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1602 Belle View, Alexandria, Virginia 22307 USA

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About American Eagle Moving Company LLC

1602 Belle View
Alexandria, Virginia

American Eagle Moving has 10000+ Satisfied Customers. Best Packaging, Timely & Professional Service. Residential and Corporate Moving, Efficient Reliable Moving. State to State Relocation.

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Cheryl Evans


Run from this company!! False 5 start reviews!!

Complaint: Fraudulent Business Practices, Poor Customer Service
Over charged $2190.17 for Office move; lost $1,680 for the deposit on the house move. Do not use this company. I have a 7 page document that I'm sending to the BBB, ODOT and several other sites to warn anyone that is looking for a moving company. They will over charge you, not adhere to delivery agreements and have horrible customer service. They will lie about dates, services, estimates and will eventually stop answering your calls and emails all together. And that is just my experience with them. Read the other reviews on Yelp, moving and many others! They are writing their own 5 start reviews on many sites and those sites are reporting that they see these reviews coming from the same IP address!

Company: American Eagle Moving, 1602 Belle View Blvd., Alexandria VA 22307
Owner: Isaac Zait
Contact Info: 201-443-7171 or via email at

AKA Zait Consultant LLC, 20840 San Simeon Way, #704, North Miami Beach, FL 33179








Switch and Bait, SCAM

This company quoted us for my move from Columbus, OH to San Antonio, TX. After taking a specific and extensive inventory over the phone They quoted me a $4200. They based this on 788 cubic feet of space plus gas, and a full professional pack. We told them it seemed low but they reassured me that was about right for what I had. On the day of the move no additional items were added however the movers noted that the initial quote was off because AE quoted us mainly for small and medium boxes. The movers told us that everything must be removed from all drawer and that according to his estimate we would now be required to pay almost $17,000 because according to the movers we needed more space. The movers, told us that if signed a binding contract they would reduce to 12K. This was July 10th. I called the company to complain why the quote was so off and why they over charged everything. They did not have an answer as to why it was off. Given no new items were added it seemed like it was a "switch and bait". The contract states I waved the right for a physical servey of the household. This was not even offered asked them why they never disclosed all the extras and why these extras were not on the initial estimate, to which they replied well we don't always disclose the extras until the day of delivery. I feel it is unfair business practices for them to be up charging everything last minute, especially to the tune of an extra $8,000. Furthermore, they refused to negotiate a fair price. When they told us our delivery date would be 14, they lied several times on the phone and kept delaying the delivery. It took 30 days to receive our belongings. They keep you on the phone for 45-90mins to talk to a representative. Apparently, Their USDOT number registered as an "out of service" yet they are still delivering goods across state lines. Overall, their practices are very deceptive to the consumer. They intentionally omit key information to lure customers through the doors and screw them over.

Jeffrey Alberghini


Terrible service

They were supposed to pick up my items on July 30th and it's August 1st and all I have been told is maybe they will be here August 3rd or 6th. It's not like I need to be at my new location. I have gotten multiple calls from people at the company providing contradicting statements demonstrating a lack of internal communication. The dispatcher is rude and quick to blame you when clearly he is incompetent. I can't wait to see how they try to jack up the price if and when they ever get here. At this point I do not expect my items to ever make it to the destination



Awful company

Is the worst moving company ever , management don’t care about their customers, and movers they broke my furniture and even steal some staff, and when I made the claims they never responded my emails or calls after two months to say they don’t going to pay me



5 star reviews are fake

First red flag: why is every review either 5 stars or 1 star? It's because the 5 star reviews are fake.

1. They gave us an unrealistically low estimate. We said 25 boxes and some furniture items. We ended up with 28 boxes and less furniture, yet once they loaded the truck, they said it was double the price. And we had to move out the next day so had no choice but pay. This is part of their plan.
2. They stole our deposit. They asked for a 35% deposit. We gave our account and routing number, and they generated this bogus check that said "Billing department." Then when they picked up our stuff, the movers said we didn't pay a deposit. Of course, no one's in the office (no one is EVER in the office except for temps that they hire every week), so we had to pay the deposit twice. They promised a refund, but after a month of phone calls and lies about calling us back, they said they wouldn't refund.
3. We changed the delivery address. They confirmed with us 3 times. Then on the day they were supposed to deliver, the movers were at the original address, 2 hours away. The office and the movers DO NOT TALK to each other. The office just takes your money and ignores you once they have your stuff. They subcontract movers, these guys are just random guys that rent trucks. Every truck we saw with them was unmarked. They said either I go to them for my stuff or they'll put it in storage and I'll have to deal with it. So I had to drive 2 hours, get a Uhaul, and drive two hours back.
4. The movers said they couldn't bring the 18-wheeler into my neighborhood (which is a lie, I see them come through all the time, as the house is on a main road). They said I had to pay a $500 shuttle fee. I said no, that I would rent a uhaul. Turns out, they had just rented a uhaul to provide "shuttle service" for another delivery (the uhaul person told me, and they had a uhaul truck with them). They literally lie to you and say that they can't take the truck into your neighborhood, then they charge you $500 to rent a uhaul for $40. It's all part of their plan to rip you off.
5. Our boxes were totally smashed up. Things were spilling out of ripped boxes. We saw the inside of the 18-wheeler. Things were thrown haphazardly. Everyone's boxes were ripped apart. The movers kept asking us, "Is this yours?" and showing us other people's things. They also lost some of our shelves.
6. Once they have your money and your stuff, they will ignore you. They're open 9-5pm but take 11-1pm lunch. I think they hire temps, because every week or two an extension would stop working and I'd be directed to someone new. They will NEVER let you talk to management. They will say that the manager will call you once they're out of a meeting and will never call.
7. They will NOT GIVE YOU RECEIPTS OR ANY PAPERWORK. When they movers picked our stuff up, they had me sign all of this stuff, and before I knew it, they left without leaving me copies! I called so many times asking for copies, and it was always, "Oh I'm just a secretary, everyone's in a meeting." This meeting lasted a week. Then it's always, "They'll call you right back." They never do. They took all of our money, stole our deposit, took our things, and refused to give us any paperwork. We didn't get a copy until the movers delivered our things (to the wrong address 2 hours away).

