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3050 K Street NW, Suite 170, Washington DC, Washington DC 20007 USA

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About Zippy Shell Incorporated

3050 K Street NW, Suite 170
Washington DC, Washington DC

Zippy Shell Incorporated is a portable storage and moving company, based out of Georgetown, Washington, D.C. It is the fastest growing franchise business in both the storage and moving industries. Zippy Shell was recognized for its innovative franchise business model in June 2015, as the company received a $25 million capital investment from Virgo LLC. Zippy Shell is comprised of a strong team of board members who have established themselves as leaders in the moving and storage industries.

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Worst customer experience ever

Zippy Shell Moving and Storage
This has been the WORST customer experience of my life. I was (wrongly) assured and reassured of how simple and convenient this process would be for me...

2 months of arguing about being double charged, with employees refusing to let me speak to a manager. Being told that they didn't know where my property was. Being told that the time I requested was unavailable because "it's a weekend and peak moving season" (umm... You are a moving company and don't make the necessary adjustments in staff for peak moving season??). Having to explain 5 times that I need to have the trailer delivered as late in the day as possible, only to be told the warehouse isn't open after 5pm, and that my things would be delivered between 9am-1pm on a Monday. FINALLY being told they could "escalate" my case to manager, but not for 2 business days. NEVER being contacted by any manager. I asked how I was supposed to even hire someone to come help if they don't know exactly when my possessions are arriving. They offered to have me hire their workers come unload for $300 extra. Found people who were able to help unload at 10am- all strangers to us from our new church- (since you told us repeatedly that the truck would be here as close to 10am as possible)- onle to have 10am come and go. Being called at 1:30 by the driver to tell us they are 45min out. Hmm, warehouse must be open after 5 or how does the driver return? Guess who's still not here (3:00pm)?

Mark Hudson


So many issues

Great service and friendly people on the front end. The customer service rep selling me their services was very friendly, responsive, helpful, and good at her job. It is clear they are paid on a commission based structure.

The transportation of our goods was relatively quick (from Colorado Springs to Melbourne Florida).

Where it got messed up and a headache was at the tail end. My destination address wasn’t plugged into their system properly and when I called to schedule the redelivery of my cube they said that since my address is 5 miles further than what they had in their system. This cost me an additional $157.

After we scheduled the redelivery for a Saturday. They emailed and said the warehouse could do it on Saturday but since it would put their guy in overtime there would be an additional $150 fee.

Finally, a small but annoying thing they’ll do, is 4/5 times I called their customer service team, they would immediately place me on hold after I’ve been waiting on hold for someone to pick up the phone. I’ll be in queue waiting for someone to answer and when it rings, the person on the other line would immediately say “zippy shell. I need to put you on a brief hold”. I’d understand if that happened once, but it happened 4 times to me. Seems like they don’t have food management or accountability. For all I know they’re chatting it up with their cube mate or checking their Facebook in between calls.

Again, small point, but speaks to their customer service. The contrast is so stark compared to their “sales” group.

I’ve used PODs twice. UPack once. Now Zippy Cube once. PODs is hands down the best, and you’ll pay for it. Zippy isn’t too much cheaper, so when I do this again I’ll likely pay the $200 extra and have a better more hassle free experience.

I thinks it’s ridiculous for a company to surprise you with over $200 in extra fees for something that isn’t my problem. If you’re open on Saturdays and by having someone there create an overtime issue, hire more people or do something differently but don’t pass that cost onto me after the fact.

Also a difference in 5 miles should not equal an additional 150+ dollars, they can get away with this because they know you want your stuff back, and 99% of the people are stressed out over a mo also a difference in 5 miles should not equal an additional 150+ dollars, they can get away with this because they know you want your stuff back, and 99% of the people are stressed out over having recently moved and my guess is most people just pay the money and get on with it.

Jerry Eu


Don't ship your valuables

Don't ship anything valuable with this company. If other companies charge more, pay them - but don't ever use ZippyShell. I plan to post the pictures of my vintage bicycles and wheels before and after they were shipped in a ZippyShell container. My container was shipped to a wrong location and it took weeks before I got it. By the time I got the container a large portion of carefully packed items were wiped out. Then the company offered a few hundred dollars to buy my silence, asked me not to write bad review about this company in exchange for the money. Guess what!

Greg Bedsnow


Great Company! Best Deals for Moving!

I was worried when I read the reviews on this site. However Zippy Shell of Philadelphia made everything easy. They brought the shell and 2 moving guys that did all the heavy lifting. The were up front about all cost and travel time. It was also the cheapest quote I received. Thank to be able to move without a hassle.



Zippy Shell Arizona

Complete misrepresentation of the unit size and very poor customer service! They claim the unit holds up to four rooms, which is incredibly misleading as well false advertising. When the unit pulls up on your property and you see the size, they ask you if you want another unit delivered trying sell another delivery charge and storage fee.

When I approached the delivery driver, on the size of the unit, he said it does hold up to four rooms "but only what you really need". The third party movers also said they have told the company multiple times of the problem however, the problem continues. They both thanked me for not taking it out on them and ask me to call the office regarding my concerns, as they are the one’s the customers typically take out their frustrations on. This is apparently a normal occurrence and very unethical business practice by this company.

When I called to discuss the issue with Stacy, I was basically told I was a lair by both Stacy and Amy “the manager”. They claim I was told the unit holds only "2-3 rooms with only a moderate amount of items", however the only thing I was asked by Nancy was if I was moving a piano because "they've had a problem with that the last couple days", as to which the answer was no piano. We have a small 1,500 sf house and about half of the items are being moved and with no appliances. They refused to compensate for anything or any services and were unwilling to come to a fair and reasonable compromise.

I've used other companies like this for moving in the past and I regret ever calling Zippy Shell and giving them a chance and my money! I DO NOT recommend them, especially since there are many other companies out there that will treat you with respect and be upfront about how much the unit can hold. Now my hands are tied as they have 1/2 of my stuff, I've paid for movers, and I still have more to put in storage... and they don't care, they just want your money.

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