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5415 Maple Ave # 268, Dallas, Texas 75235 USA
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About Geo Van Lines

5415 Maple Ave # 268
Dallas, Texas

Geo Van Lines, based in Dallas, TX is here to rescue you from your move! Our expert moving crews have more than 15 years of experience in the moving industry and know exactly what it takes to get your move in Texas completed without a hitch. As a Dallas moving company, we know the ins and outs of moving in Texas and will be able to help you every step of the way. You can count on Geo Van Lines to help you with your local moves, long distance moves, and commercial moves. Or you can even hire us to move a specialty item for you. Geo Van Lines can do it all! If you’re looking for as storage solution, we can assist you with that as well – we have a 15,000 square-foot, climate controlled facility that is available to all of our customers during their move to Texas and beyond.

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Jenny Jeong


Destroyed all my belongings in exchange for $1400. They are a joke

DO NOT USE THEM. They are an awful company. Got all of my furniture destroyed from the move from Dallas to Houston on 7/8/19. Driver was involved in a car accident which destroyed my entire belongings. Rick Lopez from the company assured me they have insurance to cover accidents like this so I should not worry. They were very uncooperative and pretty much I had to nag them to give me information about their insurance. Fast forward today, I have been fighting with them and insurance company for 3 months now, only to find out they will reimburse $1400 for all of the damage which exceeded $60000 dollars. I still have the broken furniture sitting at the back yard. Their cargo insurance will not reimburse anything although it was their employee's fault. Why? Because the driver was not insured!! Their driver is not insured with any insurance so pretty much you will get reimbursed 60 cents per 1lb. Thank God the driver didn't die but pretty much they are neglecting their employee and the customer!! DO NOT USE THEM.

Jayant Kumar


Geo van lines steals items and bags

Please do not book with this company.They are fraud and thieves.
They have stolen my TV and 3 Bag full of costly items. The remaining bags which is delivered to me has lots of items missing.they have opened the bags and stolen costly item which has resale value or can be used by other person like kitchen item, jackets, groceries , electronic etc.Also after i paid first installment they told truck would not came to load unless i pay 300 more as initial quote was very if i cancel at that time i would loss initial payment also so i had to pay 300 extra. In destination city, after delivery truck driver run away quickly without i open my bag.he took signature and cash before unloading bags from truck. he tried to cheat me by wrongly counting delivered item.

Soni Tiwary


Stolen my almost all valuable items..

I choose Geo Vanlines without going through review. after I booked my shipment I found every single review is true..they charge more. They delivers many weeks late than commited date.They took our luggage on hostage and told us to buy item as they may not going to reach us..finally after delivery, lots of items are stolen and many bags missing from Inventory list.I think They are stealing items and selling it on used item selling website to get ?...I am filling case to save others to get trapped..

Eric Burns


This isn’t a moving company. It’s a trucking company

Please, never use this company. This is the first time I’ve used a moving company and my dad chose these guys (moving for grad school).
They told us they’d pickup my furniture on a Thursday between 4-6pm. At 8pm, they told us they would have to come first thing in the morning the next day at 8am. At 10:30am they finally showed up.
While packing up the stuff, they tried to double our price from $1600 to $3200. My dad worked them down to $2400 which was still outrageous for what I had.
They told us a bunch of trucks were going in the direction of our move that next week so my stuff should get there the weekend I was supposed to get there. I got my stuff a week and a half after the day I put down.
My dad told them more than 10 times that I needed them to put the bed together and my glass kitchen table put together. When the movers got here, they said they were never told to put anything together and didn’t bring any tools to do it.
As my dad said “this isn’t a moving company this is a trucking company.” I can’t believe these guys are still in business if they treat customers this way. This is a total scam and should be dissolved for treating people this way.

Tom Mcelroy


GEO Van Lines

Avoid this company. Our property was damaged and stolen during the move process. Complaints to the North Texas BBB went unresolved due to lack of business response.

C Simmons


Movers caused damage and GeoVanlines would not pay for it

Movers moved and damaged my little trailer (I would have moved it using my truck) and did not tell me and did not alert me to damage to the tailgate of the trailer. I sent an estimate for repair and wrote certified letters attempting to get a response. I have workers on tape discussing damage. I will be filing a small claims court case in an attempt to get the ~$800 to repair the small enclosed trailer that wasn't involved in the move but damaged by the movers by moving it.

It took ~2 months to get a response that was a lie.

