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Katie Ainsworth



DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! This company is a SCAM!!! They low ball you to get you to use them, they get you on the phone and pressure you into making a decision right then and there. After they had my goods in their possession my quote tripled. I know how much stuff I had because I packed a moving truck to move the first time. I told them how much cubic footage I had. Needless to say, I was not going to pay them $9200. BTW It is against the law to produce a new BID after they have your items in possession.. I filed a complaint with the BBB against this company to get them to deliver my items at the 2nd bid price. They then told me if I didn't pay them within a certain time they were going to charge me storage because it took 2 months to come to an agreement, BUT they didn't even have a time frame on when they were going to load my items from their warehouse to come to Las Vegas. Mind you they loaded after the date they demanded I pay by. Everything was to benefit them never for customer service. I was given a specific delivery date from Sasha 9 days in advance because i had to request time off work. The driver called me 2 days before and said hes here to deliver my stuff. Not once did anyone from this scam company try to contact me to tell me it would be early or anything. Of course they also did not bother to contact me on my actual delivery date. I had to call them and i received bogus excuses from both Sasha and Derek. They said it could happen on the date Sasha scheduled with me or on Saturday. Well it didn't happen either day. They have never contacted me to advise when they could deliver. I advised them that I was filing another complaint with the BBB and they did not care. My complaint has been re-opened and they have failed to respond because I asked for $25.00 per hour that they were late delivering my items. I received a call from another truck driver the day before at 345 PM telling me that he was going to deliver my items the next day. So I had to request and pray my boss would understand what was going on and that I could have the day off unpaid. When the driver go there, he was from a different company, not even the moving company i hired. All he was worried about was collecting my money. I have yet to make it through my whole delivery, but as of right now they have STOLEN my sons dirt bike and his tool box filled with tools. BEWARE of this company. They are scam artist and only out for their own good. When I called wonderful Sasha, she said ok i will send you a claim form to complete. They DO NOT care what happens with your stuff as long as they get their money. It has been 5 days since I contacted her and have not heard back about checking the warehouse for my STOLEN ITEMS.

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