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Could not be anymore satisfied

Edward Shultz


Could not be anymore satisfied

My name is Edward Shultz and I had moved planned with Me and My Fiancée from King Of Prussia, PA to Phoenix AZ . I moved once before In my life but It was local and this was My first cross country move. My wife really took the lead on finding a company and after maybe 1 Month of getting different quotes we decided on American Eagle Moving . Reasons why we decided on American Eagle Is mostly the reviews were good and most If not all of there complaints were resolved. Another reason for our decision was the sales rep Megan , She was absolutely amazing with how nice and informative she was about moving. Megan and my wife hit it off and after maybe the 3rd conversation with her we both knew we Had found the moving company to move us. 24 Hours before pick up a Dispatcher called me and provided me and Eta Of 9-11 for the next day. The pick up went extremely well the foreman Rodrigo and his crew were very professional , they did and amazing job of packing and handling all of our goods . Once the movers finished the revised the estimate due to the fact I didn’t use 200cf that was included in the original estimate. I ended up paying less since I didn’t use the space which was great . Our first available delivery date after our pick Up was 2/15/18 . We received a call from dispatch on 2/10/18 informing us we are loaded and Enroute To AZ . They were a bit delayed with some previous deliveries but always kept me informed and when the crew arrived they were great. I would highly recommend using American Eagle Moving for your move, they are family owned and operated and it shows by how much attention and care they treat all there customers with .

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