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6200 De Soto AVE, Woodland Hills, California 91367 USA

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About United Transportation Moving and Storage

6200 De Soto AVE
Woodland Hills, California

At United Transportation Moving & Storage, our Mission is this: to handle your Items and Deliveries in a timely and cost–efficient manner and to stand behind not only our obligations, but also our clients, every step of the way. The Company’s services include long Distance, International, Residential and Commercial Moves, as well as full-service storage. Individuals and families have entrusted us with their most prized and valued belongings. One of the reasons is because we conduct our business with integrity.

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Great job

Great service- very flexible with my many changes in date. Bradley, Travis and Shawn arrived in time and did a great job. The left what I didn't want taken and took all the right things. They were pleasant and I'd definitely call United transportation moving & storage again!

Enjoli Gutierrez


Honest mover

I hired United transportation to move from NY- Ca and I couldn’t be any happier with my choice. Boris and his crew were professional, efficient and hard working. My price did not change at pick up. Everything was packed nicely and my furniture was deliver in 10 days in Los Angeles as I requested.
I’m definitely going to use them again when I need to move back to NY

Melissa Daisley


Illegal and Fraudulent Actions. Beware!

This moving company has lied, decieved, and now illegally impersonated me to scam my credit card company!

I began the process of moving from VA to HI in October and everything was great- they seemed legit but once my items were picked up on 12/26/17, I had to call and email everyone week (sometimes 3+ times) to even get a response of "What do you need to know? We don't know where your stuff is." What? I just paid you $1,450.80 and you don't know where my items are?

I was told once my shipment made it to LA, I'd receive a call, I called on 1/1/18 and was told "We don't know." So I called back every few days ..and finally moved on 1/24/18 and was told it would be two more days until my things arrived, I called in 2 days and they say 3 more days...I call and they say 1 week..okay, now you guys are messing with me..a week later, they say 2 more weeks until my shipment arrives, what!

The two weeks passed after recording and documenting every phone call and email, mind you, we are told we will receive a call from the delivery man; he calls to tell us he was fired from United that we hire him ourselves, as a private contractor; this contractor, myself, and bf go to the storage unit that was actually on island on 1/24/18 as well (they lied and said it wasn't) and pick up our own items and deliver to our own apartment since United did not fulfill the contract and lied the whole time! We took matters into our own hands and became our own movers.

Two days later, United charged my credit card for a delivery fee of $1173.28 which they did illegally and fraudulently! I worked with my credit card company and TODAY 3/10/18 was told United sent them a letter claiming to be ME stating I authorized the above payment. I DID NOT. United illegally forged my signature!! I have already filed a complaint with the BBB and will continue to file complaints so this doesn't happen the anyone else. I have now had United STEAL my identity in forging a letter. I am disgusted and shocked.

Quick add- there is another family on the island who's things were also in our storage unit and they're going through the exact same scenario and issues and are filing complaints of their own; also working with the credit card company as they were illegally charged as well!

Please do yourself a favor and DO NOT work with this company. They will steal you money, time, and peace of mind.

Mimi Sharqawi


Truly a 5 star moving company

I want to say thank you to UTMS for moving my family from Oceanside to Honolulu I was contacted by Tami and we had good communication, she was polite and she was very detailed about whats included in the service and she also checked the dates that will be cheaper to move.

Ben Call to confirm a day in advance and the guys were on time Boris, Manuel, and Rocky work fast and protected all my belongings.

Delivery was done after 2 weeks Hector and Rocky assemble all my furniture in my new home.

I don't have any damages. This is my 1st time moving I was a little scared but they made the moving process much much easier they were available for me.

I recommend UTMS to all families that are moving, they truly care about their customers. I couldn't be any happier with my choice.

They are 5 star moving company

Carmen Garza


Maryland to California

United. Transportation. Moving. And. Storage did a wonderful on my move the sales. Department. Did a good job the formen did a good job and explained every. Thing. To me be for loading the moving truck the formen and helpers did a good job on packing my household goods they delivered. On time i will use them again. Good job to all the staff my name is Carmen



move within New York to california

United Transportation moving and storage was recommended to me by a colleague of mine. To be honest, at first I was a bit skeptical to allow someone else handling my furniture, and especially my custom-build desks and cabinets, but it was entirely too much for me and my wife to handle on our own. My friend and associate, Jacob, had mentioned to me about these guys a few months ago, so I decided to give them a chance. I called them, and in less than four hours I had a representative at my home to give me an estimate. He carefully went over my items and explained the whole moving process, even gave me a discount on a few items, such as my pool table and my paintings. After that meeting, I knew there was no need for me to search any further for moving professionals. My move was scheduled on a Friday, to accommodate my personal schedule, and by the end of the weekend I had all my items in place at my new home. I even had time to crack a cold one at the end of the day on Sunday. My overall experience with Great Nation Van Lines was amazing! All my household items were carefully wrapped in blankets, boxes and bubble wrap, and they were in the same condition as they picked them up from my old house. According to my wife, all of her belongings were the same way, so happy wife, happy life! With such professionalism and coordination, I expected my estimate to go sky high, but instead it did not move a single dime. They even added a few small items from my garage to the move for free. For those of you, who take the time to read these reviews, I would like to say that my wife and I recommend this Moving Company at 110%. They are very professional, and they respect and value their client’s belongings. For me that is most important value in a service. I am very pleased with the choice I made, because I had no headaches during my move, did not hurt my back, and even had a few hundred bucks left over from my budget, which I gladly gave to the hard working employees of United Transportation to compliment their hard work.



secure and good service

This moving company has been good to me, they moved my family from florida to cali. No damage on my furniture. they helped us with assembling also. The staff was very professional. I will definitely work with them again. Thank you Guys!

