good. Another question I have is do you load my stuff on a truck, take everything to another location in Denver, load it on to a semi, drive it to LA, then unload on a another truck to deliver it? It sounded like you load it directly on the semi here drive it to LA and then unload at my new house. I was just curious since another company called me today and warned me against using a broker, but I liked the idea of my stuff only being touched twice as apposed to 4 times which he said their company would do."

Charter's response to my email.
"Other companies will tell you anything to scare the hell out of you. Your items will only be touched twice. That is why getting the FADD approved was so important so you weren't getting off loaded into storage, we are door to door. If you remember my guys were trying to deliver you in two days (if we switched you on to a different truck that would not be possible). Try not to listen to these other movers, I'm sure that you are still getting bombarded with phone calls. 
If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask!"

Not a single word of truth out of Charter. DO NOT USE CHARTER VAN LINES!! I would stay away from all moving brokers, especially this company.



Charter Van Lines

I would definitely consider using Charter again for my next move. It was one less problem for me to handle while moving. The movers were respectful of my belongings and handled them with care, for which I am very grateful. I was leaving a place I'd been at for a while and I had a lot of stuff I was nervous to let go of, but they proved to be reliable and they returned my belongings to me just as they were when they took them.



Amazing Experience

I took a very last minute job interview out of state and ended up getting hired on the spot. I needed to begin work immediately and find an available rental, on top of a ton of other things. Charter Van Lines gave me an immediate quote and scheduled the move for the dates I needed with no problem. While the movers were packing my things, the Charter Van Lines Agent kept me informed the entire time. My things were delivered on time, packed neatly, and had no moving damage. This company seriously takes a headache out of moving! Thank you!!




Charter Van Lines makes moving a painless, convenient, and swift experience. Their active engagement throughout the entire relocation process--from the careful packaging and loading of fragile items, to swift and reliable transportation, to their involved and responsive customer service team--ensures that the most demanding and overwhelming tasks involved with moving are masterfully completed by professionals. This is a tremendous company!



Awesome Moving Company!

When I moved from Illinois to Wisconsin Charter Van Lines made my move go really smoothly. It took a lot less time than I had expected it too!

Andrew Duff


Charter Van Lines

Moving is always a hassle, but the folks at Charter Van Lines made everything smooth and easy! Heading to Indiana from Florida, I knew there was going to be a few headaches along the way. This company helped me with logistics and treated me just like family. The workers were efficient, on time, and friendly. It was easy to see how much they cared about me! I would absolutely recommend this company.

Gregory Watson


Cheap yet professional

I was trying to hire a moving company and these leeches kept asking for so much money. Every one of them was giving me plain ridiculous quotes. I went with Charter van lines and they gave me a reasonable quote. They performed the move professionally. There were no issues anywhere.

Jane Kang


We Just Moved -- and survived! -- Thanks to Charter Van Lines

Charter Van Lines saved us from losing all our hair moving across the country from New York to California. From the start, they were upfront about what it would realistically cost us to move our two bedroom, including one master bedroom and our son's room which was filled to the bring with the things a toddler needs to be entertained (parents know what I'm saying). They came and helped pad up all the furniture for safe transit and even carefully saran wrapped and boxed all the loose stuff that we hadn't gotten around to by moving day. They met us at the new house in California WHEN THEY SAID THEY WOULD (!) and proceeded to just as kindly unloaded our furniture exactly where we asked. Couldn't have made our move any easier, especially after hearing other people's nightmare moving experiences. Thanks, Charter Van Lines! :D



Reliable and Efficient

Charter Van Lines are reliable, fast, and efficient. They communicated with me and took the hassle out of scheduling a large move. I would recommend their services again to my family and friends! This was, by far, one of the easiest moves I've done, so thank you for being friendly and helpful.