In summary,
1. The 5 star reviews are fake. Just think about it. What company is either 5 stars or 1 star? The 5-star reviews are fake and the 1-star are real. Every 1-star review reads the same, and 100% echoes my experience.
2. Once they have your stuff and your money, they will never help you.
3. The office and the actual movers do not communicate at all.
4. They will steal your deposit and make sure there's no papertrail. NEVER TRUST A COMPANY THAT WON'T ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS. Credit cards leave a papertrail and you can dispute charges.
5. They will underestimate costs then double costs once they have your stuff and you have no other options. DO NOT TRUST A MOVING COMPANY THAT WONT SEND SOMEONE TO MAKE AN ESTIMATE. My move was ultimately $5,000. What company would be unwilling to send one person for an hour in exchange for a $5,000 transaction?
6. They will destroy and mix up your things.
7. They will lie about where their trucks can go because they know that chances are, you won't be able to rent a uhaul and do it yourself. They rip you off for $500 for this "shuttle service."
8. This is not a real moving company. It's a handful of guys in an office somewhere that hire temps to answer phones. Then they pay other people (I think of the 6 movers I interacted with, 2 spoke English) to move your stuff. They don't talk to the movers, and the movers aren't actual employees.

This company will steal your money, rip you off, and destroy or lose your things.

Neal Simmons



Thank you all for bejnf so polite and so helpful. This was by far the easiest and most stress free move I hace ever gone through.

This move was great and so affordable. Thanks American Eagle and God bless you all.



Titan Moving and American Eagle Moving VA.


Judy Dougherty


Stay far, far away from this company!

This has been the worst move of my life! Didn’t bring a big enough truck because the estimate was so far off even though I gave them the correct information. The price more then doubled and we were forced to rent a U-Haul to take all of our belongings. Took almost 3 weeks to get our furniture and the damage was unbelievable when it did finally arrive! Didn’t even receive all of my boxes and so many were damaged! Would NEVER use or recommend this company to my worst enemy!

Liz Moser



I would not give this company any stars but I had to give it one star in order to write this review. My original quote to move me from Maryland to Vermont was $4000. Once I have them a deposit of $1400 I couldn’t get Zack Stevens on the phone. He never returned my calls or emails. The movers showed up to pick up my stuff at 7:30p, the window was for 3-5p, and they didn’t finish packing until 2am. Once all my stuff was in the truck, the driver tells me my new balance was $8652!! They had all my stuff and I had given them $2700 by then. I didn’t receive a copy of the inventory and had to take a picture with my cell phone camera the new agreement. My stuff arrived July 5 and I was missing so much stuff. The driver called the company and told me they would be sending another truck with the rest of my stuff in 3-4 days. The driver did give me a copy of the inventory this time. I waited 3-4 days, no truck. Called the company and no one knew about another truck. They said I had to file a claim report of what was missing. So they never intended to send my stuff they just wanted to get my money and get out of there. What I don’t understand is that the truck my stuff was in had someone else’s belongings in there too. If they just filled the truck with my stuff then they wouldn’t have to send a second truck. I’ve been trying to get a copy of the inventory from when they picked up my stuff but now another request has to be made for me to get that before I can fill out the claim form. It’s one obstacle after another. If I ever get my stuff, they will probably charge me another fee to deliver my stuff which I already paid over $8000. Who knows when I will receive my stuff.

Paul Shook


Dishonest and misleading

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. This company is very dishonest. They change your price 4 to 5 times during the process. I sent pictures of every item and every box and still I was passed from person to person as they increased it each time. Each time they told me the prior guy did it wrong and he has been let go. This to was a lie, I had a friend call a month later and pretend to need a quote, and the same people were there. They loaded my goods then raised the price over 5K knowing I was closing the next day virtually holding my goods hostage. This company should be disbanned by the government.



TERRIBLE Customer Service-Will NEVER use again

I wish I could say I was giving this company a 1 star review solely because my items are still MIA almost 2 weeks later, without any update on when I should expect the delivery.
But instead, my biggest disappointment with American Eagle Moving has been their terrible, miserable, lying, and deceiving customer service. Do not be fooled by the overly eager sales reps that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside right before their company completely screws you over. Just be aware that the moment you hand over that 35% deposit and the movers pick up your belongings those friendly sales reps will disappear FOREVER. When trying to coordinate my re-delivery I had sent at least 10 email to Justin, Andy. and Jenny without a single reply. After sending my last email titled "URGENT" and still not receiving any response back I was forced to call the incompetent Customer Service 800 number. Each member I have spoken to in Customer service have all claimed to be a manager and have neglected to show one ounce of empathy or understanding towards my situation. Instead, they have been extremely rude and have talked down to me at every opportunity possible and for some reason are incapable of following up on their "I will call you back this afternoon" promises.
For the past two weeks I have been told by multiple customer service reps my delivery will not take any longer than 14 business days. Earlier this week a rep informed us that a driver has been lined up and we should expect to receive our items this weekend. When following up on this information we are now told that none of that was true and no driver is set up and conveniently enough, now that the 14 day mark is coming up the delivery window has now magically increased to 21 business days. I think any sane person would understand my frustrations at this point. But not American Eagles very own customer service manager, Sasha. Not only was Sasha the opposite of caring and empathy but she actually had the audacity to yell at me. Yelling at your customers...enough said. And lets not forget I was told by my sales rep, Justin, that my items would be stored in Denver (my delivery destination). Were my items stored in Denver like I was told? You guessed it...nope. Instead everything was stored in California without my knowledge. And that low quote of $2,800? Try again. Once my items were picked up by the movers that number sky rocked to $5,400. You have been warned.

Kathy O'Neil


Move from Virginia to New Hampshire

I am retired on Social Security. I found them online. When I first set up my move in January 2018, I spoke with a very nice person. I was quoted $2,600. I was scheduled for my move on June 14th between 9:00 and 11:00. 11:00 came and went and not a call from anyone to say they were late or where they were. I had to make several calls. I finally got a call from the truck driver at 1:30. They said it would be 2:00 before they would be there. It was 2:30!!!! They packed up my things. My final price was $2,771.00!!!! $1,081 more than originally quoted. Also the driver was coming from Bloomfield NJ!!!!! Why would you send a truck from NJ to VA to move someone!!!!!!!!!They wanted payment then. I told them no, I wanted to talk with someone about this price. I had less stuff going on the truck. I was quoted 449 sq ft. The final sq ft was 657!!!! Thursday June 14th I was called on my way to NJ to my sisters before going to NH on Friday, they wanted payment as my stuff was already on its way to NH. I was told they would call me 24 hours before delivery... I made calls Friday once I got to NH. No one ever called me back!!!! I call Monday June 18th, told all 3 times they were waiting on the driver to call them back. No one ever got back to me!!! I called again this morning talked to Sasha. I told her I was not happy or satisfied. She told she would call back in an hour. I have not heard from her as of yet. It is now 11:50!! PLEASE DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!!!!! THIS IS NOT A GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE PLACE!!! THEY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SENIOR CITIZENS!!!!

