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1001 S Dairy Ashford Rd 380, Houston, Texas 77077 USA

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About Santa Fe Relocation Services

1001 S Dairy Ashford Rd 380
Houston, Texas

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Do NOT use these Cheats

Do NOT use this company. Unprofessional, Liars, Untrustworthy, Unreliable and DO NOT buy insurance, they will not cover you.

My experience has been the most unpleasant ever out of any move I have made.

I move interstate, was quoted 1 week, and 4 weeks AFTER the quote my things arrived with NO explanation why it was late and I consistently called to ask for an update which, blame and responsibility was shifted around. I NEVER got a clear answer, still to this day they can not tell me why it took so long. - OK these things happen, I was just happy to get my things.

Upon arrival of my belongings, I noticed that the fridge had what looked like Fist marks in the door, a few more dents and scratches. OK it still works. I then noticed that my desk has a crack along the side it did not have before the move. OK still stable. I then discover my brand new washing machine which luckily is still under warranty does not work correctly.
And finally, My Smart TV that was in perfect working order before the move, I plugged in to turn on, I saw a flash of a shattered LCD screen, and then it turned off, never to be turn on again.

OK, accidents happen, that is why I purchased INSURANCE. Now, when i went to purchase the insurance for my TV, I was FORCED to buy a used cardboard box from SantaFe for the price of $200, before I was allowed to purchase the extra insurance of $350 to insure my TV.
I spend a half hour explaining precisely, specifically and repeatedly,(with a witness) to the sales person that the ONLY reason I was paying for the EXTRA insurance was to cover the TV in the event if someone dropped (box or no box), and the shock impact of the fall damaged the internals and it no longer worked. I paid the extra insurance as advised by the sales person.

I checked the box and sure enough the corner and foam inside was compressed on one side indicating some form of drop.

Upset, but not concerned I then called the company to start my claim to rectify the damage to my belongings, not being concerned as I had Paid for the extra insurance.

Well.. NONE of my belongings aside from my washing machine and TV were insured. (THIS MEANS that if you use this company and they loose your belongings or damage them, and you dont pay for the extra. surprisingly expensive, insurance - they will NOT cover you and its your loss)

OK, no problem, Fridge still works, desk still works - I was not even chasing any compensation for these items.

The washing machine has been refused to be covered as it has "no external damage" - OK it is still under warranty, it could be that it suddenly turned faulty and I can claim this on my warranty - no problem.

My $4000 TV, that I PAID the extra insurance for that is no longer under warranty, that no longer works, that I have pictures of it working BEFORE the delivery, was also REJECTED to be covered because " it has no external damage" - despite the face the box shows signs of a drop, and after me raising this case of my reason to purchase the extra insurance to cover such an event and speaking with 2 managers, even though they agree with me, they REFUSE to pay any form of compensation or even a refund to any of my paid money. Under the basis that their insurance that I paid extra for, "Only covers lost or Externally damaged items"
As there most likely wont be any External damage to the TV as it was in a forced purchase box, a drop from the truck to the concrete will still cause impact damage to internals and that is exactly what it has done.

They then advised me there is a EXTRA level of insurance that is shockingly more expensive than the already expensive extra cover that is available that DOES cover this type of thing, but "you did not purchase this insurance" - even though this is specifically what I asked for and made this profoundly clear, it seems the sales person has still incorrectly sold me the wrong insurance. Despite me having witness, picture proof, evidence of the box being dropped and all of the above.



Moved from Tokyo to Philly


1. We told them we would not have an exact location for a month and a half. They told us not a problem since most moves take three months.Then two weeks the company in Japan picked up our stuff Stana Fe told us we would have to pay a storage fee.

2. They arrived three weeks late.

3. The day before they arrived they called too late I know what time they would be arriving. Then they were three hours late to that time.

4. When they were bringing everything in, they didn't wear shoe protection and made a big mess of mud and dirt, so I had to scrub the brand new apartment floor because of them.

5. After they unloaded the truck they started asking me for tips, in addition to the $105 I had to pay for port fees.

6. During the chaos of them being here, and trying my best to inspect all the boxes I failed to notice that they DIDN"T DELIVER ALL MY BOXES!

7. After informing the company that they didn't deliver all my boxes I haven't gotten an email, phone call or any sort of contact with the company. Every phone call I make goes unanswered.

For your sake DO NOT USE THEM!

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