David Guydecker


Bait and Switch

STAY AWAY!!! Prepare for a Bait and Switch. They gave my elderly mother an binding contract for $4800, and we proceed to pack all the boxes ourselves. A few days before the move someone callex to go over everything room-by-room, then the price went up to $5800. When the movers arrived they said it would be additional $1200 in packing supplies, once her stuff was on the truck they told her that the new total was now $8400.

Bobby Wilson


Reliable movers

If charter van lines wasn’t a reliable company, I wouldn’t keep hiring them over and over. Neither would I recommend them to everyone. These guys have outperformed themselves each time they helped me move. That is a damn good achievement! It does help even further when they charge me such low prices for the amazing movers they keep sending. Each crew I have worked with has amazed me with their skills and efficiency. Just for your information, I’m a food critic and I criticize people for a living. If I’m saying these are worth it, they have to be!

Hanna Terrell


Very happy!

Charter Van Lines did a great job moving us. I have no complaints and would recommend them to everyone!



They take stress away

Moving is always a stressful time. Even though I was moving not too far away, it was still stressful. I was glad to choose charter van lines as they are extremely professional with their customer service. Their movers are also professional in appearance and they are careful with my things when moving. They maintained their schedules in every way and worked very hard to make this move possible. In the end I realized that these guys did all the hard-work and I simply had to drive myself to my new house to find everything ready in there. I truly am grateful to these amazing movers. I will recommend them to anyone who needs a moving company!



smooth move

Charter Van Lines exceeded my customer service expectations! I have had questionable experiences in the past and was a bit nervous at first. The customer service is exceptional so I felt that I was in safe hands. From door to door, I was impressed with the service. I highly recommend calling Charter Van Lines!



From FL to CA!

Charter Van Lines helped with a flawless move from Florida to California! They packed everything up from my old home and delivered it in an orderly and on time manner, not one scratch on my furniture! I will be using Charter for all my future moves.

Tazzy Broderick


Great experience

Charter Van Lines did exactly what they promised!! They helped me move from NY to Florida and was there if I had any concerns every step of the way!! I definitely recommend this company!!!

Wendy Xu


Excellent Service!

Charter Van Lines was extremely friendly and professional when they helped me and my family move from Texas to California. They really made our experience free of stress and helped pack up everything, from our TV to our chairs. Would use their services again in a heartbeat!

Lindsey Todd


Thanks For A Great Move!

Charter Van Lines moved us when we moved from New Jersey to Florida. We were stressed out about our move, but everything arrived on time and in perfect condition. We had an excellent experience with Charter Van Lines and would recommend them to anyone moving state to state!

Matthew Sullivan


Very Experienced

Charter Van Lines knows what they're doing. Whatever it takes, I thought it was joke to use sandwich bread as extra cushioning but they really do. I joked that I have my own bread if that gets me a discount! Very friendly staff. I was impressed with how quickly they loaded up and hit the road. They almost beat me and my wife to Boca! We're loving it down here. Thanks again!



Horrible experience!

Horrible experience! They stole my money and broke their contract. They refused to refund my deposit money of $915 dollars! Do not trust them! They lied to me several times when I wanted to speak to a manager. I canceled 8 days prior to our move. They said the 8th day didn't count as a whole day since I was calling in the afternoon. My husband and I are pastors and we have a huge move ahead of us and we didn't need this financial stress in the middle of everything going on. I will warn everyone against this company and you should stay far away from them. It seemed a little odd to me that all the other moving company's had 1 and 2 star ratings while this one had 5 stars. I wouldn't trust these other reviews!



Easy and affordable

I had to move from New York to California without much notice for an exciting job, but was absolutely stressed and befuddled about how to get my stuff moved fast. I had used one of those pod services for my last long distance move, but ended up feeling it wasn't a great value. I was absolutely happy with Charter Van Lines!

They provided a quick quote which they stuck to and didn't even bat an eye when I had them move a piano from a New York city apartment. Everything arrived in Los Angeles, in pristine shape. (And fortunately for the movers on the LA end, no stairs in the new place!)

I'd definitely recommend these guys for your long distance hauls.