Victor Billick


Best Price Actual Movers

The first thing I was told to look for when selecting a mover was to make sure they were the actual moving company and not going to broker my move out to an unknown third party and American Eagle was exactly what I was looking for. All of thier licenses are up to date and have a record that speaks for itself. I got prices from a group of companies and American was the best price i recorded. More importantly then the price was the quality of the move starting with the itemized list I put together with my agent. The list had to be exact so when the moving men showed up I would not be forced into last minute charges or any negative consequence. The service i got with this company was nothing short of exceptional. I did my homework when making this choice and it paid off. My personal property is important to me and I wanted to make sure the company I selected would treat it accordingly. I did not want to hire a moving company and be left out to dry when they did not show or try to take advantage of me in a desperate time. There was no surprise charges no funny business and no stress. I am very impressed with the professionalism this company keeps. I did not have to wait for updates they were given to me at all stages of the move and the delivery was on time as well. It was a experience I hope others may have when they decide to relocate. They are worth your time. Thank you guys

Marsha Lee


Great Moving Experience

I decided to hire American Eagle moving because it was the most reasonable quote I received after searching online. My quote was $1750 based on the distance and the amount of inventory I had to move. The called 2 weeks before the scheduled appointment to confirm as well as the day before and the morning of. The 3 guys came in, checked all the items, wrapped what needed to be wrapped, backed the truck and left in about 3 hours.
Overall, I was satisfied with the move.



Impeccably done

I had one of those relocations many people look forward to - you know, the ones where everything is done perfectly at favorable rates. I was moving to Maryland after my husband got a job transfer. We did our homework and found American Eagle Moving to be the favorite of most of our colleagues. We wanted the best, so we hired them and got a taste of awesomeness. The crew worked tirelessly to beat time and accord us a relocation like no other. I cannot forget their dedication and the passion they worked with. All our goods were delivered safely, and nothing was damaged. It was just impeccable.



Too lovely

What a lovely relocation. I love how you do your things. You are so keen on the smaller details. During my relocation, you sorted out everything into preferable categories before loading them on the awaiting vehicles. The relocation remained peaceful and adorable from Georgia to Kentucky. Everything you did was nice to me. I love your services so much.

Katie Ainsworth



DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! This company is a SCAM!!! They low ball you to get you to use them, they get you on the phone and pressure you into making a decision right then and there. After they had my goods in their possession my quote tripled. I know how much stuff I had because I packed a moving truck to move the first time. I told them how much cubic footage I had. Needless to say, I was not going to pay them $9200. BTW It is against the law to produce a new BID after they have your items in possession.. I filed a complaint with the BBB against this company to get them to deliver my items at the 2nd bid price. They then told me if I didn't pay them within a certain time they were going to charge me storage because it took 2 months to come to an agreement, BUT they didn't even have a time frame on when they were going to load my items from their warehouse to come to Las Vegas. Mind you they loaded after the date they demanded I pay by. Everything was to benefit them never for customer service. I was given a specific delivery date from Sasha 9 days in advance because i had to request time off work. The driver called me 2 days before and said hes here to deliver my stuff. Not once did anyone from this scam company try to contact me to tell me it would be early or anything. Of course they also did not bother to contact me on my actual delivery date. I had to call them and i received bogus excuses from both Sasha and Derek. They said it could happen on the date Sasha scheduled with me or on Saturday. Well it didn't happen either day. They have never contacted me to advise when they could deliver. I advised them that I was filing another complaint with the BBB and they did not care. My complaint has been re-opened and they have failed to respond because I asked for $25.00 per hour that they were late delivering my items. I received a call from another truck driver the day before at 345 PM telling me that he was going to deliver my items the next day. So I had to request and pray my boss would understand what was going on and that I could have the day off unpaid. When the driver go there, he was from a different company, not even the moving company i hired. All he was worried about was collecting my money. I have yet to make it through my whole delivery, but as of right now they have STOLEN my sons dirt bike and his tool box filled with tools. BEWARE of this company. They are scam artist and only out for their own good. When I called wonderful Sasha, she said ok i will send you a claim form to complete. They DO NOT care what happens with your stuff as long as they get their money. It has been 5 days since I contacted her and have not heard back about checking the warehouse for my STOLEN ITEMS.

Sarah Perez


Moving from NC to TX

This moving company was absolutely amazing with my move! I lived in Matthews, NC, but moved to San Antonio, TX for school. As my first big move, especially by myself, they could not have been more helpful and reassuring about the process of moving from one state to another. Thank you so much, from a happy college student!



Receive my gratitude

Thanks for being so much good to me. Thank you for coming out when I needed most your services. You did something so extraordinary during my relocations. You made my experience to be so different. I am looking forward to more relocation services of that nature.



No, let down

You did not let me down during my recent relocation. It was a short-time experience but one that was worth it. It remained lovely from the beginning until the end. You remained supportive and diligent throughout the relocations. I would do not take that for granted.



You were there for me

Thank you for being there for me. It was wonderful and I enjoyed it. Your relocations were amazing and beyond my expectations. It was all lovely and adorable forme.



Desirable relocations

There is ideal perfection in their services. I am a witness. After your crew helped me move two days ago, I have nothing but admiration and respect for you. You will remain by best always.



So Grateful to American Eagle Moving Co!

I really wasn’t prepared for my state-to-state move. I was so overwhelmed by the thought of such a huge move, until I called American Eagle! Their staff were so sweet and accommodating from the first phone call. They helped me determine everything (from supplies needed, amount of movers, etc).
On the day of the move, I was able to sit back and relax. Their movers were courteous and professional. I felt comfortable knowing that literally ALL my belongings were in the truck, headed to California. When it arrived, everything was there and intact. I hope I don’t need to move again but if I do, I will definitely call American Eagle!



Their coordination is splendid

American Eagle Moving have an incredibly great customer service. Their communication is prompt, and their coordination is splendid, use them.



Totally worth it.

The American Eagle Moving movers were utterly professional, quick and understanding. They gave me next day relocation without depleting my budget.



Well done folks!

I will never know how the crew from American Eagle Moving figured out how to move my wife's dresser without even a scratch on it. Well done folks!



The best-moving crew

I used the best-moving crew from the best moving company - American Eagle Moving - to move my stuff from Rochester, New York to Jersey City.

Darlene Fletcher


Move from NOLA to Austin TX

Worse sales experience ever. I gave her exact measurements of our furniture and estimated box count. Quoted me a price that was less than double final cost. Actual moved team was great but said our furniture was large and we wrapped it wrong. We wrapped the glass as I was told. She even made us a deal on our own truck which was too small. Crooks. DO NOT USE THEM



Efficient moving process!