Roxanna Roberts



Movers picked up belongings 7/31. Was told pick-up window 12 to 4, didn't arrive until after 5:30 or 6. However, received courtesy call from driver. Pick up went ok though, guys were polite & efficient.. Informed them Aug 4 was first available day for delivery. Contacted them Aug 9 just to check & hopefully receive update on possible delivery date. Was given "standard response" delivery was pending & envelop from first available day for delivery (8/4) was 21 non-guaranteed days transit time from that date. Contacted them again 8/20. Wasn't very nice email due to frustration of company having no communication with me through process (unless I initiated it). Their response was my belongings were loaded on truck yesterday (8/19) & would be heading to WA next day, Tues 8/21 (which was 3 weeks AFTER my stuff was picked up). Ok, I get call THURDAY morning 8/23 from driver & he is JUST NOW leaving TX, (Two days after I was told by company he would be heading this way). He gave me 3 to 7 day window as to when he'd be here meaning anywhere between Sat 8/25 & Wednesday 8/29. He calls this morning Tues 8/28 saying he'll be here after 2 tomorrow Wed 8/29. Granted, this is 2 days shy of being a MONTH since pickup (7/31). Given time between pickup and 1st day delivery availability "doesn't count", to me that is just unacceptable. No one ever mentioned to me that my stuff wouldn't even be LOADED onto truck until almost THREE WEEKS after pickup! Given chance to redo this, would have NEVER HSVE GONE WITH THIS COMPANY!! Was outright lied to when asked associate whom was working with when asked approx timeframe. She told me my have it within 2weeks, but shouldnt take longer than 3 weeks cause buisness was "kinda slow right now". My mistake for not reading reviews prior to booking this company!! If ever need long distance movers again will definitely do more insight research. VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH GEO VAN LINES.



Horrible company

After lying to me on the phone about it being okay for me to pay via phone for my mother's move since I was out of state, the owner wasted over an hour resolving the situation and then had the gall to charge me an extra hour on the move because of it.
Whatever you do, avoid these people at all costs. This dumpster fire of a company will gladly look for any reason to inconvenience you and increase what they can charge while at the same time going out of their way to be difficult.

Cannot possibly overstate how useless this company is

Kristyn Roman



Absolutely terrible!
I scheduled a pick up for Thursday, June 14th. I was told that someone would call me the day before to give me a time the movers were going to show. No one called me the day before. I called them the morning of the 14th and asked what time the movers were going to come for my pick up. The lady told me that I’m scheduled between 4pm – 8 pm. Okay cool, thanks for letting me know... 7:30pm rolls around and I still haven’t received I call. At 7:45 the mover calls me to tell me that they are finishing up a job and wouldn’t be by to pick up to stuff until 9pm-11pm. Ridiculous. 10:45pm rolls around and they call me to tell me that they are finishing a job in Austin and would come get my stuff in an hour.. Austin is an hour and a half away from me and they weren’t even finished with the job, so I knew that timeline was impossible. I told them that its getting too late and that they would have to come in the morning. The manager calls me and tells me that they can’t do it Friday because they have other jobs so they’ll come Saturday morning at 9:00am. 9:00am on Saturday comes and no one has showed up. I call the office to see why they aren’t here to pick up my stuff and the lady on the phone had the audacity to tell me that someone told her that I wasn’t in a rush, so they didn’t dispatch a vehicle to come get my stuff. I lost my mind! How are you going to tell me that I’m not in a rush to get my stuff picked up seeing as how I scheduled the pick up two days prior. After that she told me that they are dispatching the vehicle soon and will come pick up my stuff at noon. I’m furious by this point. I had to get on the road so thankfully my parents stayed to oversee them picking up my stuff. I hit the road around 11:30 am, by noon my mom calls me and tells me they still haven’t shown up yet. I call the lady and ask her where the movers are, they were supposedly on their way 3 hours ago. She tells me that they just left. It only takes a little over 2 hours to get from Dallas to Killeen. 2 hours later, still haven’t shown up. My mom calls the movers and they tell her they had to stop for gas and would be there in 45 minutes. 45 minutes later, still a no show. Turns out they drove past my house to do a job in Georgetown! They finally showed up to my house at 6:30pm! For whatever reason the lady wrote down I only had 11 boxes that needed to be picked up, I had 19. They were trying to charge me extra for the 8 additional boxes. 1. I never said I had 11 boxes, 2. You guys are 3 days late picking up my stuff and 3. Everything is already packed up in boxes, all you have to do is move it from point A to point B. So my mom called the manager and explained to him how his men were 3 days late picking up my stuff and how they are trying to charge me extra for 8 boxes. They ended up taking the extra boxes for free and took $100 dollars off for being so late. So, they pick up my stuff and tell me that the next truck that’s heading for the east coast will be on Tuesday June 19th. On June 19th I’m already in Georgia waiting for my stuff to get here. I call them to see what the status is… my stuff is still in storage and its not going to leave until that Friday. Fine. I receive an email Friday saying that my stuff is on the way to me. Finally, something has gone right. Saturday June 30th at 4:20 pm the movers call me to tell me they are 4 hours away, what my remaining balance is and that they need it in cash since it’s an out of state move. No where on the website does it state that the remaining balance needs to be in cash but at this point I’m fed up with the entire company and I just want my stuff. 4 hours later, they’re not here. I call them, no answer, I call an hour later, no answer. I get a call at 10:45 pm and they said they were in Pensacola, Florida and they have on more drop off then they will come to me at 9:00am Sunday morning. Pensacola, FL to Savannah, GA is already a 7 hour drive, plus they had another job before me. Again, another impossible timeline., I call them at 9:00am Sunday morning, no answer. I call again at noon, no answer. They finally call me back at 2:45pm to say they are 2 hours away. 2 hours later, still not here. They didn’t show up until 8:00pm!. Thankfully all my stuff was there (including some other peoples stuff). I will never in a million years recommend this company to anyone. They have no sense of time, professionalism or empathy. If you’re military and trying to do a DITY move, they almost screwed me with weight tickets even though I mentioned it to them 3 times. They claimed they knew what I was talking about. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY! You have been warned.

