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601 Heritage Drive, Suite 220, Jupiter, Florida 33458 USA

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About Best Interstate Moving and Storage

601 Heritage Drive, Suite 220
Jupiter, Florida

As a moving brokerage company, we act as your door-to-door advocate. We connect you with our network of experienced moving professionals who meet our strict requirements for expertise, reliability, and integrity. We are based in south Florida and specialize in long-distance residential moves and commercial relocations throughout the continental United States.

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Jenny Organista


Worse experience ever!

Worse experience ever! Stay away from contracting this company. I would give it no stars if I could. If you use them your most valuable items will go missing and whatever you get will be broken. (They lost my computers, new Canada goose jackets, a vintage and super expensive small table, and a few other valuables. And our couch, pretty expensive lamp and a bunch of other things broken and not fixable. Not to mention you will not get your things until 3-4 weeks later after the date you agree upon. Their customer service is almost non existent after they get your money and they expect you to waste your valuable time to file a claim if you want some $ back, however there is a trick to it! - you will need to upload receipts for the items that you lost or were broken, like if you were planning on that and had them saved for this type of scenarios. An absolute nightmare!



Everything was excellent

I just wanted to thank extreme movers for the excellent move that I got from them. They moved me and I got my stuff. Now I'm settled. I'm so happy they quoted me good. Everything was excellent. The price went up a little bit. They explained why and I agreed. I got my delivery on time. Everything was excellent. Customer service was great for man helpers. All great team. My very expensive furniture got to me in great condition. Everything was good and now I'm settled in Florida. I'm ready to go back to work and if I move again because my job moved me from a state to another I will only pick Best interstate moving and storage.



Truly AWESOME experience

We could not be more pleased with Best interstate moving and storage.. Nothing broken, scratched, or dented. Our team worked so hard and they were so professional.
We will refer our friends and family every time.
We were amazed and how well they packed everything in the truck.
We couldn't have done this move without you..
Truly AWESOME experience

Roxanne Crone


Awful service- go anywhere but here

First, they will tell you everything you want to hear upfront and not honor any of it. We booked packing and moving services. They said they would give me my worst case estimate which wasn’t even close to the worst case. 2- when reviewing the terms the agent stated it could take 21 days to move my items of which I said I can’t do that and she preceded to tell me not to worry about it bc we had a full truck and it would be delivered quickly. It is suppose to be delivered on Jan 9th! They didn’t show up like they were suppose to on dec 19th to start packing and showed up at 1pm on dec 21st the day all my stuff needed to be out of my house. Numerous times they said they would be coming and never showed up with me continuing to call them. Needless to say they didn’t get it out until dec 22nd which we had to pay for an extra day plus fees to cleaners for moving service dates last minute. The people packing were less then careful and damages my walls and baseboards numerous times and spilled RED Gatorade on my floors and never told me about any of it! They rolled my round table out on the edge, called wrapping TVs in a blanket with cardboard around it as “Crating”, drop many of our items and were not even close to be careful or respectful. This is a broker and they sub out to others which is where the problem begins. This was never communicated acted to me upfront and now I have the broker and the transportation service pointing fingers at each other for who’s fault. Now today I got a call that the earliest they can and will deliver is Jan 5th to Jan 9th. When I specifically stated on the recorded call line about my issues that I needed my delivery the following week. I have a special needs child and living like this is NOT acceptable. They said the contract said they actually have 21 days from the earliest date they can drop off which also was never communicated up front. Don’t use them at all! I asked to have the owner reach out to me and the manager said he was on vacation and she couldn’t do that. We are going to seek legal counsel due to the consistent lies being told and lack of transparency. We have moved many times and NEVER have we has the issues we have encountered.

Mark Murtaugh


Bad service

Worst company. Customer service was terrible, people would not return calls or messages. Never did get all my boxes, I suppose they belong to one of there employees



Perfectly handled everything

I needed movers in a hurry and I didn’t know where to turn. I heard about Best interstate moving and storage before. So I went with them. The movers were punctual and highly trained. They started the packing and loading process immediately. These movers had a really good understanding of how to handle a tricky move. All my belongings were unharmed when they were delivered. My move went smoothly and the cost remained the same. They made this move unbelievably easy.

David King


Egregious estimates made in poor faith

We selected BIMS after reading some positive reviews online. We started by receiving some quotes from other moving companies, but ultimately settled on this broker.