In the past I have used Two Men and a Truck for prior moves. A co-worker recommended that I try American Eagle because she was impressed with how efficient and courteous her movers were. At first I was hesitant to use a company that I was unfamiliar with for a long distance move however I decided to give American Eagle a try. I must admit my co-worker was right. My movers arrived on time and they were ready to rock and roll. They were very gentle with my valuable items, not a ding or scratch found anywhere! Typically moving is always a stressful experience but American Eagle put me at ease throughout this process. I am now completely settled in and unpacked. I would certainly recommend their services and will be using them in my future moves. Thank you and keep up the good work!



Highly recommendable company

My movers were superb. They showed top quality moving skills as well as a passion for what they do. American Eagle Moving is undoubtedly a highly recommendable company.



It was perfect

The possibility of attaining such perfection in a local relocation company has never crossed my mind. It has never occurred to me that there could be a mover having such relocation rates and still capable of offering that level of wonderful relocations.



Great experience!

My family and I were moving from Illinois to Pennsylvania, and had a 5 bedroom house of stuff to move. We found American Eagle when comparing costs with other moving companies, and I'm so glad we chose them. They were able to pick all our stuff up within a week, and made sure to handle items carefully as if they were their own. I was so impressed when they decided to add more packaging to TVs, mirrors, and other breakable items just to make sure they'd survive the long ride (more like a trek!). Overall, I'm thankful for their service because it made moving extremely less stressful than other times we've had to relocate.



Stress-free Moving

My boyfriend and I were moving from Woodside NY to Reading PA for a new job, (a fruit trucking company that we were able to buy.) After quite a bit of research, we settled on American Eagle Moving Company. (My boyfriend is a military sergeant, and very passionate about the company, so he was really moved by the name of the moving company: American Eagle.) Our house has quite a bit of expensive things, including a full bedroom set, several electronics, and two TVs. We were a little concerned that they would have trouble going up the stairs (we rent out the first floor) but the two guys that showed up were more than capable of bringing everything downstairs. They were even really comfortable with our pitbull, something that not a lot of people are. Overall, the moving went smoothly and was safely loaded into the truck in just a matter of hours. Thank you, thank you, thank you!



No more desires

I desire nothing more - just American Eagle Moving. I am contented with their services. They did not let me downs during the recent relocation. Instead of the usual average relocation services that every company offers, I received something so extraordinary and out of the normal. If you need a relocation company, I recommend you try them.



My relocation company of choice

I cannot tell what would have been my experience if not for American Eagle Moving. Probably, I would be seated somewhere in deep regrets. Because of the amazing services of American Eagle Moving, however, I did not have to stress myself over the relocations. It was worth hiring you out for sure.



Unarguably the best

It was unarguably the best relocation experience for me. I found credence in them from the first experience, which was smooth, free of errors, and timely. Their crewmembers were so humble. It was so nice seeing you do that for me.



Awesome feeling

The feeling was awesome. After being relocated by American Eagle Moving, I felt so different. Everything had worked my way. They started and ended it well. I know I will be using your relocation services again and it will be awesome.




I will be recommending more friends to you. I felt so honoured the last time I used your services. Your crew was there to offer incredible and worthy assistance for me. You are too great.




You did an amazing job moving me from North Carolina to New York. Your services were super awesome. Continue with this spirit.



Admirable team

I admire their sense of diligence and commitment. They stick to their words and deliver the best of relocation services. When I relocated using their services last week, everything turned out the perfect way. The move was peaceful and without blameless. I enjoyed the entire process and I would like to thank American Eagle Moving for making it so.




I am tempted to believe that was a miracle. How else would one explain such adorable and worthy relocation services at such an affordable cost? The best team did it. I am going to engage them in my future relocations.



Amazing Service!

American Eagle made my seemingly stressful move into a totally hands-off and super simple experience. I was worried that a long trek may do some damage on some of my things, especially on my wooden items, that are typically susceptible to damage on deliveries, but they did such a great job and everything arrived to the destination in the same condition it left in. They were able to transport and deliver all my belongings into my new place with ease and also asked me where I wanted everything to go. When I had doubts of some placements, they helped me re-move things in the house so I literally did not have to move a finger. I would definitely use American Eagle in the future and would recommend them for any distance of travel.




I loved the way you did it. You were so much dedicated during the relocations. Throughout the relocations, I did not find any reason to complain. They were fast, very careful with all the properties and undeniably dependable. I found it such an easy task moving with them.



Different from the norm

The experience was different. There was a distinctive difference between what I am used to and what I received on that day. The services turned out perfect. I now have a reason to seek your services again next time.



Great Move

I was a bit worried moving all my things across the country, particularly since to was my first big move, but American Eagle eased that stress. There were no obstacles and my things got to my new apartment in perfect condition. I would definitely use American Eagle again and would recommend for anyone moving.



Moving went well

I just want to say thank you so much to American Eagle moving and storage for doing a really great last-minute move I was really frantic and everything was so hectic getting a new job and them telling me I had to relocate within five days LOL... I figured the move would be a nightmare and when I saw other good reviews online they were the first movie company I called and actually had them pick me up after speaking with Mike their dispatch guy on the phone I was very reassured that they would do a great job for him see them so professional... The gentleman came in and picked up all my furniture and even wrapped a bunch of stuff they threw in free on the livery it took about seven days to get there and all the stuff was put back together and I even helped unwrap some of the stuff as well for me thanks a lot American eagle movie storage



More than glad

Being relocated by American Eagle Moving is one of the best things that can ever happen to you. Their services are smooth, perfect, and reliable. Their dedicated team of experts are superb. I am grateful. It was a job well done.



Prompt and on time

Highly recommended! They were on time and very careful with my belongings (which was the most important part). Moving is stressful and American eagle made it a lot easier for us. We will definitely be recommending this company!



Pleasurable Move

It would be my pleasure having them relocate me again. The last time they came, they did such a marvellous job. They took a short time to deliver perfect relocation services. I do appreciate their efforts so much.



Thanks American

American Eagle Moving and Storage did a really good job on my roof I didn't know who to go with I received several quotes from a bunch of different companies after Contracting with them for them to pick up my items Mike was very helpful and taking inventory list I even last minute had to go ahead and update my list for what would be taking on the trip they were very helpful and dispatching the truck out for the day I needed to move I live in a building and I'm on the 13th for they sent out gentleman who are able to come exactly on time because I had to reserve an elevator.. they loaded up the truck and packed all the items and got me out to my new home and I wrapped everything I had to do the full packing service for me as well which is really helpful because it was a last-minute move and I'm always at work thanks a lot American Eagle Moving and Storage.



American Eagle Moving

American Eagle is a true lifesaver. The movers were professional and polite. I was worried about sending my belongings across the country but the movers reassured me that they do this all the time. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for help on a big move. Moving is stressful but working with American Eagle Moving will reduce some of that stress. They are a full service moving company.

