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Alexandria, Virginia

American Eagle Moving has been providing the highest standards of packing and relocation services for over 20 years. We are a full-service moving and storage company that specializes in residential, commercial, intrastate and long distance relocation's. Our team of professional packers and movers are state certified with decades of experience.


Staci Butler



I chose this moving company based on the original moving quote of $3109.60 provided to me via email on 01/04/18. I provided inventory to Jeff, whom said this quote would more than cover any additional items added. Also paid non-refundable deposit of 1088.60. On 1/09/18 moving company confirmed the movers would expect to arrive between 3-5 pm on 1/11/18. Then because my (x-boyfriend) works second shift, I was forced to rent u-haul for the day and pay his movers the morning of the move to get all my items out of the house, to protect what they could in the u-haul in the event it rained/snow, while few things were in the driveway covered. 2 of 4 movers hired via American Eagle arrived via truck (M.A.D. Movers LLC out of Ft Lauderdale FL. USDot #2447719) they saw the u-haul and few things in the driveway and questioned me about the price saying they could take what is in the u-haul or what was in the driveway as taking everything would increase another $6,000.I explained how is that

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