Having done a cross country move before, our relationship with BIMS started as business as usual with no red flags. BIMS uses an "AI" to provide you your non-binding estimate of your shipping weight. You take videos of your house and submit through their app. With this system, BIMS provided my family a reasonable quote. As with most brokers, BIMS structures their contracts so that you pay in three parts: booking, pickup, and delivery. Once we paid BIMS our initial booking portion everything started falling apart.

According to automatic email responses, our service representative unexpectedly went on leave. BIMS failed to assign us a new representative and we could not get through to any representative who would help us despite calling numerous times. First, we were told that we should expect a call in the next day hearing from our newly assigned representative. We never received that call. We tried to reach out to BIMS time and time again, but had to rely on declaring ourselves frustrated and demanding escalation to management to be routed to someone who could help us, albeit clearly reluctantly.

As of the night before the move BIMS did not even bother to call us, as promised, to let us know when the movers would be on their way. Instead, we heard from the movers the day before the move. The movers did show up at the time and on the day that they told us. The next week we played the phone game with BIMS again in order to receive our total weight. It took nine days to receive our weight and therefore final rate (again, your estimate is non-binding).

We were quoted $0.73 per pound for our move at 6,305 lbs ($4602.65). Once we received our final weight we were shocked to find it at 8,880 lbs ($6482.40). This is a difference of 2,575 lbs ($1879.75). I understand that the estimate provided to us would not be exact; I fully expected to be plus or minus a couple hundred dollars on the estimate. The estimate is clearly egregious, and its hard to find how it could have been performed in good faith. I have filed a BBB complaint against BIMS, claiming negligent estimation practices.

We have since had our goods delivered (by Cal Van Lines). While the delivery occurred within the time frame provided, we found ourselves subject to a litany of additional fees and are generally displeased with the condition of our goods and the service provided. The following sums up our experience with the company that BIMS contracted us out to (Cal Van Lines):

- hired-in local movers that did not protect our floors nor walls
- movers did not take safety precautions when laying the few mats they did, resulting in injury
- delivery of clearly damaged furniture and goods (that was not brought to our attention)
- numerous pieces of furniture left our residence fully assembled and were then disassembled in the warehouse without updating the inventory, leaving your wondering whether you truly received all your goods
- delivery of expensive furniture that could not be reassembled upon delivery without hours of labor (items were delivered to us in more pieces than initially received from the manufacturer after being disassembled in warehouse)
- improperly reassembled bicycles
- lazily reassembled lamps

For this reason I warn everyone PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Do not trust them with your money nor your goods.



Unprofessional, deceptively expensive, terrible

Terribly unprofessional in every possible way. Also, I was quoted for $8000 and the move ended up costing $10,000 with no clear reason given. The movers did a terrible job packing and kept leaving things behind, I had to run behind them all the time. Out of the three, one of them had simply been hired to do a single job the night before, so I wasn't feeling comfortable with my personal belongings being safe. Would not recommend to anyone, unfortunately.

Bethany Taylor


Inaccurate Estimate Deteriorating Service

My family and I used BIMS to move from Illinois to Texas. They GROSSLY misquoted the weight of our move. I would understand having to pay for what the items weigh, but they were so assured that their video software would be close to accurate, and it wasn't. I anticipated having to pay a difference - maybe $500 more or maybe even less, but when the movers came they informed us that it would be over $3000 more than was quoted. But what could we do? We couldn't NOT move - the house was sold and our stuff was packed and ready to go. When I reached out to BIMS to try and settle the dispute over this ridiculous inaccuracy they informed me that they were unable to offer any assistance because of the weight inaccuracy.

They did offer me compensation for another problem we had, but I couldn't in good conscience accept the money they offered me in exchange for my agreeing to not defame them in anyway. I just couldn't stand by after the terrible service I received. Because of their massively inaccurate estimate I had to postpone my move by 5 days. I had to provide 5 extra days of meals eaten out because we were supposed to moved out already (and I had already cleaned out the fridge/pantry so there was nothing in our home to eat). We also ended up having lodging expenses. The movers they contracted the first time that left because the estimate was so off ended up being dishonest and NO ONE from BIMS ever contacted us to see if things had happened like they were supposed to. I was assured by the movers that they would be back in 2 days, but when they didn't show and I contacted them they insisted they knew nothing about it. Foolishly I assumed BIMS had any further contact with them, and they were absolutely a mess to deal with trying to reschedule everything. It was only after HOURS on the phone with them that we were able to get our scheduled move back on track. We were supposed to moved on a Saturday, and they were unable to get us a a different truck until Wednesday.