Seamless Move with Charter Van Lines

I absolutely recommend Charter Van Lines to anyone looking for a seamless moving experience. The staff was professional and friendly! Communication was clear and reliable throughout the process. They arrived on time, with everything necessary for my move on hand. My possessions were handled with care. I've moved quite a bit over the last couple of years and this was by the far the most stress-free move I've had! I will definitely be using Charter Van Lines in future moves.



Fantastic experience with Charter Van Lines

Moving can be so stressful, but Charter Van Lines made it a wonderful experience. I am typically very independent and always try to move from apartment to apartment by myself. But this time, I was so glad I went with Charter Van Lines for my move out of state to California. With such a big move, all of the details mattered, and fair pricing was really important to me. Charter really came through by packing all of my stuff neatly and with great care, communicating with me throughout the entire experience, and ensuring my belongs were safely transported all the way across the country. This was a long trip and I was worried something would've gone wrong, but the move happened without a hitch thanks to Charter! They were professional and friendly at every step. Everything arrived within the scheduled time, and best of all, the pricing was great. I highly recommend Charter for your next move, you won't regret it!

Lee Burke


Superb service

Most of my friends keep complaining about how bad their movers were. Sadly, I can’t join their club. I hired Charter van lines for their low quote. I was expecting the worst but they really delivered the best. They arrived on time and were meticulous at packing everything so carefully. I asked them specifically to take care of my glassware and they did just that. When I received the delivery, I was ecstatic to see all my glassware was delivered unbroken. I wonder why people even bother going for any other moving company. They should just hire this one and forget about their worries.

Gemma Evangelista


First time moving service user

This is my first time using a moving service and I am grateful that I called Charter Van Lines. I moved some household items from a friend's place to Las Vegas and I am surprised that the move wasn't as stressful or time consuming as people have warned me. Although I thought the quote was a little on the high side - compared to other moving companies this was a bargain! When I called to confirm the movers were already on their way and ready to get their hands dirty. The customer service was friendly and professional. The moving staff was prompt, punctual and efficient. When moving furniture items they were considerate and moved each piece carefully and treated each item with care (even if it was a box full of clothes). I'm glad I was able to trust Charter Van lines with moving items across state lines. Knowing I can trust a company with my belongings was a relief. If you want your first moving experience to be a breeze call Charter Van Lines.

Lisa D


Moving from New York to South Carolina

I have moved several times, always taking on the chore of packing, moving my things, and unpacking. Not this time. Charter Van Lines saved the day. Their movers were super helpful and considerate of some expensive and fragile items. Charter was reasonably priced, the staff was very accommodating, and they were on time. The website is easy to use, and I have already recommended Charter to a family member.

Ann Wilganowski



I chose Charter because of it's awesome website. It has a variety of features one can choose from in order to receive an accurate quote. The pricing was good with Charter. The move went smooth and the movers were careful with our possessions. The service was excellent with Charter.



Charter Van Lines Moving Job

Moving with Charter was the best decision I could have made. I had never used a moving service before because I was stubborn in wanting to do everything on my own, but my move up to Washington proved that this was harder than anticipated. When I decided to move back to California I decided I needed help.

When I called Charter to get a quote, the representative was friendly, easy to talk to, and straightforward. The movers showed up right on time and they were so professional and friendly. I only had positive interactions with the people that helped me pack up and load up my valuable, breakable items. Everything was handled with such care. They knew exactly what they were doing when loading things into the truck.

Moving can be so stressful and emotional, and they made sure to take the stress out of the process. It was such a relief to be able to trust them with my valuable items all the way across states. I even had some really nice conversations with the people helping me. Overall, it was an great experience. I will definitely recommend Charter to friends and family, and would use them for any future moves.



Excellent Service!

