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2202, 713 Clarkson Dr, Marlin, Texas 76661 USA

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About Superior Vanlines

2202, 713 Clarkson Dr
Marlin, Texas

We work closely with our clients to customize the services we provide based on their specific needs and circumstances. We’re proud to be a leading Moving & Storage Service in the Waco, TX area, and willing to go the extra mile whenever and wherever we’re needed. Contact us today to get in touch with our team of experienced professionals.

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Gloria Huerta



This review is based on the outcome. I should have known better and followed my gut. However, my kids were relocating to NY for school, and their budget was so small for moving that we went with Superior because they offered the lowest price. I asked Glenn about the poor reviews, and he became defensive. Another RED flag. We went over and over the date that the things needed to be picked up, and we got a window (Earliest Thursday, latest Friday). Items were not picked up until Saturday, with no notice until various calls were made asking about the movers. First they said they were "lost" or "late" and then finally that we never confirmed. Could not get their truths straight. The movers finally showed up on Saturday, and were very polite and courteous, taking precautions to pack everything well and fit it well into the truck. When completed, the estimate doubled due to amount of feet used. OK. We have no control. My kids left for New York, 40 hours trip, on Sunday, August 19. After arriving in New York on Thursday August 23, my children received a call at 2 PM that the van was stolen! When asked from where and when, the reply from Superior was that the van was stolen "probably on Monday or Tuesday" because when they went to look for the van to transfer the belongings on Tuesday, the van was not there. When asked where the van was parked, and after prodding, we were told the van was parked on their lot, which is not fenced or protected. It has been extremely difficult to communicate with people up the chain. We are going into November. Winter is coming in, and this claim has yet to be settled. EVERYTHING needed to survive the Buffalo winters was in the van, furniture, sporting equipment, work equipment (my daughter is a massage therapist), piano, everything for them to start a new life in NEw York is gone! My kids have no $$ to purchase what was stolen, and they cannot get anywhere with Superior Van Lines. As I write this, being their mother, I am angry at myself for suggesting to go with Superior Van Lines, I am angry with the company who was so careless. We are tempted to believe this was an inside job. Las Vegas Police contacted my kids to let them know they found some of their boxes in a warehouse in LAs Vegas, but the "suspect" would not talk so case closed. Meanwhile, my kids are still waiting for Superior to complete the claim. This is one of the most horrible experiences we have ever had with movers. We have moved many time sin our lifetime because of our jobs. From Oregon to NEw Jersey, to California, and NEVER have we had a problem like this. Numerous calls have been made, messages left on voice mails, and mostly to no avail. For us, time is of the essence. We need this claim honored and paid ASAP. This is totally unacceptable.

Junjia Zhang


They were wonderful for the cost

I gave em’ a shot… and… I’m pleased with the job they did. I read the review from you fellow traveler and I’m shocked it’s the same company. Double checked their license number and everything, The guy I spoke with on the phone was a sweetheart and was precise with my inventory measurements. Kayla was my dispatch representative and I had a great rapport with her every time we spoke. Delivery time was longer than I would’ve liked but everything else was wonderful. Definitely not a “one star” company. Enjoying Salt Lake City!

Christine Hooks


My phone agent was amazing

My initial introduction to Superior Van Lines was speaking to Marisa on the phone. I probably got a thousand phone calls from different companies but Marisa stood out. She was very patient with me, as I would call her every day, and never made me feel unwelcome over the phone. The price was pretty close to everyone else I was working with and her patience, and her kindness won my business overall. My belongings were picked up without issue and but my delivery took quite a while longer to arrive than what was said to me by customer service. I general avoided speaking with that department and continued to talk to Marisa. She earned the five-star review I’m giving. Even though there were some frustrations with delivery, she genuinely made an effort to resolve all of my concerns. And if I move again, I’ll call her for sure.

Elizabeth Hall


I love em'! I'll give Leah a call if I get relocated again.

I did a short move with Superior Vanlines up the west coast line to Seattle. I moved with them once before coming to San Francisco from Chicago. I think they're wonderful there. I always work this sweet woman there, Leah. We get along wonderfully, and she always works with me to make the move smooth. I never have a lot to move when I'm relocated, and I always anticipate something going wrong, but... NOPE! Awesome phone agent, and both moving teams have been a delight! I hope to be here in Seattle for a long time, although if I must move again I will call Leah.

Anindya Sen


Move to Charlotte was very pleasent

I used a moving company before and it was a terrible experience when I moved to Glendale. Having to go through the process again moving to Charlotte I was very cautious on choosing which company transported my belongings. I found Superior by putting my phone number into a find a moving company website. Even though I got to test out many many companies, your phone will ring non-stop for days. I spoke with several sales people for several weeks and Cheryl from Superior Van Lines ended up being my final choice. She was so patient explaining everything the company offers and how they handle moving items across country. We spoke several times for about three months and every time we spoke, it was informative and a pleasure. Never seemed to be bothered by my calls and always happy to hear from me. They have a well-trained customer support staff. The moving team on the other hand made me feel apprehensive as they were dressed in street clothes, but, ended up doing a good job. I think the guy directing the team, I think his name was Zach, went over the entire contract with me. Some of my dishes broke when they arrived but I got all my things 11 days after they picked them up. I read the reviews on here like you and saw the awful ones and was surprised as I did get a contract from Superior and they did pretty good. I was going to give them three or four stars but because I spent so much time with the phone agent and was so patient and reading the bad ones. Here you go Chery. You earned the company five stars. Hope things are going well.

Traci Thompson



would give -10 stars if I could. Moved from CA to MA and these people were beyond horrific!! Most moving companies suck when you are moving across country but these people should not be in business. First off they are brokers and contract out the move to whoever is going your direction. Superior does not do the actual move. I was given 2 seperate quotes by 2 different women that were right around the same amount. When the first contracted movers came out to pick up my stuff I was told the estimate was way off and it would cost another $1700! WHAT??!!! This was 3 days before I was to start driving across country to start a new job. I had to leave 25% of my stuff in storage because I had the $ for the “estimated” cost and a bit more, but not $1700-$1800 more. They take what I can afford to move and that still cost over $900 what. the 2 estimates I had been given. Then my stuff sits in a warehouse for 5 weeks before they can get a contracted driver that is coming out to MA from wherever they had my stuff. I got nothing but the run around whenever I called asking where my stuff was. So, 6 weeks for them to me my stuff. And it gets better!! The driver tells me he is delivering it and asks if an 18 wheeler can fit and I said “no, they have known from the beginning I need a shuttle.” The driver had no idea I needed a shuttle!!!! I had told Superior that I needed a shuttle from day one! And I was told how much it would cost. THEN I get a call less than 14 hours before delivery that I owe $350 on top of my balance because the shuttle had not been paid for yet! WHAT???!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! I was under the understanding that the shuttle was in the contracted price. “Oh, no. You pay the driver directly for the shuttle.” This is what they tell me last minute! NEVER said a word about this prior. I am repirting this company to the D.O.T. Pure negligence!! HORRIFIC!!!!!!! If moving across country is not stressful enough and then all this chaos from the “moving” company. They are not a moving company. They are scammers.

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