Once the move was complete (items delivered) I spent days trying to get a hold of BIMS representatives to try and reach an agreement about compensation. I was continually passed from employee to employee, told again and again that someone would call me back, but they never did. They gave me some line about not being able to reach me, but my phone was ringing through for everyone else just fine. I later read that other disgruntled customers experienced that same lie about not being reachable. At the pinnacle of our dispute I was rudely spoken to, repeatedly blamed for their short comings, and eventually hung up on. I let them know I had every intention of letting as many people as I could know not to use their services. So please, save your money, your time, and your sanity - use ANYBODY ELSE. I cannot overstate how much financial and emotional stress using BIMS cost us.

Sarah D


Stress free move!

Best Interstate Moving and Storage was a stress free way to move. I was moving from Minnesota to Florida and didn't want to have to worry about driving a UHaul with all of my furniture and boxes. I called BIM to get a quote and immediately signed up. The price is reasonable and they offered 30 days of free climate controlled storage. The storage was extremely helpful because I didn't get my keys in Florida until 2 weeks after driving down. It was very nice to not have to worry about moving my items to 2 different houses due to timing. The only hiccups I had in my move were that I got about 15 hours notice for when my items would be picked up and that my boxes were a little dented when they arrived in Florida. The pickup date was still within the window they quoted me I just didn't get a very advanced heads up. I did carefully pack all of my items so even though the boxes were dented, none of my items were damaged or broken. The customer service reps were patient and answered all of my questions.



Great Move!

We recently moved from Maryland to Tucson and had a great experience with Best Interstate. They stayed in contact with us throughout the move and delivery was quick and complete.

Donna Wentz


Move from Chicago to Tennessee

I moved from Chicago to TN after living my whole life there. The customer service at Best is outstanding. Not a day went by when they didn't contact me to see how I was doing and was there anything I needed to change on our original quote. The price was significantly lower than others I had received from other companies. I also secured this company to transport my car. Everything was moved without a hitch. Movers were polite and hard working. I moved from Chicago on a very rainy day and the movers were very careful with their shoes on the carpet. Everything arrived in the order they had quoted. I would definitely recommend them for your long distance move. Great on the details.

Carol Aceves


Obtaining a Quote

As I'm sure most everyone knows, moving can be a very stressful and expensive endeavor. After calling multiple moving companies and brokers to obtain quotes for moving my 87-year-old mother from California to Colorado, it was like a breath of fresh air dealing with Best Interstate Moving and Storage. I have yet to go through the actual move, but just obtaining the quote told me I could trust this company. I was trying to get the best possible deal I could for my mom and was told that if I received a better quote from a comparably-rated company, Best would match it. I also informed David Barr, my reservation specialist, that my dad had been in the service. In light of these two facts, David worked his magic and quickly matched the better quote. The company has been such a pleasure to deal with thus far and I've communicated with at least ten other moving companies. They ARE NOT all created equal! If the rest of the moving process goes as expected, I'd be happy to write another review recommending Best and David even more emphatically. I was so happy to be able to do this for my mom without it costing her an arm and a leg. Thank you, David. You're the best!

Mark Berger


Never Showed up - twice!

I first booked a 3 day window in Early March. they never showed up! Then they said to give them a second chance. So, I was generous enough to give them a second chance and booked a second two day pick-up window in late march. THEY DIDN'T SHOW again, claiming they couldn't get a trucking company to service my move.

This industry just doesn't work. Stay away from ALL brokers.

Susan D


Moved my daughter

My daughter got her dream job in New York City and I offered to help find a moving company for her. We live in Florida and she’s always been nearby. I was a little anxious so I made sure to do my research. After speaking with four different companies, I decided to book with Best Interstate. I liked the idea that someone would help her throughout the process. We had a little issue with the truck not fitting down the side street in NYC but Best Interstate worked on our behalf to get the problem resolved quickly. All in all, I thought they offered a quality move for a reasonable price. I’d use them again.

Deborah C


Company Move

After lots of online research, I selected Best Interstate Moving to move me from Arizona to Illinois. My company promoted me and my relocation was part of the new job. I had a tight time frame to get to my new destination. I opted to have the movers pack all of my items. It saved me a ton of time and made sure my stuff arrived in perfect condition . I was pleased with how they worked with my company, since they paid for it. They sent the estimates, bills, weight tickets and anything else they requested in a timely fashion. In turn my company is using them again to move some of my coworkers.

