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980 S Coit Rd, McKinney, Texas 75078 USA

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About Ricks Professional Moving Service

980 S Coit Rd
McKinney, Texas

Rick's Professional Moving has become one of the most trusted moving companies in the area. When it comes to relocating your business or home we pride ourselves in treating each family or business individually. Learning about you and your relocating requirements is the key to our business. Our professional staff executes integrity, courtesy and efficiency.

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Jerry Barajas


So exemplary

I love people who put best to what they do. The best I give back to such personalities is the space and time to enable them work best. I remember well the dedication Rick's Professional Moving Service gave to me during the relocation process. At first, I did not think it would be so easy to them since I had very many items in my house. It was shocking to the eye when all the packing was done in approximately thirty minutes. So hard to find such dedicated teams like them.

Chris Stow


So much love and respect

If there is one thing that inspires me about Rick's Professional Moving Service, it is their love and respect for the other people’s properties. This company’s crew really value client’s properties. I say this from my own experience. When I contacted them to help me out with my recent relocation, they ensured that there were not any damages. That is what I would call a spotless relocation. It is not easy finding such in this current generation and that is why I would love to stick them for as so long as I can.

Amanda Petry


Easy to contact

Since I associated with Rick's Professional Moving Service, I have always had close relations with them. Occasionally the company calls me directly asking in case I need their services. This has made the communication chain shorter than I ever imagined. If in need of a company that is always there for you then feel free to contact Rick's Professional Moving Service today. The services offered by Rick's Moving are the ones I can always go for again and again without getting tired. I am truly in love with their relocation services. They relocated me very well from New Hampshire to Saint Charles. They were so much concerned about time and that enabled us to clear everything earlier enough. I recommend this relocation company.

Melody Bradley


So hard, so rare

In this current world, it is quite difficult to be certain of quality services. You might as well pay lots of cash but end up being offered very pathetic services. Actually that was my greatest fear when I wanted to move from Oklahoma to Arizona. I did not have a particular relocation company in mind yet I wanted to perfect services more than anything else. I tried out Rick's Professional Moving Service and they turned out to be a real dime. At least I can now be sure of quality relocation services even in future. The competence and skill of the guys I collaborated with ensured that we had no trouble throughout the process from the beginning to the end. If you value your things, then use Rick's Moving. Thank me later!

Joey Fingerut


I had a super cool and relaxed moving

I had a super cool and relaxed moving courtesy of the professionalism of Rick's Professional Moving Service. These guys clearly understood my situation as I was in a tight financial situation and they helped me by giving me a really affordable quote. Initially I thought they would demand more money at the end of the process but to my surprise, what they had quoted is exactly what I paid! I have to thank these guys for their first rate quality relocation services at an incredibly affordable price.



I thank my movers

Eventually my family and I had to move from our three-decade home to a totally new location. This was one of the most touching experiences I have had to go through, but thanks to the diligence and caring nature of Rick's Professional Moving Service, everything went smoothly even though it was all very emotional. I had worried about how it would be possible to move everything from our four bedroom house, but I thank my movers that the process was all a success without a single glitch or scratch.

Aaliyah Allum


Spectacular relocations

Rick's Professional Moving Service is one unique relocation company. I admire so many things about them because of the difference they bring in the relocation industry. Their performance is far much above the local relocation companies. I observed how they relocated me to my new home in Ohio and got impressed. A few weeks later, I watched them help my friend move to New York, and it was spectacular. I know more are to come, and I am patiently waiting.

Trevor Petersen


It came as a surprise

It took me by surprise. How could it have been so easy? What is it that this crew had that the previous ones done? How comes they took such a short time despite the properties being considerably many? I needed answers after the marvellous relocation they had just done to me. It sounds weird that I got to find more about them after the services and not before. It was at that time that I learnt that it was in their nature to make the client happy. It wasn’t me only; they had done it multiple times to several other clients. Now I understood the difference.

Nancy Quinn


Flawless move

You can never realise how much you have been missing until it finally arrives. I wasn’t aware of Rick's Professional Moving Service sometime back, and so I did not have the slightest idea of how much I have been missing. When I was eventually this lovely relocation company, I found myself full of appreciations. They are the greatest and most reliable crew I have ever met. With confidence, I recommend them. It was all possible because of the intervention of Rick's Moving. I am certain things couldn’t have taken the same turn were it another mover handling the relocation. It couldn’t have been as bearable as this relocation company made it appear. They handled the movement from Arkansas to Washington as if it was one of the least jobs they had. By the time they were done, they were not even tired. They are indeed marvellous.

Priscilla Reeves


Timely relocation services

I love Rick's Professional Moving Service. I love their crew. I love their diligence and dedication. I am just in love with everything to do with them because they are unique. Hiring them out is a whole new experience that everyone would like to go through ever and ever again without ceasing. How they handled my relocation from Georgia to Indiana in three days still remains a mystery. Considering the number of properties I had, I expected the entire procedure to take approximately five days on the lower side. They proved me wrong and now I am aware of their capability.

Chase Greer


No more doubts

At first, I was in doubts. Were they really going to make it or they were just another bunch of disappointing movers? Was I getting myself into a good deal or I was simply doing something that I would later come to regret? I did not have the slightest idea. Nevertheless, I gave Rick's Professional Moving Service a chance to prove their worth and they did not disappoint me. They utilised every opportunity perfectly well and it all turned out marvellous. The relocation from Delaware to Arizona is what I can confidently term successfully. Coming to reliable, efficient and affordable services is something quite hard nowadays. Most of the services providers who offer services worth going for having hiked prices and the charges are to an extent costly. With Rick's Moving, it is a completely different story because they guarantee quality relocations at affordable. Regardless of the kind of relocation, they will always find a way of sorting you out.

Carl Daniels


Diligent, expertise and professionalism

Even if it is ten years from now, I will still hire out Rick's Moving. I have no desire of engaging the services of any movers when it comes to relocation. So far, this company have proved to me that they are worth trusting. The last time they relocated me, one of their staff came across my safe which I had misplaced. He handed it over to their team leader who later gave it to me. Everything was intact when I opened it and that really inspired me. I just wish everyone was them. I really value hard work. I like it when a service provider works tirelessly to the satisfaction of the customers. That is what made me so happy when I hired out Rick's Professional Moving Service. I realised that their workers were all that I have always wanted in service providers. They were just amazing. The way they handled the relocation from New Jersey to Maine sent one message clear, they had experience and there was no doubt about it. I will still seek their services even in the future.

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