Babette Gazarian Cherne


Dishonest in the Extreme

Worst service immaginable. The driver showed up 13 hours late, and then said it was too late to do the loading, he would have to come back the next day when I could not be there to witness the volume of the load. Then they insisted I needed to pay $3600. over the estimate.
I have filed formal complaints with the Attorney General's Office, The Federal Transportation Administration, All Consumer Protection Agencies and the BBB, in 3 states! revealing business policies and employees adept at manipulation and extortion.



Do not recommend

I booked my move from Oregon to New York through a broker company that contracts with United to perform the actual move. I will preface this review with admitting that using a broker caused some miscommunication and contributed to some of the issues with this move. That being said, the service I received from United was extremely unsatisfactory. It took nearly 2 months to move my belongings, and the customer service was truly horrible.

My pickup was initially scheduled for December 19. On December 21 at 9 pm, the driver called and said he would be arriving in about an hour. My storage unit closed at 10, so we agreed to meet at the storage unit first thing the next morning instead. The driver and one assistant showed up the next morning three hours later than the agreed upon time.

This was only the beginning. My belongings were picked up on December 22, and driven to California, where they sat until my delivery on February 15. The initial delivery was supposed to be on January 15! The delivery was repeatedly pushed back, and it was very clear that United was making absolutely no effort to ensure a timely delivery. In addition, they make you sign a contract that says they have 21 business days to make the delivery. So you basically have no recourse if your delivery is extremely delayed. And the reimbursement for a late delivery is only $30 per day. Hardly appropriate for such a huge inconvenience!

The company also doesn't typically accept credit cards (which seems a little sketchy to me). However, I arranged to pay the remaining balance due upon delivery by credit card. Unfortunately, there was a last minute problem in which my credit card was declined the night before delivery. I arranged with management to pay by credit card the morning of delivery, but when the driver found out about this, he refused to come to my house to deliver my belongings! The driver refused to deliver unless I had cash or money order, despite my having made special arrangements. This was obviously not communicated to the driver and was a huge inconvenience and burden.

Between the late pickup, extremely late delivery, and poor customer service, this move went absolutely horribly. I will not be using United for any future moves, nor would I recommend them to a friend. The only positive remark I can make is that my belongings arrived in decent shape with very few damages.

Briana Valleres


Moved from rosville ca to Honolulu HI

I want to thank United transportation moving and storage and they're crew they did a good job from start to finish. Anna sales rep gave me fair price and explained all the moving details being my first time moving overseas. Customer service dept called to confirm delivery. On delivery Hector and his crew were very courteous received all my items intact. His crew set up and helped me put my items where they belonged. My old neigjbor



United Transportation

My bad experience with United Transportation started at the beginning. We agreed on a time and date for their arrival. They were two days late. They tagged and loaded my belongings and then asked for a gratuity. They have a poor system of ropes to separate clients belongings. I wanted them to store my belongings about 30 days. They palletize clients belongings in the warehouse. Because of their very poor system of separating client belongings with ropes, some of my belongings were put on the wrong pallet. Whoever United Transportation gave my belongings to never called anyone and decided to keep what didn't belong to them. United Transportation is not capable of tracing and or tracking pallets once they leave.
I lost clothing, I lost almost all of my irreplaceable lifelong treasures and almost all of my irreplaceable family heirlooms.





I booked my move from Oregon to New York through a broker company, who contracts with United. I am incredibly upset that the broker would even use this company to take care of their clients. I will never be using EITHER the broker or United for any future moves.

I was very prepared for my move and booked well in advance, in order to ensure that my things would be delivered to New York on time. The movers were supposed to show up at my house in Oregon sometime between December 17 and 19. December 21 at 9 pm, the driver called and said he would be arriving in about an hour. My storage unit closed at 10, so we agreed to meet at the storage unit first thing in the morning instead. The driver and one assistant showed up the next morning three hours later than the agreed upon time. However, they were courteous and seemed to do a good job packing and moving things, so I was willing to let the late pickup and frustration slide.

They make you sign a contract th

Tim Motley


horrific experience

Absolutely a horrific experience! We've moved cross country 5 times, and this was BY FAR, the worst experience ever. They up-charged us multiple times, the pickup crew quit 1/2 way through the job, they hired guys off Craigslist coming into our home to pack and move our stuff and the office staff had no idea where our furniture was at any given time during the move. I mean really, I can find my I-phone anywhere, anytime, but they had no way of knowing where their huge truck with all our belongs was located over the course of a week?! We spent 2 full days sitting in an empty house waiting for them to show up. I could go on and on, just save yourself the heartache, frustration and aggravation and do not use them.

Seriously the worst customer service experience of any kind we've ever experienced.

BEWARE, this is NOT United Van Lines.

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