Jennifer Santoro




I hired and trusted Best Interstate Moving and Storage for my move from Florida to Maryland. It has turned out to be a HUGE mistake. Probably the biggest mistake I have made in my life because it has resulted in me losing EVERYTHING I owned and worked for. This company is a broker that hired United Moving. This occurred on January 18, 2018. It is now well past the 20 business day delivery promise made by BI. Today is February 27, 2018. I have been PROMISED and even informed by Best Interstate SEVERAL different delivery dates. I was told the truck was just 2 hours away and I was the next delivery…. NO SHOW. I was told the truck broke down and will be there tomorrow….NO SHOW. I was told they had to get a new driver and it will be there next week…NO SHOW. I was told the truck had to first deliver a poor little old lady who was waiting even longer than I was, and I was next ….. NO SHOW, and a few other excuses. This broker has ME calling the missing man with my belongings when that's what I hired them for….to carry out my move successfully, and it did not occur. I was told everything and anything to make me go away and wait longer for a truck that doesn’t exist and is not coming! All resulting in no call/no show, to then receive a phone call yesterday from the owner of Best Interstate to tell me that my entire life is missing, no one has any idea where it is and for ME to CALL THE POLICE!!! BI has no idea where these men with my entire life are! NO CLUE!! GONE! MY. ENTIRE. LIFE. Best Interstate offered me an amazon gift card for $250 to remove my negative reviews and "buy what I need". Thank you but that won’t come close to covering my entire life, my important documents, my photographs, my diplomas, my clothing, my household items, my valuables from other countries…so no thank you.

LISTEN CAREFULLY PLEASE! If you don’t want to lose everything that you have worked your entire life for, please chose another moving company! If you enjoy hiring a lawyer and fighting for your life, go right ahead.

Best Interstate Moving and Storage LLC
601 Heritage Drive, suite 220
Jupiter, FL 33458
US DOT: 2903060 MC: 976901



best interstate moving and storage

After working with Best Interstate Moving and Storage they have helped resolved my claim with Cal State Moving and Storage. Customer Service Rep. Sheana was a huge help and followed up on our claim for 5 months until it was resolved.



Overall unsatisfied

I did not have a great experience with Best Interstate. I did a lot of research before picking a company to manage my move from Oregon to New York. Best Interstate had the best reviews, hands down. I have been overall quite disappointed though. This is a broker that contracts another company to move your belongings. Best Interstate contracted with United Transportation Moving and Storage for my move. The movers were 3 days late for pickup and 32 days late for delivery. I do feel that the majority of the blame for the extreme delay is on United, but I will comment upon Best Interstate's service in this review. The reason I gave them 2 stars is for the fact that they would contract with an extremely sub-par company to do the actual move, in addition to the lack of communication and poor customer service provided by Best Interstate.

When I booked my move with Best Interstate, I was assured that the movers could make an on-time delivery if I scheduled the pickup early enough. So the movers were scheduled to pick up my belongings nearly a month before delivery. After having been promised a pickup date of December 19, the movers finally showed up on December 22. My initial date for delivery was January 15, and my belongings finally showed up on February 15. I called Best Interstate about once a week from the time of pickup to the time of delivery. Nearly every time, I was assured that someone would follow up with me. It was apparent that Best Interstate was not doing anything to coordinate my move with United. Every time I called, the representative would call United, and tell me that the delivery date had been pushed back. My delivery date was pushed back countless times. It did not feel like Best Interstate was doing anything at all to coordinate the move or advocate for their customer. They were simply relaying information, and doing a very poor job of it.

It took extreme amounts of frustration on my part to get someone at Best Interstate to actually keep me updated and proactively manage my move. The purpose of a broker is to coordinate the move to make it go smoothly, and to advocate for their customer. You, as the customer, pay a fee for this service. Best Interstate did not deliver on this promise and did not warrant that fee.

Once I began writing negative, albeit truthful, reviews, I finally began getting better customer service. It is a shame that I had to resort to those measures. Overall, the service was still poor at best. Communication was either non-existent or sparse. And Best Interstate obviously has no problem contracting with shady business partners. I will not be using this company for any future move, nor recommending them to any friends.

UPDATE: Since delivery, Best Interstate has contacted me multiple times to address my concerns. I have spoken with Sheana multiple times, and she is probably the only person that has been understanding, attentive, and proactive. Best Interstate did offer some monetary compensation, which is appreciated. For this reason, I have updated the review to 3 stars.




