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8 The Green Suite #5672, Dover, Delaware 19901 USA

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About United Moving Experts LLC

8 The Green Suite #5672
Dover, Delaware

We are a licensed moving broker through the Department of Transportation. There are many benefits to working with United Moving Experts. Even the biggest Carriers in the nation lack the necessary equipment to cover every route in the country, with most major carriers you may find yourself dishing out exorbitant origin or destination fees for a Carrier to go out of their way for the load. With our huge network of preferred Moving Companies, not only can we negotiate competitive prices for our customers in order to get you the bargain you’re looking for but we also save you the hassle of having to gather 100 different quotes for one move. We do this by providing you with your state's Preferred Movers at a wholesale rate. We represent a high volume of customers and our preferred Carriers will offer you valuable discounts when you reserve a move through us. Most Carriers rely solely on companies like United Moving Experts to book their loads, this gives us the competitive edge needed to shop the best deal with the highest rated Carriers in the nation. We take care of all the due diligence, pre-screening processes, and even negotiating discounts with every moving company we recommend. Our Carrier pre-screening process is made up of many careful steps, which is necessary to make your relocation risk-free, and satisfactory. Once your move is booked you will receive 24/7 support from our experienced Quality Assurance and customer service department who work tirelessly to ensure a flawless move for our customers.

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This company will tell you whatever you want to hear to get your money. I never leave reviews but this experience was one of the worst of my life. IF I COULD LEAVE 0 STARS I WOULD.
I spoke with UME about a professional move from Saint Louis, MO with pick up on May 20, 2019 to Long Beach, CA, delivered on June 28, 2019. He quoted my move $1800 and I paid a deposit that same day. On May 14th I spoke to a Quality Assurance team member. I was honest with the amount of furniture that would be moved. My inventory was correct as noted that it should be in the contract. "All adjustments should be made prior to pick up to prevent any unexpected price changes upon pickup."
On the day of the move, one driver showed up with an 18 wheeler that looked like it was about to break down in front of me. The driver of the truck was rude and pushy. He stated that my inventory took up a larger square footage in the truck than estimated, increasing my fee. He also added a $75 fee for needing to use an elevator, which was never mentioned in the contract, and he added a "long carry" fee since the elevator from my apartment was a greater distance than 50 feet according to him. These last two charges were never mentioned. The drive then proceeded to charge me $800 more than the quote. While I understand that an original quote is not always accurate this was a significant difference, especially when I went through the necessary process of assessing my inventory and then still running into hidden fees. After going over the price, the driver even tried to claim I had to pay more and that my deposit I already paid to UME did not count toward the price. I called Jennifer from customer service explaining this upcharge but no one from UME responded to my voicemail. I was then told that move in dates are not guaranteed and that items may be delivered " 21 days" after the first delivery date. After all this, the truck driver then hired two random locals in street clothes to move my things and furniture. Couches and boxes were thrown around carelessly and it was clear these were not professional movers.
Over the next month I was continuously called promising that my things would be delivered and everytime I would then receive a call that the truck was broken down and no where near my drop off location. I again called UME customer service, leaving a message, explaining the situation and the unprofessionalism of the move. I left my phone number and never received a call back. I took off three days of work expecting a delivery, costing me $150 per day. During these weeks of waiting, I continuously called the Customer service line but no one ever picked up. Even after leaving messages with a call back number I never heard from anyone at UME.
Finally, I received my stuff on June 19th (~20 days after my asking date), but not without difficulty. The truck broke down 30 minutes from my delivery point. My father had to drive to the truck to find the movers. Mechanics could not fix the truck and it was towed to a truck yard. I then had to rent my own uhaul (costing more money!) and drive it to the truck yard. Finally my stuff was loaded into the Uhaul and I then had to drive it to Long Beach and move my items into my apartment myself. After looking through my items tables (cost $200) were damaged and boxes were mangled completely mangled even though all items were packed appropriately and fragile items labeled glassware. Again showing the move was unprofessional.
I wrote a demand letter asking for a refund based on the fact that the move was not professional. I had to move things into my apartment myself and I even had to pay for a uhaul! I paid for a professional and timely coordinated move, which I did not receive. I was promised that I would have a liaison between myself and UME partners to ensure that my move went smoothly, but this did not occur. Finally after this letter was sent I receive a call from UME. He states that they can only refund me for the deposit I paid them. He said they would not pay for the damaged tables or anything else. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS COMPANY IF THEY DO NOT COVER DAMAGES! Since I did not have time to argue I accepted the refund of my deposit. Here we are three weeks later and nothing. I called them again leaving a message and no one responds. I will definitely be filing a suit and posting reviews to every review website out there. That is how strongly I feel this company mistreats their customers. They will do anything to take your money. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Get a pod and save yourself the headache. Worst experience of my life!

Haley Enns


DO NOT TRUST. If I would give zero stars I could.

I was planning a move of ~ half a truck from DC to NJ, and they quoted me 3800. I had a coworker onsite at the first stop, and another coworker at the second stop, while I was at the destination.

They were supposed to arrive at location 1 at 8 am, then location 2 at 9:30 am (I confirmed this on the phone and over an email with customer service). They called me at 9 saying that they wanted to stop at location 2 first, so I said fine. They got there at 11:15 am, loaded up, did not have my coworker sign anything, and did not give a revised estimate.

I was in communication with the driver all day while I was at work. While he was loading up at the first location, I texted him asking when I should call for payment, but that I would be on the phone for the next 30 minutes. He called me 30 minutes later to say he was loading up still and he would let me know when he left for Alexandria. (He did not respond to my original text).

An hour later, he texted me saying he was close to the 2nd pickup (which was originally supposed to be pickup #1). My coworker went over, but it was another 45 minutes before he actually arrived. He loaded up the truck without giving a revised estimate, and left without having her or myself sign ANYTHING (this is against their contract).

I get a call around 3 pm from him saying "I've got your revised estimate." and quoted it $15,000. I said there was no way I could pay that, and was confused as to how it almost quadrupled, when the original space estimate I gave them was fairly accurate. He continued to say he can not return my inventory, and is keeping it in storage until we pay a fine.

After speaking with customer service multiple times, the driver called me back saying he needed my fax to send over legal paperwork. I told him what he was doing and leaving the pickup location without me signing anything was illegal, and he said he would drop my stuff on the side of the road.

I am waiting to hear back from customer service, but will most likely call the cops.

This is by far the worst experience I've ever had with a vendor. Ever.

UPDATE: After calling the cops, filing a police report, and speaking to the customer support team for over 24 hours, they only upcharged me $300. The moving company that United Moving Experts used as a subcontractor took my stuff without having me sign a bill of lading, then called me after they left and told me the new price, then used my stuff as leverage for me to pay. We had to get the POLICE in TWO STATES and the Dept of Transportation involved for them to change. I still wouldn't use this company, it was such a headache, and if I hadn't have put my foot down, I would be out 15,000.

If a moving company tries to do this to you, CALL THE COPS. They are NOT in the right.

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