M Hacker


Geo saved the day

I can only give review for pick up of my belongings and will provide additional review after delivery to my new home.
I received excellent service, from Jack the dispatcher calling to give me time of arrival, his direct phone number and the driver calling to explain he would be late as he had to obtain additional packing tape. Arrived less than 30 minuets later. My belongings were carefully wrapped with blankets, fragile items given special care and movers professional and caring. My belongings will be in storage for 5 months until my house is completed. Once my belongings are delivered I will give additional review. I felt positive my belongings would be in good hands.

Lori Hanna


Do Not Use

Would not return phone calls. Left my daughter STRANDED in a cold dark parking lot after a move to Omaha from Dallas. Refused to unload truck to her house unless she paid extra $300 on top of what already was paid. She ended up having to rent a uhaul box truck to meet driver and higher an additional company to move her furnishings into her house.

Sue B


promises not fulfilled

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They say anything to get your business but do not come through with what they promise.
I received many quotes from several moving companies. Geo Van Lines was the least expensive and price was a concern for me.
I read the reviews on all the companies I was considering. Geo Van Lines had especially bad reviews. When I was speaking to Shannon, the sales representative, she said the problem was with the long distance the individual moved. I also saw that the company responded with a partial refund. My move was local – only 1-1/2 hours away.
I told Shannon IF she had her best movers move me WITHOUT incident I would give Geo Van Lines a glowing review. Unfortunately, I was suckered in and booked with Geo Van Lines for Monday, Jan 15th, starting at 8 am with an estimate of 6 hours packing/unpacking time(supposedly on the high side). I informed Shannon that I am an early morning person and would want the move to be completed before dark. No problem Shannon said. I paid the $50 deposit and the Friday before the move paid the remainder of the estimate in full.
Since I have two young dogs I decided to board them for the Monday move. I boarded them near my new home and had to take them to boarding Sat early in the morning – meaning I was paying for Sat, Sun and Mon boarding. I would have to pick up the dogs before 5 pm Monday before they closed. I told Shannon of this requirement and that the move would need to be completed by 4:30. She had no problem with this requirement.
Monday, moving day. I am waiting and waiting. I finally get a call at 9:45 am that they would be there at 10:15 am. Ok, I thought 6 hours would be 5 pm. I would pick up the dogs while they are unpacking. Unfortunately, no word or van before 12 noon. My 6 hour window with a 1-1/2 hour drive was no longer viable. I called Shannon to cancel Monday move and reschedule for Wed as Tues was forecasted to be an ice storm. Once again Shannon promised Wed as an early move starting at 7 am.
I made a special trip, remember an 1-1/2 hr drive each way, to pick up the dogs. I requested for the dogs to stay longer but no room was available. This also meant I would have to be careful with the dogs so they wouldn’t run away or bite any of the workers for the Wed move.
Wednesday, moving day AGAIN. Workers did not arrive until after 11 am! The worker told me that Geo Van lines had to rent a Penske truck as none of their trucks were available. Took the workers 6 hours to PACK the van. I had to put the dogs into a bedroom and close the door. They scratched at the door the entire time the workers were packing and loading the truck. The dogs were given a potty break.
At the end of the packing, the workers spent 45 min trying to get all my furnishings onto the van. They rented a too little van for the move.
1-1/2 hour drive. Arrive at new home around 6:30 pm. I was told it doesn’t take as long to unpack as it does to pack. They estimate 3 hours. Once again, I must be careful with the dogs. My daughter arrives to help with the dogs, but she and I are both upset over the move already.
I asked the movers if these screwups are NORMAL for this company. I was told yes. One of the workers gave me a business card for his own moving company.
Workers unpack my furnishings. I found out later that they did not put all the furniture back together. Mirror for bureau was left on the floor with railings and screws left on the bed. Top half of dining hutch was not reconnected.
The workers did not leave until after 11 PM!!!!!! I was exhausted and really mad.
When the worker asked me to pay the extra moving hours he overcharged by $50. I didn’t catch it until after I paid him when I saw the hours he put down. Wrote on the sheet the overcharge expecting a call the next day to get a refund. Nothing.
Found out the next day that they did not connect the washer/dryer or ice maker for the refrigerator. I thought no problem. I called a repair service to install the washer and dryer and connect the ice maker. He did, but then the ice maker was leaking. Repairman came out again and found that the water line connection to the refrigerator was cracked which he said most likely happened in the move. The water line and connection had to be replaced. More money to get the move completed.
DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY. If I knew then what I know now I would have NEVER used this company.

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