Before my big move, I had been pretty apprehensive about how stressful it would be - but Charter made everything so much more streamlined than I ever thought possible! Right away, I was relieved to know that they would be there every step of the way to transport all of my belongings. I didn't have to go through the trouble of figuring things out on my own, and they were incredibly supportive, attentive, and reliable. All of my initial questions were answered, and throughout the transport process they took excellent care of all of my things. I especially appreciated how professional and helpful the movers were. I'm so glad I decided to use Charter, and I cannot imagine accomplishing a move like this any other way. I've already recommended them to my friends and family, and I'll definitely call them up if I ever need to relocate again.



Great, Professional Service!

I've never used a moving service before - I had always staunchly insisted on moving all of my things by myself. But for my most recent move, I realized I had collected too many things to realistically move alone. So I gave in and called Charter. They were great!

They gave a clear estimate for the cost and were easily able to answer all of my questions (which were numerous because it was my first time using a moving service). When they showed up on the day of my move, they quickly loaded all of my things, carefully making sure that each item was unharmed on the way out the door and in the truck.

Charter delivered my things on time, and sure enough, everything was still in great shape - it was so obvious the care they had taken with my belongings. The movers were super respectful of my new space, and took each box and piece of furniture to the correct room without hassle.

I just don't know why I waited so long to start using movers to help me during these stressful days. But I'm glad I finally changed my mind and that I found Charter. I'm never going back to doing it alone. Thanks Charter!



Charter Van Lines

I had never utilized the services of a moving company before, always opting to do it myself with friends or family members, but this time I decided to leave it to the professionals, and that's exactly what I got with Charter- professionals. I didn't really know what to expect, but they were kind enough to walk me through the process and answer my questions before I even had a chance to ask them. They took great care of my fragile items, loading, positioning inside the vehicle and unloading, and everything arrived on schedule in one piece. Once they arrived at my new place, they efficiently transferred everything to the proper room that was labeled on the box or requested. I don't know why I bent over backwards moving by myself in the past, but I will definitely be using Charter Van Lines again the next time I move, which hopefully will not be for a long time.



Professional and Easy

During our last move, we promised ourselves not to go through that again. My boyfriend and I are both teachers and we have a ridiculous amount of books. It's always heavy and exhausting when we move.

With Charter, it was different! I didn't have to worry about my belongings or towing anything myself. It was incredibly easy and satisfying to be able to trust professionals to do it.

They called to confirm pick up and arrived on time. Nothing was damaged during the move and they weren't careless with our belongings when loading the truck. When we arrived at our new place, everything was ready to go and I was ready to unpack!

I don't think I can ever go back to moving myself if we move again. Charter Van Lines was perfect!



A Horrible Experience

The most pleasant experience was getting a quote. They appeared to be very professional and customer friendly. Everything after that was downhill. The dispatcher did not call to say when he was coming. I had to call and find out for myself. The driver was extremely rude and tried to charge me an additional $900 in fees because he said I doubled the cubic square feet that was in the estimate but he would not allow me to see how he packed the truck.I only had 3 more medium boxes than I estimated which should not have exceeded the allowed square footage and the estimate . He also tried to charge an additional $300 because he said he had to walk more than 150 feet from the moving truck to my apartment. I was moving from a one bedroom apartment for both locations. The driver also refused to leave his drivers license with the concierge to receive the key fob for the freight elevator, so he told me I would have to operate the elevator and wait for him to load and unload the elevator because he was not going to leave his license with anyone. Since I refused to pay the additional $900 in fees the movers left my final destination without assembling my bed. Charter Vanlines only offered to give me $30 for my inconvenience. Do yourself a huge favor and look for a better company that will not contract your move to rude and money hungry swindlers.



Clearly, not a professional company

I recently moved from Seattle to New York. Customer service was great... until delivery day.

1. I did not receive any confirmation phone call prior as promised in contract. I received a phone call from the dispatched driver day of saying he was 30 min away. Fortunately, I was able to get someone at drop off location.