Patrick B


Better then expected

The movers just delivered the last of my furniture. American eagle was the company I selected to do our move after air of research. I had to relocate after taking a new position within my company and they pad for the entire move. I was responsible for selecting the company and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this process. Everything from start to finish was a dream and I would recommend them to anyone looking for professional movers



It was good

Everyone in the family found it lovely relocating suing your services. Accept my appreciations on behalf of the entire family.



They managed at

You did it! I am glad for that. Keep up that spirit of perfection, diligence, and hard work. I will recommend my friends to come to you because I believe there won't be any disappointment.



Beyond the ordinary

Their services go beyond the ordinary relocations. They offer their best when given an opportunity of moving clients. I must admit that the services were superb. Thank you.



Perfection, excellence and commitment

You did it. Where others had failed, you proved to the entire world that relocations is far much more than moving properties from one location to the other. You showed me the other side of relocations I have never known - perfection, excellence and commitment. I would really love to hire you out in future.



Great Company

These guys at American eagle moving and storage did such a great job on my move... I was so stressed having a company of men I never met before take all my furniture on a truck... I really like the way mike gave me a detailed quote for the move.. it was all based on space... we also went with the full packing service which means they packed all the boxes.... all the glass items my marble table tops and everything for me!!! They lovers were so professional and Nice!! Thanks a lot for the great job American Eagle Moving And Storage!!



Wow! You are so great!

Wow! You are so great! Your services are the kind of relocations I have been looking for. I am truly grateful to your team. They came and worked in unison to ensure my relocations were perfect and successful. I like their spirit of togetherness and I would love them to keep it up.

Frankie K


Thanks guys!!

I want to thank Jason so much at American Eagle moving and storage he really help my family out we were really in a dilemma we had a last-minute move for work we didn’t know what to do or who to book with after going online and doing some research we saw American eagle moving and storage was a moving company not a broker and had a really good reputation. American eagle moving and storage was not the cheapest price received but definitely when the guys came out and did a great job picking up and delivering our furniture we saw that the reputation was well worth the money thanks a lot American eagle moving and storage.

Bruce W



Not much really to say except the move went great. I was worried going into this after I talked to American Eagle that all changed. Everyone I spoke to was very helpful and not typical pushy sales people which I liked a lot. The movers were on time and No suprises. I would suggest at least speaking with American Eagle before signing with just anyone. Good ol Americana moving.



Thanks American

American eagle moving and storage that such a great job on my move thank you guys so much for being honest reliable move her I was very worried about booking a move right help his experience with brokers this guy said they were movers and on their own trucks and I’m David move they pulled up an American eagle moving truck. It was really a showing to see that they used actual movers and not the levers they packed up all my furniture and got me out to my destination and put all the furniture back together I want to pool tables and a bunch of glass items that they specially created for me at no additional cost I really appreciate the service that American eagle moving and storage provided thank you.




Incredible is the word. American Eagle Moving relocated me and it turned out to be super awesome. The whole relocation process was smooth from the start until the end. I really found myself happy during and after the relocations.



I am positive

As far as I am concerned, relocations will never be a problem. I will forever have a perfect time relocating. They were able to help me move from New York to Alabama in such a peaceful way and without using extra cash. I am positive they can do it again.



Services were fine

I found it so much profitable hiring them out. I used less money to move from Colorado to Maryland and yet the services were so fine. I will be coming back again for more.



That makes me feel special

All I can say is that I am blessed. Having such a crew relocate me was a great achievement. I understand it is not something that everyone gets every day. That makes me feel special.

Gary R



This was my first time actually using a professional mover all the other times in the past I had done the move myself with friends. I contacted American Eagle based on the positive feedback I saw and the move was nothing short of perfection. The movers were on time and even funny so I felt comfortable from the start. All my furniture arrived and was carefully wrapped and if I should ever move again I promise you I skipped s lifetime customer.



I am so grateful

Your services are so perfect. I enjoyed myself when I relocated with you. Everything was perfect and the services were so smooth. I am so grateful for this.




American Eagle Moving and Storage did a really good job on my move this was my first cross-country move and I was very nervous about picking and Company I knew not to go with the lowest price because those guys are usually brokerz... American Eagle Moving and Storage showed me this site that's a Department of Transportation website and it showed that they had multiple trucks register to their company a lot of the other companies giving me quotes didn't have any trucks and just have Broker licenses so right there I saw the dishonesty and this industry American Eagle Moving and Storage really broke down the quote and how it will go we even quoted it with additional items and on the day of the move I wind up not bring you all the items due to selling some of them so my price actually went down when the cubic foot was less thanks a lot of American Eagle Moving and Storage you guys were great...

Nancy Cruise


Great customer service

I was so stressed about moving but after finding American Eagle everything went so smooth. The movers called before they showed up, they were very professional and polite, and my furniture was returned to me they way it was before the move. I highly recommend this company.



The best team did it

What else if not American Eagle Moving? Which other moving company can guarantee me that level of diligence and excellence? I relocated with the help of American Eagle Moving and the benefits were so evident. Not only were the services so timely but also prompt and ideal. You will remain my best choice of mover forever.



So incredible it was

Normally, it would have been hectic or even discouraging. Thanks to the support of American Eagle Moving, the entire process turned out to be a real success. The moves were so lovely and I am happy about that. I would like to recommend this relocation company to anyone who might be in need of unique relocations. You will never be disappointed.




You can always trust them not to disappoint you. When they say something, they do exactly that. I hired them out a few days ago to assist me to move to a neighbourhood house in California. The distance was not long so they managed to go through the entire relocation in an easier way. They were able to do it in a way that no one else imagined. I am hoping they will be able to keep up with their services.




I move often (every six months or so) but usually within towns - I've never moved to another state before. Because of this, I knew I'd need to bring in some professionals, but I was wary because I didn't know what to expect in terms of cost. American Eagle movers went above and beyond my expectations from the start. Communication before and during was prompt and clear, they were very careful with all of my items, both big and small, and the price (I thought) was more than fair for the amount of work done. I may have to use a moving company every time I move if it will be this easy! Definitely took a lot of stress off of my plate and I'm extremely pleased. Would absolutely recommend.

Daniel T


very happy

I’m very happy with my whole experience with American Eagle. It was my first time moving and I had no idea where tobstart. The staff there walked me through it so even up to the move date I had no worries. My items came safely and the entire company was helpful. Only regret wish I would have found them sooner but now they have a client for lifr

Kristen L


Loved It

Great job! I looked on the internet for moving review sites and was bombarded with multiple Pages of them after reading a few blogs I was referred to my moving reviews. American Eagle moving had a couple recent ones up which led me to believe that they do many moves probably more than most companies. The representative I spoke to walked me through the entire process and we double-checked our list to make sure we had everything. The movers called when they were close picked up my furniture wrapped it extremely well and did the same on the other end and unpacked room-by-room where it belongs. The price was in line with most other Movers but the experience was above and beyond. I would recommend these movers to anybody looking for true professionals and not a few guys in a truck.



