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4303 Lindbergh Dr, Addison, Texas 75001 USA

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About All Over The State Moving & Storage

4303 Lindbergh Dr
Addison, Texas

All Over the State Moving and Storage is your first choice for a moving company in Texas. We can handle all your moves-- no matter if they're local moves or long distance moves. Our top notch crew of experienced and hardworking movers will provide you with exceptional customer service and competitive moving quote rates--regardless of the size of your move.

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Sarah Saoit


Check the business address


Marty Hutson



Worst move ever...gets one star only because zero is not an option...have moved 8 times in my career and this is hands down the worst...broke and scratched and crushed furniture...charged twice what was quoted...upon delivery the two movers did not speak ANY English....rewriting this as it keeps getting removed

Angela Mcginley


Unprofessional, unethical, bait and switch, etc...

Alex tells you 3-5 business days and that you only deal with them. Jesse says 7-10 days and you only deal with them. Michelle stammers when you question the time frame, eventhough Jesse says your movers at pickup will give you all the specs and ETA. Jeri or Geri never returns your calls when you call customer service. Your items are all damaged...but I don't care about that or the 60 cents per pound they pay, I just want the missing stuff. Anyone looking for movers, run from this company. They broker it out, they just loD it and store it...nothing else. Spend the extra and go direct, it's worth it. When your stuff is picked up, they hurry and rush you when you try to read the contract, they don't speak english,throw your stuff around, and just tell you to call customer service when you question anything. You pay extra, it's not on the contract, and when you question it, nobody gets back to you. Paid $2000 bucks to All Over The State for 300 cubic square feet. Paid the drop-off brokered movers $800. They say there's no elevator fee, but there is on the end. Seriously, don't use this company...the customer service never returns your calls, the missing and damaged items are ridiculous, and the positive reviews are by friends, family, and employees.



Poor schedule management and customer service.

I initially set up my move through some company called Arrow Movers but these are the people who serviced the move. Completely unprofessional and the worst experience I have had with movers. Committed to picking up on Friday but moved my date up. Stated they would arrive between 11 and 12. The day off I get a call around 13 saying they will be and there in an hour then but didn't show up until after 2. Called customer service to complain about the inconvenience and the jacked up price. Was told I would a call back from the regional dispatch in 10 minutes and never heard from them. The driver was horrible at managing his schedule and caused me to have to ask a family member to leave her job to meet them because the I had to return to work after waiting an hour for them. I would rather pay more then use Arrow Movers or this company again.

Mariam Dashtabadi


Do not even consider them

If I could give less than one star, I would. Absolutely terrible customer service, communication, unprofessional, and unorganized. I moved from houston texas to hillsboro oregon. I used long distance movers as an aggregate company who then hired all over the state movers as the actual muscle to get the job done. Strike one on me, never use an aggregator company, the will charge u like crazy for their finders fee services that amount to pretty much nothing. Even the guy from AOTS (all over the state) said the binding estimate fee they charged me was insane. Have I called them directly, it would have only ben a few hundred rather than 2 grand. Least he was honest about that, but who knows.

Anyway, LDM said this move would be based on weight in the truck. I will take a second penalty here because I underestimated my stuff by more than half. I was willing to pay the overage. So moving day comes and the guy who was in charge was pushy, forceful, did not speak coherent english, and seemed to be in it for himself said i would need extra space. He took me outside to show me these equally distanced markings on the outside of the truck and indicated to me that 2 markings of space on the truck was allocated to me. I needed more so he reworked the cost. Originally i needed 540 sq feet, now it was 780...alright that's fine. But when did this become a space issue since i was told by LDM it was about weight. ldm even told me they stop at a weight station amd are suppose to give you the truck weight slip and that's what pricing is based off of. It wasn't and when I told the head guy, he looked at me like I was as insane.

While they continue to load, I call LDM and ask why there is no communication between companies. She then calls the other company and I'm on hold for forever...on my moving day. Then the guy from AOTS tells his guys to stop and said i wanted to cancel the job. I never said that, i am asking why no one has correct information.

I was too stressed at that point to care. I said keep loading, we will do it your way. My mom was outside at this point watching them load the truck and as they stacked things on the moveable ramp, a gust of wind came and knocked a box of glass dishes off of a 4 box high (why are u stacking boxes of glass 4 high?) To the ground. Everything in the box shattered. Ok, fine...honest mistake i thought. Just keep going. I tipped each worker 20 dollars an hour, 2 hours each, 3 workers was 120 dollars. That's fair but tbh, the head guy did not deserve it. Also we don't know each other yet he used lots of profanity around my mother an I, not directed toward us but in his natural jargon.

So one million years later, in actuality 2 weeks later, i call from oregon and ask for an eta on my stuff. Of course how this company works, its like a moving co op, multiple peoples things going in the same direction move together. Originally LDM told me 16 to 21 business days. Fine, i check back after some time and they still haven't left. Finally get a hold of someone, a rude woman with a heavy texas accent, who told me they had 30 business days to deliver. Not what was originally told to me but nothing in this scenario was so ok, ill swallow it. my stuff arrives on the 23rd business day. Now this section deserves a whole nother paragraph.

They dudes (3 guys) arrive. Before anyone gets off, that morning my husband and i call the movers to ask why the final drop off fee is more than the pick up fee as i was told it would be the same. My question was simple: is the drop off fee higher because of the space adjustment? The same woman from LDM could not answer, she didn't understand. Anywho, finally got the answer that they split the adjustment to 150 something on the pick up making is 1480 something and put the bulk of the adjustment for space price on the drop off. Apparently this was done because the guy said he thought i didn't have enough money. First of all, rude af, i never said i couldn't pay and how dare u assume that. Second, why didn't u just explain it to me before you did it that way. Lets move on. Before the guys even step foot in my house i said all items marked bedroom, office or bathroom go upstairs, the rest stays on the first floor. 20 mins into this ordeal it seems to be going ok, some people are taking boxes up, some putting together items. Eventually all boxes start pilling up in the living room.

Now, everything is essentially in the house and they main dude, a white guy with a serious attitude and was either previously high or currently high because he wreaked of weed, had my husband signing something saying it was all in the house. We thought, ok looks like everything is here, were just waiting for the rest of the stuff to be taken upstairs and another table to be put together. My husband and i look at each other puzzled because i made it clear that there was more to be done. THEY LEFT. Fuming, i call LDM and have them come back to finish the job. They left with 75 percent of it done, who does that? The guy didn't even apologize for leaving. He sloppily puts together a vanity table which i am now tightening the legs since he didn't care to, and take the rest of the boxes upstairs. We did not tip them as this was completely unprofessional and disjointed. They leave.

Ten minutes later the white guy with the attitude and possible substance abuse problem comes back and asks my husband to write a review. My husband ask about this company or LDM? The guy replies with "whatever". Are you serious right now? Am I being punked? Who does this?

Never ever ever in your life hire either of these companies. Save your time and money.

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