2. I quickly called Charter Van Lines to see why I had not received a phone call and the response: relinquish responsibility for driver/dispatch communications and referred to themselves simply as "booking" company

3. I then was told by driver I would have to pay $350 for a shuttle service (in contract) because Charter Van Line had pre-determined that the moving truck wouldn't fit onto my "narrow" streets (I live in a suburb in Long Island)

Again, I call Charter Van Line to dispute this charge as my street is a designated fire lane and there are tons of delivery trucks to 7/11 on the corner. This is when I was treated poorly, hung up on several times and told I



Our move from Seattle, Washington to Portland, Oregon

We recently moved from Seattle to Portland because of a job change. From the moment we called Charter Van Lines we knew this was the company for us.

Our move was scheduled for a Friday morning and the movers were to arrive at 8:00 a.m. Two days before our move we received a confirmation phone call from Charter asking us if we were still in need of their services. Of course, we said yes, and they arrived right on time that Friday morning.

Our belongings were treated with respect, nothing was damaged or broken while it was being loaded onto the truck. Our move was quick, easy and efficient.

When our belongings arrived at our new home in Portland they were quickly unloaded from the truck and placed in the rooms that were labeled on the boxes.

If we ever move again we will be certain to contact Charter Van Lines. Thank you for an amazing move.



Moving Company Services

Last month I called Charter Van Lines to move my family from Georgia to Florida. l had never used a moving company so I was unaware of the process and cost. I was scared the process would be painful. Plus, the feeling of your things being on the road under someone else's care concerned me a bit.
I had no other option and after a reviewing a few other companies, I decided on Charter and call to set the move up. The young lady who answered the phone was super helpful in informing me of the process. She was so kind and informative that it sort of eased my fears.
Our moving date came and the movers showed up on time. They were very careful with our items. They wrapped and secured everything. I was given the timeframe of delivery and they kept that promise too. Basically, I was concerned for no reason! The company was overall great and I most certainly recommend them to friends and use them again if I ever need to.



Professional and Quick

Never thought I'd be leaving NYC but when I got the job opportunity of a lifetime in VA, I needed a mover that did cross-state moving right. I found Charter Van Lines and they were quick and professional. There were no hidden fees associated with my move (I've had companies add for wrapping mattresses and bubble-wrapping large mirrors before). The movers were respectful and careful. They did not rush too much or make me feel they were going to drop or damage anything. They had the right sized boxes and wrapping material for all my things (large, small, and varying furniture items). I'm happy to recommend Charter to anyone in need of a stress-free, straightforward, and safe move.

Megan Mercado


They were helpful

I've always moved ever since I was a young girl and most of the time it was a very stressful experience. As an adult, I wanted my move to be stress-free, and that is why I went with Charter Van Lines. I've always read great reviews, and it turns out they were true! From the start, this company helped me with whatever I needed. They were helpful, kind and straightforward. I am glad to say that this was a very stress-free experience and if I do end up moving again in my future I know which company I'll be picking to help me.



Cross country move

Moving has always been a stressful process for me, but Charter Van Lines put me at ease from the beginning. Being a military family, I have been through plenty of moves. This company was straight forward with us the entire time, from cost to time estimates. Any questions or reservations I had were addressed in an easy manner. They did not shy away from any of my concerns and that gave me confidence that they were successful at what they were doing.

They helped us pack some of our loose belongings in appropriately sized boxes, to ensure they were kept safe during the moving process. They were not daunted by the amount of stuff we had but seemed to carry and air of focus.

It is so common to see a moving company just pile your stuff onto their truck and unload it without any finesse. That was not so with Charter Van Lines. I could tell that they were treating my belongings safely, not hurriedly and without consideration. They were very knowledgeable on how to pack the items into the

Jessica Schoonover


Highly recommended

Charter Van Lines helped us move from Ohio to New York without any worries! They helped us every step of the way. I would recommend them to anyone. They are willing to take the time to explain things to you and address any of your concerns. The staff members were attentive and professional. Charter Van Lines made the entire experience smooth and easy.

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