Beyond my Imaginations

They did it and I am glad. I am happy because American Eagle Moving made me proud. They offered me an opportunity of relocating smoothly at manageable costs. Their quotes were so manageable and I am so grateful for that.



wow thanks American Eagle

American Eagle Moving and Storage Did such a good job on my move. this was my first time using a moving company long as this I honestly hate moving it so stressful packing all the boxes and being able to choose a good company . I received several quotes from a bunch of movers that were really cheap so I need to discard those people I had Mayflower call man I do an in-home estimate and what I did was give American eagle moving and storage my inventory and they calculated the cubic feet for me they were actually right on point with the volume for the move for exactly what Mayflower gave me on my in-home. I received several quotes from a bunch of movers that were really cheap so I need to discard those I had mayflower call man I do an in-home estimate and what I did was give American eagle moving and storage my inventory and they calculated the cubic feet for me they were actually right on point with the volume for the move for exactly what mayflower gave me on my in-home.. so I know I was able to trust him with the move the movers came and packed all the furniture wrap all the furniture I put everything together when we got our new home that’s a lot American Eagle Moving and storage.

Edward Shultz


Could not be anymore satisfied

My name is Edward Shultz and I had moved planned with Me and My Fiancée from King Of Prussia, PA to Phoenix AZ . I moved once before In my life but It was local and this was My first cross country move. My wife really took the lead on finding a company and after maybe 1 Month of getting different quotes we decided on American Eagle Moving .

Reasons why we decided on American Eagle Is mostly the reviews were good and most If not all of there complaints were resolved. Another reason for our decision was the sales rep Megan , She was absolutely amazing with how nice and informative she was about moving. Megan and my wife hit it off and after maybe the 3rd conversation with her we both knew we Had found the moving company to move us.

24 Hours before pick up a Dispatcher called me and provided me and Eta Of 9-11 for the next day. The pick up went extremely well the foreman Rodrigo and his crew were very professional , they did and amazing job of packing and handling all of our goods . Once the movers finished the revised the estimate due to the fact I didn’t use 200cf that was included in the original estimate. I ended up paying less since I didn’t use the space which was great .

Our first available delivery date after our pick Up was 2/15/18 . We received a call from dispatch on 2/10/18 informing us we are loaded and Enroute To AZ . They were a bit delayed with some previous deliveries but always kept me informed and when the crew arrived they were great.

I would highly recommend using American Eagle Moving for your move, they are family owned and operated and it shows by how much attention and care they treat all there customers with .



Great job, Thanks

American eagle's moving staff were very friendly and completed packing within 5 hours from start to finish. Joe at American was very helpful regarding questions and ensuring the date of delivery was on time. I have used multiple moving services over the years and American eagle performed leaps and bounds above the rest.



It's only you

I wouldn't hire out another company even if that is the last option I have. I love American Eagle Moving relocation services and nothing can serve as a replacement for that. Your services were truly diligent. You made the move so easy and diligent.

David Fenn


very helpful

Courteous and very helpful. They helped me and my in-laws to finish moving from their house in New York to Florida. Would recommend the company to friends and other family. Really came through in a pinch.

Ray D


Life Savers

Well after the moving company I hired and left a deposit with never showed I was left scrambling. I needed to be out of my house in 2 days and American Eagle was able to get me out in time. If it wasn't for these guys I'd be paying for a house I'm not living in. As far as the price it was actually cheaper then the previous company who I will not name to spare them.I will say these guys here were fast and very professional. If I had to door all again I wouldnt even take a call If call American Eagle direct. I can't stress it enough how they saved the day. Everything thing works out when you deal with the right company and they are absolutely that.



Startling Move

It came as a great surprise. No one was expecting the relocation services to be so perfect. Everyone I was offered extraordinary relocation services by American Eagle Moving team. They made it possible for me to relocate in such an easy and lovely way.



Excellent Moving Company!

I recently moved from New York to Chicago and American Eagle Moving Company was unbelievably helpful and successful in getting my belongings from place to place. They had a friendly and knowledgeable staff who helped me through the process from start to finish. Their pricing was excellent and the service provided went above and beyond my expectations. If I ever have to move again American Eagle will be my absolute go to.

Charlie M


very satisfied

I picked American Eagle moving after researching many companies. I comtacted them directly because I was trying to avoid getting called by 10 to 20 companies from what I read. There's a reason why some companies have better reviews than others and I quickly found out why. The rep had many years and knowledge of the business and the crew that was dispatched must have been on hundreds of moves strictly based on how they carry themselves. In dealing with the normal stress of the move the moving company made things much easier I would suggest doing your research before reaching out to companies but at the same time if you're looking to save time give these guys a call. Fast professional and everything you look for in a mover.




I used your relocation services and I was thrilled by what I received. I was able to move from New York to North Carolina in a flawless and marvellous way. It was simply extraordinary.



Awesome service

Using American Eagle Moving Company was such a wonderful experience. The moving guys gathered up all my stuff so quickly and were waiting for us the day we got to our new home. The quote was a fair price and they kept their word on it. I can't imagine what I would have done without them!



Forward Ever

It's worth seeking their services. A friend who believed so much in them referred me. The single relocation was so easy, remarkable, and unforgettable. Since then, I have never looked back.



Truly Grateful

I cannot thank you enough for what you did. It was simply awesome, perfectly incredible, and undoubtedly lovely. I had such an easy time moving. It was all because of you. Thanks again.



Change of Mind

I was on the verge of losing trust when I came across American Eagle Moving experts. That single meeting changed everything. Their commitment, dedication, and awesome capabilities made me realize that not all relocation companies were the same. Others are more reliable, excellent, and trustworthy than the rest. American Eagle Moving turns out to be among the excellent group.

Frank N


Exactly What I Wanted

I just had American Eagle Movers relocate me from North Carolina to Texas. I normally don't write reviews but I was actually shocked at the level of service I got. My sales guy was so knowledgeable you can tell everyone there had been doing this for many years. I felt confident from start to finish. The price was in line with most other movers but the sense of security was second to none. If I should move again (which hopefully I don't i love California) this is my only call.



Great job all the way!

I moved from Los Angeles to Portland, and American Eagle was wonderful to work with. Pick up was unbelievably fast, professional and on time, and delivery was just as good. This was my first time working with long distance movers and I would wholeheartedly recommend American Eagle. They helped organize my move from start to finish and showed true care handling my possession. I will definitely use them again for my next move!



