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5 star reviews are fake



5 star reviews are fake

First red flag: why is every review either 5 stars or 1 star? It's because the 5 star reviews are fake. 1. They gave us an unrealistically low estimate. We said 25 boxes and some furniture items. We ended up with 28 boxes and less furniture, yet once they loaded the truck, they said it was double the price. And we had to move out the next day so had no choice but pay. This is part of their plan. 2. They stole our deposit. They asked for a 35% deposit. We gave our account and routing number, and they generated this bogus check that said "Billing department." Then when they picked up our stuff, the movers said we didn't pay a deposit. Of course, no one's in the office (no one is EVER in the office except for temps that they hire every week), so we had to pay the deposit twice. They promised a refund, but after a month of phone calls and lies about calling us back, they said they wouldn't refund. 3. We changed the delivery address. They confirmed with us 3 times. Then on the day they were supposed to deliver, the movers were at the original address, 2 hours away. The office and the movers DO NOT TALK to each other. The office just takes your money and ignores you once they have your stuff. They subcontract movers, these guys are just random guys that rent trucks. Every truck we saw with them was unmarked. They said either I go to them for my stuff or they'll put it in storage and I'll have to deal with it. So I had to drive 2 hours, get a Uhaul, and drive two hours back. 4. The movers said they couldn't bring the 18-wheeler into my neighborhood (which is a lie, I see them come through all the time, as the house is on a main road). They said I had to pay a $500 shuttle fee. I said no, that I would rent a uhaul. Turns out, they had just rented a uhaul to provide "shuttle service" for another delivery (the uhaul person told me, and they had a uhaul truck with them). They literally lie to you and say that they can't take the truck into your neighborhood, then they charge you $500 to rent a uhaul for $40. It's all part of their plan to rip you off. 5. Our boxes were totally smashed up. Things were spilling out of ripped boxes. We saw the inside of the 18-wheeler. Things were thrown haphazardly. Everyone's boxes were ripped apart. The movers kept asking us, "Is this yours?" and showing us other people's things. They also lost some of our shelves. 6. Once they have your money and your stuff, they will ignore you. They're open 9-5pm but take 11-1pm lunch. I think they hire temps, because every week or two an extension would stop working and I'd be directed to someone new. They will NEVER let you talk to management. They will say that the manager will call you once they're out of a meeting and will never call. 7. They will NOT GIVE YOU RECEIPTS OR ANY PAPERWORK. When they movers picked our stuff up, they had me sign all of this stuff, and before I knew it, they left without leaving me copies! I called so many times asking for copies, and it was always, "Oh I'm just a secretary, everyone's in a meeting." This meeting lasted a week. Then it's always, "They'll call you right back." They never do. They took all of our money, stole our deposit, took our things, and refused to give us any paperwork. We didn't get a copy until the movers delivered our things (to the wrong address 2 hours away). In summary, 1. The 5 star reviews are fake. Just think about it. What company is either 5 stars or 1 star? The 5-star reviews are fake and the 1-star are real. Every 1-star review reads the same, and 100% echoes my experience. 2. Once they have your stuff and your money, they will never help you. 3. The office and the actual movers do not communicate at all. 4. They will steal your deposit and make sure there's no papertrail. NEVER TRUST A COMPANY THAT WON'T ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS. Credit cards leave a papertrail and you can dispute charges. 5. They will underestimate costs then double costs once they have your stuff and you have no other options. DO NOT TRUST A MOVING COMPANY THAT WONT SEND SOMEONE TO MAKE AN ESTIMATE. My move was ultimately $5,000. What company would be unwilling to send one person for an hour in exchange for a $5,000 transaction? 6. They will destroy and mix up your things. 7. They will lie about where their trucks can go because they know that chances are, you won't be able to rent a uhaul and do it yourself. They rip you off for $500 for this "shuttle service." 8. This is not a real moving company. It's a handful of guys in an office somewhere that hire temps to answer phones. Then they pay other people (I think of the 6 movers I interacted with, 2 spoke English) to move your stuff. They don't talk to the movers, and the movers aren't actual employees. This company will steal your money, rip you off, and destroy or lose your things.

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