Do yourself a favor and search all reviews! I have not been delivered my items yet…. after FIVE promises of delivery dates with no call and no show. Best Interstate is unable to get in contact with the driver that has my belongings and no one knows where my whole life is or when it will be here. It is well past the 20 business day delivery. VERY DISAPPOINTING.



Not the best

Agent assured me that they do their own moving and do not contract out. Not true. Day of move another mover showed charging thousands more. Damaged items ftom move Oct 2017 have not been resolved. They have clled once a monthe ftom Oct 17 Feb 2018 asking if damage claim has been resolved.

Dee Melendez


Glad to be Home

I can’t imagine a cross country move with 2 babies is ever easy. I started calling around and had every sort of response. Some wouldn’t help because it was too far, others prices were out of this world. Josh at Best Interstate was seriously a breath of fresh air. He was the epitome of what customer service should be, he worked around my busy schedule to call back when best suited me and did his best to offer the most competitive price. He was really empathetic towards how stressed I was about the whole situation. He made the process really easy and really helped me along. Until my belongings were delivered he made himself available for my calls. The actual move took a bit longer than I’d hoped for but they have really done their part to try to make things better. Most importantly, we’re finally home!



Overall dissatisfied

Do not recommend.

I did not have a great experience with Best Interstate. I did a lot of research before picking a company to manage my move from Oregon to New York. Best Interstate had the best reviews, hands down. I have been overall quite disappointed though. This is a broker that simply contracts another company to move your belongings. Best Interstate contracted with United Transportation Moving and Storage for my move. Not only were my movers 3 days late for pickup, but at the time of this review, they are now 24 days late for my drop off. I won't even go into detail as to how truly bad United Movers has been with their customer service and other aspects of the move. This review is for Best Interstate, and the reason I gave them 1 star is for the fact that they would contract with such a horrible company and their overall poor customer service.

The only person who has given me any decent customer service is Sheena. I have called Best Interstate repeatedly throughout this mo



Do not recommend

Do not recommend.

I did not have a great experience with Best Interstate. I did a lot of research before picking a company to manage my move from Oregon to New York. Best Interstate had the best reviews, hands down. I have been overall quite disappointed though. This is a broker that simply contracts another company to move your belongings. Best Interstate contracted with United Transportation Moving and Storage for my move. Not only were my movers 3 days late for pickup, but at the time of this review, they are now 24 days late for my drop off. I won't even go into detail as to how truly bad United Movers has been with their customer service and other aspects of the move. This review is for Best Interstate, and the reason I gave them 1 star is for the fact that they would contract with such a horrible company and their overall poor customer service.

The only person who has given me any decent customer service is Sheena. I have called Best Interstate repeatedly throughout this mo

Ahmed Alami


Move from NC To GA

Honestly had a great move with Best interstate moving and storage. Worked closely with Mae and Sheana. They did all the work for me especially with my crazy schedule with work and part time school. They also were very accommodating when I asked to change up the move to include the free 1 month storage so I could go on vacation with the family. Highly recommend working with this company and I can’t wait to use them again soon!

Everett Greene


Household Goods

I had a great experience with Best Interstate. The movers kept me informed regarding their expected arrival times. They quick and professional packed or unpacked my household goods. I will consider using Best Interstate again.



professional and efficient

Best Interstate Moving was amazing. After getting several outrageous quotes from other companies, Sheana was so helpful in getting a quote to us quickly and helping us secure movers within a week of our move Their pricing was 75% less than other companies. All of the movers were very professional and efficient. Only 2 wine glasses broke in a move that had 22 years of stuff.
Very happy customers. ????



Would use again

This move was fairly seamless. I really appreciated how clear and communicative the team was at every stage - everything was clearly spelled out and they were able to accommodate my needed pick up and drop off times for a long distance move. Sheana in particular was super helpful on the phone and a pleasure to speak with- she really provides ided a more personalized experience that made me feel comfortable with the process! Would use best interstate again.



best interstate movers

I had a small issue with the third party contracted to move my belongings after the move was completed, although they did deliver everything in perfect condition. It was my first move by an actual moving company & didnt know what to expect. Best Interstate called me immediately & fixed the problem even though they are in the midst of Hurricane Irma. I was very impressed with their friendliness & patience & I would recommend Best Interstate to anyone planning a move. They definitely came through for me!

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