I will never doubt

My perception of local movers has greatly changed. I will no longer generalise that they are unreliable. I hired out American Eagle Moving last week, and there was no disappointment in them. The services were amazing. I moved so peacefully and gracefully from Maryland to Georgia. During the relocation, everything was handled diligently. I had no reason to worry because everything had worked out my way.

Anthony M


Clean and Organized

I reached out to American Eagle moving on very short notice. My jobs sprung a last minute relocation and friends of mine told me to look at this review site. After scrolling through numerous companies I found American Eagle. The reps were very quick to get back to me and we were very detailed in putting together a quote. We went back and forth probably close to 10 times and I felt we had covered every aspect of the move in great detail. The movers were on time my furniture left and arrived safely and I don't have a single complaint. There's a lot of horror stories out there when it comes to moving do not waste your time contact these guys.



Significant relocation Difference

It does not take anyone efforts to spot the difference between this relocation company and the others. When I hired them out two weeks ago, they exhibited extraordinary relocations. Their sense of organisation, diligence, and commitment were amazing. I was surprised by their ability to relocate me without causing any damage or my property. If the slightest case of a broken drinking glass was not experienced in the move. I enjoyed the services, and I would love to thank the entire team for that.

Madison Cooper


Honest and Dependable

When my family and I had to do a cross country move from Point Pleasant Beach NJ to San Diego California I chose American Eagle Moving. From booking to delivery they took care of all of my families needs. They handled our items with care and delivered as promised. I highly recommend them.

Josh Kramer


Thank You American Eagle Moving

My Name Is Josh Kramer And I Had A Move From NJ-TX With American Eagle, First Thing I Want To Say Is That Moving Is Gonna Be A Little Stressful No Matter Who You Go With. The Thing I Learned Most About My Experience As A First Time Mover Is That You Need To Do Your Research And Know About The Company Your Going With. In My Case I Went With American Eagle Moving And It Was The Best Decision I Made Throughout The Whole Process .

The Booking Process Wasn’t Very Long , My Sales Rep William Was Very Professional And Detailed Oriented . He And I Spoke On The Phone And I Provided An Inventory Of What I’m Moving The Estimate Came Out To 1200cf . I Wanted To Shop Around Some More After I Got The Quote From William Just To Weight Out My Options But Quickly Realized American Eagle Moving Was The Best Price For A Professional Mover And I Decided There Was No Need To Look Any Further . The One Piece Of Advice That I Have For Anyone Moving Is Please Don’t Go With A Broker ! You Will End Up Paying Double Your Quote.

I Received A Call 24 Hours Prior To Pick Up And Was Informed Movers Will Show Up 9-11am The Next Day. On Pick Up Day I Was A Bit Nervous Because I Looked Through My Inventory And I Had Some Items That I Forgot To Mention To William On The Original Quote . The Driver Kenny Called Me When He Was 1 Hour Away And I Told Him About My Extra Items And He Said Is Not A Problem And That They Will Adjust It On Site . To Be Honest I Was Expecting The Price To Go Up Dramatically But The Sales Rep William Did Such A Good Job Off Overestimating My Job That I Only Had To Pay An Additional 200$ For An Extra Dresser And 10 Extra Boxes And 4 Chairs . I Was Extremely Happy About That And I Called William To Thank Him For Doing Such A
Great Job.

Finally For Delivery I Was Waiting On My House To Close So I Had Been Offered 30 Days Of Free Storage . I Made An Agreement With Robert The Dispatcher For Me To Call Him 7 Days Prior To Me Being Available To Receive My Goods And That He Will Have Them There When I Request It . I Called Him On On 1/04/18 And My Goods Arrives On 1/12/18. All In All My Experience With American Eagle Was Very Pleasant And Professional. I Truly Recommend Anyone That Is Moving Especially If It’s YouR First Time To Use This Company. They Walk You Though Everything Step By Step And Are Always Willing To Make Changes To Accommodate The Customer .

Thank You American Eagle Moving For All Your Help And Helping To Make This Transition As Stress Free As Possible.

Joe D


Problem Free

I contacted American Eagle Moving through a recommendation from my brother in law who use them last December. My personal move was from Florida to Virginia for my employer. The movers we're on time and care for the wrapped all my furniture and did exactly what my rep told me they would do. Everybody on staff at the actual company was very respectful and the move went on without a single problem. I would absolutely hire these guys in the future or any other move I may have. I would also recommend them for anybody looking for real professionals.




American Eagle moving did a fantastic job in our move to Chicago, Illinois this past week. The movers were accommodating in every way, informative, thorough, detailed oriented and contentious of our concerns. This company is of professional status and we would recommend it for any long distance or local moves. The stress that was removed by utilizing American Eagle moving company is in balance in regards to cost effectiveness and certainly worth hiring the team.



Exciting Relocations

Alabama to Kentucky relocations was so much exciting. The relocation team was supportive and offered me the best of services during my relocation. I did not find it difficult settling in Maryland. It all worked according to plan, and I am grateful.



Awesome Time

There is no doubt about it; the relocation was delightful. Courtesy of Simon, the relocation coordinator and his team, the entire relocation was fantastic. I had an awesome time with the team.



Perfectly Sorted Out

This team sorted me out last week. It was a unique relocation; one of its own. The whole process was so orderly and captivating. I am looking forward to a repeat of that in future.

Staci Butler



I chose this moving company based on the original moving quote of $3109.60 provided to me via email on 01/04/18. I provided inventory to Jeff, whom said this quote would more than cover any additional items added. Also paid non-refundable deposit of 1088.60.

On 1/09/18 moving company confirmed the movers would expect to arrive between 3-5 pm on 1/11/18. Then because my (x-boyfriend) works second shift, I was forced to rent u-haul for the day and pay his movers the morning of the move to get all my items out of the house, to protect what they could in the u-haul in the event it rained/snow, while few things were in the driveway covered.

2 of 4 movers hired via American Eagle arrived via truck (M.A.D. Movers LLC out of Ft Lauderdale FL. USDot #2447719) they saw the u-haul and few things in the driveway and questioned me about the price saying they could take what is in the u-haul or what was in the driveway as taking everything would increase another $6,000.I explained how is that

Linda Southard


Major damage and delay

Worst moving experience of all time. Third load finally delivered today, over 2 months late. Our goods were moved cross country in 3 box trucks rather than a 53' trailer and furniture was poorly packed resulting in major damage to wood pieces, many items non repairable and require replacing. Tape placed directly on fine artwork frames, crushed lamp shades, books thrown on top of furniture in boxes etc. Total disregard for what they were packing and moving. We went through a broker and this was the mover assigned to us, we did not select them. I do not recommend this mover under any circumstances.



