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P.O. Box 8367, Wichita Falls, Texas 76307 USA

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About Moving Staffers

P.O. Box 8367
Wichita Falls, Texas

Based in Wichita Falls, Texas, Moving Staffers is known for providing affordable, reliable nationwide packing and loading help. When you combine Moving Staffers' nationwide coverage with over 70 years of experience in the moving industry, you get an unbeatable moving solution.

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Bonnie Nozari


Read this before you book them.

Moving Staffers with its multi-state presence and centralized service sounds like the promise of a safe and carefree move. I, like many others, fell into that trap. Lucky for me, a near-disaster turned into a great blessing. I have now notified both my previous employer Johns Hopkins University and my new employer Carnegie Mellon University to list Moving Staffers as dispreferred service. What I want to do here is to make you realize how Moving Staffers actually operates. Once you read this, you can make an informed choice.

I often do a good deal of online research before I book a service. Moving Staffers has mostly negative reviews, so why did I book them? Because they are partnered with UPack, which is actually a decent and highly-rated service. When they recommended Moving Staffers as their trusted partner, I made the mistake of taking that as reliable validation. I booked Moving Staffers a month ahead of my move. My husband and I both have demanding jobs, so I was planning a weekend move. Moving Staffers told me I couldn’t do that because I was receiving the “plus service”, and to ensure that my moving coordinator could be on top of things in the off chance that anything goes wrong, Sundays were out. They also excluded other options for various reasons, so packing and loading was scheduled for the middle of the week. I was unhappy with this timing, but I told myself “peace of mind is better than anything!” So I agreed. We were packing a small 2-bedroom apartment. They charged me nearly $3000 for packing, loading and unloading (no storage, transportation, etc.). Sounds extravagant, but I told myself “peace of mind!”.

It was the day before the scheduled appointment, and no one has contacted me about the plan. So I called. The coordinator assigned to me did not answer my call (or my email). So I called the general number. I talked to someone else, who assured me all was well. I asked when the movers will arrive? She put me on hold for a while, then responded that she would have to get back to me later. Later that evening, I finally received an email, informing me that the crew will show up the next day between 11:00 and 1:00. We got the truck, and sat waiting. No one showed up. I called. The same person as the day before answered. I explained my worry. She said she would look into it. An hour later, a man called me, and informed me, in the most casual tone, without offering even an apology, that no one was going to show up today. “Maybe tomorrow” he said. I was flabbergasted. I thought I was paying $3000 for a back-up plan, so if one crew does not show up, there will be a plan B. I was sorely mistaken. In fact, Moving Staffers is nothing but a phone coordinator between local movers. It means that they have the information of your local movers, and call them (like you yourself would), but the catch is they charge you an extravagant amount for it. My credit card has already been charged, and I was being told with the most condescending “Ma’am” tone that that was that. When I said I would file a complaint, I was old that I had “threatened” them, and they immediately canceled my move on both cities.

The good thing is that I’m not easily fazed. I picked up the phone, and called some local movers. An hour later they were at my place. While they were packing, I also called movers in my destination city, and booked a trustworthy service there. Our move went without a glitch after that, and guess what? It cost exactly HALF the price of what Moving Staffers were charging me. Now make your own choice. Happy moving!

Tony Jordan


ABF and Moving Staffers

DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE LOWER PRICES. ABF (stay far away from ABF) recommended movers to help us move into our home. The contract says the movers will handle the removal of package materials. Yes, the movers shoved the packing material into the ABF trailer and ABF is charging us over 400.00. I have submitted contracts, called but no interest in even trying to understand their recommended movers put the material in their trailer. Today I received a collection notice for 400.00. Folks, if you need to work a company with integrity and is willing to do the right thing...this is NOT it. Good luck but, really, use anyone else but Moving Staffers and ABF - bad companies! Tony Jordan.



Showed up 2 hours late with absolutely nothing

The movers were supposed to come around 5pm and showed up at 7:30 pm with NO TOOLS. Not even a screwdriver or anything, i had to scramble to find them basic hand tools. They were also not able to fit my stuff in the previously quoted area and it ended up costing me an addition $130 without telling me. Would not recommend, especially for a service that cost $1000. My friends could've done a better job.

Cathy Kammerer


Worst company ever!!!

I paid your moving company $662, to destroy 75% of my furniture because your employees do not know how to load a truck. And you don't care, because you're not going to be responsible, I hope Better Business Bureau shut you down. Thanks for nothing!!!



what a wonderful experience!

The packers did an incredibly good and careful job. They saved me a bundle by getting everything carefully in one Pod. They were clean, pleasant and quick! They lowered my moving-stress level by 99%. And the company was clear, concise and easy to work with. Worth every penny! Please understand that the price was for packing only.

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