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Liz Moser



I would not give this company any stars but I had to give it one star in order to write this review. My original quote to move me from Maryland to Vermont was $4000. Once I have them a deposit of $1400 I couldn’t get Zack Stevens on the phone. He never returned my calls or emails. The movers showed up to pick up my stuff at 7:30p, the window was for 3-5p, and they didn’t finish packing until 2am. Once all my stuff was in the truck, the driver tells me my new balance was $8652!! They had all my stuff and I had given them $2700 by then. I didn’t receive a copy of the inventory and had to take a picture with my cell phone camera the new agreement. My stuff arrived July 5 and I was missing so much stuff. The driver called the company and told me they would be sending another truck with the rest of my stuff in 3-4 days. The driver did give me a copy of the inventory this time. I waited 3-4 days, no truck. Called the company and no one knew about another truck. They said I had to file a claim report of what was missing. So they never intended to send my stuff they just wanted to get my money and get out of there. What I don’t understand is that the truck my stuff was in had someone else’s belongings in there too. If they just filled the truck with my stuff then they wouldn’t have to send a second truck. I’ve been trying to get a copy of the inventory from when they picked up my stuff but now another request has to be made for me to get that before I can fill out the claim form. It’s one obstacle after another. If I ever get my stuff, they will probably charge me another fee to deliver my stuff which I already paid over $8000. Who knows when I will receive my stuff.

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