Enjoyable Services

I cannot take for granted the fact that American Eagle Moving relocated me from Florida to Maryland in a peaceful and remarkable way. The services were truly enjoyable.




The move was perfect. Through your services, I moved to Georgia from Florida. It was all enjoyable and glorious. Thank you so much!




I had a great experience! I would recommend American Eagle Moving to my family and friends! They were timely, handled things well, and were extremely informative. Customer service was definitely up to higher standards! The moving team is professional and went above and beyond to ensure that our needs for the strenuous move were met. They certainly made our move run a lot smoother, and we will highly recommend American Eagle Moving company!



Out of the ordinary

It was incredible. Thank you for the wonderful and amazing relocations. You came when I needed you most. I do appreciate your services.



Well done!

American Eagle Moving did a splendid job during our move. The sales person explained how nicely the process would be done, and true to his words, I am very happy with how they treated my family and handled our things. I totally respect American Eagle Moving and thank them for a job well done and affordable pricing.



I loved the organization

I was surprised that the movers were so fast and effective handling my things. They conducted the process very systematically, and I loved the organization of the team.



Great dedication

The four guys worked together and with great coordination. They showed great dedication and accomplished a perfect move.

Jennei Preston


From $2,200 to $6,264, broken bookshelves and stolen coin collections!

This is by far the worst moving experience I've ever had (and I've moved over 20 times in my adult life. First, the quote was handled over the phone and I was told that my move would cost $2,200 (454 sq. ft.), give or take a few square feet of space needs. When I called, my number 1 priority, as concerned the move particulars, was that I have full packing and unpacking service. I was also told by Scott that I would have him personally supervising my entire move.

When the packers (Ari, Elvis, James and Luisni) came, they began packing and a couple of hours later they told me that my packed items took up nearly TWICE (or 875 sq. ft.) the space that had been quoted to me, so it would cost more. Further, upon completion, I was informed that neither the packing or unpacking was included in the cost, so I would need to pay $875 for the packing and an additional $875 for the unpacking. This brought my bill to $6,264 - not kidding - and they already had my things packed up in the truck (lat



I was happy

Thank you American Eagle Moving for the quality service. I was happy and satisfied with your work, and I call you when I need moving services again.



highly recommend

Great company! We had to move quick and they were extremely professional and friendly. We needed the just our large items moved and the team quickly and safely moved our items out of our house and into both our storage unit and apartment with ease.

They were exceptional at getting all our stuff organized to fit into the storage unit with even some room to spare. They even coordinated with me as to where each item should be placed in the new apartment.

I highly recommend this company and will call them again when we move in the future.



will use again

I completed my move a while back and am just now getting the time to get the review done. From the first call til the last box was unloaded the staff was fast, friendly and careful. I expected to have boxes smashed or items broken but thankfully everything made it in one piece. The office people got my pick up done in a timeline that fit my schedule and was even able to help me pick a quicker route than I had planned, less time on road (miles) saved me a few dollars and every penny counts. I have used 2 other movers in the past but am very pleased that I chose American Eagle for this move. Would highly recommend in the future!



Awesome job

Our relocation was handled quite well. The estimate was good, and the movers did an awesome job!!!!!



So easy and spotless

There wasn't much for me to do as IRS guys packed all my things and loaded them in their van. A move is so easy and spotless.



They did it!

They were timely and professional, and didn't mess with my program, and for all the work they did for me, I can say that their charges are modest.




None of our things were missing or damaged. American Eagle Moving is an excellent company!!!



Great guys

I was pleased with the experience. American Eagle Moving pricing was very reasonable, and everything was brought in perfect condition. Great guys.



Good experience

It was a good move across town. No problems at all with the movers. They finished the work in about five hours, and my husband says it was a good experience.



Polite and respectful

The movers who came were thorough and careful with my things. They were polite and respectful. Thank you American Eagle Moving for such an efficient service.



The relocation was good

The relocation was good. American Eagle Moving arrived when they said they would be there and even brought the things on time. I have inspected most of my things, but I am yet to find any damaged items. I hope not to move again but even if I do, I know I have a dependable company to handle the moving.



Professional employees

Our relocation went down quite well. We collaborated with very professional employees of American Eagle Moving, and they moved things quickly. American Eagle Moving showed that they were very reliable and worth their good name. My husband says that he liked the movers, and I am so proud because it was me who suggested them.



Commending and recommending

I have used American Eagle Moving three times now, and they never disappoint. These are experts in moving people's stuff with a smile.



Timely and in Schedule

American Eagle Moving moving crew responded to all my concerns, and I liked the fact that they followed directions properly. Their service was great, and I will use them for my future moving.




A superb move by superb movers from a superb moving company - American Eagle Moving. Most we will use them again for our next move.



No, regrets!

The delivery was nice. The price remained the same as initially quoted and I want to thank the movers for giving me such a pleasurable moving experience.



Superb job

American Eagle Moving did a superb job. They handled my properties with great care, and the pricing was reasonable.



The movers were cool

The pricing by American Eagle Moving was pretty affordable, and my hubby was able to pay for the relocation without any troubles. The movers were cool and easy to work with. American Eagle Moving is a company that can depend on.



Quick service

My second move with American Eagle Moving was just as cool as the first. The movers were pretty quick and handled my things very carefully. I was stunned when they decided to move everything by hands and not using the handcarts. To my surprise, this made things to go much faster. I was pleased with my movers and their quick service.



Good deal

American Eagle Moving gave me a very good deal. They packed, loaded, secured and transported my things problem-free. They charged me very reasonably, and I will not hesitate to recommend them.




I had a marvelous move courtesy of the splendid work of the fabulous movers from American Eagle Moving. I recommend them.




American Eagle Moving is the company to contact when you're seeking a reliable and professional transportation service.



Excellent job

I am a very happy returning customer of American Eagle Moving. They did an excellent job on my second time using them. It is always a pleasure to work with you guys.



The bomb!

American Eagle Moving is just the bomb! This company swiftly conducted my move from Blue Ball, PA to Connecticut without any hitches or glitches. You have to use them.




The American Eagle Moving movers were very talented. They did not damage my stuff and were on schedule in whatever they did.



Amazing Encounters

Moving is never not stressful, more so when you have plenty of things to relocate. The moving coordinator, Steve, did amazing organize to the movers so well. Even though some people may think that the company is slightly more expensive than most of their competition, you would be quick to note that it is totally worth it.



You have earned my trust

Hallo American Eagle Moving, my move with you guys, was fabulous! You have earned my trust, and I will use your service the next time I want to relocate.



Top quality

It was a great service by great guys from a great company - American Eagle Moving. My wife is also full of praise for the work of the movers.




I can summarize the operation of American Eagle Moving in three words; Efficient, Efficient, Efficient!

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